15 More Pics Of The Worst Reflection Fails (Part Two)

The most popular way to take a selfie is in the mirror, which means there’s tons of room for screwing up the reflection and making something...

Everyone knows what a selfie is, right? Typically, it’s a picture of you that you take by yourself. Selfies can be super empowering, or super embarrassing. Depending on who you are, how much time and effort you’re willing to put in, and whether or not you actually are doing something that warrants a selfie can all be factors in how well the selfie is going to be received. If you ask us, we’re totally into them. We love the #selfierevolution that’s been happening, with everyone and their grandma snapping self-shots with huge smiles and empowering feelings behind it. It’s great to see people loving themselves, and sharing that love with each other. Unfortunately, not every selfie is created equal.

Some of them are worse than others, which we see through the following selfie fails. If you thought our last batch was the worst, think again. These ones are some of the most frightening, hilarious, and mind-boggling selfies around. The most popular way to take a selfie is in the mirror, which means there’s tons of room for screwing up the reflection and making something hilarious happen; that’s what we’re celebrating with this list. Take a look at 15 of the BEST reflection fails, and let us know if you have any other good ones!

15 Anything For the Angle

Well, no one likes dirty feet. We wouldn’t suggest washing them in your home’s bidet though, as that could have some uncomfortable consequences later. Especially when you’re just standing in the bidet, not even using the water. We understand that everyone has their own preferences for selfies. Some people only take them from a top-down perspective, some people only want to look at themselves using the Ludwig filter on Instagram. We don’t know many people that prefer to take them standing in something that cleans your privates for you. Maybe she meant to crop out what she was standing on. If that’s the case, okay girl. We know you gotta do what you gotta do. But don’t think people will just ignore it. We absolutely won’t, no matter how nice your hair is. Sorry!

14 Baby Bombed

Just take a second and stare at this photo. Go on. Just give a long, hard look. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop laughing. The baby’s face is SO funny. That kid is super confused and displeased with everything that’s going on. There’s legitimate concern in that kid’s eyes, which is something not normally seen in babies. And the woman holding the kid looks so happy! No doubt that’s because she’s looking at the mirror and not in the screen. She doesn’t see the baby’s face blocking the front of the camera shot, and doesn’t realize that she’s going to have one big old blocked shot after. We’re glad she kept it though, since it’s definitely one to hang on the wall. “Little Sam was a concerned kid from day one…” the wedding photo slideshow will start. It’s too good!

13 Were They Trying to Get the Toilet?

Again with the potty humour. These people are a little too ridiculous to NOT be put into our list. A popular photo you might have seen circulating the web, we’ve got a new theory. While it’s often dubbed as just another “reflection fail”, we have other ideas. What if they were actually TRYING to get the toilet in the picture? Maybe their timing was so crucial that they had to get their friend in the selfie by any means possible. Why selfie on the toilet, when you can do your business and trust your friends to capture you in the reflection. Okay, okay… Maybe that’s not what they were trying to do here. But it’s a good theory. This photo is definitely in the realm of “what type of friends do this to someone”; posting a selfie with their other friend on the toilet! So gross.

12 What Was He Trying to Do Here?!

OMG this reflection fail makes us laugh. What a fail it is, too! Sorry friend, but were you trying to take a picture of yourself here? You seem to have caught the person shaving their head beside you. One of the most important factors of selfieing is the angle. We talked about this with bidet girl too. Y’all need some selfie lessons, friends. If you hold the phone on an angle, you’re not going to see more of your face. You’re just going to take a picture on an angle, capturing whatever (or whomever) is beside you. Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world. We know that we’ve definitely screwed up a selfie or two before. But seriously… Why post it? Also, don’t take selfies in the gym change room mirrors! There’s just too many strangers around that could get caught in a moment, like this poor person.

11 We Want Her Legs Too

That kid is either in love or (how we like to see it) jealously staring at that woman’s nice legs. Jealously staring so hard that he ends up getting them! While it might not feel like it to him, we can see the truth. His legs have been swapped out with a copy of hers, letting him strut his stuff even more than he had been. Whoever caught this photo is a genius. Or at the very least, very observant. Observant enough to catch this one-in-a-million reflection. We hope the picture taker pulled both of them aside so they could all laugh at this awesome shot. We also hope that the photo taker then asked if they could post it online, since it’s too good to not share with the world. Thanks, reflection, for making some fails really, really funny.

10 Another Sh**ty Shot

Someone was totally caught with their pants down here! What is it with all these people who think the best time to take a selfie is when their friends are on the toilet? It’s just not a thing that you should try because of outcomes like these. The worst part is that it looks like she’s using a smartphone too. Some of these reflection fails where people are using chunky old cameras we can excuse. We’ll believe that they legitimately didn’t notice the background, because the photo review screen was too small. But with this one, she was framing her shot before she even took the picture! She knows what it looks like. It’s always mind boggling what people think is okay to put on the internet. While we certainly don’t believe that she meant to capture her friend’s fashionable tighty-whiteys, why else would she keep them in frame?

9 Check Out These Guns, Baby

Another hilarious used-goods reflection. We love, love, love seeing these large old men (and svelte younger ones…) think that they can get away with taking used goods photos naked. Especially for such a reputable site like Amazon Prime. It’s such a perfect composition of the photograph too. You’ve got this fancy camera on a tripod, a BUNCH of guns and tools, and a large (very large) old man in his underwear reflected in the window. The best part about this is that it looks like this was taken at night, as well, since the flash made such a great image on the window. This means that anyone walking by would have seen this beautiful piece of work. Thank goodness it was immortalized forever in Amazon Prime fashion, so we all, not just his neighbours, can appreciate this old guy’s used goods.

8 A Private Moment

Okay, this isn’t a reflection fail. You caught us. BUT it’s a pretty great selfie fail. This guy is looking all ready for the day, excited and happy about taking a nice selfie of himself. This was probably before the invention of front-facing cameras though, judging by his framing. Having missed half his face, we’re sure that he’s sad that that nice shot didn’t come through. On the bright side, he was probably doubled over with laughter over what he did catch. Yes, it looks like that lump huddled over the public toilet is actually a dude doing his business. How utterly embarrassing! He should of known better than to capture a selfie in such a way...Talk about invading someone's privacy!

7 A Look Into The Future

There’s something a little weird about making your child take a photo of you dressed up all attractive and dominant. While it might be a good lesson in teaching your child to own her body and sex appeal, the kid taking the shot looks to be a little young for that. Give it another few years before teaching her about the magic powers that female lady bits hold over people. Maybe it’s a look into her future, and she likes making her mama feel proud of herself. Maybe she hopes one day her kid will do this for her! Who knows. At this point, we don’t even want to ask questions. We just want to know where we can get a corset like that. She does look good, regardless of whether or not she should have gotten her daughter to snap the shot.

6 Two Out of Three's Not Bad

Do you see what’s so bad about this shot? It took us a second. Both obvious mirrors seem to be clear of anything embarrassing. Not only does she have everything in order, but she has nothing embarrassing posted on the mirrors, reflected in the mirrors, or on the counter… Wait. Isn’t that too bad? If only that magnifying mirror wasn’t there! It would have been such a good shot. As it is now, we get a great selfie of her as well as up into her nose. Who would have thought that that was something someone would want? It makes us think of little miss piggy, adorable snub nose and always ready to fall in love. Maybe that’s not what she wanted to be compared to in this selfie, but it’s only in one mirror… The other two are (remarkably) clear!

5 Cat's Out of the Bag

This dapper kid is looking ready for grad. We wouldn’t be surprised to bet that he took this photo on his prom night, all dressed up and ready for the most magical graduation he’ll ever have. It’s not like he’s got anything bad in the background either, right…? Wrong. Take a look down at the bottom of the frame. Do you see that cat? It’s adorable, but it’s also about to drink out of the bathroom toilet. There’s nothing more beautiful and romantic than that. It’s just trying to toast your success, kid! That’s why the cat’s there. And because it’s thirsty. Who knows why animals do it. All we know is that it made a beautiful, handsome shot of this upstanding young man into a hilarious picture about a thirsty cat. Hopefully he took a better one, maybe with the bathroom door closed.

4 Hot Or Not? Try Both

This young girl is wearing an absolutely lovely dress, probably getting ready for the winter formal or something else special. No doubt she took a picture to commemorate the occasion. But what’s in the background? Her friend, chomping down on a sweet, sweet corn dog. It doesn’t even seem like she sees her friend taking the photo; or if she does, she’s too preoccupied to think about what might be getting caught in the reflection. We’re not sure if the friend or the messy room is the most embarrassing part of that room. The juxtaposition of a formal dress against a messy floor is hilarious, and paired with that casual friend in the background it just leaves us shaking our heads. Corn dog girl is truly the hardest working one in this photo; she gets our stamp of approval for sure.

3 Monkey See, Monkey Do...

Ooooh, this is a bad call, mom. While we’re all about post-baby mommas reclaiming their sexiness and loving their bodies, sending almost-nudes in front of your kids is maybe going too far. While the youngest one doesn’t seem like she knows what’s going on, the older one is definitely watching and learning. Monkey see, monkey do, right? Hopefully Mom didn’t find her in front of the mirror the next day. If she did, we’re impressed at that kid’s confidence! We don’t even want to send photos of ourselves in that position. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter why she chose to do what she did. All that matters is that she’s got confidence, and a hilarious selfie to prove it. Kids make everything funny, as you’ll see later on. Way to show your girls how to be proud of your body!

2 Accidentally Doing It Doggy Style /

This beautiful woman is truly missing out. We’re surprised she didn’t see the dog through her screen because it’s massive! It could be a small bear! How did she miss it?! No doubt whomever she sent that to had a heck of a good laugh about that pup. And we hope that he got back inside! What other reason could he have for being pressed up against the window like that? It seems like he was let out, and then really, really wanted to come back in. Poor guy! We won’t say it’s cold out there purely because of those short shorts, but we do know that when a pup is finished with his business, he’s right back onto the next thing… Like joining his master for a selfie!

1 The Naked Truth

If you’re like anyone living in the 21st century, you’ve probably bought something online at some point in your life. While what you got might have been a little more PG than this, don’t worry. There are whole websites devoted to naked reflections in ebay products! Just because you didn’t buy one doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy. This is the perfect example of a naked seller pic. The kettle looks to be in good condition. No dents, no scratches, and polished until it shines. It’s basically a perfect kettle, and this guy knows it. Who knows why he’s getting rid of it! Maybe he’s moving. Regardless, we’re glad he decided to snap this picture. If you look closely into the reflection, you’ll see that this man is buck naked. Not a scrap of clothing on him, but a (luckily) artfully placed camera.

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