15 Most Common Places Men Cheat

Thanks to the recent Ashley Madison scandal, online cheating may have been cast off its deceitful throne of being the most common way men meet fellow cheaters.

The hack, which involved millions of users information being stolen and posted online, resulted in countless divorces, trust being shaken and, sadly, deaths.

Yet, it’s naïve to think that men only meet women online. In this day and age where 70% percent of men have affairs, sparking up one or having a one-night stand can be as seamless as poking someone a few times on Facebook.

Here, have a look at 15 of the most common places where men are certainly not being oh ye faithful.

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15 Bachelor Party


Bachelor parties have long symbolized a man’s last chance of freedom as an unmarried man. Because of this and according to Men’s Health, one-third of all grooms will cheat on their wives-to-be.

These events usually involve one too many shots, strippers, cigar smoke clouding a man’s mind or perhaps even acts to mimic the movie, The Hangover.

14 The Bar

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Bars have become a socially acceptable place to bring someone home for a one-night stand. It’s essentially a cheater’s paradise as there is drinking to loosen inhibitions and awaken sexual desires and dancing to make up for small talk.

A survey done by psychologist Anne Campbell from Durham University surveyed more than 3,300 people, all between the ages of 17 and 40. It was found that half of them—both men and women—reported to have engaged in a one-night stand.

13 Social Media


Connecting with people nowadays has become easier than ever. We have countless social media applications, which keep those close to us right at our fingertips. Unfortunately, this also means that having an affair is easier than ever.

Men can get women’s attention through liking their Instagram posts, poking them on Facebook, sending R-rated picture and videos on Snapchat or by sending personal messages via Twitter.

Social media also blurs the lines of what constitutes cheating or not. Some men may argue that them liking another woman’s photograph was nothing more than “innocent flirting.” This leads to what, Itscheating.com refers to as a “virtual affair.”

12 At a Wedding

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It used to be that going to a wedding minus a plus one made for a very uneventful evening. That, surprisingly, is not the case anymore.

According to a survey by IllicitEncounters.com, it was found that out of 2,000 men surveyed, one-third of them had cheated at a wedding where they had went solo.

Perhaps it was love in the air that made them feel lonely or their mind was hazy after taking their third shot from the wedding’s open bar, but these sorts of things do happen, regardless of whether their aunt Ruth is watching.

11 On a Business Trip

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Cheating while on business trips has become a common occurrence to men. According to Self Growth, this is because business trips make it so that the person is far away from home.

In these cases, men don’t have their wives breathing down their necks, wondering what they’re up to. Instead, some men may prefer to spend time in their hotel room or at the hotel bar with a female companion.

10 Through a Friend

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A study done by WedMD found that 77% of cheating men have a good friend who cheated. Sadly, this statistic is not all that surprising, as men (and even women) tend to be easily influenced by the actions and behavior of their friends.

Spending time with friends who engage in cheating on their partners makes it easier to justify this behavior as normal.

9 At Work

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One of the biggest tell-offs to a man’s infidelity is his sudden change in work hours. He may claim he needs to stay and finish up a project or maybe his female boss made him stay late, once again. Regardless, office affairs are a common occurrence to many men.

According to WedMd, 40% of cheating men met the “other woman” at work. This can stem from a number of factors, including them receiving praise and compliments they don’t necessarily receive from their wives, or simply because they grow closer to a female co-worker as they work the 9-5 together.

8 Online

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While the Ashley Madison scandal was alarming to many cheaters, it doesn’t eliminate online cheating as an option to many men.

According to many studies done on the subject, online cheating is still one of the most common ways for men to meet women. There’s instant messaging, online chat rooms, email and online dating sites.

As online affairs are not done traditionally i.e., in person, it makes it easier for men to push the limits on what they say and in harboring less guilt. This is because they don’t have to worry about being seen in public, hiding phone calls or finding a time and place to cheat.

7 Next-door neighbour

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Gone are the days when bringing over a fruit basket to your new neighbors was the norm. Now, some men are finding their next-door neighbours as the perfect partner for an affair.

They may grow close sharing in the discontentment towards their marriages, find themselves in close proximity as the two families spend time together and it may seem easier for men to cheat as it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they were seen in public together.

6 Texting


While “sexting” another person may not involve physically touching them, a poll done by the Huffington Post, in partnership with YouGov, found that 79% of survey participants said that sending dirty texts or pictures is, in fact, a form of cheating.

Men may find it a suitable means as messages can easily be deleted, thus erasing any evidence. Another reason is because trust is a huge part of any relationship and a partner may not want to break it by going through their significant other’s phone.

5 School Reunions

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Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of seeing former high school crushes or flames, but school reunions are the number four top places where men cheat, according to a study done by IllicitEncounters. This can be due to the fact that there is history with the people at the reunion and that there may be unfinished business or have wanted to hookup for a while. Either way this entry shocked us quite a bit.

4 Office Christmas Party

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It’s hard to imagine kissing a co-worker while your boss, of all people, is watching, but cheating at office Christmas parties does happen. This can easily be chalked up to a whole lot of alcohol, poor-decision making and perhaps living out sexual fantasies of getting it on in the copy room.

3 At Concerts

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With the music going and beer flowing, concerts also top the list as a common place where men cheat. It can be easy for them to get caught up in the moment or simply because crowded areas make it easier to not be seen. This location shocked us too but as it seems this is a popular place for men to cheat.

2 The Gym

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It’s a place where you work out… and go to cheat? Apparently so, as the gym serves as an inconspicuous place to cheat since most people are too busy and concerned with their own workouts to notice what’s happening around them.

Cheating men may find themselves walking over to the cute woman in the skin-tight yoga pants, only to have them later engage in a workout all their own.

1 On Vacation

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Whether it’s a guys trip down south or a weekend getaway to Las Vegas, being on vacation can serve as the perfect place for men to cheat.

Just think about it: they’re far away from home, meeting new people, drinking a lot and may take on the mentality of being on vacation and, therefore, there to have fun #YOLO. This “fun” may, sadly, mean being unfaithful to their wives.

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