15 Men Reveal How They Really Feel About Your Differences

It's not hard to be wildly insecure when you just start dating someone new. You wonder if they're going to notice a pimple on your chin that just won't seem to go away or if they're going to think that your figure should be in six-pack ab territory. Basically, you want them to always think that you look super attractive, and that causes a lot of stress and worry. The truth is that guys and girls aren't that different when it comes to love and relationships and guys honestly worry about the same things that girls do. It's just hard to remember that. Okay, it's pretty much impossible to remember that. There's really nothing to stress out about, although it takes you a while to figure that out.

You probably think that you have a few flaws, whether that's physically or something about your personality, and it's always interesting to pick the brains of men and find out what they really think. We rounded up confessions from real men all about flaws. Read to find out 15 confessions from men about how they really feel about your flaws! You're totally going to breathe a massive sigh of relief when you read these.

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15 "I'll probably notice stretch marks, but I just ignore them in favor of paying attention to the fun areas of the woman. My intention is to enjoy my partner's figure, not grade it and pick out every single negative detail."

Reddit is a great place to learn what guys think, especially on their "Ask Men" forum. This confession from a guy is pretty awesome to hear. He continued, "I hope for the same from my partner's view of my body. My body has flaws too. Basically, every body has flaws. An expectation of perfection is naive and unrealistic."

Isn't this just the best thing that you could hear? It's also pretty hilarious that this guy talks about "the fun areas of the body." You can totally tell which body parts he's talking about, and it's just so adorable that he didn't want to name them. It's just so nice to know that even if you think that your body's not perfect, the truth is that the right guy and the guy who loves you won't care and he'll think that you look great.

14 "I notice her flaws, but when I love somebody, I quit seeing them after a while because I'm not critiquing her, I'm too busy loving what I like about her."

Awwww. Another awesome confession from a Reddit user that totally warms your heart, doesn't it? It seems totally impossible to read this and not smile super big.

It's human nature to look at someone and realize that, yes, they do have some so-called physical "flaws" but if you care about someone, you don't even care anymore. You definitely don't focus on it. It's nice to know that if a guy loves you, he's not going to "critique" your body and he's just going to think about all your good qualities. It's a huge relief to know that there are men out there who think this way. You should definitely hold out for someone who thinks the same way that this guy does because that's honestly the only boyfriend to have. Anyone else is just a total jerk.

13 "Notice? Yes. Care? Not in the least. Those 'flaws' are a record of where she's been."

This is a really interesting way to put it: that if you have any "flaws", those tell your story, and that's exactly what a guy would love.

You really can't ever worry about anything now that you know that so many guys honestly don't care what their girlfriend or potential girlfriends looks like. After all, just think about it like this: if you're attracted to a guy and you really like him and you want him to be a part of your life, you don't care that his hair needs to be cut or that he has a less than perfect nose or anything like that. Just like this guy who confessed this on Reddit, you might notice those things about him, but they're not something that bothers you.

12 "Women point out things about themselves I would have never given a second thought to."

Phew. You're totally breathing a sigh of relief reading this Reddit confession, aren't you?!

You've probably had this experience before: you think that you look horrible because you haven't washed your hair in days and you have too many zits and, to make matters worse, you have your period and the worst cramps ever. In other words, you're just not feeling your best, and you don't think that you look your best, either. You mention this to your boyfriend... and he's all, "What are you even talking about?!" He tells you that he loves you and that you always look beautiful and that you shouldn't say such negative things about yourself. Now you know that other guys feel the same way as him and that they don't think that women have anything to be feel bad or be insecure about.

11 "Without emotion, you're a RealDoll. But there's such a thing as overemotional, which doesn't help a relationship because it introduces instability."

This guy wrote in a forum on Reddit about how guys feel about "emotional women." Even though it's kind of insulting to say that women are more emotional than men and it's definitely a cliche at this point, it's true that some people have stronger feelings and express them more often than others. This could be a personality flaw and off-putting for some people.

This guy was super honest: he doesn't think that having zero feelings is cool since it's like being a doll, but he doesn't think that being "overemotional" makes for a healthy, happy, solid relationship. And you can probably agree with that 100 percent. It makes a ton of sense... and goes both ways since emotional guys aren't much fun, either, let's be real here.

10 "...a girl with a soft midriff, makes cuddling a lot better :)"

This guy posted this confession in a Reddit forum, "What is one 'flaw' women seem to dislike that you love?" And this was his adorable and romantic and sweet AF answer.

Cuddling is just one of the greatest things ever and you probably prefer to cuddle with a guy without rockhard abs. Even though you might think that super buff guys are hot, the truth is that they're not all that cuddly. But a guy with a more realistic and regular figure is going to be super cuddly. So you totally get where this guy is coming from. And it's just so great to hear that it doesn't matter if your stomach is soft or if you have crazy abs or anything like that. Because you have better things to do than obsess over your abs or lack of them, don't you? Yes, exactly.

9 "It's usually the part of her face that she likes the least. It's usually those attributes that make her a pretty girl with character instead of a boringly pretty girl."

This guy posted in the same forum mentioned above, and it's an equally adorable answer.

If you've had bad luck in dating and never thought that guys could be so totally sweet, these answers are probably totally changing your mind. It's definitely true that perfect-looking people are super dull. You probably think that way about guys, so it makes sense that they would think the same about girls. If you have something that you consider to be a physical flaw, whether that's freckles or a tooth gap or a big nose like this guy suggests, then it's definitely nice to know that guys will find you attractive. Because, as he says, these things give you "character" and that makes you so much hotter than a flawless, boring girl.

8 "The obsession by some women over their tiniest flaws is much more of a turn off than any of the perceived flaws."

Oh man, there's just so much truth to this Reddit confession that it's not even funny.

It's totally true that if you worry about what you look like, even if you're the most beautiful person ever, you tend to look less attractive. It's like when a pretty girl frowns all the time or, even worse, has resting b*tch face. Everyone hates that for sure. Maybe it sounds a bit harsh, but if you spend all your time worrying about your physical appearance, it makes it seem like you don't have better things to do or anything to focus on. And that's totally not the case. You're definitely an awesome person. So you might as well live your life and forget about what you think are flaws. Because the right guy isn't going to think that you have any flaws at all.

7 "Shyness! I think it's much more rewarding getting into a successful relationship with a shy girl than one who's always talking and such."

If you're on the shy and quiet side, you probably hear how shy and quiet you are all the time, and it's probably super annoying. People should totally mind their own business and not care so much. So it's really a big relief and super nice to know that some guys find this type of personality really attractive.

It's pretty adorable that this guy feels that it's "rewarding" to date a shy girl. Maybe because he knows the truth: that being a bit shy means that you're really smart and cautious about who you talk to and let into your world. You wouldn't date just any guy, and you're going to make sure that you're truly happy. And that's awesome. There's nothing wrong with that at all.

6 "I wouldn't want a woman who spends more time 'perfecting' herself than say time with her guy."

Yes. So much yes here. Even if you feel like you're having a bad hair day and can't find anything to wear (which happens to the best of us), do you really want to spend two hours curling or straightening your hair? Or would you rather spend some quality time with your boyfriend? It's totally the latter option, right? Of course. Because otherwise, it's just weird and kind of lame.

It's honestly so great to hear that guys don't care if you look perfect or not. Your boyfriend totally just wants to hang out with you and he's not going to even notice if you think that your hair looks bad or messy or whatever else. And if he does, he's a total jerk, and that's absolutely true.

5 "My girlfriend complains she looks way younger than she is because she's fairly short and has a youthful looking face, but her cute cheeks are some of my favorite things about her."

Short girls can totally relate to this Reddit confession, right? It sucks to always have people think that you're much younger than you actually are because you're small and you have a face that, well, looks young. This is even more annoying once you get into your mid-to-late 20's and people think that you're still in high school. Sigh.

It's awesome to know that some guys think that being small is cute... and would even call their girlfriend's cheeks cute. OMG is that sweet. You can just tell that this couple is really adorable together based on what the boyfriend says about her. Hopefully, she knows how amazing he is and how kind it is that he loves her for who she is and doesn't think that looking young is a bad thing.

4 "Curves. What can I say? I like womanly shapes. That and freckles."

Hallelujah. Any woman who has curves is seriously thrilled reading this. When did women start thinking that having curves is a bad thing and could even be considered a flaw? It's seriously sad and a real shame.

The fact that guys love curves has been a thing for a while now, but the thing is that it can be really hard to believe it. No matter how many times you read this in magazines or even hear your guy friend or boyfriend say this, you're probably still thinking that it can't possibly be true. Well, thanks to Reddit confession, now you know that it's super true. So go ahead and embrace your curves. They're beautiful and there's no reason to hate them. And there's no reason to loathe your freckles, either, as this guy sweetly pointed out.

3 "'Typically male' behavior. I love to be with women at ease with belching or drinking beer and eating pizza like a pig."

Okay, so you don't want to think about "eating pizza like a pig" because that's kind of a bit much. And you might not burp in front of anyone because that's super gross. But other than that, this is a really awesome Reddit post. It's safe to say that you definitely love pizza and you probably love beer too, so it's really great to hear that these are super attractive qualities.

Just like guys say that they love when a woman has curves, they also love when they can just hang out with her and have fun and be chill. No one wants to date a stuck-up person who only eats salad and doesn't want to enjoy themselves. Definitely, remember this the next time you're debating what to order on a first date. Pizza all the way.

2 "I love curly or wavy hair but it seems like most girls straighten it."

Oh man. This guy totally got to the heart of a very serious and important issue: a woman's hair. If you have curly hair, you wish that you had straight hair. And vice versa. It's just impossible not to feel that way. And if someone says that they love their hair and would never change it, well, they're just lying. There's no other explanation.

It's awesome to hear that guys love curly and wavy hair too because, let's be real here, a lot of us don't have super straight hair. And we've all spent way too many hours using hair straighteners and products and cursing our hair for not staying perfectly straight. Honestly, who has the time and energy for that?! It's so much better to embrace our natural hair. Don't you just love this guy?!

1 "Big thighs they are so damn nice... Like you run so much that your legs just develop thighs."

This is from the same forum, and it's just as equally amazing to read this confession.

It's kind of funny to think about running "so much that your legs just develop thighs" because this may or may not be possible, but you can still see where this guy is coming from. It's also a big relief to learn that guys think it's attractive when you work out a ton, get super fit and strong, and actually want to take care of yourself. You probably have wondered if your muscles or curves were hot, and now you know the truth: they're definitely super attractive to guys. So enjoy your sweat sessions and don't worry for even one second that you don't look good. You absolutely do.

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