15 Most Expensive Celeb Engagement Rings Ever (& 10 We Can Actually Afford)

Hollywood A-listers don't do anything half-baked. And definitely not when it's a matter of their engagement ring. After all, the bigger the ring and pricier its price tag, the better it is for show business!

But not all celebs like to strap multi-million diamond rings to their ring fingers. It's just not practical when they have to get to work on a busy set. Or, when they have to take care of three wriggling children at home.

So here are 15 of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever and 10 that even the average person can afford.

Because the perfect engagement ring is not the one that was bought with at least three months' worth of salary. Nor is it the one that flashes bright and catches everyone's eye.

The perfect engagement ring is the one that means something to the would-be bride–whether it's a ring that once belonged to his grandmother or one that taps into her extreme love for all things bling!

From multi-carat emerald-cut diamonds that would catch any thief's eye to simple stone rings that defy the diamond convention, the following rings have made fans ooh and aah for all the right reason. So let's get on to it.

25 Gisele Bündchen: Tom Brady Proposed With A $145,000 Solitaire

Harper's Bazaar

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's happy ever after took off 10,000 feet above the ground.

More specially, in a private jet filled with white roses.

The two had been seeing each other for two years before Tom went down on one knee (at least, we hope that's how it went inside the jet between this super private pair) and proposed to her with a beautiful $145,000 5-carat Cartier solitaire set on a platinum ring.

They later announced their engagement on the eve of Christmas of 2008.

24 Heidi Klum: A $150,000 Canary-Yellow Diamond

Harper's Bazaar

Heidi Klum and Seal may have gone their separate ways now, but they were married a very long time. And it all started in 2004 at a Canadian ski resort where Seal got an igloo constructed specially to be the venue for his romantic marriage proposal.

But the star of the whole down-on-one-knee was definitely the beautiful canary-yellow diamond engagement ring that Heidi couldn't stop flashing from there on after. The 10-carat stone was set on a gold band and apparently cost Seal $150,000.

23 Priscilla Chan: Was Popped The Question With A $25,000 Ruby Ring

Daily Mail

Mark Zuckerberg is not known to be a romantic guy. But after he proposed to Priscilla Chan with a $25,000 three-stone ring with a simple ruby in the center and two smaller diamonds next to it and then married her in their backyard with a fast-food takeaway for guests, we seriously downgraded him into the list of most-unromantic guys ever.

Because $25,000 might be a fortune for us, but considering his wealth, it was equivalent to a regular guy proposing to his girlfriend with a plastic ring! Not cool.

But then again, he's the same guy who had to sign a "relationship contract" to make sure he went on at least one date every week and spent 100 minutes of alone time with Priscilla that was not in his apartment or at his company headquarters. So, we are guessing he isn't big on romantic gestures.

22 Carrie Underwood: Said 'Yes' To A $150,000 Ring


When former hockey player Mike Fisher dropped down on one knee before American Idol Carrie Underwood, he had an extra special ring for his extra special lady. A $ 150,000 ring that he had designed along with Carrie's favorite designer Jonathan Arndt.

She said yes, of course. And then slipped on the beautiful canary yellow stone that was surrounded by smaller white diamonds all around and set on a thick platinum band that too was encrusted with pavé.

The singer shared this closeup of the ring a few years later on her IG page and expressed how lucky she was to have snagged up the handsome guy she did.

21 Kristen Bell: Was Popped The Question With A $100,000 Ring


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard give us #couplegoals. And their parenting style #goodparentvibes. But what makes them the cutest is how they held out on marrying each other until it was legal for everyone to do so in America.

Their 3-year long engagement started with a simple emerald-cut 3-carat brown-diamond ring that had a simple platinum band set with melee stones.

The ring was designed by famous celebrity ring-maker Neil Lane and cost Dax $100,000.

20 Mila Kunis: Bought $190 Bands Off Of Etsy As They Were More Sensible


When Aston Kutcher proposed to Mila Kunis back in 2014, he gave her a solitaire from Tiffany's that looked really sweet and simple because he knew she wouldn't like an over-the-top impractical ring. Only, it wasn't as practical as he thought it was.

The $250,000 price tag didn't sit well with Mila. So she went on Etsy and bought a pair of simple platinum wedding bands for both of them while making sure that the seller would not find out who had ordered it.

She later told Conan on his talk show that she keeps the 5-carat solitaire safely locked away in a deposit box and wears the much-more practical band every day.

19 Katy Perry: A $120,000 Cartier Ring

The Indian Express

Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry in the most enchanting manner possible. First, he whisked her off to Jaipur, India, where on the night of New Year's Eve, he arranged a special dinner for two amidst candles in the gardens of the Taj Rambagh Palace Hotel. A dinner that they arrived for in a horse-drawn carriage.

Then the two watched New Year fireworks while sitting on top of an elephant.

And finally, he took her to the Mughal Garden where he had instructed his butler to hide the $120,000 3-carat Cartier ring amongst flowers and more candles.

Once Katy found it, he immediately dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him. And she said yes! The two split just two years after that.

18 Anna Paquin: Said 'Yes' To Stephen Moyer And A Raw Moonstone Ring

Getty Images

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer met on the sets of True Blood and quickly fell in love. But when Stephen finally popped the question to Anna, he didn't do it the way most Tinseltown celebs profess their love for their Queen of Hearts.

He did it by dropping down on one knee and presenting her a beautiful 5-carat raw moonstone ring.

While we do not know how much the ring cost Moyer, we are pretty sure it was really cheap because you can easily buy 3.7 carats of raw moonstone for as low as $7!

17 Amy Adams: A 1-Carat Jean Dousset Ring With A Special Stone Underneath

The Adventurine

Darren Le Gallo and Amy Adams had been together for many years before he finally popped her the big question. And the ring he chose fit their sentimental love story.

Designed by Jean Dousset who at that time was an up-and-coming jewelry maker, the ring was created in a seamless halo style that hid the prongs while allowing the gem to be viewed from all angles.

But the real surprise was the small gemstone hidden underneath the ring that only the person it was meant for could see.

The designer also created all three of Amy's wedding bands–one encrusted with pink diamonds, another with yellow diamonds, and the last one with white diamonds.

16 Jada Pinkett Smith: A 12-Carat $250,000 Ring

Harper's Bazaar

The Smith family has been going strong since 1997. That's forever in Hollywood years! And the perfect example of what a marriage should be.

But it all started with a ring. A gorgeous 12-carat emerald-cut diamond ring with two shoulder-set baguette diamonds that is said to have cost Will $250,000. A ring that Jada now wears along with her eternity band wedding ring.

Kudos to Will for choosing the emerald-cut. Because an evergreen marriage deserves an evergreen ring like that.

15 Jennifer Garner: Got A $500,000 Harry Winston Ring On Her 33rd Birthday

Harper's Bazaar

Ben Affleck sure has an odd romantic history. Like, the facts that both his exes are called Jennifer, both times the media christened their relationship "Bennifer," and he proposed to both with a Harry Winston diamond ring. Albeit, at different times!

And though he might have given Jennifer Lopez a more expensive ring–a 4.5-carat pink-diamond ring that was worth $1.5 million—we care more for the $500,000 ring he proposed to Jennifer Garner with on her 33rd birthday.

After all, she was the one who walked down the aisle with him and became the mother of his three children before they split in 2017.

14 Keira Knightley: A Simple 2-Carat Diamond On A Platinum Band


Keira Knightley is known for her down-to-earth style and propensity to repeat the same dresses for different occasions. Something that most celebs never do.

So when James Righton finally asked her if she would like to marry him, he did so with a rather simple 2-carat round-cut solitaire set on a plain platinum band. He knew that she wouldn't like a more flashy ring.

The couple later got married in a quiet ceremony where Keira surprised everyone by choosing to wear a short dress that she had already been photographed in many times before that.

13 Khloé Kardashian: Said 'Yes' To Lamar Odom And A $850,000 Ring

Harper's Bazaar

Remember that time Khloé was madly in love with Lamar? Yeah, it seems like forever since those two split.

Nevertheless, we cannot discuss expensive engagement rings and not talk about the massive ring Lamar proposed to Khloé with back in 2009.

The $850,000 ring featured a 12.5-carat square-cut diamond in a sea of pavé stones on a thick triple band with more stones encrusted on it.

We loved it because the style was modern but had an evergreen quality to it. Perhaps that's why diamonds are forever while marriages are not.

12 Jessica Simpson: Got A Vintage Tiffany Ruby Ring


When former football player Eric Johnson asked Jessica Simpson to marry him after just five months of dating, everyone was surprised. After all, most Hollywood romances that took off in a whirlwind and featured a wedding after just a few months almost always ended in a split down the line.

Nevertheless, her beautiful ruby ring caught everyone's eye. And we were impressed when we learned that Eric had chosen that stone because it was also her birthstone.

The Tiffany & Co. ring also featured two pear-shaped diamonds on either side of the ruby, all of which were set in a non-traditional yellow gold.

11 Hilary Duff: A Princess-Cut $1 Million Ring

Harper's Bazaar

Former ice-hockey player Mike Comrie and his then-girlfriend Hilary Duff were on a vacation in Maui in 2010 when it happened.

He asked her to marry him while flashing a gorgeous 14-carat princess-cut diamond ring.

Of course, she said yes. And then quickly went about snapping pictures of it and cuddling up with her now-fiancé who had apparently spent $1 million on the massive sparkler.

The two separated after four years of marriage and officially split in 2016.

10 Kate Upton: An 8-Carat Ring That Cost $1.5 Million

Harper's Bazaar

Nobody missed the new ring on Kate Upton's finger at the 2016 Met Gala. So she told them all–she was engaged to her long-time beau Justin Verlander!

The beautiful ring was designed by her own fiancé with a proud 8-carat round-cut diamond in the center with pavé stones on the visible half of the band. A ring that is said to have cost Verlander $1.5 million.

"Justin is very romantic and asked me to marry him in Turks and Caicos at sunset on a boat after a fun day of exploring and Jet Skiing," she told Vogue later.

9 Christina Ricci: A Sentimental 3-Diamond Ring

Just Jared

Christina Ricci met her future-husband James Heerdegen on the sets of Pan-Am. She was a leading character in the show while he was a camera technician.

So when James dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him, he did so with a beautiful three-stone diamond ring.

The actress later showed off her gorgeous ring while launching a cosmetics bag she had designed for 'Make Up for Ever.'

A three-stone ring is symbolic of the past, present, and future. So that extra sentimental touch really blew it out of the park.

8 Paris Hilton: Kept The $2 Million Ring Even After The Engagement Broke


When Chris Zylka asked Paris to marry him on New Year's Eve while they were on a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado, he did so with a heavenly sparkler in a box. A $2 million pear-shaped 20-carat diamond ring.

Paris, of course, said yes immediately. Fast forward a few months: the two had split up and called off the engagement. But when Jenny McCarthy of the Sirius XM radio show asked her whether she planned to keep the ring, she said yes.

Because "...diamonds are a girl’s best friend."

7 Julia Stiles: A 2-Carat Beveled Diamond Set In Rose Gold

Harper's Bazaar

Actress Julia Stiles did not want a flashy over-the-top engagement ring. Neither did she want a vintage one. She wanted her ring to be modern and minimalist.

So when her beau Preston J. Cook finally asked her to marry him, he did so with a simple and sweet rose gold ring with a 2-carat round diamond set in the center.

The ring also had a beveled finish to make the solitaire stand out against the minimalist backdrop.

6 Mariah Carey: A $2.5 Million Pink-Diamond Ring

Harper's Bazaar

Mariah Carey is somewhat of an engagement ring connoisseur. Each beau of hers has tried to out-bling the ones who came before him. Like, James Packer–the man she dated after she split from Nick Cannon–who gave her a 35-carat diamond ring that was reported to be worth $10 million.

But we still love the 10-carat emerald-cut pink diamond ring Nick proposed with the best. It was the right choice considering how much Mariah loves her fairytales.

During the course of their marriage, the couple renewed their vows two more times. And each time, Nick gave her a new ring, with the last one being a pink sapphire ring with pavé diamonds reminiscent of the $2.5 million stone he had given her back in 2008.

5 Blake Lively: Ryan Was Not Trolling When He Gave Her A $2.5 Million Oval-Cut Diamond

Harper's Bazaar

Here's the scoop. Ryan Reynolds has proposed to a total of three women in his life. But two out of three times, he went for a ring that was–let's say–not out-of-the-park blingy. Not the third time though.

Turns out third time's really the charm because not only did Blake Lively get a more mature and accomplished Reynolds, she also got a $2.5 million engagement ring that has more carats than the rings he gave to Alanis Morissette and Scarlett Johansson combined!

The beautiful 12-carat oval-shaped diamond ring is a Lorraine Swartz creation with a rose-gold band. And Lively is rarely seen without it or the simple pavé diamond wedding band on her finger!

4 Kate Bosworth: A Simple Art Deco Clear Diamond Ring


Kate Bosworth has her own jewelry company called Jewelmint. So when it came to an engagement ring style, she knew what she wanted.

A simple and classic diamond ring. And not one with a pale blue or canary-yellow stone. She wanted her diamond to be a square-cut clear diamond.

Well, when she finally got engaged, we were not surprised when we saw a simple art-deco diamond ring on her finger.

3 Beyoncé: Jay-Z Proposed With An Emerald-Cut $5 Million Diamond Ring

Harper's Bazaar

We cannot wrap up this list without talking about the gorgeous 18-carat emerald-cut diamond ring that Jay-Z proposed to Beyoncé with back in 2008. Turns out he got her hint when she sang "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it..."

The beautiful $5 million Lorraine Schwartz solitaire was revealed after a heartfelt proposal in a dressing room after Beyoncé had just finished her performance at Coachella.

Her sister Solange and her husband were also present when this happened.

2 Olivia Wilde: A Diamond Ring With A Halo Of Light Emeralds That Match Her Eyes


The ring Jason Sudeikis chose for Olivia Wilde when he dropped down on one knee is definitely not one most girls would favor. Why? Because it was second-hand. And not because it belonged to someone in his family.

The vintage ring was originally from Paris and was made in 1921 for another lady. Jason picked it up because the round-cut solitaire with a halo of light emeralds reminded him of Olivia's eyes.

Thankfully, Olivia was not put off by the ring and often wonders who the original owner must have been and what became of her.

1 Kim Kardashian: Said 'Yes' To Kanye And A $8 Million Ring

Harper's Bazaar

We saved the best for the last. The Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring Kim received from Kanye when he proposed to her back in 2013.

The ring, featuring a giant 15-carat emerald-cut diamond, was worth $8 million when Kanye dropped down on one knee at the AT&T stadium in San Francisco while an orchestra played in the background and the words "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!" flashed on the JumboTron.

He later bought her an upgraded 20-carat emerald-cut diamond ring worth $5 million in 2016 to celebrate the massive deal he had signed with Adidas. But it was stolen during the harrowing Paris robbery the same year.

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