15 Messages You NEED To Send Him

The world of dating has completely changed. It’s become based on technology and dating apps. But soon after you meet someone on one of those apps, you’ll find just how simple it is to move the conversation over to your phone’s inbox. If you have recently started texting someone you have romantic feelings towards, you’re in the right place, you’ve found the ultimate guide of what texts you should be sending to the person you have feelings for! This guide is meant to inspire and encourage you to get out of your shell when it comes to talking to your crush or your most recent date. You shouldn’t always rely on the individual to text you first, sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to them with a well thought out text. From checking out bands they like to even a simple thank you for taking you out on a date you enjoyed, these texts will give you everything you need to know when you’re sitting there stumped on what to say.

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15 The Hey

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A simple one, but often the best choice! Sometimes overthinking about something like a simple text can make the whole situation much worse or even worse, awkward! Keep it simple with a classic hello or hey. Initiate a conversation by approaching you date through text first. Show them that you’re wanting to have a conversation that’s meaningful and real. When you start off a conversation, just from taking the action of sending the first text, you’ll be very surprised at how often that can lead to bigger and better things. You need to overthink anything when it comes to reaching out to your date or your crush, keep it simple and then build it from there together. When you try to overthink a simple text that is meant to start a conversation with your crush, all you’ll be doing is putting pressure on them to drop all they are doing to commit to the conversation which can turn many people off and make them not even want to respond.

14 The Invitation

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Invite your date over to hang out or plan something together. Even plan a brunch together and invite them to come along for the day if they have some free time. This will give them great insight into who you are and what you like doing throughout your day. Show them some of your favorite things and just try to let the mood happen naturally so you both can find some enjoyment and fun in the process. You don’t have to invite them to some crazy party, even something simple like lunch and shopping could be fun if you know that they like good food and a specific store! Keep it simple so your mutual love of something can flourish together and ultimately bring you much closer together in the long run. Accept invitations you get from your date as well, show that you actually want to be involved in their life, even if it’s something not super exciting, make it fun by being together!

13 The Thinking Of You

If you see something when you go about your day that reminds you of that person, tell them! Throughout the day or even just at a random time during the day, let your crush know how you feel and that you’re thinking about them. Ask them how their day is going and what they’ve been up to, ask questions and encourage them to do the same so you can get comfortable having a regular conversation with them. This will not only encourage both of you to be more comfortable with each other, but you’ll also feel more connected to them in general since you constantly keep the conversation going. Let them know you’re thinking of them and in time you’ll find that these kinds of conversations, even through text, are a big part of what has brought you together. Just let them know that you’re thinking of them!

12 The Good Morning

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Send your date a text in the morning wishing that they have a great day ahead. This will show your crush that you care and are willing to take time out of your day to really check on them and to make sure that they are okay. Waking up to seeing a nice good morning text is something that will warm your heart. It’s something that will change your whole day ahead. By taking time out of your day you’ll show that you pay attention and that you aren’t just focused on yourself. If you’re interested in what they have planned for the day, tell them that, let them know that you’d love to hear about their day and that you hope it goes well. Give them encouragement and let them know you’re rooting for them when it comes to the day ahead. Be interested, honest, and open, it’s one of the best things you can do.

11 The Good Night

Just like the morning text above, it’s important to every once and awhile show that you will go that extra mile to wish them a good night and to check on how they are doing. Make sure that you don’t make this seem like a booty call by texting this at like 3 AM, send it early on so they will see it before heading to bed. A simple goodnight text is a small gesture that can go a very long way. When you take time out of your busy day to remind someone that you’ve been thinking about them and that you are hoping that they are okay, you’re taking the first step to show that you deeply care about them and that you are trying to put your best foot forward when it comes to creating a new and fresh relationship with them. Just say good night and that you hope they had a good day and that you want to hear about it!

10 The L Word

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This one is huge. If you’ve found that you’re ready to text them the classic, I love you, then you’re ready. If you feel like the time is actually the perfect time, then you need to press send. But just as a warning, you need to be ready for any response, prepare yourself for any kind of reaction just so you don’t have your heart on your sleeve and it get’s damaged in a second. Listen to your gut when it comes to whether or not the time is right. Trust us, you’ll know when you feel like you should tell your date I love you. Do what you think is best and follow the other points on this list to really connect with your date on a deeper level. Don’t just think you two are a perfect match because you both swiped on Tinder, form a real connection, one that has a combination of texting, talking, and being together in person.

9 The Thanks

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Thank them for having such a great date and tell them what you loved about the date itself. Always remember to thank your date for having such a great time when you two last went out. Remember to send them a small text just so they know that you had a great time doing whatever you did together. Sometimes if you don’t get a text like this, we know it can be very nerve-wracking thinking of all the possibilities and not even being sure if your date had a fun time either. So lift that burden of anxiety and let them know how much of a fun time you had with them. Don’t leave it simple, go into detail about specific parts of the date that you enjoyed and what you can’t wait to do later on your next date. You could even use this opportunity to decide what you both want to do on the next date together.

8 The Dream

We’ve all been there, having a dream about the person you have a crush on. If you went out on a date with them and they have a great sense of humor and you happen to have had a dream about them. Be open and honest and literally tell them about the dream. This is a great way to get comfortable together and really learn to laugh at ourselves at the same time. Don’t be embarrassed about telling them about your dream, because we can almost bet money they will probably have had a dream about you as well. If that’s the case then you both can just laugh together and have a great time talking about the crazy and outrageous dreams of each other and that can lead to more fun and funny stories to be told. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself, because this is a great way to let them know your true feelings in a lighthearted way.

7 The Coffee Shop

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Ask your date out for coffee! Nothing is more perfect than having a cozy cup of coffee and an adorable little local cafe down the road. This is a great situation because not only is it a casual setting, but it will also be a great way to seriously make a habit out of something ritualistic and fun like going to the coffee shop to meet up after you both get off work. Having a warm cup of coffee, especially this time of year when it’s chilly out, it’s a great way to bond together and a way to make time for just some good old talking. This is the best setting for those times you just want to get together and talk about life, anything and everything. Enjoy your cup of coffee and bond together. Text them to let them know how much of a good time you had and plan when you both can do it again. Having a regular meet up spot like this in public is great for when you first start to date someone as well!

6 The Movie Night

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Plan a cozy movie night together, invite them to hang out at your place if you’ve been on a few dates with them and plan to have a movie marathon of all your favorite movies. We suggest that you plan the movie night at home so you both are comfortable, wearing comfy clothes, and can keep it casual. Plus you can watch whatever you want, however long you want! Plan a day where you both have the day off and really make a great movie night, put effort into it and really try to impress. Don’t believe you have to put a ton of money or material things into having a great movie night, but just by picking a selection of films you know you both have bonded over can be the perfect cherry on top. Text your date a time and date for a movie night and really embrace the cozy vibes!

5 The Day Out

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If you have a big day of grocery shopping or wanting to go explore the local mall, send a text to invite your date to tag along if they have some free time. This will give them a better chance to get to know you and you’ll be able to bond together while going about everyday life. You don’t need to wear a fancy outfit like on a date night, you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and just have a casual fun time. This will give your date a more personal look into your life and they’ll early on be able to see if they can see themselves in your future doing things such as this with you. While we don’t want to encourage everyone to think that far ahead, it is a great way to figure out if you want to be with someone long term for the time being.

4 The Friend’s Party

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If a friend has invited you to a party, see if your date can tag along. This is a great way to casually introduce your date to your second family, your friend group. While some might disagree, when your friends approve of your partner, you’ll become closer, because their opinions really do affect you and matter to you. If you can introduce your potential date to your friends in a casual setting with drinks and great food, you’re more likely to win them over and everyone can have a fantastic time. A party is a great way to form a connection even if it might seem like it would just be chaos. Really push yourself to get on the dancefloor and open up with your crush. Plus when you’re around friends that kind of attitude really will open you up more. Don’t be afraid of being yourself, when you are, you’ll find love faster than you can imagine.

3 The Study Group

If you happen to be in college and taking classes, invite your date to go over class material. If you’re lucky then you’ll be dating someone that goes to your college as well, so you both can bond over the fact that has a huge role in your life, college. If you’re currently in college it’s very important to find a date that is as well, because you both will have a mutual understanding of the emotional toll and the time it takes when dealing with classes. Form a regular study group together so you two can learn more about each other and really have a deeper understanding of both of your lifestyles. Invite them at the beginning of the week through text and talk about the plans of the study group, what you need to bring, maybe even plan to pick up some food together before you start really cracking down on your textbook.

2 The Recommendation

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If your date recommended that you check out a series on Netflix or Hulu, actually check it out and give it a chance. Text them letting you know your thoughts on the recommendation! Take time from your day or plan during the weekend to actually sit down and give whatever they recommended a chance. Listen to the music they recommended you check out or watch that film they really love. This will give you a greater understanding of who they are as a person, and it will also bring the two of you closer together because you’re actively showing that you do care and that you’ve listened to the conversation you both had. Send them a text talking about how you really felt about their recommendation and maybe give them a recommendation about something you think they would like so they can check it out too. It doesn’t have to be the same type of thing, just be honest and share your thoughts!

1 The Blunt One

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Just be honest, tell your date exactly what you want. Bring up your relationship together and just be honest with them about what you want in your future. This should always come up some way or another because it will weed out all of those who don’t see eye to eye to you when it comes to your futures and your future together. Don’t come off as demanding or aggressive, just text them to let them know what you’re looking for in a relationship and what you hope to form out of the relationship you have together. Be honest and forward, sometimes you have to put yourself out there to get what you really want in life, so don’t be afraid of being upfront and blunt through text when it comes to telling your date what you want out of this relationship. You will be surprised at how most people would be just as open as soon as you push them a little bit.

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