15 MORE Unlikely Celebs Who Are Closer Than You Think (Part Two)

While celebrities come from all walks of life and all corners of the world, sometimes, it can feel like Hollywood is a tiny little community. Part of the reason for that is the unique demands of being a celebrity. While celebs definitely have regular friends that they hang out with, many celebs tend to become friends with other celebs simply because they get it. They understand the lifestyle, they understand the stress of being followed by the paparazzi when you're just trying to grab lunch, they just understand one another's experience. Plus, celebrities end up seeing each other over and over again at various red carpet events and awards shows. And, celebrities often end up becoming close friends with someone they work on a project with — particularly if they spend years and years with the other person, such as on a television show cast together.

Now, there are certain pairs of iconic besties in Hollywood, and starlet squads that seem to totally fit together. However, there are also a few celebrities who are closer than you may think — sometimes, friendships pop up in the strangest places.

Here are 15 celebs who are far closer than you might think — Hollywood is a small world!

15 Sacha Baron Cohen and the Kardashians, a friendship that seems like the basis of its own reality show

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Okay, this one comes with a bit of a caveat. Sacha Baron Cohen was looking for an all-American sounding board to bounce his latest movie off of, and he apparently ended up asking Courteney Cox for a suggestion. She had the perfect one in mind — the Kardashians! They're reality television's royal family, and there are so many of them they're practically a full theatre audience! Cohen (and his wife, Isla Fisher) ended up heading over to Calabasas and setting up a private screening with the Kardashian family. We're not sure how many future hang-outs will come out of this friendship, but hey — you don't just cozy up on the couch and watch a movie with a stranger. We wonder if Cohen will play any crazy characters on future episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

14 Beyonce and Blake Lively, two queens of the red carpet

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Beyonce and Blake Lively seem to be in totally different worlds — Bey is constantly at the top of the music charts and strutting her stuff on stage, while Blake is spending time on set for her various projects and promoting them on the red carpet. However, these two have forged a friendship over the years that you may not have expected. Bey asked her pal Blake to appear in hubby Jay Z's video, "Part II (On The Run)," they've both been involved in campaigns for the same brands, and Blake even gushed about her friend's 2013 Super Bowl halftime performance. They're not the most blatant of friends, but it seems they have a true connection and make time for one another. Plus, now that they're both two powerhouse working moms, they probably have plenty of play dates!

13 Lena Dunham and Claire Danes, a friendship forged between television royalty

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Lena Dunham and Claire Danes have more in common than you might initially think — after all, both of them grew up in NYC, in the same neighbourhood. They were apparently introduced by a mutual friend, and just totally hit it off. Claire has dished that she's "in constant awe" of her talented friend and the projects she puts together, while Lena has gushed over Claire being her "favorite actress" (although her incredible portrayal of such a complex character on Homeland likely catapulted her to the top of many people's lists). Lena even gave Claire binge-watching suggestions, such as when she told her to check out Scandal. It seems like these two are far closer friends than you ever would have thought — who knows, perhaps they'll work on a project together someday.

12 Serena Williams and Colton Haynes, two people from completely different industries

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Okay, we have to admit — this particular friendship is one that we would have never in a million years predicted. First of all, these two seem like they're from two different worlds — Serena is a superstar athlete who's breaking records in the tennis world, whereas Colton is a teen heartthrob gracing the small screen. However, it would appear that they're true friends. They've dressed up together for parties and even planned parties together, they've hung out on vacation together, and they just seem to enjoy one another's company. Who knows, perhaps it's refreshing to have a friend who is in a totally different industry — you can swap stories and just chill out together. We just hope they never hit the tennis court together — Colton might not ever recover from that!

11 John Krasinski and Chris Pratt, two funny guys turned action superstars

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John Krasinski and Chris Pratt kind of have similar career trajectories. Both got their start playing the lovable funny guy on television sitcoms — John on The Office, Chris on Parks and Recreation. Then, they both moved to the big screen and began taking on more physically challenging roles, bulking up to become action stars. They definitely have a bit of a bromance going on now, which we totally love. And, they even use their time together to give back — they put all those training sessions for movie roles to good use by doing a Murph workout together to honour the nation's veterans on Memorial Day. We have a feeling these two would be perfect workout buddies — they know they need to get in specific shape for certain movie roles, but they seem like they'd both just be fun in the gym.

10 Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra, two talented women on the rise

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Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra, two actresses on the rise, have been friends for quite some time. They've been spotted on one another's social media feeds quite frequently, as they spend girls' night in together, hit Broadway together, grab dinner together, and more. They both have busy schedules, but they genuinely seem to enjoy one another's company and to make time for their friendship. However, the best moment was when Chopra defended her bestie. All the tabloid and talk shows were referring to Markle as just Prince Harry's girlfriend, and Chopra was quick to point out that she was a talented actress who was making waves far before she started dating a royal. That's called having your girl's back, and we totally love it — real friends defend each other from the haters!

9 Lance Bass and Kris Jenner, lifelong besties

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We're betting that Lance Bass has signed more than his fair share of confidentiality agreements after walking into the Kardashian household because it turns out he's a lot closer to Kris Jenner than you might think. We know — based on his age, you might assume he'd be close to one of the older sisters, but it's Mama Jenner who captured his heart. They've allegedly been friends for almost a decade, hitting New York Fashion Week parties together and even going on double dates with their respective significant others. They both just seem like fun-loving people, so we kind of get why they'd vibe, even despite a 20-some year age difference. Hey, sometimes having friends from all walks of life is amazing — and Kris Jenner seems like she'd be a super fun friend.

8 Blake Lively and Taylor Swift, who are so close Blake's daughter appeared on one of Swift's songs

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A lot has been said over the years about Taylor Swift's squad, the group of women she hangs out with very publicly. They share selfies, they're all over one another's social media feeds, and they revel in being part of being Swift's squad. Blake Lively is a little different. She was never considered part of that squad, which is why everyone was so surprised when the two shared shots of a vacation in Australia they took together. They give one another birthday shout outs on social media, Swift got invited to Lively's baby shower, and Blake's daughter even appeared on one of Swift's songs. It seems these two are closer than you would have thought, even if Lively isn't down to hang with the entire squad and pose for group shots.

7 Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini, friends through thick and thin

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Leah Remini has definitely had a tough time over the past few years after she made the decision to leave the Church of Scientology. However, while she was leaving behind many celeb friends who still held those beliefs, she had a few long-time friends who were there to support her no matter what — like Jennifer Lopez. Remini has written that Lopez just "doesn't judge" and is a fantastic friend, through thick and thin. These two aren't captured by the paparazzi every week hanging out, but there has been evidence of quite a few dinner dates and more low-key hang outs, so they're closer than you may have thought. We're not sure how many years they've been friends, but it seems like it may just become a lifelong friendship, which is rare in Hollywood!

6 Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, a friendship that goes back to the '90s

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Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio have been friends for literally decades, which is kind of crazy. Both actors got their start in Hollywood at a young age, and met while they were actually auditioning for the same part on a show. However, rather than becoming sworn enemies because they were competing for similar parts, they decided to become friends and tackle Hollywood together — and they've stuck together all these years. They actually didn't get the chance to appear together on screen until 2013, when they both were cast in The Great Gatsby, but they've been seem together at parties, courtside at basketball games, on vacation, and more. DiCaprio has even spoken about their friendship to The Associated Press, saying that "every single choice I've made, I've talked to Tobey about and vice versa." So cute!

5 Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough, two stunning starlets on the rise

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If you follow either Nina Dobrev or Julianne Hough on social media, chances are you may have known they were besties simply because of how many selfies they take together. Hey, when you're that photogenic, why not flaunt it? The two were apparently introduced by their hairstylist — they share the same stylist — and have been friends ever since. They've hung out at re carpet events and basketball games, they've gone to concerts and even on vacation with one another. And, they both love to work out and take care of their bodies, so they've also taken their fair share of pre or post workout selfies. It seems like these two ladies will be friends for years and years to come, which is fantastic — and to think, it all started with a member of their beauty squads.

4 Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, perhaps the most chic set of friends ever

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Apparently, these two first became friends when the Beckham family lived in America for a while, and they've kept up their friendship ever since, despite living on opposite sides of the pond most of the year. In fact, their friendship is so strong that Longoria even tapped her fashion designer BFF to create her wedding dress — that's a pretty big deal! When Longoria was on the other side of the pond doing a press tour, she spoke about her friendship with Beckham, saying that "she's really funny, she makes me laugh. She's very loyal, a very loyal friend. She's an amazing businesswoman, a great business mind. She's super smart." Talk about compliments! These two are just so incredibly lovely, so it's wonderful to think that they're such close friends. We see a lot of glam vacations in their future!

3 Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari, who must crack one another up nonstop

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To be quite honest, no friendship of Jennifer Lawrence's really surprises us at this point, because she just has such an outgoing personality that it seems she'd become instant friends with just about anyone she met. Apparently, that includes comedian Aziz Ansari. Lawrence and Ansari met through their mutual friend, comedy powerhouse Amy Schumer, and have forged a bond ever since. They've gone sightseeing in Italy together, they've been spotted giving one another piggyback rides like the truly silly friends they are, they've eaten junk food together in Brooklyn, and even spent holidays together. It just seems like they enjoy one another's company and just have a good vibe together. Now, the question is, will Lawrence ever appear in Aziz's stand-up materials as his super famous bestie?  We bet he's got some hilarious stories.

2 Michelle Williams and Busy Philips, who have been pals since the Dawson's Creek days

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Sometimes, when a show wraps, the cast essentially scatters and never really spends any time together after that. However, there are other times when certain cast members forge bonds that remain for years and years after the show is over — and that seems to be the case with Michelle Williams and Busy Philips. These two blonde bombshells first met when they were starring together on teen drama Dawson's Creek, and have been close friends ever since. They hang out together, they walk the red carpet together, and they're just incredibly close. Michelle has even dished on their friendship to People, saying that "she's proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man! That's the love of my life right there." Uh... talk about totally adorable!

1 Jimmy Kimmel and Justin Theroux, who are so close Kimmel was involved in his wedding plans

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Many celebrities form connections with the late night talk show hosts over the years, simply because some of them appear year after year to promote their various projects. However, we have a feeling that Justin Theroux is especially excited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's show, because they're real life besties. How close are they? Well, Kimmel actually hosted Theroux's bachelor party, and even officiated when he tied the knot with Jennifer Aniston (and apparently shed a few tears, according to Theroux). They might not seem like the most likely of friends, but they totally are. It just goes to show that sometimes, you don't really know who is truly close in Hollywood. We wonder if Kimmel and his wife ever go on dates with Theroux and Aniston — talk about star power!

Sources: popsugar.com, stylecaster.com, thisisinsider.com

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