15 New Celeb Couples That Need To Make It Official Already (+ 3 Who Just Broke Up)

We love when it is wedding season in Hollywood; there is nothing as lavish and exuberant as celebrity weddings. However, we also know that dating in Hollywood is not the easiest of tasks and that some loves just do not last, as much as we'd like them to. Some endings catch us off guard, while others don't as much.

That being said, do you hear that sound? It's the sound of wedding bells ringing! Okay, maybe we are just hallucinating - we are just way too excited for so many of these celeb couples. For those that did not work out, we are certain they will not have trouble finding another match in Hollywood. With so many celebrity engagements that have happened in the last couple of months, we just want them to hurry, do the damn thing and walk down the aisle.

It is not like they will listen to us or anything, but we could use a little posh spice in our lives (no, not Victoria Beckham). Celebrity weddings excite us more than your average wedding, which is totally normal. At the same time though, we know how love can be so up and down in Hollywood; some get married and do not even make it past a year or a couple of months. However, we have complete faith in the following famous couples that are going strong right now - we're crossing our fingers for them. And so, here it is, a list of couples who already called it quits in 2019, and others who are slowly taking steps forward to become man and wife.

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18 Broke Up: Simon Konecki Won't Ever Find Somebody Like Adele

via Cosmopolitan

It is heartbreaking to see some celebrities part ways, as we all know how tough breakups are. When one person sadly throws the towel in, it ain't always pretty. Well, after a seven-year relationship and two-year marriage, the "Hello" singer and Simon Konecki are no longer thick as thieves, as they have decided to go their separate ways.

With a son together, we are unsure of how they will proceed, but are sure that the graceful Adele will handle things with sass - and she'll probably write a song or two. Adele always kept her romance on the DL, so we doubt we will hear more about the unfortunate split.

17 Make It Official: We Want To See J-Law Walk Down The Aisle

via Instagram

Love has come and gone many times before for the fierce and outspoken Jennifer Lawrence, but now she has a massive rock on her finger and we hope it stays on.

Engaged to her boyfriend of eight months, Cooke Maroney, everything has been going quite quickly for the star. She started dating Maroney almost immediately after her split from Darren Aronofsky, and now she is an engaged woman. Her new beau is a 34-year-old art gallerist, and he is totally into his glamorous Red Sparrow 28-year-old bae, who he always keeps close. The New York art dealer got lucky, and we're hoping this wedding gets planned just as rapidly.

16 Make It Official: We All Know We're Waiting For This One

via Instagram

There is no family in the world that does things bigger than the Kardashians; they make a huge deal out of just about anything. Deep down, whether you like or dislike the KarJenner clan, we know you are anticipating the wedding between the self-made billionaire and her "Astroworld" rapper, Travis Scott.

The duo are parents to the gorgeous Stormi Webster, so what are they waiting for to take things to the chapel? Maybe they are going to catch us off guard, and elope one day - who knows? What we do know, however, is that the two are totally into each other, and we want them to just tie the knot already. Maybe Jenner has not yet laid eyes on the most massive ring one can have...

15 Make It Official: We Need A Happy Ending For Our Jane

via Instagram

On Jane, The Virgin, actress Gina Rodriguez has been on an emotional roller-coaster ride. In real life though, the beautiful and funny woman has found her Prince Charming, and his name is Joe LoCicero.

This man is so in love with the stunning actress, he'd give her every beat of his heart, as long as she is by his side. With a ring on her finger now, Rodriguez knows that her man is solely living for her love. We wanted a fairytale wedding for the enchanting couple, and we got it! The two recently tied the knot in a whimsical wedding, and Gina wore a beautiful white silk gown, as Daily Mail reports.

Such a sweet and charming man, LoCicero proposed to Rodriguez in Mexico during her 34th birthday celebration. Oh, he is all about loving her!

14 Broke Up: One Year Of Marriage And Michelle Williams And Phil Elverum Are Done

via Instagram

There are some couples that we root for from the beginning, and in the end they throw their hands up and it totally surprises us. One of those couples happens to be Michelle Williams and Phil Elverum.

When they met, it was classic boy-meets-girl romance. They were gaga over each other and their love quickly flourished. And now, after less than one year of marriage, their marriage has been put out like a flame, and they have decided to part ways. Although we wish they would have lasted, we're thrilled that the two have decided to stay friends, according to People.

13 Make It Official: We Want To See A Queen Wedding Brought To Life

via People

Can someone please get these two an Oscar for being in love and successfully hiding it on screen?

Now that Rami Malek and his Bohemian Rhapsody costar Lucy Boynton finally confirmed their enchanting romance, we want Malek to shift things into third gear and get down on one knee. Do you hear it, too? We hear "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" ringing in our ears.Can you imagine how rocking this wedding would be?

The two always show major PDA on the red carpet and when they're prancing around, and we cannot get over their swoon-worthy relationship. We hope your feelings are not too hurt that Malek did not choose you, or one of us, but let us appreciate their good vibes and intense chemistry. Also, it is time for a shipper name.

12 Make It Official: We Know Ellie Goulding Will Look Amazing In A White Dress

via Evening Standard

This singer gives us all the feels when we listen to her music for Fifty Shades of Grey, and now she is happily engaged to her man, Caspar Jopling. The sultry singer has been linked to many famous men, but Jopling is a lucky dude and was smart enough to propose to her. The pop star and bride-to-be got engaged to her beau just 18 months after dating, and we're raising a glass to them - here is to hoping it lasts.

By the looks of their IG posts, the two are clearly always gushing over each other, so we're kind of getting impatient and want to see Goulding walk down the aisle - we have the box of tissues ready, too. Thanks to Jopling, we get to see a very smiley Goulding.

11 Make It Official: Miles Teller Liked It And Put A Ring On It

via Instagram

We know that you're probably having a hard time coping with the fact that "it guy" Miles Teller is officially off the market, but deep down you knew this was coming - who could resist his charm? And you may tear up a little more when we inform you how the Prince Charming popped the question. Ready? During a safari in Kenya in August 2017, Teller made a wild proposal to his four-year girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry.

However, we cannot be petty. His long-time sweetheart, Keleigh, is absolutely gorgeous, and it is so refreshing to see how crazy in love they are. We also truly believe that these best pals should head on over to the chapel soon.

10 Make It Official: Brittany Snow And Tyler Stanaland Are #Couplegoals

via Instagram

The Pitch Perfect star is hearing wedding bells! We are pinching ourselves because we have been in love with this couple for as long as Snow has been in love with Tyler Stanaland. The smart and wise woman that she is, she found love with a man who is out of the Hollywood spotlight and is a realtor.

Heads-up: if you're going through a breakup, do not check out their IG pages because it is full of cheesiness; they are cheesy in love. Her stunning diamond ring speaks for itself, and we don't blame Snow for being very public about their love. And now, we're just waiting around for a wedding date, because it is going to be a wedding celebration full of song and dance.

9 Broke Up: Second Time Was Not A Charm For Ben Affleck

via Instagram

A new start for Ben Affleck came in 2019 when he and Lindsay Shookus called it off for the second time. Can someone please explain to us why Batman is having trouble finding love?

The two had rekindled their relationship early in the year, and we were ecstatic to hear that they were giving it another try, but clearly it wasn't enough. This couple will always have some unfinished business, but it was better that the actor and Shookus separated sooner than later. According to People, because she has a kid and job in New York, and he works and lives in L.A., they realized it wasn't going to work. We find it unfortunate that distance tore them apart.

8 Make It Official: Chris Pratt's Engagement Came Out Of Nowhere And We Hope The Wedding Does Soon

via Instagram

Actor Chris Pratt moved on fast after his divorce from Anna Faris - ouch! You just never know when love might hit you, right? Almost three months after, Pratt quickly fell in love with the stunning and humble author, Katherine Schwarzenegger.

With clearly no time to fool around or waste, Pratt put a ring on it, and now Schwarzenegger is one step closer to becoming Mrs. Pratt!

Their relationship has not been too public, but just recently the charming couple solidified their status at the red carpet debut of Avengers: Endgame. Pratt is ready to tie the knot again, but we hope this time that the promise he makes at the altar will last forever.

7 Make It Official: Which Man Wouldn't Want To Call Heidi Klum His Wife?

via Instagram

For the longest time, the "it" couple was Heidi Klum and Seal. That, as you may know, did not work out and now Klum is going to walk down the aisle and give marriage a third try. Surprise! The 45-year-old leggy supermodel has been married twice before and is now engaged to her younger and handsome man, guitarist Tom Kaulitz. Have you seen her ring? It is as sparkly as their relationship.

Klum has posted a series of adorable selfies of the two on her social media accounts, and she even chose to first announce her bliss when she said "yes" on IG. Despite the 17-year age difference, we want to congratulate the couple because Klum just seems so happy, and he seems wonderful. We cannot wait for their wedding!

6 Make It Official: The Grey's Anatomy Actress Said 'Yes'

via The Knot News

Actress Camilla Luddington, who we all know best from Grey's Anatomy, is an engaged woman. Although we all did not root for Jo and Alex on the medical drama, we are totally cheering for a real-life wedding for the stunning actress, who shares her life and a child with Matthew Alan.

Alan may have got a little jealous over her Grey's Anatomy wedding, so we're hoping that pushed him and that we hear of a set wedding date between the two actors soon. Come on, Alan, do not keep your woman waiting - and us, don't forget us!

They got engaged on New Years Eve in 2017, so we're assuming they're going to tie the knot real soon.

5 Make It Official: The Gronk Is Now Retired And Needs To Get Down On One Knee ASAP

via Instagram

Anyone who is an avid NFL fan and spends their Sundays in front of the television watching football knows Rob Gronkowski, and they also know that he will always be one of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game. What else do they know? That the lovable Gronk, who is so playful and loves to bust some moves, recently retired and is living his best life with his stunning girlfriend, Camille Kostek.

Gronk, most men out there are secretly in love with your girlfriend, so you better put a ring on it soon!

The two are constantly seen supporting each other and just having a blast with life. If you check their IG pages, you'll quickly learn that they define #couplegoals. Hurry and get to the chapel, Gronk!

4 Make It Official: Tim Tebow And Miss Universe Are Keeping Us Waiting

via Instagram

Another former football player, quarterback Tim Tebow is in an awesome relationship with Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, who you may recognize as she was crowned Miss Universe 2017. The former NFL quarterback knew he had a special love on his hands and made a touchdown when he asked her to marry him during a sunset, after six months of dating, in January 2019.

The enchanting couple are meant to be; with her beauty and youthful spirit, we are not surprised that Demi-Leigh caught Tebow's undivided attention. At 31 years old, he got down on one knee at his family's farm in Florida, which was an extra-special proposal since her family from South Africa got to attend. We cannot even begin to imagine how magical the wedding will be.

3 Make It Official: Wedding Bells Are Ringing In The Town Of Riverdale

via Instagram

Ladies, Sweet Pea is off the market! Do you have a tissue ready? When Jordan Connor got down on one knee and proposed to fellow actor Jinjara Mitchell, he shared a photo on IG and captioned it: "The most important question I’ve ever asked... also the easiest." That is a real man who knows what he wants - anymore out there like him?

We are so excited for this pair to spend the rest of their lives together. After all, they have been in love since 2013 - how adorable?

The pictures shared of their engagement are totally romantic and picturesque, and it got us wondering what the handsome and brilliant Connor has up his sleeve for a marriage one day.

2 Make It Official: Leona Lewis Is Happily In Love

via Instagram

Remember how you used to jam to all of Leona Lewis' soulful jams? Now, the singer gets to serenade her longtime man, Dennis Jauch, for the rest of her life as the pair recently got engaged. After eight years of dating, the "Bleeding Love" hitmaker, who is no longer bleeding love, can now say she is one step closer to marriage with her choreographer bae and will soon be Mrs. Jauch.

Their love is so sweet and completely evident on their IG pages, with both sharing some beautiful memories. And since the bride-to-be looks stunning with her dazzling diamond ring, we cannot wait to see her flaunt it along with her envious figure in a wedding gown.

1 Make It Official: Robin Thicke Better Not Mess This Up

via Instagram

The "Blurred Lines" singer is no longer with the foxy Paula Patton, but is now engaged to a stunning 24-year-old model, April Love Geary.

The duo share two children together, and while his gorgeous girlfriend was pregnant in December, the singer got down on one knee to make a lifetime commitment and it was a super-sweet proposal. Geary was the first to share the exciting news on her IG page, with an adorable black-and-white image of the singer kissing her cheek as her new engagement ring sparkled!

The two shared a kiss over their new status and we cannot help but gush. Love is in the air and we love the smell of it!

Sources: People, Daily Mail

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