15 Nasty Celebrities Who Wear Fur

Animals are our friends. Many of us will go out of our way to help a suffering animal in need of help. We love our cats, our dogs and will spend endless hours looking at cute videos of precious animals playing.

Unfortunately for the animal kingdom not everyone feels such love, tenderness and care towards animals, like the celebrities listed below. These are nasty people who prefer “fashion” over kindness and we can all agree that beauty is definitely something that radiates from the heart, not from what you wear which is why these celebrities are not beautiful.

They disregard the fact that animals are skinned alive, tortured and endure great suffering in fur farms so that people like them can wear fur coats that are tainted by the pain of innocent animals who were murdered in cold blood in the name of fashion.

If you want to show support towards animals then don’t glamorize or support these 15 celebs who deserve our rejection, not our admiration.

15 Kim Kardashian

via: glamour.com

The reality TV star has little appreciation for animals and as proof of her feelings (or lack of) towards animals, she avidly wears fur. She’s been flour bombed in the past by animal rights activist but this attempt to make her rethink her fashion choices had little effect on her since she still wears fur. She even brags about buying a $3,500 dollar fur coat for her daughter North West.

We’re pretty sure that if the youngster knew the suffering animals go through in order to make a fur coat she would make her mom rethink her purchasing choices.

14 Jennifer Lopez

via: jezebel.com

She’s famous worldwide for her music, even praised and worshiped by millions of fans around the world. But what many fail to notice is that the famous singer is cruel towards animals. She’s obsessed with fur and will not miss a winter wearing it. She’s been listed several times on PETA’s list as worst dressed celebrities because she’ll wear fur from head to toe if she can.

PETA has made a big effort trying to persuade the singer to abstain from wearing fur, but their pleas fall on deaf ears. For the singer, fashion is more important than the lives of innocent animals.

13 Beyonce

via: niamhserena.co.uk

She's the biggest star in today’s times. But queen B is not all perfect, glossy and kind. She might put up a nice face for her fans to see but she’s also a BIG user of all types of furs and skins. She’s also one of the celebrities whom PETA dislikes because she doesn’t really care about the well being of animals. She’s such a beautiful artist on the outside, but pretty ugly on the inside.

12 Maggie Gyllenhaal

via: crushable.com

It has been a while since we’ve seen her on screen. The talented actress has kept a low profile for some years now, which is actually good since animal lovers have a hard time looking at her with all the fur she likes wearing.

If only Gyllenhall would be more compassionate towards animals we’re sure she would have more fans supporting her and wishing for her come back to the big screen. But since she’s not, then we’re happy we don’t have to see her anymore.

11 The Olsen Twins

via: justjared.com

Once upon a time they were nice, cute little girls who would melt our hearts in the sitcom Full House. But for some reason they grew into an animal's worst nightmare. They’ve been featured several times in PETA’s worst dressed list but this does little to encourage them against wearing furs. They not only love wearing it, they also love designing their fashion line with furs and the skins of poor reptilians. They definitely didn’t grow up to be kind human beings.

10 Lady Gaga

via: mirror.co.uk

It’s actually not surprising that the singer has a horrible fashion sense. What is surprising is that she would care so little for the well being of animals, since she seems like a nice person in interviews and has millions of fans around the world who idolize her for being such a great artist. But being a successful artist and being a good human being are two completely different things. She famously wore a dress made out of meat and her murderous fashion style is not limited to the carcasses of cows but also includes cute little animals like chinchillas, foxes, wolves and anything that possesses a nice fur.

9 Rihanna

via: hausofrihanna.com

She sings about diamonds, money and success. For many celebrities a way of showing their success is through the clothes they wear and unfortunately for animals, fur is an accessory that is associated with being rich and famous.

The flamboyant singer likes to show off her success! Not only through her bling but also by sporting the corpses of innocent animals who were skinned alive for her to wear horrible looking clothes, like the ugly yellow fur cape she wore to the MET gala in 2015.

8 Miley Cyrus

via: celebritiestemple.com

She claims to love animals and she’s a vegetarian due to her apparent “love for animals”. Nevertheless, Cyrus sparked outrage in 2013 when she wore a BIG fur coat during a performance at the Jingle Ball. Her fans quickly turned against her, criticizing her on social media for her choice of clothes and this time it wasn’t for her lack of clothes but for wearing fur.

We have to hand it to her fans, they show a sense of humanity in urging celebrities to pay attention and change their ways in the future. Fans don’t want to see dead animals used in the name of fashion.

7 Madonna

via: tirolerin.at

The queen of pop is also the queen of slaughter. She’s been proudly wearing fur since she became successful (way back in the 80’s). PETA has repeatedly named her in their Worst Dressed List, but the pop queen turns deaf ears to their pleas to change her fashion choices.

She’s a talented artist who stands out from others due to her great music; she certainly doesn’t need to be wearing fur to show the world her power and wealth. We’re all well aware of it. Maybe what Madonna needs is for her fans to turn on her so that maybe she’ll understand that it’s not cool to sport fur.

6 Sharon Stone

via: flickr.com

Animal lovers around the world can feel happy that Stone’s glory days in the spotlight are pretty much over, because this way we don’t have to see her with her disastrous and cruel clothing choices.

She was always a lover of fur and would make it obvious by using long and big fur coats that required the carcasses of tens of animals. Her lack of compassion towards animals showed us all that money might buy you many things, but it sure doesn’t buy you a kind heart.

5 Kate Moss

via: mirror.co.uk

The famous model became a household name thanks to her gorgeous physique. But she also became animals' worst nightmare because of her love for fur. She’ll wear anything that once moved; fox, chinchilla, snakeskin, crocodile skin, mink and wolf among other types of fur and skins.

This model is definitely not a role model. She might know how to walk and look pretty in pictures, but she’s definitely not someone that should be looked up to.

4 Aretha Franklin

via: qz.com

She might have the voice of an angel but she’s not angelic on the inside. Franklin loves fur and she’ll make sure you know about it because she doesn’t wear just a little fur here and there, she’ll go all the way.

It kind of makes us think twice about who can rise to stardom thanks to all of us adoring fans, because at the end of the day it is the public who decides who becomes famous and who doesn’t, since if we as consumers would put our foot down and say no these artists would think twice before showing such a disgraceful choice of clothes.

3 Catherine Zeta-Jones

via: dailymail.co.uk

Can we blame Michael Douglas for divorcing her? Who could love a woman who wears fur in the name of fashion? She’s not an eskimo who actually needs it. She has all the money in the world to make smart, cruelty-free choices but she has little empathy towards the suffering of animals and cares nothing about the pain they endure for her terrible clothes.

This is one more actress that we’re happy is not that famous anymore. We hope she makes room for new, young and kind actresses who will be good role models for the public.

2 Demi Moore

via: celebuzz.com

Animal lovers were happy to see Ashton Kutcher dumping Moore’s butt for someone who has a kinder heart like Mila Kunis, who doesn’t wear fur and actually has some consideration for the pain of animals. Kunis made sure that the fur coat she wore in Black Swan was faux-fur.

Moore has to admit that her former husband made a better choice by choosing someone who is both gorgeous on the outside and on the inside, unlike her who is an avid fur user.

1 Lindsay Lohan

via: huffingtonpost.com

What goes around, comes around. That is the law of karma and Lohan can't avoid it. It doesn’t matter how much she drinks or how many drugs she uses, karma had to bite her in the butt. It’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her for all the troubles she’s gone through when her closet (which is full of fur) shows what a primitive human being she is. I guess life just needed to give her a little taste of the suffering she has caused other living beings when she decides to wear fur instead of faux-fur.

Sources: etonline.com, dailymail.co.uk, peta.org

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