15 Most Chilling Things To Happen In A Hospital

Most people have heard creepy stories about hospital workers encountering something spooky at work. Whether the tale is recounted from a co-worker, a friend, a relative, a significant other or just from watching one of the endless ghost hunting television shows, it seems as if the dead really like to entertain themselves by scaring the bejeezus out of the long-suffering hospital staff.

Sometimes these encounters include a full-body apparition and in other cases, people claim to have seen the mysterious entities known as shadow people. Heck, there have even been folks that were skeptical of the paranormal that got turned into believers after an incident.

Come and explore the chilling tales of the ghosts that still lurk in hospitals below.

15 The Priest Is Coming For A Patient's Soul

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I worked at a hospital for the night shift as a phlebotomist for two years and let me tell you, I’ve had several creepy experiences. The one that freaked me out the most was when I was all by myself walking towards the guest sitting area in the ICU.

Now, there was absolutely no one there but I saw out of the corner of my eye a priest (complete with a white collar) standing in front of the corner that has a microwave and a vending machine. I turned to say hello, thinking that it was one of our chaplains, but when I turned around, the priest was gone and there was nowhere he could have walked to.

14 Ghosts Like To Scare People On Elevators

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One time, a ghost scared the bejeezus out of my co-worker and me when we were inside the elevator trying to go from the 12th floor to the eighth floor. The doors shut as usual, but the elevator didn’t budge. We didn’t feel a thing, it wasn’t moving whatsoever and then the door started to freakin’ open.

Stupid us thought the doors would open to the 12th floor since that was where we were originally. Nope! We freaked the hell out when the doors opened to the basement so naturally, we screamed like the terrified little girls we were and kept hitting the “close door button.”

13 One Last Chat With Dear Old Dad

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My father was completely bedridden for the last three years of his life due to having a massive stroke that left him very frail. That night, I decided to chat with him at about 1 a.m. and we had a nice conversation.

At 3 a.m., I had to go to the bathroom and decided to see if my dad was up because I couldn’t fall back to sleep, but there was no response. To my shock, the coroner had told me my father had passed away at about 10 p.m. so there was no way he was alive for the conversation.

12 Boots Walking On The Grave

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The VA hospital I used to work for had a pretty sordid history—first, it was used as an old frontier army base and when that closed, it became a sanitarium for people afflicted with TB.

Whenever I was working at night, I constantly heard footsteps that sounded as if someone was walking around with very heavy boots on and I’d usually catch snippets of a distant conversation, but I could never quite make out what they were saying. Normal for a hospital, right? Wrong—the building didn’t have central air or heat and since it was an outpatient facility, no one was on that floor at night.

11 Shadow Person Knocking At The Door

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I’m a housekeeper for a local hospital that’s pretty old and they recently closed the old hospice area down so that they can use a new wing of the hospital for that. Now, keep in mind only housekeepers and maintenance workers are allowed in the old hospice wing since it’s mainly used for storage.

The one and only time I was in the “old” hospice floor it was 6 a.m. and I swear I saw the outline of a human figure out of the corner of my eye in the old rooms. It slowly walked behind me and my ears were ringing as it approached. I ran out of there and when I dared to look back, I saw a shadow person standing in one of the doorways.

10 Little Old Lady Scares Bejeezus Out Of Mom

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My mother passed away at a young age and spent most of her life in hospitals. Back in 2007, she was waiting for the nurse to arrive with the paperwork so she could go home when she encountered a little old lady wearing a hospital gown walking out of the room next door.

The old woman said that my mom was going to be released and asked if she’d seen her husband around. After describing him, my mom glanced away to look in the hallway and when she looked back, the woman was gone. Turns out the lady in the room next door passed away the night before and the room was totally empty when we checked it.

9 Not Even Death Can Prevent A Nurse From Working

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My co-worker told me a creepy story about how she saw a nurse with a short blonde ponytail pushing an empty wheelchair out of ultrasound. The thing is, that area is in the back of a hallway and requires a code to get in. It also isn’t used unless someone’s actually bringing in a patient.

A few months later, she saw the exact same nurse but this time, she was in a different hallway. The second time, she thought it was a regular nurse and she poked her head out of the room to say hi, but the mystery woman and the wheelchair had disappeared into thin air.

8 The Grim Reaper Is A Huge Fan Of The Men In Black Flick

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Mom’s a former nurse that worked in various places, but her most chilling tale comes from the time when she worked in long-term care and her patients would constantly tell her that they always saw a man dressed in all black lurking around right before another patient passed away.

Nights later, Mom was working in the ER wing when she saw a man in all black walking into the hallway and out a door that required a code to use. She thought it was one of the maintenance men, but when her co-workers came back from a break, they said the one that was on duty was talking to them the whole time.

7 Lady In The Doorway Loves Exorcisms

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Dad used to work at a hospital built upon the foundations of the one that featured in the exorcism of a little boy nicknamed “Roland Doe” (AKA the child that inspired Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist) and has had several bizarre encounters.

One day, he was sitting at his desk and when he glanced up, he saw the apparition of a woman staring at him. My Dad said this ghost is clearly female, but she’s transparent in some places and in others, she looks like she’s made of fine sand. Ghost lady has reappeared several times to stare, but when asked what she wants, she leaves and disappears.

6 Mom Has To Go Out With Tons Of Panache

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One of the elderly patients in the long-term facility center I work at passed away but despite her health issues, she was pretty damn stubborn for her age. The day she passed, as the staff wheeled her body down the hall, the lights on the ceiling suddenly started to flicker on and off as her son laughed and told us “Well, that’s my mother for ya—she loves the drama!”

A few weeks later, the drama-loving ghost made her presence known by making the lights on a panel in the nurse’s station flash (and they never did that) when we mentioned the previous incident.

5 Pissing Off A Ghost Is Not A Good Idea Y'All

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I once worked third shift in the basement and it’s creepy, but what added to the atmosphere was that I always felt like I was being watched. One night when I was putting supplies away, the cart went flying across the room while supplies were being hurled right at me; of course, like an idiot, I told the ghost off.

The paranormal shenanigans continued for a few weeks before I finally told the ghost that I don’t care if they follow me, but I’ve got work to do and if they want to tag along, the least they could do is be helpful. After that, anytime I lost something I needed for work, it would reappear within a few minutes at a certain spot on the shelf.

4 Satana's Spirit Loves Arts And Crafts

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My first job as a psychiatric nurse was at a hospital in California that used to be a medical facility where surgeries were performed and at least once a month when I was working the night shift, I’d get calls from the local police department asking if everything was okay.

Now, all the patients were asleep in their beds and the police said that the 911 call came from a woman named Satana was asking for help in the arts and crafts room—which is empty at night, protected by three passcode protected doors, always had a creepy vibe and is where the surgeries used to be performed.

3 Casper Says It Is Time To Lock Doors

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When I was an intern during my fifth year of medical school, I had a bizarre experience that I still cannot explain to this day. One night, my partner and I were going back to our room at 2 a.m. and the doors of all the empty rooms were locked, as usual.

After a few minutes, we heard the doors banging in succession as if someone was walking down the hallway opening and closing them. When it stopped, we peeked out to see that the doors were open and the lights were on—but when we left the room in the morning, all the doors were closed once more.

2 Paranormal Hide And Go Seek

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I work nights at an inpatient VA hospital and when I was working in the ICU, myself and two other co-workers had a chilling experience at the nurse’s station that left us shaken.

All three of us saw a black mass run from one pillar behind the nurse’s station to another. This repeated several times, as if whatever or whoever this entity was decided to play a game of hide-and-go-seek.

1 Little Children Ghosts Like To Rock And Roll At Night

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When I was about 18 years old, I had to go to the hospital in order to undergo surgery. As luck would have it, all of the beds in the adult ward were filled to the brim and so the hospital staff had no other choice but to put me in the empty children’s ward.

There were four beds in that room and at around midnight, I swear that I saw one of the empty beds start to shake for about a minute or so and then stop. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night but can you blame me?

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