15 Mother Son Pics That Are So Inappropriate

When we start dating someone, we often look at the relationship that he has with his mom. After all, this can definitely be a pretty creepy dealbreaker. Does he call her on a daily basis... or even more frequently than that? Does he want her to hang out with the two of us all the time? Does he value her opinion and advice more than he does our own thoughts and feelings? Chances are, if this stuff is going on, our relationship isn't going to work out. We might as well ask him why he's even with us in the first place.

Often, a mom and her son will have a strange relationship and we can tell from the types of photos that they take together. Here are 15 mother son pics that are so inappropriate.

15 Just A Mom And Her Kid... Wait, That's Not A Kid...

via USA Today

Oh yes, that's a doll... This mother wanted to create a doll of her son, and it's totally confusing and strange. This is the type of thing that you just can't wrap your head around, no matter how much you try. Why not just hug her actual kid?! What's up with this?

14 The Cutest Pair (Who Are Actually Related)

via Bored Panda

According to Bored Panda, these pictures are of Liu Yelin who is almost 50 and her son who is in his early 20s. They look like a super cute pair who are going out with each other, right?

Well, they're actually related, which makes these images all kinds of weird.

13 I Love Long Walks On The Beach

via Daily Mail

The most cliche dating profiles ever proclaim that you love taking long strolls on the beach and holding hands and nice dinners. This photo looks like something from a dating app... except that it's an actual mother and her son.

We can't handle the setting, the way that their hands are on each other's shoulders, and the overall inappropriate feeling we get from this image.

12 This Is A Little Much

via Awkward Family Photos

Honestly, nothing about this picture seems super appropriate. The mom is making a weird expression like she can't believe what's going on, her baby looks kind of pissed off, and her boys are running wild and holding lightsabers.

It just doesn't look safe. Why couldn't they take a typical photo?

11 What A Merry Christmas (Not)

via Daily Mail

While the mom and one son are smiling, the other two sons look completely miserable, which is strange since this photo appears to have been snapped on Christmas. If there's a day to be happy and joyful, it's that one.

Many people would probably look at this photo and say that there's something creepy about it. It just seems inappropriate.

10 Such Loving Gazes

via Pinterest

This is definitely the way that a couple looks at each other, not the way that a mother and son look at one another. That's why we just had to include this photo here.

We never want to see such loving gazes between a mother and son. It's just not appropriate. Not in the least.

9 Let's Not (Pose Like This) And Say We Did

via Daily Mail

Taking a mother/son photo that involves karate doesn't make any sense. The looks on their faces, the outfits, the way that their fists are positioned... Nothing works here.

If moms are going to snap photos with their sons, they need to stand normally and not try anything too creative. Because of the creative shots? They look like this, and they just don't look appropriate.

8 Why Would A Mom And Son Pose Like This?!

via Linda Ikeji's Blog

There is no way that anyone could think that a mother and her son should be posing the way that these two are here. They're holding onto each other for dear life, as if they're totally in love. (Also, look where his hand is...) This is more than a little inappropriate.

7 Nothing Says Family Like A Bit Of Fear

via stayathomemum.com.au

If the kid on the left wasn't wearing this totally strange mask, this family photo would be all kinds of sweet and cute. We wouldn't have a problem with it at all.

Unfortunately, this mask ruins the whole thing and makes it seem so nerve-wracking. What was the point of this? The peaceful smiles on the mom and dad's faces just make the whole thing even worse.

6 A Weird Time To Take A Selfie

via Imgur.com

There are appropriate times to take selfies... like when you're alone and your son doesn't appear to be going to the bathroom. It's fair to say that this was the wrong time for this type of photo (or any photo at all).

This mom looks really annoyed and mad, and we're just not sure what's going on.

5 Bathroom Break

via Awkward Family Photos

Moms know that it can be super tough to find any alone time... let alone going to the washroom by yourself. It definitely makes sense that sometimes, your little ones would follow you into the bathroom.

The problem with this inappropriate mother/son photo? The fact that the mom is literally on the toliet. No thank you. Let's get some more privacy, please.

4 This Isn't Model Behavior

via Bustle

Model Stephanie Seymour and son always look too close in photos, and many people have pointed this out. This photo is yet another example of an inappropriate mother and son.

The way that he's holding her (and the way that she's leaning into him) makes it seem like they're going out with each other when, of course, they're related.

3 Even Posh Spice Has This Strange Mother/Son Pic

via Evening Standard

Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) is a great mom and yet this photo of her and her son, Brooklyn, is making people super uncomfortable.

Why is she holding onto his tie like that? Why is he staring at the camera like that... and what is she even looking at? We have a lot of questions about this image, and we're confused.

2 Wearing Fake Headgear Is So Bonding (And So Weird)

via Awkward Family Photos

This photo is another example of an inappropriate mother/son picture since they're both wearing headgear (along with the kid's sister).

Even if the mom wasn't leaning onto her son, it would still be an incredibly weird photo. The fact that they're all wearing headgear doesn't make any sense. It also seems very insulting to people who have to wear it.

1 This Just Isn't How You Pose With Your Mom

via Elite Daily

Look, every family is different... but... it's safe to say that we don't want to see moms posing with their sons like this. Especially when the mom is wearing a Christmas-themed outfit that doesn't seem appropriate.

This photo, along with the others on this list, makes us feel really uncomfortable. Can we unsee it, please?!

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