15 MORE Horrible Things Bella Thorne Has Actually Done

Bella Thorne is only 20 years old but she has done a lot. Though she's been acting since she was just six years old, she has over 60 acting credits to her name (and counting). From HBO's Big Love to Disney Channel's Shake It Up, to Freeform's Famous in Love to Netflix's The Babysitter, Bella has been all over the map and she has no plans on stopping anytime soon. However, Bella doesn't just move fast when it comes to work, she's also a fast mover when it comes to relationships. Just like her acting endeavors, each relationship/hookup is even more random and eclectic than the next and she always keeps her fans guessing who she's going to be locking lips with in her next Snapchat story.

But hey--she's only 20, after all, so it's no surprise that she enjoys partying with friends, hooking up with people, and wearing bizarre clothing--but she does get a lot of hate for it. Considering that she's so young, we want to cut Bella some slack for her antics--but does she deserve it? Bella may commend herself for being a good role model for young girls by embracing her imperfections but she's gotten an awful lot of plastic surgery done to be a champion of body positivity. She tells young women to be strong and confident but also tweets about how she hates not being in a relationship. She's also straight up lied to her fans when she said she was wearing a faux fur coat that turned out to be made from actual fur and there are a few other lies that she's told that we're about to expose.

Bella Thorne is no angel and she's done some pretty terrible things in the past year. Let's take a look at how horrible she actually is.

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15 She's Made Some Really Problematic Comments Against Minorities

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When Bella posed for GQ Mexico, she asked them to not Photoshop any of the photos so that she could promote body positivity among the readers. She went to Instagram to post a photo of herself from the magazine (which was allegedly "not-Photoshopped" but obviously is) and she wrote a heartfelt message about body positivity and self-acceptance but ended with a rant: "I'm not F------ PERFECT. I'M A HUMAN BEING AND I'M REAL. So hip hop your a---- over the fence and GET OVER IT." She was immediately under fire for her comments tell her Mexican fans to "hip hop" themselves "over the fence" is a pretty racist thing to say. In lieu of an apology, she simply tweeted "Latina and proud" as if that would fix everything. Still, fans were not happy about her comments.

14 She Dated Controversial Youtube Star

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Bella Thorne has dated a lot of guys. She's an adult and can do what she wants so we're not going to call her out for the number of guys she's dated. However, we will call her out for the time when she dated a known predator. Sam Pepper is a Youtube star who was accused by several women of assault. He is also controversial and generally reviled for a prank that consisted of him pretending to murder a fellow internet star in front of a friend. Bella was spotted in the 27-year-old internet star's Snapchat photo, standing in front of a mirror with the words "Hello, you are so pretty" written on it and, in another photo, she was holding his hand. She was immediately criticized by her fans and warned to get away from the creep. Many Twitter users called her out for being a fake feminist for hooking up with someone who was widely regarded as a predator.

13 She Hooked Up With Scott Disick Again

Bella made headlines when she was spotted getting cuddly with Scott Disick by a pool in Cannes and made even more headlines when he was spotted with another woman the next day. Bella jetted out of Cannes quickly as Disick continued to parade his chain of women around the city. Bella tried to save face by going to social media to tell her fans that she left because Cannes was "boring" and that she and Disick had not even really hooked up at all. At this point, Bella should know that Disick is not a good guy and she should stay away from him forever. Of course, she didn't miss an opportunity to hang out with him at his house when he invited her. She posted photos on Snapchat of her eating a burger in the reality star's backyard and made a complete fool of herself in the process.

12 She Woke Up One Day And Decided That She Was Depressed

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Bella decided to be honest with her fans once again and she went to Instagram after (probably) spending some time on WebMD to say that she "came to the conclusion" that she struggled with depression. Mental health is a serious thing that should definitely be spoken about and when celebrities speak up about it, it can help to erase the stigmas often associated with it. However, it's not a good idea to diagnose yourself and then try to identify with your fans who are actually diagnosed with the illness. If you really believe that you are struggling with depression, you should see a doctor who can help you know for sure and to get you on the proper medication if you need it. Sorry, Bella, but you don't get to just decide that you have depression in order to get more retweets.

11 She Loves Talking About Her Poo

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Bella was praised for the time when she Snapchatted her colonoscopy because it apparently got the message out to her fans that it's an important procedure that they should consider getting--even though most 20-year-olds are not expected to get one. However, the real issue that we have with Bella is the fact that she is always talking about her bowel movements. We get it, Bella, you like to be honest and weird but you can do that without getting frank about your poo. She has written about how you can tell a lot about yourself from your own stool, that she was pooping her "brains out" before her colonoscopy, and posting photos of herself on the toilet. She has often been very open about passing gas and it just feels excessive. Bella likes to be "real" and "edgy" but a lot of the time she ends up being really, really gross.

10 Sometimes She's Just Nasty

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One thing that we love about Bella is that she is candid about her struggle with acne and many fans can relate to her struggle. It can be intimidating to see so many celebrities with flawless skin and it's nice to know that nobody's perfect. However, we really don’t want to see her disgusting skin care routine especially when it includes skin peeling off her face. After getting a chemical peel earlier this year, she uploaded a nasty photo to social media along with other videos of her literally peeling her skin off of her face. It is absolutely disgusting and you won’t be able to watch it without gagging. Seriously, we love that she’s honest about her skin troubles but who wants to watch her skin being peeled off? It's kind of empowering but it's also kind of gross.

9 She's Releasing an Album Even Though She Can't Sing

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Bella Thorne may be beautiful and she may be a good actress (does anybody know for sure?) but we know that she definitely can't sing. But, hey, that has never stopped anyone in the music industry before. Bella described herself as being "tone deaf" before writing her upcoming album but she said that, with the vocals, you can just "fix it up, you do this, you do that, and — boom! — you got yourself a song! You put some EDM beats in there and wow.” This is why literally anyone can make a song these days. All you need are some EDM beats and that's about it. We haven't heard the album yet but we can already tell that it's going to be pretty bad. Bella described her music as personal, saying that she was "out there. I’m crazy. I’m deep. I’m sad." Most people who describes themselves as "deep" usually are not.

8 She Tried to Slide Into Cole's DMs...and Failed

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The success of CW's Riverdale has gotten everyone talking about Cole Sprouse's recent glow-up as Jughead on the show and even Bella has taken notice. The two have been pals since their Disney days but Bella thought she'd take that friendship a step further by sliding into the former Suite Life star's DMs with a cryptic and possibly flirtatious message. There was only one problem. She slid into the wrong DMs. A Cole Sprouse fan Instagram account posted a photo of the Riverdale star and Bella sent a message saying "Wow" and then promptly deleted it. It was probably just an embarrassing mishap but the real problem we have with it is that Cole is *supposedly* in a relationship with his Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart and if Bella got in the way of that relationship, the vengeance of the Riverdale fans would be swift and painful.

7 She Asks Inappropriate Questions

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Attention, girls! Going to the gynecologist for checkups is incredibly important part of being a young woman and shoutout to Bella for getting the message out there. While we commend her for communicating an important message to her impressionable fans, we have to call her out for this disgusting and totally inappropriate thing that she allegedly said to her gynecologist. According to her Twitter, she asked her gynecologist if she felt it was weird to be "sticking ur fingers" in the private parts of "rando girls." Apparently the gynecologist said that she didn't think of it like that which is a good answer because it's totally not like that at all. Seriously, Bella, asking a medical professional that kind of thing is just gross and inappropriate and posting it on social media is even worse.

6 She's Dating Her Ex-Boyfriend's Best Friend

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So far this year, Bella has dated Scott Disick, Chandler Parsons, Sam Pepper, Lil Peep, Tana Mongeau, Blackbear, and now Derek Smith (aka Mod Sun). Bella is an adult and she can date whoever and however many people she wants but she got into some trouble when she dumped Blackbear for Mod Sun (who also happens to be Blackbear's best friend). After Bella and Mod Sun appeared on the red carpet for her movie The Babysitter, Blackbear went to Twitter to write "u dont f*** ur best friend ex" which is not exactly subtle. Bella defended herself by saying that the two weren't even dating, writing, "We didn't break up cuz we were never like that" on Twitter. Still, even though the two may have not been in a relationship, it's still kind of messed up to hookup with the best friend of the guy who you were just hooking up with.

5 She Wants to Hook Up With a Married Man

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Earlier this year, Bella tweeted her love for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Charlie Day but writing, "Can I just marry Charlie day. I just f***ing love that weirdo." First of all, we know that Bella is just fooling around and she loves to write shocking things on social media in order to get attention. However, not only is Day over twenty years older than Bella, he's also been married to his wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, for over ten years and the two have a child together. Bella may think that it's fun to say weird and shocking things on social media but writing about wanting to marry a married man is just a little too weird. Maybe Bella's social media presence will cool down in the new year but if she keeps going the way she's going now, it's only going to get weirder. She should probably just stop now while she's ahead.

4 She Sends a Bad Message To Her Fans

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It's pretty obvious at this point that Bella likes being in a relationship. Bella made it very clear how she feels about relationships and, in order to make it even clearer, she tweeted a very honest message to her fans: “I hate not being in a relationship." Being in a good relationship can be empowering but it's important to remember that, as a woman, it is easy to confuse attraction and attention with validation it can lead to feelings of insecurity. Though we can’t crawl inside Bella’s head, this tweet gives us some idea of what she’s going through and how she thinks about relationships. Getting validated from a man’s attention is something that women are socialized to feel and it is important to realize that and to resist it because it will leave you feeling empty.

3 She Takes a Controversial Pharmaceutical

Accutane, a drug that was withdrawn from the market years ago but it has a generic form called isotretinoin which is used to treat acne. This medication is incredibly controversial because it has a host of side effects and has been linked to birth defects--users of the drug have to actually sign legal documents and sign up for a medical program before taking it. It's been called “one of the most dangerous products on the market” and she has claimed that it actually caused her to be depressed--though she was not diagnosed by a doctor. At the end of the day, if Bella wants to take this dangerous medication to cure her acne, it's up to her. The biggest problem that we have with this story is that she has previously claimed that she takes absolutely no medicine at all including birth control--even though isotretinoin can cause major birth defects if taken while pregnant.

2 She Doesn't Believe in Medicine

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When responding to the backlash that was started by her tweet about her coming to the conclusion that she had depression, she said in an interview that she hadn't gone to a doctor: "I wasn't saying that I clinically went to a doctor. I didn't know it was a big thing. You can judge me for believing my beliefs. In my family, we never went to doctors growing up. I don't like medication. I don't even take birth control. I won't even take Advil or Tylenol. I power through. I'm all natural." So basically she is telling her fans that she doesn't believe in medication because she believes in being "all natural" but she takes the dangerous drug isotretinoin. Also, if you're a young woman who is having intercourse, you should talk to your doctor about birth control and explore your options. Maybe Bella should think about that.

1 She Worked With a Controversial Internet Star

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They may have a lot of fans but let's be honest: the Paul brothers are the worst. Sure, Jake Paul and his notorious Youtube posse are the actual worst but his brother Logan is not far behind. Let's face it, the two are just plain insufferable. Of course, Bella needed to get together with one of them. In October, Bella starred in Logan's music video for "Outta My Hair" as a zombie. The video itself is hot garbage and it makes us wonder why Bella would even sign up for this gig at all? Sure, Logan Paul is a huge internet star but he is also famously reviled for his pranks and antics. Bella may not be the greatest actress in the world but she deserves better than this. The fact that she chose to work with one of the Paul brothers is appalling.

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