15 More Worst Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions

Fame can be pretty hard. They go through life with people fawning over them, following them, and most of all snapping as many pictures of them as they possibly can, without consent. But one thing that can be the most embarrassing and hard to deal with when it comes to being famous is how many people look at every single thing you do. If you happen to mess up, it will be on all the gossip blogs the very next day.

Can you imagine walking on the red carpet to a movie premier or an awards show and your dress lifts up in the wind to expose your underwear or even rips at a seam? Can you imagine all the photographers who probably were pushing people out of the way to get a snap of the embarrassing moment? We sure can, because it happens so often, celebrities probably expect it to happen a few times a year at least!

In this article we’ll be gathering up all the wardrobe malfunctions you can handle. From the worst accidents, to wondering why they would even leave the house in that outfit, we’ve got it all right here in one place. This second edition of the first celebrity wardrobe malfunctions will take it to a whole new level with the sass, failures, and more. We’ll also be talking about how fashionable their wardrobe is in addition to the failures of the look. Join in with us and let’s feel the cringe together as we sift through these outfit fails!

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15 Talk About Bad Luck!

She seriously much have some pretty bad luck, but if anything she still has a gleaming smile for the cameras. If this were us, we would probably freak out and turn around as past as possible so this little peek wasn’t going to be aimed right at the photographers. But with the flashing aside, we absolutely love this dress, it’s an amazing velvet halter top, bringing back some of those vintage vibes. Would you be able to hold a smile just like this celebrity when dealing with a failing dress? Like we said, we know we couldn’t! How could you not freak out entirely!? We guess freaking out would probably make it much worse. Although we love this dress, if we ever wore something like this, we’d make sure to use a couple of safety pins, or something! What would you do if this happened to you on a red carpet high society event? Would you pull off a smile?

14 First of All, This Was Her Outfit Of Choice?

Why is this her outfit choice to begin with? Maybe it’s the flash making this 80s looking purple velvet shirt look gross, but we have our doubts. This shirt is so ugly we hardly even noticed the torn seam in the back. We’re actually kind of thankful that she now has a reason to get rid of this shirt now! Let’s just hope she doesn’t go out and get it repaired because it would make us all suffer. While this picture doesn’t expose any privates and anything like that, something like a small torn seam can still be just as embarrassing, because this looks like something she might not have even noticed. Can you imagine, she probably wore this all night, and woke up the very next day to seeing tons of pictures about her torn shirt! How awful is that? Do you think you would notice a small fail like this?

13 What A Gust Of Wind!

First of all, why would you wear something like this, without a bodysuit or something underneath that’s meant to be seen. Why would you wear a light weight silk robe on the red carpet, when it’s windy, and only have bright neon blue undies on? While we might never know why she did this or why she made the choice to wear this outfit in the first place, we sure will keep hoping for some kind of clarification. Beside the obvious outfit malfunction, we do really love this dress or robe type of thing she has going on. It’s a beautiful navy color that goes well with her complexion and a cute messy hairstyle, we even love the low cut with the pendant necklace, it makes quite the statement. Maybe next time she could wear a bodysuit or something when wearing an outfit like this outdoors. Wouldn’t you agree with us?

12 She Left The Tags On?!

Even though her outfit isn’t falling apart, leaving the tags on is just as bad! You would never catch us dead wearing tags out on the town. Whether it was her or her stylist that forgot to remove them, she really needs someone to be honest with her so she can get them off! Many people were actually very upset about this outfit because individuals thought that this was a pretty stuck up mistake. People accused her of being very ungrateful when it comes to the money she has and how she chooses to spend it. No one stepped back from the situation and tried to understand that sometimes people just make simple mistakes and forget something as simple as a dumb tag on their jacket. We don’t think she’s spoiled but we understand why this would upset some people, because it can give the impression that she is a bit uncaring when it comes to a new and probably expensive item of clothing.

11 No Shame In Spanx!

We love spanx and we’re very well aware that pretty much any woman of any size wears it to smooth out any unwanted lumps or bumps, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when it’s exposed like this! It’s obvious she’s wearing spanx and she’s still laughing and joking around with her friend on the red carpet. Maybe next time she’ll make sure that her dress doesn’t go to this extreme with a simple gust of wind. While we do love the minimalist vibe of this little cocktail dress, when are celebrities going to learn that short dresses with slits that go all the way up to the waist are just asking for trouble. Because in any dress we’ve seen that flies up to expose something under it, it’s always been a dress that has a slit or flap of fabric that is in no way secured. Let’s learn a lesson!

10 What Even Is This?

Okay, WHAT is this purple thing? This dress has no shape and while it’s not an outfit malfunction exactly, we beg to differ, because the whole outfit is so wrong. This dress has such a strange neckline, weird sheer material, ruffles, long sleeves, sleeve cut outs, you name it. This dress doesn’t do anything for her figure and she’s being completely swallowed up because of this dress. She even looks scared while standing there in front of photographers, probably because she knows this dress is seriously ugly. Would you ever wear something like this on the red carpet or to a fancy event? We know we would never step near this crazy thing! While the color does actually look really great on her, it’s just sad that this is the dress she was meant to wear, because this thing would never look good on anyone. No matter what body type you have, this dress shouldn’t ever be considered.

9 I See London, I See France...

Let’s just make it a rule, that if you’re going to wear an all black outfit, let’s wear all black underwear too. Please and thank you! But in all seriousness, we absolutely love this outfit, but before you leave your house, you should always check every single angle in the mirror before you walk out the door. Why would someone ever wear a hot pink pair of underwear when on the red carpet, especially when wearing something that has holes in the side of the skirt!! This skirt has two huge cut outs on the side, and from the front view of the dress, you’d probably never be able to see the underwear, but from the right angle on the side, you can perfectly see this embarrassing view. Would you ever wear hot pink underwear when wearing something like this on the red carpet, we really hope not and we’ll be advising that you never say yes to that question, now or any time in the future!

8 The Face Says It All

She has everyone’s attention because this outfit is not only not that fashion forward, but she also seems to be pretending she’s Marilyn Monroe. Even though this photo is very old compared to all the others, that should just go to show you just how capturing embarrassing outfit moments has been around for a very long time. There’s been so many instances even in the 90s that have shown just how many people go out of their way to get a shot like this, not only because of how competitive it is in the paparazzi community, but also because the money they most likely get from a photo like this could go towards their retirement fund. We should just all agree that we’ll never wear short skirts or anything that has slits when it’s windy out. At least check out the weather in your local area before going out in something like this.

7 Does She Even Realize?

I think we can all agree that she probably does not look like she realizes what’s going on. There’s no way she can’t see what’s happening, because she’s literally looking right at her dress. Although this outfit could be how it’s supposed to be, but without any context it looks like she’s just trying to show off her spandex under her sheer dress. Many people had problems with this dress because many assumed that she did this on purpose to try and get more publicity for the crazy outfit fail! Even though it’s not that crazy if we’re being honest. In our opinion, because of how much she seems to not care, it does look like she might be doing this on purpose to get more headlines about her, since she isn’t really in the spotlight anymore. Overall, we really do love this dress, it’s beautiful and looks great on her, but maybe next time she can make sure no one can see her privates!

6 Still Smiling The Whole Time

We all know Bey is the queen, the queen of music, the queen of fashion, and the queen of escaping any embarrassing situation possible that’s thrown her way. This pantsuit is gorgeous, it’s paisley with teals and gold, it’s tailored just for her and it’s safe to say that it’s a designer custom made that has a huge price tag. She seems to be leaving an event and as she’s walking to the car, she was photographed holding her chest to cover up a possible nip slip! This outfit malfunction, even though it’s in the process, it’s being prevented to be any more embarrassing because she’s aware of it happening. Do you think you’d be quick enough to catch something like this from happening? We probably wouldn’t even realize until we see the photos on all the gossip mags the next morning. Anyway, let’s just enjoy this amazing outfit and ignore the failure!

5 Really? Safety Pins On The Red Carpet?

While this red carpet picture doesn’t capture the outfit malfunction in action, it does showcase the aftermath of a wardrobe fail that happened probably soon before she walked the red carpet. This high neck black dress is quite simple until you get around the waist area. As soon as you get lower on the dress, you’ll notice the huge slits on either side of the outfit. When she turns around you’ll also see how exposed her back is as well. If there was one wrong gust of wind it would be over. I honestly don’t know why she decided to safety pin the sides of the dress because it really didn’t do that much to cover her more. I don’t even know why she would wear a dress like this anyway. There is so much skin that it actually makes you feel like wearing this dress would be so uncomfortable because all it would take is one wrong move.

4 The Classic Slip Up

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without the classic nip slip! You would think that something as common as this kind of wardrobe malfunction, people should double check their dresses before they leave their house. Sadly it doesn’t even look like she notices that there is anything wrong with her outfit. Even though there’s the slip up, we do actually love this dress, she pulls it off very well, we just know if we were going to be walking on a red carpet with hundreds of photographers, we’d go the extra mile with dress tape. We could even bet that we would have dress tape with us, a whole roll, to make sure this kind of thing NEVER happens. Because as soon as pictures of this release, it’s out there forever. What would you do to prevent this kind of thing from happening? Would you bring a whole roll of dress tape?

3 Too Short!

We’re very well aware that this is a trend, to wear short short rompers that are almost just too exposing. While we do love the floral pattern and the summer vibes in this outfit, sometimes this look can just be too much. Many individuals also agreed as well, many people thought this outfit was too exposing and not appropriate. It doesn’t even look like she has anything under this romper, how could you even be comfortable wearing that out in public in any way? While we believe people can wear whatever they want as long as it makes them feel great about themselves, we really don’t understand how this look could be comfortable in any way. Plus, if you look closer to the image, it doesn’t even look like a romper, it actually looks more like an extremely short dress. Would you have the guts to wear a dress like this?

2 The Worst Luck On The Runway

If there’s one outfit malfunction we would never want to deal with, it would be having an outfit malfunction on the runway. When models walk a runway, they’re generally walking very high up, much higher than floor level. That means just one slip when wearing a dress, the whole audience will get front row seats, just like in this case. While we absolutely love the dress, this model seems to have some pretty bad luck on the runway. Let’s just hope these photos of her weren’t too embarrassing for her to stand, because they have been blasted literally on every single website you can think of. This image will be on the internet forever, so let’s just hope she has some confidence and is happy about how she looks, because even though this outfit fail is pretty bad, she does look great and she still has a great smile through it all.

Do you think falling on the runway or flashing the whole audience would be more embarrassing?

1 We Rather Not See This!

We totally love any outfit RiRi pulls off, trust us. We’re usually behind her one hundred percent, but with this look she basically shows us a bit too much. While she still oddly pulls it off, it is something many people thought was too much for the red carpet and she crossed the lines in many individuals opinion. This gold slinky dress really showcases Rihanna's figure, but when you get to the back of the dress, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. This dress is a very VERY low back dress. It stops about mid way down her backside, exposing the top of her butt! Many people were so upset over this dress she lost so many followers and music purchases, but she never apologized for it. Honestly, this dress is very tame compared to many other outfits she’s worn to high class events, it’s actually baffling how many people had an issue with this outfit choice.

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