15 Wild Phobias People Actually Have

Everyone is afraid of something or someone. Many people have at least one phobia. Some people like to appear tough and will never admit to having any fears, but deep down, everyone has a fear. Some of those phobias are common such as the fear of clowns or the fear of enclosed spaces. Other fears are completely ridiculous and irrational such as the fear of spoons. What is it about a spoon or some of these other things that terrify people so much? The fears of dying or drowning are not irrational because most people are scared of death because it’s unknown, and drowning is something that could very well happen. But some of these other fears are so unique that we can’t believe anyone actually has them. Other phobias exist even though no one has ever reported having that specific phobia. So is it really a phobia if no one has that fear? This is a list of the most wild fears that could ever exist.

15 Oikophobia


If you have Oikophobia, you have the fear of appliances. Walking into a Sears store would be a nightmare for people with this fear. People with the fear probably don’t have any appliances in their homes. Your house would look pretty bare without a refrigerator, washer and dryer, and an oven. These people would have to live like the Amish in order to feel safe in their own homes. People might fear appliances because they think they have a mind of their own.

14 Aibohphobia


This is the fear of palindromes. A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same way forwards as it is spelled backwards. “Racecar” is a popular example of a word that is a palindrome. A phrase that is a palindrome is “rats live on no evil star.” People with this fear should be afraid of the name of the phobia itself because it is spelled the same forwards and backwards.

13 Hylophobia


The fear of wood, trees, and forests. Being a little afraid to go into the woods or a forest is understandable because you never know what kind of animal you will find, but just being scared of any wood itself is not something you hear about everyday. Everywhere you look something is made out of wood. It would be harder to stay away from wood altogether than it would be to steer clear of appliances.

12 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia


This is the fear of long words. I don’t know why they would give a long word to the fear of long words, but they did. So if you have this fear, you are probably afraid of your own phobia because it is such a long word. Anyone with this fear, though there haven’t been any recorded cases of it, should stay away from the city in the world with the longest name, which is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in the United Kingdom.

11 Trypophobia


This is the fear of clustered holes, which are commonly found on biological organisms such as a honeycomb. Seriously? Are they afraid of what could be in the holes? This is such a specific phobia that hopefully anyone who has it doesn’t have to face their fear too often. It’s not every day that you see a honeycomb or another cluster of holes. The only reason I could see being afraid of a beehive is because there are bees inside that could try to attack at any time. However, that doesn’t mean that every cluster of holes is scary.

10 Chronophobia


Chronophobia is the fear of time passing, which means that anyone who has this fear could be scared twenty-four hours a day seven days a week because time is constantly passing. However, this phobia is most commonly found in elderly people or prison inmates. Prison inmates could hate the thought of time passing for everyone they left behind while they are stuck in one place and can’t move on with their lives. They could also fear the day that they will be released from prison and have to go back to living a normal life outside of prison.

9 Chaetophobia


This is the fear of hair. Most people with this phobia only fear detached or loose hair, but other people who have this phobia fear their own hair. This fear is so irrational because what is so scary about hair especially if it is detached? I could understand being grossed out by detached hair if it is clumped together on the floor with dirt and fuzz, but being scared of it? No way. I once met someone who was scared of hair if it was detached and clumped together, but it always seemed to me like he was more disgusted by the hair than scared of it.

8 Phagophobia


This fear is hard to swallow. It is literally the fear of swallowing. This is a really serious fear because it can lead to malnutrition or weight loss in some people. I don’t understand how people with this fear go on living because they are constantly swallowing. It is a fear that they would have to face at all times. Eating and drinking would be difficult for these people because they have to swallow more frequently, and they have to swallow more than their own saliva. People with this fear probably also hate taking oral medication because they would be really conscious of what they are doing when they swallow a pill.

7 Omphalophobia


This is the fear of bellybuttons. It doesn’t matter if it is an outie or an innie. If you have this fear, all bellybuttons scare you. What is so terrifying about a bellybutton? There is no way a bellybutton could cause anyone any sort of harm. Sure, they look pretty weird, but they are certainly not scary. I don’t understand how anyone could be afraid of any part of their own anatomy.

6 Phobophobia


There is actually a fear for being afraid of a phobia, and that is what phobophobia is. If you have this phobia, then you failed because you fear having a fear. This phobia doesn’t make any sense. First, why would you be afraid of having a phobia? You’re scared of something. So what? Fear is what motivates a lot of us. You could maybe be afraid of developing a fear that would have a large impact on your life. For example, it would really impact your life if you were afraid of swallowing because that is going to affect you all day every day. Second, by being afraid of a phobia, you actually have a phobia. So how does that make any sense?

5 Xanthophobia


This is the fear of the color yellow. Having a fear of a color has to be one of the most irrational fears ever. A color cannot cause you any sort of harm. Being scared of certain objects that are associated with that color is more understandable. However, not everything that is that color is scary. For example, people who are afraid of the color yellow are probably afraid of the sun, which is actually a pretty common fear. But that doesn’t mean that a person with the fear of the color yellow should also be afraid of a banana.

4 Papaphobia


The fear of the pope or the papacy. This fear is linked and correlated with other fears that involve sacred things and holy people. The fear of sacred things or holy people is called Hierophobia. These kinds of fears could be triggered by a traumatic event that happened in a holy place or that involved a holy person such as the pope. Papaphobia is also related to Hagiophobia, which is the exaggerated dislike or fear of holy things or saints.

3 Pogonophobia

If you have Pogonophobia, you are afraid of beards. This is definitely a fear that could work in your favor if you have a significant other who does not want to shave. Simply tell your significant other that you have a fear of beards, that it is a real thing, and you should be safe. This fear goes back a long time and can be traced to the 1850s. In early September 2013, a presenter named Jeremy Paxman accused the BBC of having this fear because he presented on Newsnight with a beard and was criticized for it.

2 Turophobia

This is the fear of cheese. People who have this fear might only fear one kind of cheese, but others fear any kind of cheese. Coming from someone who loves cheese, I don’t understand how anyone could be afraid of cheese. In fact, I don’t know how anyone could be afraid of any kind of food unless they are allergic to it.

1 Nomophobia


This is short for no mobile phone because this is the fear of not having cell phone service or coverage. The fear was given a name in about 2008 when researchers discovered the strange phenomenon. Recent surveys have shown that more than fifty percent of the UK population suffers from nomophobia. I would be willing to bet that U.S. citizens also have this phobia. This phobia includes more than just cell phone service. It includes a dead cell phone battery and losing sight of one’s phone. This fear will probably become more common as years go on and people become even more dependent on their mobile phones.

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