15 Messed Up Theories That Will Never Be Solved

Throughout history there have been several cases that gain national attention, simply because of the suspicion that surrounds them. Theories are born of these suspicious events that either have no explanation or one that is sub-par to the events that took place. Mysterious theories are the idea that something other than the official story that took place, and the powers-that-be have aided in a cover up of those events so order in society would be kept. As we evolve as a civilization, some of the stories we have been told by mainstream media and the American government appear more and more unlikely. We have also become more invested in these stories, trying to figure out the true meaning behind the lies we feel we've been fed. It has now become an obsession, the world has lost trust in mainstream media, we always assume there is a more dark and sinister meaning behind big decisions or changes. So on this list we will look at 15 theories that are not only compelling, but seem to be more realistic than those that have been released by the press.

15 What The LAPD Had To Do With O.J.'s Indictment

It’s no secret that the LAPD has been criticized, made a fool of and quite frankly in some cases proved to be incompetent under their oath to serve and protect. But none was hardly as memorable as the theory that the LAPD framed O.J. Simpson on the double murder he was infamously indicted for. I know what you’re thinking “he did it, there’s no way he didn’t!” To the naked eye that is a fair assessment, however, could they really frame O.J. and get away with it? Evidently not. The infamous bloody glove was saturated in blood, but there was no blood trail leading to or from the glove at his estate. There were a few drops of blood in his white Bronco that matched the victims, but after a double homicide shouldn’t there have been more? I would’ve made a bigger mess in my car spilling a milkshake. Finally, two words, Mark Fuhrman. The infamous racist lead detective who is recorded to use the n word over hundreds of times. Can you prove the LAPD framed O.J.? Of course not. But even worse, you can’t prove they didn’t.

14 Elisa Lam or Should We Say LAM-ELISA?

The 2013 death of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles has been the subject of conspiracy theories since the case broke. Elisa Lam was a traveling college student from Canada who was staying at the Cecil on a business trip. The Cecil on Main St. has been the subject of controversy since the 60’s boasting a high murder, suicide and accidental death rates. After several weeks of the guests complaining about foul smelling water coming from the hotel’s plumbing, employees went to check the water tank where they found the naked body of missing persons Elisa Lam, nearly 3 weeks decomposed. The video above of Elisa in the hotel elevator the night before she went missing will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and is the source of the conspiracies. Some say she is linked to the Tuberculosis outbreak on the nearby skid row, the vaccination is eerily known as LAM-ELISA. Others theorize she was a human sacrifice to the hotel’s bad energy, in addition to the hotel’s strange death it also housed serial killer Richard Ramirez where he strangled 3 prostitutes.

13 Princess Diana

The death of Princess Diana on August 31st, 1997 is perhaps one of the most regarded deaths in history. An estimated 2.5 billion people tuned into the beloved Princess’s televised funeral. The official story is that the driver of the infamous black Mercedes Henri Paul, head of security at the Ritz, was at fault because he was drunk and traveling at high rates of speed. However, her death sparked worldwide controversy and an interesting theory surrounds her death. There was a 3rd person in the car that night, his name was Dodi Fayed and he was the son of an Egyptian Muslim billionaire. So what’s his relationship to Princess Diana? Theories claim that Princess Diana was pregnant with his child and that the crash was a planned assassination by the royal family in order to stop Dodi Fayed from becoming a member of the royal family. Dodi’s father Mohamad Al-Fayed alleged that Diana and Dodi were to announce their engagement within the following days.

12 Nasa Faked the Moon Landing.... With the Help of Stanley Kubrick

The theory that NASA faked the moon landing is distributed far and wide, it is no secret that after 50 years we now have our suspicions. However, another piece to the puzzle of the moon landing is that that suggests that NASA and the American government was helped by none other than director, Stanley Kubrick. Perhaps Kubrick’s most famous film is 2001: A Space Odyssey, the movie was a Sci-Fi thriller that pioneered the era of special effects. It’s said that it was because of this box office hit that NASA approached Kubrick and asked him to direct the first 3 moon landings. The evidence to suggest that Kubrick helped fake the moon landing was his perfected use of front screen projection, a sort of infantile version of green screen. It’s said that Kubrick tries to convey his involvement subliminally through his movies. The most famous example? Danny from The Shining can be seen wearing an Apollo sweater for most of the film.

11 Did Nixon Declare War on Drugs, or Impoverished Communities?

Many of us are familiar with Nixon’s famous War on Drugs. The Nixon administration established the Drug Enforcement Agency as well as a slew of several strict narcotics laws, they maintained it was in response to the massive amount of drug use the United States had seen in the 60’s. However, was Nixon waging a war on drugs, or impoverished communities? Nixon’s cabinet had 2 enemies: hippie war protestors and African-Americans. If Nixon could get the drug epidemic to be associated with poor black communities and anti-war protestors, he would have every reason to vilify them on the news, destroy their leaders and dismantle their communities on the grounds that he was trying to eradicate the system of drugs. The targeting of these two groups of people was literally what the War on Drugs was designed to do. This would be the first concrete step toward what we recognize now as institutionalized poverty. In order to keep these communities poor and criminalized Nixon rid them of resources so they had no choice but to be involved in the drug trade and then he sought to punish them heavily for it.

10 Tupac, Dead or Alive?

The death of rap phenomena Tupac Shakur has left us all scratching our heads since the warm September night it happened in 1997. The story goes that on his way to a night club, Shakur was ambushed by a man in a white Cadillac who fired 4 rounds into the rapper, killing him 6 days later. Open and shut right? Wrong. No one was ever charged for Tupac’s murder. How is it that America can literally find Osama Bin Laden, but not a white Cadillac on the busy streets of Las Vegas, Nevada, a heavily surveillance area. Several suspicious things surround the rapper’s death, for instance, Pac’s autopsy claimed he was 6 ft. and 215 pounds, but his license read that he was 5’10”, 185 pounds. In an interview with Tupac’s mother she remarked, “in the end he chose to go quietly”. Odd phrasing for someone who had been murdered, especially with the operative word being chose. Still not convinced? The photo above is the last known photo of Tupac, the time stamp is stamped for a day after the shooting, there are also no keys in the ignition.

9 Crack's Biggest Supplier, Ronald Reagan

Unfortunately, over decades, crack has been a pillar to impoverished communities. Those who come from these disadvantaged areas are less likely to do well in school, because the property values mean less public funding. In areas that are poverty stricken, drug dealing is just about as normal a job as anything else. The people from these communities don’t have the same resources other people have and are therefore inclined to sell drugs if they ever want to live above the poverty line. So how did it get this way? Theories connect the large influx of crack cocaine and cocaine in the 80’s to a push from central America. So how did it get over here? The theory is that the CIA and Reagan administration went hand in hand funding these suppliers to inject these drugs into our own American communities. It might sound crazy, but consider this: keeping poor communities involved in the drug trade insures a cycle of poverty for most people. Keeping a rigid class system means that the rich will remain rich and the poor will remain poor with small kickbacks from the government here and there. Sounds like trickle-down economics to me.

8 The Cure to Cancer and Other Big Secrets Being Hidden by Big Pharma

The conspiracy of big pharma is the theory that health is privately owned. The rich have access to the best medical care therefore spurning them to live forever, on the contrary the poor who can’t afford this type of treatment die quicker as a result. There’s a lot of things that go into this theory, sub-conspiracy theories to this theory even. Such as, some people suggest that there are all natural remedies that can be found in nature for several serious illnesses, but the bug pharmaceutical industries are hiding it from us so they can profit off of our sickness in the form of healthcare and prescription drugs. Another allegation is that we haven’t identified the cure for cancer simply because big pharma doesn’t want to, they make too much money off radiation and chronic cancer care. The most chilling of all, AIDS was planted by the government in order to kill a large portion of poor, predominately black communities as a means of population and resource management.

7 How Much Did FDR Know About Pearl Harbor Before it Happened?

Pearl Harbor, one of the most iconic days in history, happened on December 7th 1941 when Japan launched an attack on the Hawaiian military base Pearl Harbor. This would become the reason for the U.S. involvement in World War II. However, even since immediately after the events that happened at Pearl Harbor suspicions rose on just how likely it was that an entire Japanese fleet was able to ambush us like that. The conspiracy theory that surrounds Pearl Harbor is that sitting President FDR wanted to go into World War II but he knew he didn’t have good reason to do so, thus relinquishing negative opinions from everyone he vowed to serve. However, the claims are that FDR saw a golden opportunity when the military picked up on chatter that the Japanese were planning to strike Pearl Harbor. The theory holds that FDR let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor for the simple reason that it would give us an impassioned reason to support going into World War II.

6 George Bush and Hurricane Katrina... All the Fishy Circumstances

Hurricane Katrina was not only a hurricane that affected New Orleans, but affected us as a nation. With an estimated $108 billion in damages, hurricane Katrina is regarded as one of the worst natural disasters of all time. By this point I know what you’re thinking, what does that have to do with George Bush? The theory stands that George Bush and his administration used hurricane Katrina to their advantage in order to vacate that part of Louisiana. The theory states that George Bush and his administration were well aware that hurricane Katrina was coming, and headed straight for New Orleans. However, they downplayed the severity to the media so that the people living in those communities would be ambushed and either killed or displaced. The community most affected was a poorer predominately black community, thousands of people lost literally everything. The government offered little to no assistance to the Katrina victims, they claimed we didn’t have enough resources. The part they don’t tell you is that we didn’t have any resources because they were being expended on the Iraq war. It’s unlikely that the government could stage a natural disaster, but the real disaster was their lack of assistance that followed.

5 Exorcisms, Freaky Religious Gibberish or Demons Among Us?

Exorcisms have been the center of controversy for centuries. This Catholic delicacy however, is only reserved for the highest of councils. We’ve seen all the blockbusters, but what’s the truth behind the movies? Exorcism is an act in which an appointed holy figure attempts to rid the person in question of a demonic entity living inside them, attempting to flourish their soul in a human vehicle. Reports say that those who need be exorcised display characteristics that are exclusive to demonic possession, such as sudden fluidity of a language they’ve never spoken, super human strength, contortionism and in some cases even reported to be able to read another’s thoughts. But if they aren’t real what could cause all the strange sightings? Most people theorize that possession is simply something that can’t be justified by Catholicism, such as mental illness or promiscuity. Sceptics claim that religious officials use demonic possession simply as a scare tactic to service the biggest conspiracy of all time: religion.

4 Aliens, Convicts, Gold and Other Things Area 51 Could Be Hiding

Area 51 was one of the world’s first real conspiracy theories. This relates all the way back to the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. In July of 1947 Roswell resident Mac Brazel, found a strange metal littered all over his yard. He took the shrapnel to the authorities, the authorities then issued an official investigation. The military first issued a release that they suspected the strange metal to cover a disk like object. They then retracted that statement and put out their official story that it was a crashed weather balloon. The remnants of the crash were reported to be taken back to Area 51, putting the nefarious fortress on the map for good. Since the Roswell crash Area 51 has been the sighting of several strange flying objects. The government contends that it is a flight testing facility, but others think Area 51’s convenient desolate location is the site of alien life. The theory stands that Area 51 tests on aliens and alien materials, some even asserting that the aliens gave us Kevlar.

3 The Montauk Monster and Other Strange Things Coming from Plum Island

Next on the list is another infamous biological government testing facility, known as Plum Island. On the books, Plum Island is an animal disease control and testing center. However, there are theories that the actual purpose is much more sinister. In July of 2008, a strange oddity washed ashore in Montauk, New York. The animal was unlike anything anyone had ever seen, it had the sharp teeth of a rodent, but much longer and more pronounced. It had a tail like a pig. It even had strange flipper like paws. So what was this thing that washed ashore and where did it come from. The government issued a statement that they thought it was a raccoon and they had no reason to believe it had washed ashore from Plum Island, even though Plum Island was the closest island. The theory states that this island is the area of crude animal and human experimentation, there’s even evidence to suggest the U.S. recruited top Nazi war scientists to conduct experiments at Plum Island. Plum Island is said to be the developing ground for biological warfare, even believed to be the source for the outbreak of Lyme disease.

2 Who Killed JFK? The Mob, The CIA?

Finally, one of the biggest conspiracy theories to ever grace the headlines is the John F. Kennedy assassination. President Kennedy was assassinated while riding in his motorcade at Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The official story of the Warren Commission and the U.S. Government was that communist sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald, from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building. However, immediately people had their doubts. Most accounts of people that were there that day, say they heard 3 shots instead of just the 1 the feds will cop to. Most people also find it suspicious that just one bullet could do such damage to Kennedy. So why would the government aid in covering up the Kennedy assassination? Most theorize the CIA was behind the plot to kill Kennedy because Kennedy was planning on removing the troops from Vietnam, with no room for negotiation. This was a problem for the CIA because not only were they gaining communist intelligence, but they were also making money off the Vietnam War. Others theorize it was the Italian mob, with Kennedy being an Irish catholic, it was said he had ties to their rival, the Irish mafia.

1 Everything You Need to Know on What Actually Happened on 9/11

Finally, at the very top of the list, the biggest American conspiracy today, the giant scam that was 9/11. On the morning of September 11th, 2001 the official story is a terrorist organization, known as Al Qaeda arranged and initiated an attack on American soil by hijacking 4 separate planes and flying them into American intelligence bases. However, many believe 9/11 was either allowed by the American government or even entirely orchestrated by them. Footage of the twin towers shows a strange explosion coming from the bottom of the towers prior to the plane making contact to the building. There was also a suspicious amount of airplane parts found at the pentagon, suspicious because there was practically none. How did an entire 747 nearly disappear in the pentagon, and how did the collision have the power to melt the steel beams of the building? We know it wasn’t jet fuel. The motive is believed to be to get the American people behind the idea of engaging in a war with the middle east. The motive is said to be lucrative oil excursions.

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