15 Most Outrageous Japanese Beauty Trends Ever

Japan is home to some of the most unusual and bizarre products in the world. They have musical toilets, interactive pavements, cafes where you pay to be cuddled, and even hover boards. Which leaves us all feeling a little inadequate when it comes to innovation.

Japanese women take grooming very seriously and it's hard to imagine them looking anything other than flawless. As they are always on trend it's quite often many tried and tested beauty products eventually make their way over to Western culture. The hard task is trying to figure out how most of these things actually work and will benefit us. This is a country dedicated to technological development so maybe we really should start paying attention to these bizarre releases.

If you really are up to completely changing your look with some practical oddities then look no further. We have put together quite the unusual collection for your entertainment.

15 Tsuke Yaeba Teeth


A couple of years ago a huge trend in Japan took over. Unfortunately we could not imagine this look catching on quite as much on this side of the pacific. The "Tsuke Yaeba" look is either multilayered rows of teeth or two fang-like incisors sticking out from either side of the mouth.

Tokyo dentists had an abundance of patients queuing up for this cosmetic procedure. It was shown that Asian men preferred this look to straight teeth as it was "cuter" and "younger". It was so popular that a Japanese girl band called Tsuke-Yaeba48 or TY48 formed and of course - they had these quirky teeth too.

14 Hangover Look

via: youtube.com

There are hundreds of make-up tutorials online which help us to hide the tell-tale signs of a heavy night out. In Japan, they reversed this trend and started to favour a look which instead embraced our roughness. Wet-looking eyes, a puffy complexion, and messy hair was announced last month as the new look of the season.

Earlier this year the Daily Mail newspaper reported that a make-up trend called "aegyo sal" had also taken over. This is where Japanese girls would actually create the bags under their eyes. So next time we're accused of looking tired in the office we'll just explain that we're actually just very trendy.

13  Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears


The Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears will allow you to literally wear your expression. We all give off electrical impulses from our brains and this device can read these signals and respond to them. So everyone around you will know how you are feeling without even saying a word.

The three main expressions are if you're interested the ears prick up, if you're bored the ears droop, or if you're happy then the ears wiggle back and forth. These are a lot of fun but really not for introverts who just wish to blend into the crowd.

12 Snail Slime Facials


When it comes to skin care it is Japan who really do know best. Even if this does mean listening when they recommend slavering gooey snail secretion all over your face. Snail creams or facials (where actual snails are placed on your face) help to trigger the regeneration of skin and also help to destroy acne by acting as an exfoliate to eliminate dead cells.

So when people are asking why do you look so much younger than your years, just let them know the secret behind snail slime. It does leave you wondering who was the first to figure this out though.

11 Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt


Do you feel as if your youthful years are slipping away from you? Fear not, because the Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt will have your skin looking and feeling like a newborns in no time at all. Sure you look like you've just come out of a surgical procedure but the results are apparently tighter skin around the cheeks and jawline.

This device is recommended to use in the bath as the steam will help your face sweat which will help smooth out unwanted wrinkles. Heat and sweat will always make your body appear smaller so you might feel a little pinched around the cheeks after use but you know what they say that beauty is pain after all.

10 The Face Slimmer 


A woman is easily parted from her money when it comes to anti-ageing products. To maintain a perfect, chiselled look why not try the Japanese Face Slimmer which solves beauty problems such as sagging of the skin and tighter cheek bones. The manufacturers recommend that you repeat vowels during it's use.

The only downside is you will look ridiculous for the three minutes a day that they suggest it should be worn. Despite this beauty product appearing like a medieval torture advice the results this is good for those who aren't willing to go under the knife. The electronic versions of this product can cost anything from $70 - $100 - depending on how dedicated to facial slimming you are.

9 Hello Kitty Contact Lenses 

via: youtube.com

It will be no surprise to anyone that these Hello Kitty contact lenses are a sell out in Japan. However, there has been a problem with this trend now becoming popular closer to home as these lenses are not FDA-approved.

Decorative lenses still need the a professional fitting just the same as medical lenses. It is illegal in the United States to sell coloured contact lenses over the counter. Using these lenses without a prescription could lead to severe eye infection, permanently damaged vision and a scar on her cornea.

8 Happy Smile Trainer


Do you ever feel as if your smile isn't wide enough? Jamming a piece of rubber in your mouth, known as a Japanese smile trainer, is inserted into the mouth and enhances the jaw muscles which supposedly help with a perfect smile.

According to several websites which sell this product they also insist that it strengthens teeth and gums. We're all for our selfies looking better but we certainly don't want to end up looking too much like The Joker.

7 Bird Droppings Facials


Earlier this year, a beauty trend favoured by Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise where you use the droppings of nightingale birds. This treatment was first used in the 17th Century by Geishas and is often referred to as a 'Japanese facial" or "Geisha festival".

It is not cheap as only a few salons offer this treatment and they can charge anything upwards of $250. The nightingales are fed on an organic diet of seeds and fruit before their droppings are collected for A-list to enjoy as an anti-ageing treatment.

6 Hana Tsun Nose Straightener


"Hana" in Japanese means nose and "tsun" means to either perk or stick up. This clip sold on Japanese trend shops online is slipped gently up into the nostrils and helps to push up the bones and contours of the nose. Eventually the nose can appear sharper and straighter than normal.

This is a huge trend in Japan which has yet to really catch on in Western culture or be proven that it can actually transform the whole structure of the face. It does have to be jammed up your nose for an extremely uncomfortable twenty minutes but you, supposedly, will have the straightest nose possible.

5 Fullips Lip Enhancer 


Before Kylie Jenner made the big lip challenge a huge trend online in the west it was actually incredibly popular in Japan. Fullips Lip Enhancers are available in three different sizes and if you place your lips inside the cup and suck the air out. A vacuum effect causes blood to rush to the lips achieving a plumper effect.

Canadian dermatologist, Dr. Benjamin Barankin, advises strongly against others picking up on this crazy trend. Telling Global News, “The issue is that you can certainly develop bruising that can last for seven to ten days and can be purple, yellow and green and look gross”.

4 Eyelid Trainer

via: youtube.com

Two years ago the all-new "eyelid trainer" was launched and according to the Daily Mail newspaper they managed to sell 7,000 units in their first week alone. This has been a considered a huge trend for those who don't want to take drastic measures such as permanent surgical treatments.

When the contraption is worn for several minutes a day the product claims to "increase the size of eyelids" each time you attempt to blink.

3 Beauty Voice Trainer


Many Japanese trend shops online sell beauty voice trainers which can be used just five minutes a day to give you the perfect high-pitched voice. The high-pitched voices of Western actresses became a very desirable trend amongst young Asian women.

The way it, apparently, works is you position the trainer on your tongue and this opens the voice passage so you have a much stronger sound. They also claim that this helps with breathing to ensure you can belt out several high octaves with no struggle at all.

2 Eye Widening Surgery  


In 2011, a new eye-widening surgical craze amongst young girls in Japan went wild. To fit in with the typical American style of Western beauty this fad stretched as far as Korea and China.

CNN reported that 12-year-old Lee Min-kyong, who was training to become a professional ballet dancer, was prompted by her mother to have the surgery done. Jang Hyu-hee told the news reporter, "I'm having her do it because I think it'll help her. This is a society where you have to be pretty to get ahead. She's my only daughter".

1 The F Cup Cookie


Just in case you thought you had seen it all then along comes the "F-Cup Cookie". This edible biscuit product is a cookie which claims to boost the average cup size to an almighty F-Cup and it's less than 100 calories - you don't get much better news than that. It contains a chemical called Miroestrol which is similar to the hormone oestrogen.

Sadly science always has to be taken into account and there is no evidence that Miroestrol still has the same effect when it's consumed. This didn't stop trend-seekers pulling them off the shelves and the product went down a storm. We really will buy anything in a bid to improve our assets.

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