15 Most Embarrassing Things That Could Ever Happen To Us, Like Ever

Embarrassment has to be one of the absolute worst feelings a human being can experience. Whether it happened recently or even as far back as kindergarten, our embarrassing moments can definitely haunt us forever. Most of you are probably thinking about your worst moments, right now. We’re sure you can think of an embarrassing moment that probably either makes you laugh out loud or makes you cringe with nausea. Most of us prefer the kind that we can find humorous (much) later on in life.

If you’ve ever been embarrassed, you probably remember exactly how that situation made you feel. It can lead to a myriad of emotions such as frustration, pain, disappointment, anger, or even confusion. Those don’t sound like very good feelings, do they? Probably the reasons why we try to avoid them as much as possible!

Unfortunately, embarrassment is a part of life, and whether you're the type that is easily embarrassed or not, we all can agree that the feeling is one that we wished we could live without. There are some situations especially that we hope and pray we don't ever experience, or we can get over them and laugh them off with everybody else asap! Here are what we believe are the 15 most embarrassing things that could ever happen to us.

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15  Your Mom Bringing Up Your Childhood Memories To Anyone That'll Listen

For some reason moms absolutely love to go down memory lane, sharing childhood memories of you, which are often the most humiliating things you've done. She loves talking about your obsession with Barney in kindergarten, or that time they filmed the routine dance you created to Madonna's Like a Prayer. It's probably her way of trying to stay in denial about how you're now a young adult/grown woman. Moms have this weird thing about wanting their kids to stay two years old or something, so we guess telling stories about way back when helps them cope with the fact that you are no longer their little baby.

Mom, it's sweet that you love to smile (or laugh) about the good times back when your adult children were kids, but could you please refrain from telling the entire world, including all of our friends, our neighbors, co-workers, family members, the mailman, the florist, the Starbucks barista, and basically anyone else? It's really embarrassing.

14 Your Sibling Telling Your Guy Friend That You "Love" Him

Forget about the fact that it's true: the point is that it's totally humiliating for him to have to hear it from someone else, of all people your own brother/sister! You’ve had a huge crush on your guy friend for quite some time now. Foolishly you entrusted your older or younger sibling to keep the secret between you two and you two only. Embarrassingly for you, they decide that spilling the beans would be the best thing to do.

Now if your guy best friend feels the same, it may not be such a bad thing after all. But if he has a sort of look on his face that says “Yeah… this is awkward.” Then it’d be too soon to assume a happy ending.

Or let's flip the script: you actually don't have those feelings for them, but your sibling thought it'd be cool to tell him that lie for laughs. Although you can easily just tell him they're lying, it 1. doesn't make things less awkward, 2. doesn't automatically believe you or 3. he'd just end up totally bummed because he happens to have those feelings for you, and in the end you're just in boiling hot water. Moral of the story is, don't tell your siblings anything if you know they've got a big mouth.

13 Getting Publicly Ditched By A Date

You’re single and ready to mingle, and so naturally you put yourself out there in the dating scene. You finally make a date with the guy you’ve been eyeing for a little while now, or your mischievous friends have forced you on a blind date and you have no choice but to meet the mystery man. You just hope things turn out well in the end.

They don’t end well, although you genuinely thought that for a minute that things were going great! You were talking, laughing a little, and enjoying great food. Now he has to go to the bathroom. He graciously excuses himself, and never returns, leaving you sitting all alone, looking around anxiously for the return of nobody. Others in the restaurant or bar give you glances of pity as you sink down into your chair, and fuming that you have the bill to pay.

You heard about other girls doing this to guys and thought they were jokes, but you never ever thought it would happen to you! You have to admit that being ditched by a guy is probably one of the worst and most embarrassing things that could ever happen to you.

12 When "Aunt Flo" Overflows

We all learned about the red spot of Jupiter in Science class. As women, we take many precautions to make sure that red spot of Jupiter doesn’t find its way on the back of our favorite pair of white jeans when that time of the month arrives. When it does, it can be a very mortifying experience, especially when you can’t immediately do anything about it.

Overflowing on our period isn’t an unusual issue, but we don’t ever want to announce to the world that we’ve had an accident. It’s a good thing we can rely on our girl friends or even other girls we don’t know too well to help us to the bathroom, or to get where we need to by covering the spot for us if we’re without a jacket to tie around our waist. I’m not sure which is worse: getting a blood stain in our clothes on our period, or ripping our pants in the crotch area. They’re both equally embarrassing.

11 Getting Caught

Your intimate moments are usually meant to be, well, private right? It’s just you and him (or her, whatever’s your preference). So when you and your partner are getting it on, the absolute last thing you want to happen is somebody walking in to catch a glimpse, whether it be your kids, your parents, your best friend, or the housekeeper.

Many people have embarrassing stories of getting caught doing the do with their significant other and how much they wanted to crawl under the covers and never show their face in the real world again. Fortunately some are able to look back and laugh on it. After all, making love is a natural thing, isn’t it? Still we’d rather “be natural” with just that one special person around without anyone else getting a glimpse of the action.

10 Your Parents Grilling Your New Beau

You've got a new special someone in your life and you think it's time for them to meet the parents. The last thing you want to happen is your folks disliking your boyfriend. The least they could do is just be happy for you, right?

Nope, because they're your parents and automatically they feel the need to ask your beau every invasive question under the sun, making him feel totally awkward and you feeling totally embarrassed. Mom and Dad just can't seem to accept that you believe he's the one for you, even though you didn't really ask them for your opinion anyway. It's not like you two are getting married anytime soon. But that doesn't matter, because if anyone's going to be spending the most time around their precious little girl, they've got to meet their standards, no matter how unrealistic they may be. Hey, mom and dad, could you be a bit more on the warmer welcoming side instead of trying to go through all his personal records? We'd appreciate it.

9 Your Crush Admitting To Liking Your Friend Instead

When we have eyes for someone, we expect them to have eyes for us back, right? We dream of them catching on to our cute little hints and flirtatious passes, or to magically become aware of our existence and sweep us off our feet carrying us off to the sunset. Sadly, when your crush admits that they have those same exact dreams for your bestie, it can be a gut wrenching and embarrassing moment to stomach.

Imagine the moment: he flashes that million dollar smile, brushes his hand in his hair, walks that sexy walk right over to you. You’re thinking you’ve got him right where you want him. He reaches in his pocket, and hands you a sheet of paper. You light up inside, realizing that you’ve got your future boyfriend’s number in the palm of your hands. Then the unthinkable happens “Hey, can you pass that to your friend over there? I would’ve asked her myself but, you know…”

No, you don’t know why he didn’t just go to her himself. Instead you fight back tears of anger and embarrassment, with thoughts racing in your head trying to figure out why in hell he basically wants to rub the fact that you definitely now can’t have him in his face. Hopefully your BFF can help comfort you in your time of need by going on and on with you about how much of a complete jerk he turned out to be.

8 Accidentally Letting One Slip Out

Now the whole idea about women being “ladies” at all times puts the pressure and stigma on us to always be lovely, pleasant, and presentable at all times, especially in public. We also know that these stigmas create this unrealistic idea that girls can’t and don’t do gross things sometimes, like burp, scratch our armpits, grow body hair, or pass gas. While we all know we do these things, we still try to avoid some of them in public, because we cringe at some of the dirty looks we could get.

The embarrassing part is passing gas itself: it’s making a super loud noise, or it smelling so bad that the person at least two yards away from you starts to gag. Imagine being at a dinner party or black tie event and sitting around the table with friends and colleagues or important people and you all of a sudden let out a big one. You couldn’t wait until you got to the bathroom. Nope, it just decided to slip itself out, and now the whole room is looking around, wondering who the culprit is. It’s such a mortifying thing to imagine, and so we must avoid that happening at all costs!

7 Yoga Class Accident

Silent Journey

Almost as bad as soaking through your clothes during that special period, you may not ever want to have to deal with your fellow yoga classmates seeing your Victoria’s Secret panties through the torn seams of your yoga pants when you bend over. Not only does it look like you can’t afford to buy higher quality clothes to wear, but you also have revealed a part of yourself that should be totally covered, at least in this place. Your Lululemon leggings you paid almost a fourth of your check on are now ruined, and your underwear is on full display.

That’s not even the worst part: you have no idea until class is over! Girls are giggling in the locker room, but you have no idea why and brush it off. You just want to take your shower and grab some sushi. Luckily (kind of?) a kind lady takes the liberty of informing you that you have a pretty large rip in the back of your leggings. How embarrassing. Good thing you decided against wearing that thong or else you could’ve been arrested for indecent exposure!

6 Being Under-dressed

Men's Health

Many people get a thrill out of standing out of the crowd and overshadowing the rest, but it’ll always be for a good purpose. One of the worst things a woman could think of about going to a special event is what she’s going to wear, and how to make sure she’s not too over dressed, trying too hard, or not wearing the right attire. There’s nothing worse than walking into a dinner party wearing a Cinderella gown and white gloves, or jeans and a t-shirt, when everyone else is wearing what they wore to work that day, or their usual business attire.

We want our outfit to set us apart, but not in this way! We never want to be the girl whose dress screamed “I’m off to the club” at a black tie event, or the girl in a cocktail dress and Louboutin’s at an outdoor barbeque. We’re striving for the fashion police’s “Best Dressed” rather than “Over Dressed” or “Not Dressed Enough.”

5 The Slip

Sometimes we want to be a little sexier and show off a few of our best assets. It’s a big example of self-confidence when a woman doesn’t mind working with what she’s got. However, with the trends of deep plunging blouses and body suits, we’ve learned to be really careful with how we show off the girls without showing too much. The last thing we want is to be having a casual convo with someone without realizing that our boob is playing peek a boo (or should we say, “peek-a-boob”?)

We never want to show more than we want to when we’re out in the world, so the nip slip is an embarrassing moment we want to avoid at all costs. Nipple covers, body tape, and even sticky bras can help us make sure those nights we want o be sexy don’t turn into nights of shame.

4 Tripping Up In Your Heels

If you’re going to wear heels, you’ve got to show, or at least sell the idea, that you can walk in them. How much of an embarrassment is it to be walking down the street in a pair of pumps looking like a duck? People will be looking like “Honey, if you couldn’t walk in those shoes, ballet flats are a thing you know.”

What’s worse than looking like you can’t walk in your heels? You guessed it: constantly tripping over yourself in them. Honestly, the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when someone offers to help walk you into the restaurant because they can clearly see you have no balance in those heels you're wearing is terrible. Tripping and falling is already embarrassing alone. but add in the fact that you're wearing high heels, and you'll never be able to live it down! Again, if you aren't confident in your skill for walking in heels, try sticking to some chic flats or loafers. You can look just as sexy and put together without totally embarrassing yourself.

3 Loved Ones Revealing The Worst Story About You

Everyone has little quirks and things about them that they would love to keep private. After all there’s always certain things you do at home that you never need your neighbors or co-workers to know about. For example, you wouldn’t usually just blurt out the fact that you still sleep with the same teddy bear you’ve had since you were five, or that you love going to bed naked.

For some reason, family and friends sometimes think that it’s cool to do that for you: simply blurt out little things about you that you never wanted the public to know. Your kid’s friends are asking you about why you wear thongs, your husband’s colleague’s wife heard about your “talents” in the bedroom and wants advice, your mother’s friends suggesting different ways you can get rid of those pesky chin hairs you so desperately try to hide or pluck away every week. It’s totally embarrassing! Why can’t people just keep things to themselves anymore?

2 Getting Stage Fright

You've got a big presentation to do, or you've been invited to speak at very special event or celebration. You gladly take on the job, and for days you practice your speech, practice your delivery over and over again, and even have your outfit completely put together.

Then the big day comes. and you've been trying to hide the fact that you're sweating profusely by putting on extra deodorant and keeping extra blotting sheets and a hanky on hand. Your name's called, and after all your deep breathing exercises, you find yourself oxygen deprived. The crowd of people creates a lump in your throat and dry patches on your tongue. You try clearing your throat, only to still be awkwardly staring into the crows instead of talking like you're supposed to. You could throw up at any moment at this point, because stage fright has set in.

How many people would ever love to be in this predicament? Zero, that's how many! Fortunately there are some things to do to avoid this embarrassing moment, like the classic imagining everyone in their underwear or providing a few ice breakers. or act as if you're among friends. Or, you know, you could just decline next time if you hate being in front of people this much.

1 Laughing At Bad Times

One of the worst things possible is laughing in awkward situations. Many people are guilty of doing this, and most are mortified about it. When someone divulges something sad or otherwise not so great, the last thing they want to hear is your laughter. The last thing you want to hear is your laughter. But before you know it, it's happening. Like your friend telling you some not so great news and you try to lighten the moment by making a humorous comment. They don't find it very funny, and you find yourself in hot water. So much for trying to lighten the moment huh?

But it doesn’t always have to be a response to bad news or anything like that. You could be sitting in a board meeting, or at mass in Church, or at the library, or any other quiet area or event that requires your undivided attention, and you burst out laughing like you’re in a comedy club. Laughing at inopportune times is definitely one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you. Try to save the giggles for more lighthearted times please?

Do you have any embarrassing moments like the ones listed here? Hope not! But if you do, hopefully you don’t feel too bad about them, and we can laugh them off some time in the future, usually much, much later in the future!

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