15 Messed Up Rules Maxim And Sports Illustrated Models Have To Follow

Maxim and Sports Illustrated models are a very different kind of model from the ones you may see in the pages of Vogue or other fashion based magazines. Fashion models are meant to make a user want to buy a product, the models that Maxim and Sports Illustrated are meant to make people want them. Nothing else! Their bodies are the product that is being sold. Think Kate Upton as the swimsuit model, and Bella Hadid as the fashion model. Big difference! These swimsuit models are referred to as glamour models, and they are known for nearly nude modelling and doing poses that you definitely will not see in the pages of Vogue. While there are some universal rules across modelling, swimsuit models, specifically the ones that get work with Maxim and Sports Illustrated, have a whole other slew of rules they have to adhere to.

The body standards of a glamour model and a fashion model are totally different. The bustier the better when it comes to swimsuit modelling, obviously. And most fashion, especially high-fashion models are notoriously un-busty because it would take way from the clothes they are modelling. No one kind of modelling is easier or harder than another, they both come with their own set of challenges and rewards. But we do imagine that some fashion models would read this and think to themselves that they are very grateful they do not have to deal with this kind of stuff in the fashion modelling industry.

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15 Swimsuit Models Have To Do Shoots In Any Kind Of Weather - So They Use Hand Warmers Wherever They Can Place Them


Have you ever looked at photoshoot in the pages of Sports Illustrated and the model is not on a warm beach, but you know somewhere obviously cold and wondered how? Well let us tell you that it is not photoshop.

These ladies get into these tiny little bathing suits and bare everything no matter what the climate is.

14 They Better Be One Of The 'Finest Girls On The Planet' If They Want To Work For Maxim - AKA Get Ready To Diet

Even though in today's day and age, the beauty ideals are changing but believe us when we tell you that the glamour model aspect of modelling will be the last scion of modelling to change and adapt to the new more inclusive beauty ideals. This is because the models in Maxim and Sports Illustrated are not being pandered to women, but men. The fashion industries that cater to women have seen that they have to change their ideals of beauty to be more inclusive if they want to keep their customer base. That is just not the case for swimsuit and lingerie models. You better have the perfect body and a gorgeous face, and competition is always fierce to get into the pages of either magazine.

13 People Are Creepy And Stand And Stare When The Models Do Their Shoots On Public Beaches

YouTube / Victoria Secret

A gorgeous woman doing a photoshoot on the beach where there are other, 'normal' people around?

They are going to stare and some of them are going to be creepy about it.

It is violating because these girls are there to do a job they get paid for. The result of their photoshoot is sold on newsstands and online by the magazine. When someone is standing in just taking in the show for free not only is it creepy, it takes away value from their final product which is later sold. Of course, there are private beaches where shoots are done but that is only done for the A-lister models. The up and coming ones have to deal with all manner of stuff, and being stared and gawked at while working is just one of them.

12 They Must Be Comfortable With People Touching Their Body All Over - Getting Into Their Nooks And Crannies

Daily Urban Culture

Whether it's to rub baby oil all over their bits and pieces to give them that fresh glow, or to get that sand across their chest just right.

You have got to be okay with total strangers touching you and rubbing you in areas

that really only our significant others usually do. For some people this is not a big deal, it is just another part of the job but for some girls they really struggle with it. Every little detail of the photoshoot is meticulously planned and done on purpose. Is she sitting spread eagle in the beach with her legs spread open and sand leading up to her sweet spot? Well you better believe that someone was very carefully placing sand just the way they want it on her inner thighs.

11 They Have To Deal With Rough Terrain When They're Not Wearing A Lot Clothes

Snow, sand, rocks, and all kinds of plants. Who ever invented bathing suits for the beach needs to also figure out how to keep sand from getting everywhere. And that is just for normal people that are hanging out on the beach. Now imagine you are rolling around in it, rubbing it all over yourself. Yea, you would never get all the sand off of yourself or out of you! The models also have to deal with rocky areas totally barefoot and without a lot of clothes to protect them when they are writhing and posing on them. And don't even get us started on the snow they have to deal with when they are dressed so scantily. At least the girl in the above photo has some kind of flimsy thing to sit on instead of the direct rock but a lot of them have to sit right on it!

10 You Need To Have Curves, But Not Too Much

The body type for a glamour model, which is the kind of model that is associated with Sports Illustrated and Maxim is different from the one you would see walking down a high-fashion runway. Models that are involved in the fashion industry, as we mentioned are meant to sell the clothes. So their body type is a lot flatter, and even thinner than the girls who get into glamour modelling. That is not to say that the glamour models have an easier time with the body ideals that they have to adhere to. If you are in modelling period, you are expected to fit a certain kind of expectation.

They have to have curves in all the right places, and maintain them.

Remember, they are the product being sold not the bikinis! So they had fill out said bikinis.

9  No Ice Cream, No Junk Food, No Alcohol

Instagram / kateupton

When your body is the product that is being marketed in a photoshoot, you better believe that every inch of it has to look perfect. And the standards are high! You cannot have the kind of belly where it is perfectly flat when you are standing up, but when you bend over there is a fat roll. Yes, that happens to almost everyone so these girls have to get super fit in order to prevent that. They have to be able to bend and contort in every way possible and still look their best. They live on pretty strict diets in general to maintain their weight, but leading up to a shoot it gets even more intense and strict. If that is even possible! Who ever said modelling is easy has obviously never done it. Every other aspect of your life is impacted by your need to maintain a certain body weight and look.

8 The Bathing Suits Will Never Be Comfortable, But They Have No Choice But To Wear Them

The girls are forced to wear sizes that are too small for them, which we are sure is not too hard for you to figure out why.

Everything needs to look like it is just about to explode out, with the bikini holding on to the body for dear life.

While there are legit bikini companies out there that genuinely want to use models to show off their swimwear, this not really the case when it comes to SI and Maxim. The bathing suits that they are showing off has nothing to do with the clothes, so the smaller the bikini the better. Most girls know what it feels like when are you wearing a bra or underwear that is way too small on you. It sucks. Now imagine wearing something like that, and then having to pose and move your body. Every movement risks something slipping out in front of everyone.

7 Once They Sign With Maxim, Maxim Basically Owns Them

If you get signed on with Maxim you have to play by there rules. And there is enough girls that are just dying for the opportunity so someone will take your place easily if you do not want to play along.

You cannot act in public in a way that is unbecoming or will embarrass the brand.

You also cannot take any lewd or suggestive photos, unless it is for them of course. Beyond that, when you send in your photos to Maxim, even if they do not sign you that photo is now theirs. The girls agree to these terms when they send in their application. Maxim can use these photos as much as they want to and however they want too and never pay the girl one penny for it. Considering how many applications they get, seems like a sneaky clever idea to have a plethora of free material to use.

6 Harassment Happens Every Day In The Industry, And There's Not Much Models Can Do About It


Workplace harassment has been at the forefront of any discussion in 2017, but it is not close to being extinguished. While it is obvious and evident now that workplace harassment happens across all work environments, some are definitely a lot more guilty of it than others. In the corporate world there are strict measures in place to protect workers. Who do you think does HR for a model? Her agent is supposed to, but it takes one quick Google search to see how many models are manipulated and exploited by their own agents. A lot of very young impressionable girls are in this industry, that has a lot of older men that can dangle big breaks to these girls with stars in their eyes to get what they want. Change is coming, but it is slow.

5 The Swimsuit Models Are Not Relaxed During The Shoot - They Are Flexing For Their Life

If you think that modelling is literally just sitting, laying around, and posing. Well you are half right, but it is not so easy. Especially when the majority of body is on display. As we mentioned, swimsuit models need to maintain their bodies in a way so that every angle they contort themselves into their body still looks great. Oh and they flex in every single photo you see. What is a girl in a bikini if she doesn't have the semblance of abs anyways?

Bikini models need to sell the appearance of not only beauty, but of health and fitness as well.

So these girls are flexing away, after a photoshoot they have basically done an advanced pilates class.

4 Swimsuit Models Must Be Okay With Getting Drenched In Oil During Every Shoot

Have you ever had oil all over you? Even just putting a sensible amount of tanning oil when you are out lounging in the sun is annoying. Oil gets everywhere, you are a greasy slippery mess, and getting it off is an absolute nightmare. Now imagine that for your job you have to get oiled up all over, again by people you may not even know doing it. We're sure the girls develop a method of dealing with it, but that doesn't take away from the fact that for a couple of hours they are drenched in oil and can't even eat properly or use their phones the way the rest of us can when we are working. And it's a rule, all bikini photoshoots include oiling up the subject. It give them that fresh, natural beachy glow.

3 Spray Tans Are Mandatory


Even if you have a natural tan, they are going to be spray tanning the heck out of you and then oiling you right up. So imagine dealing with that combination and getting that off, spray and oil. If you have ever watched a bodybuilder competition, the competitors are all overly tanned to the point where it just gets to be ridiculous.

Their body is a totally different shade than their face. 

But the reason they do this is because the tan accentuates all of the muscles they work so hard on. This is also one of the reasons why they do it for bikini models. It highlights the areas that the magazine and photographer want to be highlighter for their patrons.

2 It Basically Goes Downhill The Second They Turn The Ripe Age Of 23

Even though ageism is being talked about a lot more these days, a long with other progressive ideals it does not take away from the fact that the modelling industry is still one of the biggest culprits of ageism.

Can you imagine being a 23-year-old and told you are too old to do anything?

Well that is what happens if you should decide you want to try your hand at modelling at any age past 23, and we feel like we are being generous. When Kate Upton burst onto the scene she was only 19-years-old and named Rookie of The Year by SI. She is now 25, and already married and we bet you kind of forgot about her. She was super hot for about a year or two, and then you know. She aged. Get in while you are young!

1 Unwritten Rule: Girls Who Wear The Least Amount Of Clothes Go The Furthest

You would think that once you are in the swim suit model industry, there is not a lot more clothes you can actually shed before you are just doing nude modelling. But even SI put it's swimsuit models in nothing but their birthday suits. Of course they strategically cover up all the 'danger zones' but still. There is a huge difference between a nude photo and an non nude one, even if the bikini is small enough that you can use it to floss your teeth. And there are girls in the industry that are willing to shed more than others. Some get into really thinking they will only have to model bikinis, before reality rudely informs them that is not the case. You wanna go far, take it off girl. Look at Chrissy Teigen or Kate Upton, two of the most well know SI models. They both have photoshoots that are lacking at least the top part of a bikini.

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