15 Most Messed Up Things About 'Bachelor In Paradise'

You obviously watch The Bachelor, but what about Bachelor in Paradise? This spin-off started airing back in August 2014 and is just as juicy, dramatic, and tweet-worthy as the other show. The whole idea is that host Chris Harrison oversees a group of people who were on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Oh yeah, and it takes place in, of course, paradise, as the name of the show suggests. But even though you love nothing more than watching as many reality television shows as you can get your hands on, so to speak, there are a few problems with this one. Okay, okay, there are more than a few. You have definitely wondered why you're even watching. And there are a lot of other questions that you have on your mind when it comes to this show. Read on to find out the 15 most messed up things about Bachelor in Paradise. 

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15 It's Like 'Bachelor Pad'


If you remember Bachelor Pad and think that it seems super similar to Bachelor in Paradise, you're totally on the right track. Because the latter is a new version of the former. After Pad went off the air in 2013, the people behind the reality TV franchise decided to start a new show called Bachelor in Paradise. These are both essentially the exact same show. Yes, really. They both have people who used to be on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and they are hanging out in a really hot and beautiful place. Hmmm... So one of the most messed up things about this show? The fact that it literally is another version of another show that was cancelled. Why does this show need to even exist at all? Why not just continue Bachelor Pad?! There's literally no reason to do this. It makes no sense at all.

14 Everyone Breaks Up 24/7

Seriously, just Google any former contestants from the original shows in this reality TV franchise and you will find break up announcements. So it's literally like you're tuning into a show and agreeing that, yes, most of the so-called couples are going to break up. That's not the most fun thing to do. It's not anything even close to romantic. If the entire point of the original shows is that you are going to watch people fall in love and get ready to spend the rest of their lives together, why would you watch Bachelor in Paradise? That's probably a question that you're asking yourself a lot whenever you watch a new episode. Of course, this is a problem with The Bachelor too. How many couples didn't actually live happily ever after? Definitely not a lot of them. It's an unfortunate side effect of being on a reality show.

13 These Are Not Fan Favorites

The Hollywood Reporter

Okay, so it might sound a bit harsh to say that the people who appear on this reality show are not exactly fan favorites. But it's kind of true, don't you agree? If they were really meant to be on this show, then they would have won The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. It's tough to want to watch a show that includes former contestants from the original show since you figure that they were voted off or left the show for a reason. Do you really want to see these guys and girls again? Probably not. So it's tough to stay interested and invested in finding out what's going to happen since you feel like you've seen these people before and they left and you were okay with them being gone. You might feel kind of mean admitting that, but hey, this is the world of reality television and people say mean stuff all the time, so you're okay.

12 It's The Worst Of Reality TV

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The weird thing about reality TV is that when it's really bad -- as in a poor quality show with awful people that you totally hate -- it's pretty good. Because your standards for reality shows are so different from scripted stuff like dramas or sitcoms. It's just a thing. But this show is honestly the worst of reality TV and that's something that is pretty messed up. You are going to see fighting, name calling, and generally bad behavior. While that might make you want to keep watching and that's definitely why the show is pretty popular, it also means that this show is the worst of what the genre has to offer. You're not going to feel motivated or inspired like you do if you watch a show that features real-life women starting businesses or living their amazing lives. That's definitely not going to happen.

11 There Are Too Many Mean Girls

Ashley is known as a "mean girl" and there's really no other way to say it. Her love interest Jared was into Calia instead of her and she totally freaked out about it. So what did Ashley do? She literally tried to sabotage Calia and make Jared think that she was the worst person ever. Yeah, you're cringing even just thinking about it because it's really that bad. Don't do that stuff. Just don't. Ashley even told Jared that Calia is a "robot" which would be hilarious if it wasn't so ridiculous (okay, it's still pretty hilarious, there's no denying that fact). It's seriously frustrating to watch something like this, and it makes you feel weird that this show is supposed to be entertainment. You just don't think that people should behave this way and it definitely takes away your enjoyment of the series. You'll probably stick to other reality shows.

10 There Are Too Many Fake Tears

Ashley strikes again. Yup, she definitely cried a lot during her season of Bachelor in Paradise, and a lot of people were super confused that although she kept saying that she was so happy and in love with Jared, she was sobbing for most of the episodes. You have to admit that these tears must have been totally and completely fake. Sure, you don't have any proof of that... but you never have any proof that any reality TV show is real, right? You're not new to this genre and you get that sometimes, what you're seeing is not totally real and that you're watching some manipulated and made up situations. That's just the way that this reality thing works. So you would guess that she's just pretending to cry so she can manufacture some drama. That's pretty messed up, right? She might not be the first person to do this, but when you know that something might not be totally real, you don't even want to watch. You would rather watch something scripted instead.

9 Nothing Makes Any Sense


Did you know that Leah actually was already dating someone right before she appeared on her season of Bachelor in Paradise? Well, she totally was. She has said in interviews that she started talking to someone when she was literally on her way to film the show, and he ended up being her boyfriend. Hmmm. So based on that fact, you have to say that this show is pretty messed up since absolutely nothing makes any sense. If the stars are supposed to be totally single and available because that's the entire point of the show, but then you learn that not everyone is actually single, what are you supposed to think? How are you supposed to feel? It's hard not to feel betrayed, no matter how silly you feel for being that dramatic about it.

8 The Ditzy Quotes Are Unreal

It's a staple of the reality TV genre that people say stupid, ditzy things. Sometimes they are funny. Other times, they hurt your brain and they don't make you even smile. Not even a little bit. Because again, your poor brain. You don't want to think that people can say things like this. You want to think that humanity is much smarter and more lovely than that. But, alas, that's just not the case. Take this quote from someone on Bachelor in Paradise: "We walk out onto this vista. I don’t even know what a vista is, but we walk out onto it.” How do you not know what a vista is? How is that even possible? You don't need to know who said that particular thing... unless you remember who said it and then you're cringing extra hard because now you've heard it twice. Unfortunately, this is not even the ditziest quote from this show.

7 People Want To Leave

Did you know that people actually go home early on this show? It makes sense that on a competition reality show, people are told to leave because they are voted off or they lose in another way. When it comes to Bachelor in Paradise, sometimes the contestants actually want to leave. So they do. They actually leave the show when they don't have to. Yes, that is a thing that happens. Let that sink in for a moment. Really think about it. If people want to leave your show, that proves that this is not a show that should exist, and maybe some things need to change. Like maybe this show should be cancelled. Hey, just being honest here. It definitely seems like a strange concept for a series and if people don't even want to stick around, then there are clearly a lot of problems that you don't even hear about.

6 Nick Viall Was On It

If you don't know a ton about The Bachelor -- maybe you don't watch every single episode but you catch the recaps or hear your best friends talking about it (or you just notice that on Monday nights, everyone on your Twitter feed is freaking out) -- you at least know about Nick Viall. And you know that he is pretty much one of the most hated reality TV people out there. He's not known to be a super sweet guy, that's for sure, and he's also said to be pretty boring. You probably know that you don't want to watch a boring person when you're checking out a reality TV show. Those two things are totally polar opposites. At the very least, people absolutely loathe the fact that Nick Viall wears turtlenecks, and while that might seem like a silly reason to hate someone, maybe you hate turtlenecks too. He's even fought with Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules so that's just another reason why he's not a fan fave.

5 The Guys Have No Shirts On... Ever

And that's a bad thing? Well, you have to admit that no matter how much you might enjoy the eye candy, this is a messed up thing about Bachelor in Paradise. Because it's admitting that the only interesting thing about these guys is the fact that they are some serious eye candy. Sure, they are hot and beautiful and whatever positive adjective that you want to use, but they must have other qualities, right? Aren't they real human beings that deserve some respect and compassion? Okay, you might sound kind of crazy for thinking that about people on a reality show, or at least that's what most people would say to you. But you don't want women to be reduced to bodies in bikinis because that's super discriminating, so you might as well think that it works both ways and that you don't want to see shirtless guys in every single episode of a show.

4 Two Words: "Bad Chad"

"Bad Chad" is the nickname for Chad Johnson, who is someone that ended up being sent home when he was on Bachelor in Paradise. He yelled some super violent things at the other cast members, which was pretty awful to watch, and it seemed like way too much. He was pretty mean and he also talks about, um, more intimate activities in such a vulgar way, it seems like it shouldn't have even been aired. Hey, you're no prude, but this is just a bit much to take. You probably didn't like him from the moment that you saw him on television and then you had to see him again on this spin-off show, so that's another reason that this series is pretty messed up. You don't want to keep seeing a bully over and over again and you don't think that saying that someone is a good "reality TV villain" is reason enough to cast this guy.

3 It Discriminates Against Both Genders

As mentioned before, the guys are hardly ever wearing shirts, and the women on the show are pretty much always wearing skimpy outfits as well. And that's not the best thing ever. In fact, it's the worst. This show is absolutely discriminating about both genders and that's a reason that you don't want to watch (and why you wish that you could stop, but hey, you're too far gone now and you can't seem to stop yourself). Haven't we moved on from the idea that guys and girls need to be scantily clad all the time? Sure, these people are on a beach and it's paradise and all that, but isn't it time to class up the joint a bit? Even a little tiny bit? It's 2017. Women are so much more than just bodily objects and men are too. It's time for this to change. Of course, you know that it's not going to, at least not as long as this show is on the air, and that's another reason that it's pretty problematic.

2 Everyone Gets Different Salaries

Yup, people do get paid a salary to star on a reality television show. Which just proves that things are manufactured and made up because this is a job like any other. It turns out that the contestants on this show get paid differently depending on who they are. And that's not great. People should be treated equally when it comes to absolutely everything and money is one of those things. One of the cast members, Steve, has said about the whole deal: "They were given a flat contract, bigger names got bigger money." Of course, actual figures aren't available but that's okay. You don't really want to know anyway. Okay, that's a total lie. Of course you want to know. But you get that it's best to keep money matters as private as possible. It's just not great to know that people are paid on different salary scales.

1 You're Ashamed To Admit That You Watch

There are some reality shows that are incredibly popular, like Catfish and The Real Housewives Of New York, and you don't mind telling your BFFs that you are super obsessed. Chances are, they are watching them too, and you guys chat about the latest happenings all the time. You're fans of Nev and Max and Bethenny and Carol and you look up to them as inspiring and cool famous people. That's just not the case with Bachelor in Paradise. Even if you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and don't mind admitting it, because everyone that you know is always tuning in and tweeting about it, you're a bit ashamed to admit that you watch this beachy spin-off. You just don't want people to know. and you would rather keep it a secret. And that really says it all. This show is just not worth it.

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