15 More Celebs You Definitely Didn't Know Were Seriously Ill

Celebrities seem to be living in a perfect world, living the perfect life. It is sometimes hard to believe that they are normal people just like us, considering all the glitz and glamour that surrounds them. These celebs feel everything we feel, even though they appear to be faking emotions for the cameras. But, they cannot fake reality. Unfortunately, some celebs are trying so hard to keep some things personal, we understand and know how difficult it is to battle with issues while everyone looks on.

However, you cannot keep ill health a secret even if you are the best actor in the world. They are battling with illnesses that we cannot brush aside. Some are suffering from illnesses they inherited at birth whiles others were diagnosed later on in life. Irrespective of how they got ill, the fact still remains that they have to live with it despite their busy and difficult schedules. Some of them seem rather healthy that you cannot imagine that they are suffering. It gets even more unfortunate when the illness these celebs have been diagnosed with has no straight cure they would have to live their entire life receiving treatment for the illnesses. While we've already published a part 1 of this article; here are 15 more celebrities that have serious illnesses that we definitely didn't know about.


15 Sarah Hyland - Is Very Open About Her Kidney Dysplasia

Modern Family actress, Sarah Highland has been quietly battling with Kidney Disease. The actress revealed that she had a kidney transplant surgery in 2012, and her father was the donor. The actress revealed that she is grateful she has a second chance at life. The singer has not been feeling too good in recent times. She took to Twitter to lash out at people who trolled her about her weight. She Tweeted that she is not in control of what her body looks like and that she is gaining weight from taking medications that are saving her life. The 26-year-old actress revealed that it is upsetting to see people comment about her weight in a rude manner but she would really appreciate it if people allow her to deal with her health issues in private.

14 Kristen Chenoweth - Very Long Battle With Asthma and Meniere's Disease


Glee Star Kristen Chenoweth has been battling with asthma and Meniere's disease. Meniere's disease is an ear disorder that results in numbness, vertigo, and loss of balance. The bubbly actress seems to be having other health problems that are more serious than what we know. In 2014, the actress took to Twitter to inform fans that she is unable to move and she has been in and out of the hospital. Thankfully, her visits to the hospital were linked to lung problems. She has been an advocate for asthma and she has encouraged asthma patients to switch to the dose counter inhaler to avoid a situation where the inhaler runs out without the patient knowing about it. She also advise patients to look out for early warning signs and deal with them before they attack in full force.

13 Cobie Smulders - Struggles With The Reality Of Having Ovarian Cancer

"How I Met Your Mother" star, Cobie Smulders revealed that she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age of 25. The actress had tumors on both ovaries underwent several surgeries to minimize the effects of the illness. The actress now 33 years old noted that she would never be free of the illness but she has learned to accept it and live with it. She is now embarking on an awareness creation project to educate more women about the disease. She is trying to see the positivity in her illness by making an impact through her awareness creation. She mentioned that the illness kills over 14,000 women in a year. Our heart goes out to Cobie as it's never easy to hear you have cancer of any kind. We love her work and respect her as an actress and we hope she heals with ease.

12 Alec Baldwin - Has To Live With Lyme Disease


Alec Baldwin was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2011 but he has never opened up about it until May 2017. The Bay Area Lyme Foundation Executive Director, Linda Giampa, said she has been trying to get him to speak at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation benefit event for years and he finally agreed to open up in 2017. The actor revealed that he suspected he had the disease even before he was diagnosed. He said that the first the symptoms manifested, he was alone and he thought he was going to die. He was only hoping that someone finds him in time and he does not have to stay there for long. According to him, the most notable symptoms he experiences is flu and excessive sweating. The actor and comedian appear to be doing so well that you will never know he is battling with the illness.

11 Demi Lovato- Suffers From Bipolar Disorder

Disney Star Demi Lovato rose to stardom in the shortest possible time. The "Skyscrapers" crooner has released lots of sensational songs we can really relate to. She has been struggling with substance abuse and she associated her mood swings with her addiction problems. The singer was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2010 when she checked into a professional facility to get professional help for addiction problems. She kept it a secret for some time but she eventually opened up about the illness and she is now an advocate for the illness. Even though she is an advocate for Bipolar, you would never know unless you follow her religiously. Bipolar Disorder causes extreme mood swings, high emotions (hypomania) and low emotions (depression).

10 Lady Gaga - Has Had A Hard Battle With Fibromyalgia


Singer Lady Gaga seems indestructible but there is an underlining story we did not know about till a few months ago. The singer mentioned her struggles with chronic pain in 2013 but the cause of the chronic pain was not mentioned. In September 2017, the star opened up about her health struggles. In a tweet, she revealed that she hopes to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain in several parts of the body and it can be hard to diagnose. The cause of the illness has not been established but researchers say it could be triggered by physical or emotional stress. Exercising, pain relieving medications, and relaxation have proven to be some ways of dealing with the illness. Lady Gaga's revelation has helped put the spotlight on the disease

9 Jack Osbourne - Has To Live With Multiple Sclerosis

Jack Osbourne found out about his illness in 2012. He revealed that he was only 26 years old then and he was also a new father. He disclosed that he was so scared and thought he was going to die until he decided to educate himself about the illness. According to him, he is doing okay and his family is his greatest support. Jack explained that the biggest misconception about the illness is that most people think people with Multiple Sclerosis are not able-bodied anymore. He finds it upsetting when people keep asking him if he can actually do certain things. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system, it can result in nerve damage. Fatigue, loss of vision, pain, numbness, and diminished brain function are some symptoms of the illness.


8 Cher - Has A Life Long Struggle With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)


Singer-Songwriter Cher is having a hard time dealing with a disease that might be threatening her life. in 1992, the singer had to take some time off her singing career. She revealed that she was suffering from the Epstein Virus but it turned out to be Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). “Boy, it was devastating for me…I wasn’t able to work for almost three years,” the singer disclosed an interview. In recent times, the singer has been calling off most of her performances due to ill health, she has linked her absences to flu. She has been apologizing to her fans for her inability to perform and has been constantly updating her fans supposed flu.  We really hope it is just flu.

7 Anthony Kiedis - Diagnosed With Hepatitis C

The lead singer for Band Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Anthony Kiedis, was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in the 1990s. He revealed that he might have contracted the disease due to substance abuse. The singer has managed to live with the illness without major complications. He is even considered one of the healthiest celebs considering his age. In recent times, the singer has caused panic due to intestinal flu. He has been hospitalized several times due to the illness. The band canceled several shows due to the lead singer's health issues. His bandmate, Smith, revealed that Anthony's health issues and hospitalization sent a wave of panic considering the recent spate of rock star deaths.

6 Bret Michaels - Has Type 1 Diabetes


"Celebrity Apprenticeship" winner Bret Michaels was diagnosed with a hole in the heart while he was receiving treatment for brain hemorrhage in 2011. The heart disease has been linked to a mild stroke he suffered prior to the diagnosis. The disease was treated through surgery in the same year. The singer has also been suffering from type 1 diabetes, the kind that can be contracted during childhood (Often called juvenile diabetes). The singer has been taking insulin to manage his illness. He has also built a foundation for the cause of diabetes. The foundation called Bret Michaels' Life Rocks Foundation raise funds to help create awareness of diabetes and also send children to camps. The singer seems to have kept the Type 1 Diabetes under control and you would never know unless of course, you are an ardent fan.

5 Frankie Muniz - Suffered A Stroke

Dancing With The Stars contestant Frankie Muniz has been suffering from mini strokes and memory loss. The star shocked Dancing With The Stars fans when he revealed on the show that he has been struggling with long-term memory loss. Sadly, he does not remember his time on the hit show "Malcolm In The Middle". He also does not remember going for award ceremonies and this has been going on for over 10 years. The star also revealed that he has not visited the doctor about his memory loss, "I am not a doctor person...., I think that is just how my brain works" he disclosed. Frankie also revealed that his girlfriend has been really helpful, she keeps a journal to help him remember some important details.

4 Tionne Watkins (T-Boz) - Sickle Cell


Tionne Watkins popularly called T - Boz is one singer who has defied lots of odds. The singer has been battling with Sickle cell anemia. She revealed that the doctors told her she would not live past the age of 30, she cannot have children, and she would be crippled for the rest of her life. She singer is however 47 years old now, and she has made a comeback with Thomas as TLC after 15 years of hiatus. The singer has been in and out of the hospital due to her condition. She revealed that the illness does not affect just one part of her body and she is not able to function well with the parts that get affected, "if it is my hand, I cannot write of hold anything" she revealed. It is sad that T- Boz has to live with her illness all her life but we are glad that she has achieved a lot despite her health challenges.

3 Toni Braxton - Lupus

The "Spanish Guitar" singer Toni Braxton revealed that she suffers from Lupus in 2010. According to her, it is not easy living with Lupus, it is like having a Flu every day but sometimes you get through it. She also explained that she takes things very easy when she is not feeling well. "But for me, if I’m not feeling well, I tend to tell my kids, ‘Oh mommy’s just going to relax in bed today. I kind of take it easy.”" she revealed. Lupus is a condition where the body attacks its own tissues and organs. The symptoms which include fever, chronic fatigue, joint pains, difficulty in breathing, and skin lesions are symptoms that are used to detect many other illnesses hence Lupus is very difficult to diagnose.

2 Morgan Freeman- Fibromyalgia


The A-list actor Morgan Freeman has been living with Fibromyalgia (FM) for close to ten years. He believes he developed the syndrome after a car accident he suffered in 2007. The actor opened up about the illness in 2011. He admitted that he had to give up some of his hobbies and lifestyle due to the illness. He could no longer pilot, ride horses, or drive the way he used to. The actor revealed that he feels unceasing pain in most part of his body but it is worse on his arm. He was approached by members of several FM communities to speak up for the disease, some even wanted him to be the spokesperson. Even though the celeb has opened up about the syndrome, he does not like to talk about his pain.

1 Michael J. Fox - Parkinson's Disease

Michael Fox has been battling with the Parkinson's disease for over 25 years now. The actor was diagnosed in 1991 but he managed to keep it away from the public until 1998. Interestingly, the actor finds a lot of humor in his illness. He revealed that he finds himself laughing at some the symptoms of the illness. He also revealed that he feels pain in his legs sometimes but most of the other symptoms are not painful, he just finds it hard to do certain things. He also revealed that one of the heartbreaking moments since he discovered about the disease was when the legendary boxer, Mohammed Ali, who also suffered from the disease called him to encourage him.

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