15 Movie Characters You Want To Punch In The Throat

Every once in a while, a movie character will come along who is so annoying that you will totally struggle to keep yourself from getting up and literally hitting your television screen. You definitely need to exercise some self-control, though, since that would definitely hurt a lot! Mostly, these characters are villains, who were especially written to get teeth grinding in hatred. Interestingly enough, other times they’re the protagonists, aka the characters that we’re supposed to sympathize with, but we just can’t help hating. It might be the way they were written, or it might be all down to the person playing them, but these characters will seriously get your blood boiling. Some are more of a nuisance, who make you crease your face in distaste as they come on the screen. But others are so aggravating that you might want to make sure you have a stress ball handy. Here are 15 movie characters you probably want to punch.

15 Stu Dunmire


You remember this guy, right? In Mrs. Doubtfire, Stu Dunmire is the man who is pursuing Robin Williams’ ex-wife. Stu technically doesn’t do anything wrong, but his whole existence is annoying. Throughout the movie, we can see that Daniel (played by Williams) is shattered that his wife wants a divorce, and would do anything to salvage his family, and Stu is just there to sweep in and pick up them up before Daniel can even blink. We know that Miranda doesn’t love Daniel anymore, and even if Stu weren’t there she probably still wouldn’t get back with him, but we still hate Stu. It’s kind of like how you’ll always hate an ex’s new partner, even if they’re nice people. Played by Pierce Brosnan, Stu is perfectly British, drives a Mercedes, and can execute an Olympics-worthy dive into a pool—it’s enough to make you want to throw a lime at his head!

14 Meredith Blake


Even having grown up with stories like Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, we always viewed Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap as the ultimate evil step-mother. In this film starring Lindsay Lohan, Meredith is engaged to Annie and Hallie’s hunky dad, Nicholas Parker. Meredith is just the typical gold digger, and once she is legally bound to Nick and his millions, she plans to ship Annie and Hallie off to Switzerland. Mainly, she’s just so aggravating because she gets in the way when Nick is clearly still in love with the twins’ mother, Elizabeth James. She’s also extremely rude to Chessy the nanny, which is not okay on anybody’s watch, and dangles her grip on Nick in front of his daughters by kissing him. Thankfully, we didn’t have to punch Meredith, because the girls end up putting an end to her BS once and for all with just a floating mattress and a lake.

13 Stu

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What is it with the name Stu? This time, the Stu we want to punch is from The Hangover, played by Ed Helms. Stu is a dentist who heads to Las Vegas with a wolf pack of sorts, made up of Phil, Alan, and Doug, and has to help locate the latter after he goes missing. Stu is supposed to be one of the good guys, but he’s just so whiny and arrogant that you wish he were the one the guys had lost on their wild night of drinking. Stu doesn’t stand up for himself (until the end of the movie) against his partner Melissa, who is horrible to him, and seemingly takes his anger out on everyone else. He spends the whole time complaining, being negative, jumping to conclusions, chastising people, and being rude to Alan. Not that anybody could seem charismatic next to Phil, but Stu is unlikeable beyond redemption.

12 Mr. Darling


Don’t think that we’re above hating a cartoon character, or a Disney character for that matter. Mr. Darling is the father of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling in Peter Pan, and he’s the ultimate example of a dad who crushes your dreams to a pulp. Wendy loves getting lost in stories (stories which help put her younger brothers to sleep, by the way), but Mr. Darling wants her to grow up. He tries to stop her from dreaming and move from the nursery into her own room, just because he probably hates being an adult and wants to drag his children down with him. He does come around once he’s over his temper tantrum, but he still isn’t forgiven for being so harsh. He only has one mode and that’s angry, red, and flustered. Plus, he drags Nana the dog out of the house by her collar! Not cool, Mr. Darling.

11 Emperor Commodus


Ugh, this tool. From Gladiator, Emperor Commodus is the new leader of the Roman Empire, and he’s an evil psycho. Basically, Commodus is unable to deal with the fact that other people have opinions that may differ to his own, and believes that everyone else in the world exists to serve him and make him feel special. Even though Maximus (played by Russell Crowe) was a loyal servant to his father, Commodus has his family murdered and turns him into a slave, after murdering his own dad. He has zero morals, can’t keep his people happy, and is completely inappropriate and disgusting with his sister. Never have we been so pleased to see a knife wedged into someone’s body! The scary thing is that Commodus was a real person, even if the film may have strayed a little from the truth. Our hatred of this guy also comes down to Joaquin Phoenix’s amazing acting skills!

10 Joey Donner


Serving as the resident high school bully in 10 Things I Hate About You, Joey Donner has been provoking hatred in viewers since ’99. Played by Andrew Keegan, Joey is a player who has no respect for women, and only cares about getting it on, and what he thinks is his acting career. Although he is an all-around jerk, our hatred of him stems from one incident in particular: before the events of the film take place, Joey slept with Kat and then turned on her once he’d gotten what he wanted out of her. By the time the movie starts, he disrespects Kat whenever he can, is rude to just about everybody, and is trying to do the same thing to Kat’s little sister, Bianca. Uh-uh, Joey. Thankfully, Bianca sees what kind of person he really is, and punches him twice at prom before kneeing him in the crotch. The satisfaction is real!

9 Steve Stifler


Speaking of high school jerks, our least favorite of all the American Pie boys has to be Steve Stifler, played by Sean William Scott. A lot of people love him, and he can be funny at times, but mostly he’s just vulgar. If you knew him IRL he’d make you sick, especially if you’re a female, since he has no respect for us at all! We know he’s just a teenage boy, and they’re all pretty hormone crazed. But Steve takes his obsession with getting into girls’ pants to another level. It’s all he cares about, and he’s just so loud, obnoxious, and rude that you just want him to go away and never come back. Especially when he’s mean to Paul Finch! His personality is much more reminiscent of a monkey than a human, and realistically, this kind of entitled guy goes on to become a real menace in society.

8 Philip Stuckey


Philip Stuckey is Edward Lewis’s lawyer in Pretty Woman, and he’s everything we hate. He is materialistic, greedy, and ruthless, and he doesn’t care about Edward’s happiness. Edward learns a lot about life from Vivian during their week together, but Philip almost ruins it by feeding poison into Edward’s ear and trying to revert him back to his old brutal business ways. We are annoyed by Philip from the second we meet him, but the annoyance turns into anger when he learns of Vivian’s profession and tries to make her feel bad about it. He treats her as a product rather than a person, and it’s gross. Then, our anger turns to rage when he forces himself on her in the hotel room, just because he’s angry that the business deal fell through. It’s just not on, Philip. One, Vivian doesn’t want you, Two, you have a wife. Three, go to jail.

7 Miranda Priestly


This is definitely a case of the actress playing the character so well that she becomes a real person rather than a fictitious one, and we forget that we’re watching a movie! Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, is the demon boss at Runway magazine in The Devil Wears Prada, and until you get to know her, she’s absolutely infuriating. She’s got an air of superiority and treats everyone around her like they’re dirt, is demanding and unreasonable, likes to abuse her power and intimidate people, and even throws her friends under the bus to save herself. The way she does this all with such an eerie calmness makes her even more irritating. We learn that Miranda has sacrificed her whole life for her job, and is secretly devastated that her family is falling apart, but it doesn’t excuse her. In the end, she doesn’t change and continues ruining the lives of everyone around her.

6 Eric Gordon


Eric Gordon is the bad guy in Billy Madison who laughs like a weasel, and even though the movie was released over 20 years ago, we still hate his guts! Eric’s ultimate goal is to control Mr. Madison’s company, and we must admit that he is more qualified for the job than Billy, who’s a lazy buffoon. But Eric doesn’t care about the legacy of the company or what his boss wants; he only wants to be in control. Eric should really encourage Billy to change and earn the company for himself, but instead, he tries to steal it from him. Billy does change and works towards being worthy of the role, but Eric does everything he can to ruin this. He isn’t above blackmail, lying, and sabotage to get what he wants, and even though he’s a determined character, he’s also an evil douche. We’re so glad he doesn’t inherit Madison Hotels!

5 Regina George


Although Regina George has traditionally been the one to punch people in the face, we’d like to do the same to her by the end of Mean Girls. She is described as evil taking a human form, and that’s pretty spot on. She makes everyone around her feel terrible about themselves, cheats on her boyfriend while dangling him in front of Cady, who actually likes him and would treat him right, and spreads rumors about people to ruin their lives. She’s horrible to her friends and ends up bringing out the worst in everybody she surrounds. In the end, Regina does get what’s coming to her: she loses her friends, her hot figure, her boyfriend, her reputation, and even gets hit by a bus. And by the next school year, she seemingly gets over her issues and just co-exists with everyone else peacefully. But when she’s in her prime, man is our blood boiling!

4 Bruno’s Father


Mean father figures are the worst, and they really don’t get as bad as Bruno’s father in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Although you might describe any strict dad as being like a Nazi, Bruno’s dad is literally a Nazi Commandant who is guilty of all the terrible things that the Nazis did. Overall, he’s just a despicable character, but he does some specific things that make us hate him on a personal level, and not just because he’s a Nazi. He puts his political beliefs and obligations to his country over his own family, and this includes putting a note from Hitler on his mother’s coffin, knowing full well that she wouldn’t want it on there. Does it get any more disrespectful? He really doesn’t listen to what his family wants, and somehow thinks that a short distance away from a concentration camp is an appropriate place for his children to live.

3 Ruth DeWitt Bukater

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Speaking of overbearing parents, it doesn’t get much pushier than Ruth DeWitt Bukater, the mother of Rose in Titanic. Ruth doesn’t see Rose as a person, but as a vehicle through which she can continue to enjoy the lifestyle she does. We’re told that Rose’s father left them with nothing, so to maintain her first-class world, Ruth forces Rose to marry Caledon Hockley. We understand that she’s in a difficult situation, but that’s her daughter. She would rather her own flesh and blood be unhappy to the point of being suicidal than have to resort to working as a seamstress to make money. Why doesn’t she marry an old rich widower if she likes the idea of fine matches so much? In our opinion, Ruth totally deserves to watch as Rose runs into the crowd on the sinking ship, never knowing what became of her. We hope she’s happy living with her guilt!

2 Dolores Umbridge


Harry Potter fans hate this woman more than Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange combined! Draped head-to-toe in pink, Dolores works for the Ministry of Magic and ends up being brought into Hogwarts as yet another Professor teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. She is a total disciplinarian, and we secretly think she’s a little sadistic as she seems to get a kick out of seeing people in pain. She has it in for Harry in particular and puts him through a lot of physical pain and humiliation. Her character is without a shred of remorse, and under the guise of restoring order and doing the right thing, she bullies just about everyone at Hogwarts, students and teachers alike. The most maddening thing about her is her passive-aggressive demeanor and the way she smiles pleasantly while ruining people’s lives as if mauling people is normal. This woman deserves more than a punch, and she gets it.

1 Bella Swan


For us, the one character we hate more than any other is Bella Swan from the Twilight movies. To be fair, the character is annoying in the books as well, so Kristen Stewart never had a chance at making this protagonist likable. Why does she drive us crazy? She makes stupid decisions, has her priorities all wrong, is mopey and rude, and is a terrible daughter and friend because all she cares about is being a good girlfriend. If you met someone like that IRL you’d hate them, so it’s the same thing here. She’s never happy, and even when she gets the only thing that matters to her (Edward), she’s still angsty and unsettled. Even though all the boys like her and she’s pretty, she’s still insecure. There’s just no pleasing this girl! She needs to cheer up, be a bit more mindful, and enjoy her blessings without hating life and taking her friends for granted.

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