15 Men Reveal The Sleaziest Ways They've Lured Women (Whisper Confessions)

You’d hope that when you meet someone on a night out most, if not all, of what they are telling you is the truth. You want to believe that this man you’re speaking to isn’t lying about his profession, his backstory, and most of all whether or not he is single, but as these confessions prove, there are a lot of really sleazy people in this world. And they have absolutely no shame in doing whatever it takes to convince a woman to hook up with them. Gross.

You may think that you’d never fall for a man like this and that it would be easy to poke holes in his outrageous lies, but these creeps have more success than we realized. Below are 15 confessions from men who have revealed the great lengths they went to to get a woman to do what they wanted, whether it was something as simple as pretend to be a police officer (because let’s be honest, we all like a man in uniform), or lying about being from a completely different country for weeks on end just to get a girl to come home with him. These confessions are probably going to make you wonder where all the good men have gone!

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15 He Used His Wedding Ring To Get A Hook-Up

Via Whisper.sh

Sometimes when you read confessions from people who don’t give a second thought about hurting their spouse, you’re left questioning whether marriage is even worth it. And the man behind this confession is definitely not someone you would want to be married to, because of all the sleazy ways that he can pick up women, one of the things that worked best for him was to flaunt his wedding ring.

According to his confession, which he seems to be proud of, he picked up a young woman just by being friendly, and instead of removing his wedding ring he left it on. And rather than slap him and walk away, it turns out the woman he was interested in thought it was hot that he was married. These two definitely deserve each other, but I really feel for this man’s wife.

14 His Ploy Is To Make Them Jealous, With Less Attractive Women

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This confession comes from yet another man who will leave you wondering whether there are any good men left in this world?! According to his confession, he has a tactic that works for him every time he is at a bar, and he seems rather impressed by his ability to get with the woman he likes.

His plan is to first approach a less attractive woman and start flirting with her, then once he’s attracted the attention of other women around him, who he actually wants to hook up with, he decides to turn his attention away from the first woman and focus on the woman he thinks is beautiful. Essentially he is using the first woman to get with the second, and it’s a completely shameful tactic.

13 He Changed His Entire Personality

Via Whisper.sh

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this man is nowhere near as deplorable as the first two because he definitely is. However, if you want to look at the bright side you can be thankful that he is at least not in a relationship with someone else when he is trying to pick up women -- well, not that we know of.

According to this guy, he lies and changes his entire personality to pretend to have the same likes and interests as the girl he wants to hook up with, and apparently, this works. But at the end of the day, he’s just a massive fraud, and I wonder if he realizes that his actions mean that she’s not really falling for him, but a version of himself which doesn’t even exist.

12 He Pretended He Was Super Rich

Via Whisper.sh

I hate that some men think that wealth and power will get them whatever they want because really, that’s not the truth. That said, there are a lot of women out there who are attracted to men who have money, some may call them golddiggers. It seems as though this man has decided to pray on those unsuspecting females who think what they are getting is a sugar daddy, but in reality what they are getting is a broke guy pretending to be rich.

This man tells the outrageous lie that he’s rich, in the hopes that women will find him more appealing and hook up with him. And according to him, when a woman thinks he has money, it takes very little effort after that to get what he wants.

11 All Those Things He Told Her About Being In Love Weren’t True

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Why do people pretend to be something they are not in order to get what they want? But even worse than this, why do people pretend to have real feelings for someone if their intentions are not pure? Do you really have to break someone else’s heart in order to be happy, because if the answer is yes, then it seems you're an awful person. 

I don’t understand how someone could get pleasure from toying with someone else's feelings, but the man behind this confession doesn’t have a conscience because he told a woman, who was once a really good friend of his, that he loved her when he didn’t. But wait, it gets even worse, it turns out the only reason he told her he loved her was so that he hook up with her, and this unsuspecting female fell for it.

10 He Did Whatever He Could, But Now He Regrets It

Via Whisper.sh

It seems as though there are a lot of desperate people in this world who have taken to Whisper to confess their sins. And while this guy is definitely no angel and has admitted to hurting a woman with his lies, the nice thing about him is that instead of boasting about his conquests, he actually feels remorse for what he did.

But what did he do? He actually gives very little detail as to how he managed to get this woman to like him, but it seems as though he went to great lengths to do it because he claims he said: “whatever it took.” And for a while, he got what he wanted and his lies turned into a bit of fun, but he’s clearly battling to sleep at night knowing he left someone broken.

9 He Used Her For A Place To Stay

Via Whisper.sh

I think most of those reading this list have probably experienced a wild night or two when you get left at a party by your friends and have no way of getting home (or at least it seems this way because you’re making poor decisions thanks to the alcohol you ingested). These things happen, but while you or I would simply call an uber and head home, this guy claims he had nowhere to go and needed a place to stay.

So what he did was find a woman, get her to believe that he was into her, and then he went home with her. He chose not to go into too much detail about his actions, and whether it was one night that he crashed at her place, or if it was a full-on relationship just because he couldn’t pay the rent, but he wants the world of Whisper to answer whether his actions were bad. I think he knows the answer!

8 He Went To Great Lengths To Seem Interesting

Via Whisper.sh

Pretending to be someone else and having a more interesting backstory is one thing because these people probably don’t want anything longterm from the woman they are pursuing as it would be far too hard to keep up their charade. So, although that’s sleazy and gross, it’s quite something else to hook up with someone under false pretenses.

And it seems as though this is what this man did because he explains that he went to "great lengths" to pretend that he cared for a woman. The thing is, he didn’t, and all he wanted was to hook up with her. She, on the other hand, thought it was something much more than this and was undoubtedly let down by his actions.

There is one good thing about this confession though, because the man referred to his actions in the past tense, so I would hope he has become a better person since then.

7 Do Women Like Men With Badges and Guns?

Via Whisper.sh

What would you do to get the attention of someone? I think the answer to that question is quite varied, but I would hope that most people wouldn’t try to become a completely different person like this man.

As the other points on this list so clearly show, there are a lot of guys out there who like to pretend to be someone they are not, and although I don’t know how deep this man’s lies run, he has found that a guaranteed hookup results from him pretending to be a police officer. Maybe the woman he was interested in liked the thought of a man in uniform, or maybe she was more interested in his handcuffs, but whatever it was, it worked, and she apparently came over to his house.

6 Even His Name Was Fake

Via Whisper.sh

This man’s confession about giving a woman a fake name is bad, especially if he had been hooking up with her for a prolonged period of time, or if he led her to believe that a relationship could come about from their meeting or at the very least a second date. However, when compared to the other confessions about the sleazy things men have done to try and lure women home, you have to admit it pales in comparison.

This confession doesn’t have any detail as to why he chose to give his “fling” a fake name, but what it does reveal is that this man definitely has no remorse about his actions, because he described it as being “fun.” Um, OK then, I think I have a different definition of fun.

5 He Pretended To Be From Another Country

Via Whisper.sh

I’ll admit that I find people from other countries fascinating, not because I want to hook up with them but because they usually have interesting facts that they can share about their country or their culture. Everyone who is different to the people you meet on a daily basis is worth getting to know, and then there is the bonus that a foreign accent usually sounds amazing. And with this knowledge in mind, this guy decided that he would put on a British accent.

He wanted to get the interest of a woman, and so he decided to not just put on this accent for one night, but for two weeks -- which means he would have had to fake his backstory and offer up knowledge about England to make it believable. Can you imagine this woman’s disappointment upon learning he was a fraud? 

4 He Pretended To Be A Player

Via Whisper.sh

Some people want to date someone who has had only a handful of partners, some would prefer not to know their partner's history at all, and then there are those who want to be with someone they think they can tame, or who has a lot of experience. And it seems as though this man’s ex-girlfriend fell into the latter category because according to him, the only way to get her interested was to pretend that he was a bit of a player.

His actions, although sleazy, ended up working because his wording makes it seem as though they dated. She was more willing to be with him because she was so jealous and didn’t want another girl to have him, and I guess if you really think about it then we all want things that are in demand.

3 He Lied About Being Married To Lure Her Home

Via Whisper.sh

If you’re a woman then of all the confessions on this list, this one is probably going to infuriate you the most because this man his blaming his lies on the women who fall for them.

The thing is, he hasn’t been pretending to be from a foreign country or confessing his love to hookups, instead, he has been pretending to get married. What?!  I know what you’re thinking, most women would want to be with a guy that’s single, but as the very first confession on this list proved, that’s apparently not always the case. And this man wants us all to believe that actually, women love married men. He claims to have hooked up with a woman after telling her he had a wife, and he feels no regrets because he thinks it was her who had a lack of morals...

2 He Pretended To Be Interested In The Army

Via Whisper.sh

A lot of guys clearly like pretending that they are different people or have interests that they don’t, just to keep the woman they’re chatting to keen, but this man apparently pretended to be interested in the army simply because he thought the recruiter was "super hot."

This confession is one that goes into very little detail, so I am left with so many questions about the outcome of this scenario. I know he wasted her time when she was just doing her job, and I don’t think anyone appreciates that, but did he try to pick her up? Did he simply speak to her and then leave? And what lengths did he go to show his “interest” in the army? Unfortunately, unless this guy is reading this, these are questions we are unlikely to have answered.

1 Pretending To Be Someone He’s Not For The Thrill

Via Whisper.sh

I get giving someone a fake name if you never intend to see them again and if they know that that is going to be the outcome of your hook up, but I find it harder to understand why someone would want to pretend they are a completely different person just to get the interest of a woman?

Maybe this man's own life is really boring, or maybe it’s just that this fantasy world that he has created is an escape from the drone of everyday life, but whatever the reason, the man behind this confession admits to lying every time he hooks up with someone. Apparently, it’s great, and he gets really excited by it, but at the end of the day, you have to wonder if he’s capable of getting a woman’s attention when he's just himself?! Hmm.

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