15 Most Unforgettable Moments In TV

Since we are all obsessed with binge-watching television shows, it is no surprise that our favorite series are packed with moments that make us stop, stare, and gasp. TV shows, in general, have to be of a pretty high standard to keep people hooked, and the best ones feature at least a few standout scenes that might just make the rest of the show worth sitting through! Some scenes are memorable because they show our favorite characters finally uniting with that lover we have secretly been hoping they would get with, and other too-cute-for-words content like the birth of a long-awaited baby or a fairytale wedding to give us totally unrealistic standards. Other unforgettable scenes are not quite so chipper, and stand out because they show the death of a beloved character (and absolutely ruin us!). Here are the top 15 crazy moments from our favorite TV and reality TV shows!

15 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' – Mason Is Born

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We definitely love the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Although that show is filled with moments that have you wondering how that famous family could possibly be real, the birth of Kourtney’s first child, Mason, was definitely an unforgettable scene! The cameras went into the delivery room with the eldest Kardashian sister as she gave birth, and did not show us anything graphic but showed us enough to know that this family is 100% committed to exposing every piece of themselves on that show. We saw Kourtney reach down and pull the baby out, which is such a Kourtney thing to do! Even if they had not shown the birth on the show, the arrival of Mason would still be unforgettable because he was the first of his generation in that family, the first grandchild for Kris Jenner, and the first in a series of super-famous Kardashian toddlers!

14 'One Tree Hill' – Haley Gets Hit By A Car

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There were definitely a few moments on One Tree Hill that just about made us break down, but the moment Haley gets hit by Daunte’s car was almost too much. She saw the car coming but was talking to Nathan and she used the little time she had to push him out of the way, rather than save herself. Now, a whole bunch of traumatic occurrences took place in this scene, and to be honest, Haley wasn’t even the worst off. The car wreck ended up killing Daunte, who went on to crash into a tree, and the whole thing stressed out Lucas enough to send him into cardiac arrest. Both Haley and Lucas were rushed to the hospital and Nathan broke down on the hospital floor. Pretty dramatic stuff! But thankfully it took more than getting hit by a speeding car to finish Haley off, and she ended up surviving the ordeal.

13 'Jersey Shore' – Snooki Gets Punched


You have to wonder whether the things we see on reality television are as realistic as they’re portrayed to be. But even if they’re not, you can’t deny that shows like Jersey Shore contain plenty of shocking moments, whether they are real or orchestrated. In between fist fights between the boys and randoms on the boardwalk, the never-ending, painful breaking up and getting back together of Ron and Sam, and the pulling out of each other’s extensions, there was one standout scene in Jersey Shore that ended up making headlines. Snooki (who really doesn’t resemble a meatball at all these days!), was getting into a verbal argument with a guy at the bar who took her drinks, and then he turned around and punched her in the face. Thankfully, the man was soon arrested on assault charges. The whole thing was totally disturbing given he was twice her size. He definitely earned the Douchebag of the Year award!

12 'The Sopranos' – Finale

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The series finale of The Sopranos has to be one of the cleverest and most ambiguous TV endings of all time, and it’s still driving fans crazy to this day! The show, which was all about the trials and tribulations of mobster Tony Soprano, ended with Tony and his family sitting in a diner. At this point, several of Tony’s closest made men had been taken out. Things were pretty normal, excluding a suspicious man who seemed to be staring at Tony before going to the restroom. Tony, his wife, and his son shared onion rings while his daughter was parking the car. Then Tony looked up, and the screen went black. No doubt this had fans shaking their TVs just in case they were broken, but this wasn’t a case of technical issues—the show finished that suddenly! Many people think that Tony finally met his end since death in that lifestyle is almost guaranteed.

11 'Game Of Thrones' – The Red Wedding

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Really, when doesn’t an episode of Game of Thrones have an unforgettable scene? In a series that pretty much features more than one death per episode, a ton of violence and other shocking content, it takes something truly epic to stand out. There have been a few moments that were clearly a cut above the rest so far in GOT, but the top one has to be The Red Wedding in Season Three. This twist was so shocking that fans set up secret cameras to record people’s reactions during their first time watching it—reactions which no doubt included screaming, gripping chests, and intense tears. Robb Stark and his peeps, including his mother and wife, were attending a wedding hosted by Walder Frey, whom Robb had recently scorned. One minute things were rosy, the next the entire Stark army was obliterated and the Lannister vs Stark conflict was at rest. A sad day for Winterfell!

10 'Desperate Housewives' – Mike Delfino Gets Shot

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When a couple on a TV show make it through so much, the worst thing the writers can do is kill them off just before it's the series finale. It’s seriously like dangling a carrot above a rabbit and then throwing it away as it looks on with glassy eyes. Everybody thought Mike and Susan were going to end up together on Desperate Housewives—they met in the first episode, had been through challenging times and defeated cunning enemies, and had finally worked through all their crap. Just when things were looking clear, Mike got himself caught up in a conflict that really had nothing to do with him, and got himself freaking shot dead on the porch! Seriously? Just like that, Mike joined the dead on Wisteria Lane, and Susan had to go on to raise their son M.J. on her own after losing the love of her life. So unfair!

9 'Grey’s Anatomy' – Derek Shepherd’s Death

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How can the death of McDreamy not be on this list?! Derek Shepherd was heading to the airport when he saw a car crash. Like a true hero, he saved four people involved. Getting back into his car, Derek pulled out and oh-so-smartly, reached for his ringing phone while his car was sitting stationary, adjacent to oncoming traffic. Then he was hit by a semi-trailer and immediately taken to Dillard. The most tragic part in all of this is that he knew he needed a head CT, but was unable to speak. The doctors working on him were obviously in no way as switched on as he was, and by the time they finally called the neurosurgeon, Derek was brain dead. Way to go, guys! Watching Meredith agree to turn off his life support and sit with him as he died may or may not have been the hardest thing we’ve ever done.

8 'The Simpsons' – The Death Of Maude Flanders

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Wife to the Simpsons’ overly enthusiastic neighbor Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders was never exactly a central character in Springfield. But when a recurring character dies on a show like The Simpsons, its’ a pretty flippin’ big deal, whether she was hugely important or not. Maude died in an unprecedented way—she was knocked off the top of the bleachers by cheerleaders who were blasting t-shirts towards members of the crowd. Poor Ned blamed himself since Maude was standing up in the first place to go and get him a hot dog. In fact, his last words to her were “No foot-longs!” This was a freak accident, but Homer Simpson should also feel bad considering he had the cheerleaders aim the t-shirt at him, and then bent down just in time for Maude to get hit. Unlike other events on the show, this death permanently changed the future of the series by leaving Ned a widower.

7 'Charmed' – Phoebe Kills Cole

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It’s okay if you’re a Charmed fan who is still fuming over the fact that Cole and Phoebe didn’t end up together—we are too! Cole and Phoebe had all the ingredients of an everlasting couple. They were both passionate, strong and so in love with each other it hurt. He became good and changed who he was for her, and they helped each other grow. What more do you want? Eventually, Cole returned to evil, and Phoebe had to vanquish him to fulfill her duty as a Charmed one. She did kill him a few times, considering he was a pretty powerful guy, but the first time in his penthouse when he told her he’d always love her was the most tragic. We know that IRL relationships don’t always work out, but if we wanted to see something realistic, we’d watch the news. This was a fantasy show and the writers killed our fantasy!

6 'Gossip Girl' – Chair’s Wedding

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Gossip Girl was basically one scandal after another, but for us, the most memorable moment on the show was a happy one! The wedding of Chuck and Blair was rushed and low-key, but we’d been waiting six seasons for it, and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Blair already had the fairytale wedding with the white dress and tiara, so the blue dress and the Central Park location fully satisfied all our hopes and dreams. Plus, we’d been shipping Chuck and Blair forever, and after some close calls and total character growth on both their parts, it was amazing to finally see him put a ring on it. There were a few other GG moments that came in close -- finding out that Dan was Gossip Girl was unforgettable, despite being somewhat unbelievable. We also rate Serena’s wedding to Dan, which took place in the same episode. But Sorry S, Blair wins this one!

5 'The Walking Dead' – The Death of Merle

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There’s nothing more exciting in a TV show than conflict between characters who are supposed to love each other, particularly when you can totally see that conflict coming. Daryl and Merle were brothers, but some things are more important than blood. When Merle became a zombie, fans knew that the relationship between the brothers was going to change permanently. The moment Daryl is forced to kill Merle in Season Three was heartbreaking for fans, even if it was the right thing to do. And although it was clear these two were going to come to blows, Merle could have gone on to die at the hands of somebody else. Since the characters of Merle and Daryl were inventions of the show and didn’t come from the comic books like other characters, fans couldn’t have guessed that this would happen until it was playing out before their eyes. Those sneaky show writers!

4 'Lost' – Charlie Pace’s Sacrifice

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Gosh, you can still catch us blubbering over this one! Charlie Pace knew he was going to die before he did, and he accepted it. Desmond had a vision of Charlie dying when he turned off the signal jammer in the flooded Looking Glass station, and instead of running from his fate, Charlie kissed Claire goodbye, gave his ring to Aaron, and went out to meet his death. By the time he and Desmond paddle out and he relives all the best moment of his life, we had given up all hope of remaining composed and were incoherently wailing. Charlie wouldn’t let anybody take his place, and successfully disabled the jammer with the code he was given. The chamber wasn’t flooded when Charlie got there, but after Mikhail blew up a window, it filled with water and Charlie began to drown. That, ladies and gentleman, is what you call a hero!

3 'The O.C.' – Marissa Cooper’s Death

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You wouldn’t call us Marissa Cooper’s biggest fans (did she even have fans?) but we can admit that we were unhappy to see her die. It was ultimately a good thing for Ryan, who was finally released from her endless crap and could go on to live a relatively normal life. And like it or not, Marissa paved the way to her own demise by inviting Kevin into the group. But still, seeing the pain that Ryan, Summer, and Julie went through after that made us wish that she could have survived, purely for their sakes! We know Ryan was better off without her, but we wish she could have just moved away or something. Even though Mischa Barton spoiled her character’s death the week it aired, we were still praying that it was all a hoax! The only person to win here was Mischa, whom we’re pretty sure was totally done with the show.

2 'Sex And The City' – Big Tells Carrie She’s The One

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When Carrie first met Big, she quickly discovered that he was the walking definition of emotionally unavailable. She couldn’t stay in the relationship and basically spent the next few years trying to find somebody whom she loved as much as him. She got back with him a few times, though he always demonstrated that she still wasn’t his one. To be honest, as fans we were kind of done with Big and wished Carrie could move on, but it was clear she was never going to do that. He was just the love of her life, no matter where she went or who she saw. It took her moving to Paris with Petrovsky for him to see how much he loved her, and although he was late, he finally said what she needed to hear. He went on to screw her around further in the movie, but at the time it was the perfect ending, and we still think about it!

1 'Friends' – Rachel Gets Off The Plane

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It took ten seasons to get to this point, but it was absolutely worth the wait! Our top moment is the long-awaited union of Ross and Rachel on Friends. Throughout the seasons, these two went through everything together: they dated, went on a break, broke up, got married, had a one-night stand, and had a baby. Despite getting involved with other people and claiming otherwise, it’s clear the whole time that they loved each other. In the final episode, Rachel was getting ready to fly to Paris (why is it always Paris?!), and then decided she loves Ross. She left a message on Ross’s machine which prematurely cut out, leaving Ross with no idea whether or not she got off the plane. Then she walked through the door with the most powerful five words in TV history: “I got off the plane.” We wouldn’t have accepted anything less from the Friends finale! Swoon!

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