15 Near Death Experiences That Make Us Happy We’re Alive

Life is something we all take for granted. We can all get ourselves into some pretty stupid situations thinking we are invincible and without considering all of the consequences that could be involved. Whether it’s innocently bouncing on a trampoline on your backyard, driving down a slippery road, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, unfortunate things that could end your very existence may happen at the snap of a finger. It really makes you reconsider and cherish the life you have, doesn’t it? It could end quicker than it started in all seriousness.

Imagine walking across the street without a care in the world, and then all of a sudden, wham! You are hit by an oncoming car (god forbid, *knock on wood*, etc.). It’s like it came out of no where, but it doesn’t matter if you didn’t look both ways or if they didn’t slow down—you are suffering the consequences here. Regardless, you should thank your lucky stars that you are walking away from this one because not many people can say the same. Like this situation, we’ve gathered a list of near-death situations that made our skin crawl. Read on if you dare to see the individuals who have defied death!


15 "I fell off a trampoline and was 2 inches away from breaking my neck but instead broke my shoulder."

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Well, we all know that trampolines aren’t the safest things to have in our backyards, but this person literally came within an inch (or two) of death because of it! While this person was likely trying to be super cool doing backflips, they probably lost track of where the edges were, and those are pretty darn important to keep track of if you want to keep all of your bones in tact.

A word to the wise: don’t go flipping yourself around a trampoline if you can’t handle the fall that goes along with it because it can be quite a doozy. At the very least, try to land on your soft behind rather than your neck, that’s not a really good plan if you want to stay alive and all.

14 "I nearly drowned in a car which fell into a river during a military exercise."

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I’m going to start this off by asking how the heck this even happened? Some good advice to follow is to not park your car in the way of a racing river because, guess what, the river isn’t going to be stopping any time soon for you. Furthermore, how does a car just up and fall into a river to begin with? And why were you in it while it happened? This is just all around confusing.

I hope you learned your lesson and next time you park in a safer location that won’t have any danger of falling into a river anytime soon because obviously, that’s no bueno. Next matter of business is, maybe talk to your superior about where they are performing these drills. They don’t want to lose valuable soldiers so stupidly, right? Right.

13 "Bilateral pulmonary embolism walking my daughter to the bus. Heart stopped long enough for me to face plant on the sidewalk."

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Okay, woah. This could have been absolutely devastating and is likely sadly remembered by everyone who saw it as a person who randomly face planted on the sidewalk. Hopefully, someone was there to help you through this one because this was a really serious situation! Here you are just walking your kid to the bus when this potential tragedy was looming over your shoulder. Yikes.

Lucky for you, it was just a short stint so you could pull out of it, but this is just plain horrible. Obviously, you went to a doctor to get this checked out so it doesn’t happen again because this could be a bigger deal if it happens again. Also, I hope those wounds from that face plant healed up too because that sounded just awful.

12 "I experienced an armed robbery at work then was kidnapped by a wanted couple for 3 hours in my girlfriend’s car."

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This is what you call the ultimate bad day. Out of all people why would this person be the one person that is not only there for an armed robbery, but is also kidnapped by the robbers afterward? Not to mention, why did they only keep this person for three hours? What was the point of that? “Okay, we’re going to hold them for three hours until we drive far enough away that we know no one is chasing us anymore then boot them out of the car.” Is that how it went down?

This whole situation just doesn’t really add up. Maybe the police got the kidnappers, but that begs another question, why would they kidnap this guy in his girlfriend’s car? It’s just an incredibly random place to kidnap someone.

11 "I was nearly hit by a car while crossing the road. Was really close to death."


At a young age we were all taught to look both ways before crossing the street. It’s a pretty good tactic to avoid getting hit by a car and all. Many times you can see when a car is coming because you’re using your physical eyes to look at an oncoming vehicle before you step into harm’s way. Now if you step into the street before looking, you’re on your own.

It sounds like this guy took the risk in his own hands and jumped into the road. Either that or this street had some major blind spots, which would usually come with a stop sign for oncoming traffic if there is a crosswalk. It just sounds like a big old messy mistake. Let this be a lesson: always look both ways when crossing that street.

10 "I was driving in the rain and tried to stop. If I didn’t have ABS I would have had steel rebar in my face. I was shaking so bad I sat there until the rain stopped."


My first question is, how fast were you driving? You know, when you drive too fast in the rain you could do this thing called hydroplaning, which could cause you to slam into many large objects that surround the road like street signs, trees, and light posts. This is especially true is it hasn’t rained in a while because the roads are slick.

It seems many people get themselves into this sticky situation because they just don’t believe that rain makes a huge difference in their drive home until they are spinning out of control on the highway. It is a little too late to reflect on it after it happens too, try being proactive rather than reactive. Try pumping on those brakes next time it is raining. You’ll thank me later.

9 "I went cliff diving and didn’t realize how deep the water was. Eventually, I was pulled out but was rushed to the hospital to get the water out of my lungs."

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Oy vey, who dives into water without knowing how deep it is? That’s like swimming 101. Always jump into the water feet first if you don’t know what is lurking below. There could be some random rock hanging out that lodges itself directly into your skull if you hit it just right, and nothing is protecting it unless you’re wearing a helmet and, let’s face it, you’re not.

Besides, you’re so high up you are basically launching yourself down onto danger. You don’t know what is down there. What if the water is really shallow? You don’t know that! It’s like running full speed into a wall with your head first. It’s just not very smart. At the very least, put your arms out in front of your head so they take the brunt of the blow. Gez.


8 "I had tumors in my spine that damaged my nerves. If I had woken up an hour later that night I’d be dead."


I think I’m not the first to say that this is just insane. However, how did they pinpoint that timeframe? Obviously, your body woke you up in the knick of time for a reason because your body is a pretty smart mechanism that reacts to any thing that feels off kilter and gets you out of bed immediately if need be. This situation probably triggered something inside of you that set off an alarm to wake you up for you to get some help.

Another way to look at it is that it obviously wasn’t your time yet, maybe someone was looking out for you in one-way shape or form. Regardless, you really got a lucky break on this one and you should really grab this second chance and run with it. If there is anything you have on your bucket list, do it. Don’t take anything for granted with this second chance you’ve been given.

7 "Missing a tree by inches in the car crash that could have crushed my skull into pieces."


Car crashes happen all the time, but what makes you think that this tree would have crushed your skull into pieces? Was it the positioning of said tree, or the fact that it literally was a fraction of an inch away from your skull like Die Hard movie status? It can be scary to get into a car crash, but any car crash can seem fatal in the heat of the moment if you don’t properly evaluate the situation, which you probably weren’t in the proper frame of mind to.

Not to downplay your situation, which was probably horrifying, but it might not have been as death defying as you are playing it out to be. Next time, be a little more careful behind the wheel. Obviously, if you are skidding off the road nearly missing trees, you are hitting some pretty high speeds.

6 "My near death experience was having a gun put to my head in an armed robbery."

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Ah! Were you the sales associate? That would be the worst day on the job ever! There you are just doing your job like a good employee and all of a sudden you have a gun shoved in your face? No thank you! What did you do to deserve that? In that situation, you might as well just empty the register and let them take off with it. There no use being a hero in this situation if your life is on the line.

Good thing you walked out of this one alive, it sounds like all they wanted was a quick cash out without any trouble, which is lucky for you in the grand scheme of things. Hey, at least you walked away with a pretty gnarly story to tell if not anything else because how many people can say they went through that? No one needs to know how truly lucky you were.

5 "I had a motorcycle accident where a truck t-boned the bike and I flew 100 feet or so."


Doesn’t it suck that you can’t control how other people drive? There you are just doing your own thing on the road and minding your own business when a massive truck decides to nail you small bike. That’s just the thing too, you motorcycle is puny compared to a massive truck, these drivers really should take more care on the road when driving around from lane to lane.

You were probably in the truck driver’s blind spot, which is such an unfortunate spot to be in when it comes to driving by a truck driver. Still, you were very lucky to walk (literally) away from this one. Count your lucky stars that nothing worse happened because oh man could it have been so much worse. Stay away from those blind spots!

4 "I got 75% of my stomach removed, the doctor said I shouldn’t be alive when I got to the ER."

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I’m not sure why you would have this procedure done, but it sounds pretty intense. Did you have really bad bypass surgery? Regardless, how are you only functioning on 25 percent of your stomach? It sounds like whatever happened to you, you got really lucky according to your doctor, which is an opinion you can trust. Good thing you got to the emergency room on time!

Hopefully that remaining 25 percent of your stomach does the job for you in the future because that doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot of room for error there. Make sure you take care of yourself and get on top of whatever happened to you that sent you to the emergency room in the first place because that sounds like a complete nightmare.

3 “Horse accident, only the helmet saved my life.”

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Riding a horse can sure be a fun time, but man oh man can it turn dangerous in a hurry if you don’t know what you are doing or if you lose control of the horse. Let’s be honest, that horse weights a lot more than you, and if it wants to take control, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. When you’re jumping, if you are new to the game, you might not know how to balance on the horse and boom…on the ground you go.

Lucky for you, you were wearing your helmet like you should be. Heck, those things are there for a reason, right? What a situation to be in though, taking a spill off of a horse can really be quite an experience that can end up with you in the hospital for quite some time.

2 "I broke my back, it’s a miracle I’m not paralyzed, this pic was perfect timing."

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You almost broke your back taking a selfie? What kind of selfie was this? Lastly, why would you ever in your right frame of mind put yourself into this type of danger for a stupid picture? You clearly have a couple of screws missing or something. I definitely don’t know how I am going kick the bucket, but I do know how I’m not going to go and a selfie isn’t the way I’m going out that’s for sure.

I’m just trying to figure out what you were trying to do? Were you leaning off a building over jagged rocks or something? Here’s a tip that I really hope you remember, no picture is worth your life no matter how cool it ends up looking. It’s really not that cool if it costs you your one and only life. Just say no to a daredevil selfie.

1 “Shot in Afghanistan, my buddies saved my life. They are my heroes.”


In this situation aren’t you glad that you have some buddies along with you for the ride in the military? Yeah, you really are. No one knows more about never leaving a man behind more than the brothers of the military. Even when a man seems completely and hopelessly down, they will always come to your aid no matter what.

It seems like this band of brothers really had each other’s backs as these guys made sure to go back for their wounded friend and get him to safety. Then again, I’m sure this guy would have done the exact same thing for his friends too. That’s what’s great about military guys that are this close, they will always risk their lives for each other and makes sure that each person gets home safely. It must be a really nice feeling.


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