15 Men And Women On The Most Taboo Thing They've Ever Done

Oh, taboo, you are not just a perfume my grandmother used to wear, you are a real thing that shocks people, scares some, and provokes others to run. Taboo things evolve from generation to generation, from country to country, culture to culture, religion to religion, and even region to region. No two taboos are alike, that’s the truth. And while some may be huge no-no’s today, tomorrow they could be gone. Taboos typically have a hold in religious texts, but can be related to folklore, tradition, or mere myth.

While you might consider something taboo, another might find it to be commonplace. While you might find something to be commonplace, another might consider it taboo. Do you see how it works? So try not to be ethnocentric and think your culture above all others, each culture has its rhyme and reason and who are we to judge? Really, at the end of the day, who are we to judge? Now, some taboos might walk a fine line between safe and dangerous or even legal and illegal, again, we are here as viewers and not the jury. This piece is about educating yourself, but also learning more about how unique the world is. And if nothing else, learn about how far people are willing to go to live the life they want or to be happy; many are doing these things behind closed doors and thus, we’re getting a little peek into someone’s world. Open the peephole, let’s see what we’ve got here.

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15 Next-Level Party Animal

via buzzfeed.com

"I haven't told anyone IRL that I'm a furry. In fact, I've never heard anyone talk about the furry fandom outside the internet." - Reddit

Some people really love their pets. That’s cool. Some people love all animals, despite levels of domesticity or wildness, all animals deserve love. That’s super cool. But some people are so in love with animals that they want to be an animal. They are convinced that they have been born in the wrong body and that they are actual some form of four-legged creature. This might take the form of living dressed as the animal and attending certain groups that support such lifestyles. But there are others that put on a costume, like a mascot-type suit, and meet with others who are like them. These people are called Furries. It’s a way of life for them. They met up with other Furries and do Furry things in hopes of snagging a Furry life partner or at least some friends with benefits. While this might sound strange, you would be surprised at how many people are into animal costumes. I mean, just look at some of the Halloween costumes made available year in and year out. Could all of us be undercover Furries and not know it?

14 Cheating can be a cry for help

via thedeepandsecretyes.blogspot.fr

"I love my husband but I prefer girls (I'm a girl)." - Instagram/tabootales

Cheating is pretty standard. Not even by today’s standards, but namely by history’s; cheating was not really cheating a few centuries ago when the Catholic church took over half of England and Europe. The idea of men and women having separate lovers was quite common. Only until recently have we, as a society, put bans on such licentious behavior. Here’s what happens when we make things taboo, some people have to hide out, literally, and that means hide who they are at the risk of being outcast, marginalized, or, worse yet, violated, hurt, or killed. Many people marry not for love, but because they do not want their family members to find out the truth that they are really gay. So once married to the gender they are not attracted to, these people are bound to find themselves acting upon their natural instincts. Live and let live, people. Cheating is not always what is seems and often times there’s a much deeper issue, i.e. preference.

13 Whoever smelt it dealt it

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"Every time I fart I have urges to smell it. I try to keep it a secret, but it's very hard to.I usually cup my farts and throw them at my nose, and even gone as far as farting on my bare hand so the smell stays for awhile.Any advice to get rid of my problem?" - Yahoo Answers

Don’t be all surprised because you know that you smell your own farts. Stop lying. Just because you smell them does not mean you love them, however, you smell them –at least admit that. Okay, good. So now we’re on the same page. People smell their farts and some people, whoever they are and we’re not here to judge, like the smell of their farts. They waft the smell up to their noses as though a bouquet of fresh flowers. This is not so bizarre, though, as a matter of fact. Studies have shown that fart smelling has been a part of modern man for quite some time. It’s a way for us to determine if something is wrong with our insides. Just as we sniff a carton of milk or a Tupperware full of leftovers to check for safeness, we do the same with our farts. So go ahead and smell away, even admit you like it; after all, our olfactory sense is the oldest one around and it’s just doing its job. Your nose is telling you about your body in very ancient code.

12 Tried to be the dominant type

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"Went to a BDSM club a few years ago. There was fire work stuff going on, nude painting, violet wand, and a 'fashion' show. Hugged a furry and saw a senior cross-dressing mistress with her boy-toy leashed behind her. It was wild." - Reddit

It’s very common that people dabble a bit in BDSM. This is not the hardcore stuff. No way, I’m talking about a little leather or some spanking; maybe even latex, handcuffs, or rope. This is not uncommon and I bet if you asked people if they have ever tried any BDSM stuff, whether in a relationship or not, more often than not you’d get an affirmative answer. People like to spice things up; people, by nature, are curious, so it’s no wonder that some fetish groups are becoming more and more popular. However, some people have tried their hands at dominating, as in being a Master or a Dominatrix. While some felt like it was a bit extreme, others have whole-heartedly fallen head over stiletto heels for the lifestyle. Most do not parade around the streets dishing out their private business, but I’d be almost certain a Master or Dominatrix walks among you. It might even be you, madam.

11 The use of a special scent

via beextrahealthy.com

"They [at the Ashram] initially encouraged us to mix some of our urine in with whatever moisturiser we’d brought with us. I just put some in my Nivea. And it was amazing. My skin was so, so soft. Some of the other women there were drinking it, in tiny cups. And I was kind of curious, so I tried it." - The Telegraph

Perfumes are as antique as any beauty ritual out there. From floral to woodsy and citrus to spicy, the perfume industry provides us with whatever we want in order to smell good. There’s got to be a scent out there that suits your likes and your personality; that’s how technical things have gotten, that’s how much we’ve mastered scents. And while many perfumes carry whale poo as an ingredient, this taboo is not about wearing whale poo as a scent. Some people use another expellant to increase libido and attract others through pheromones. It’s easy to acquire, as a matter of fact, it’s only one bathroom trip away. The chemicals present in urine have created a serious wave; people are swearing by the scent of their own urine as a way to find partners and attract lovers. Some even go so far as to use urine to hydrate themselves. You can’t make this stuff up, people. Google it.

10 Secret eating

via tlc.com

"That first taste of plastic in the morning is the best part of my day." - TLC's My Strange Addictions

You should love yourself. No doubt, self-love, self-care, and self-confidence are words you’ve heard repeatedly over the past few years. We love to love ourselves and we spoil ourselves and we pamper ourselves. Good for us. Not much has changed as centuries ago baths and oils were part of daily ritual; as was makeup and perfume. So if you love yourself, you’re doing a good job at life. However, some people take loving themselves too far. They don’t want to throw away any part of themselves. Instead of parting with parts of their bodies, they, wait for it, eat those parts. We’re talking scabs, fingernails, toenails, hair, skin, boogers, and ear wax. I’m not sure if this is self-love or self-loathing as I’m sure the taste of these items cannot be good. Sure, we’ve all seen kids behaving in such ways, but believe you me, adults are equally as shameless.  But some people are also eating things like glass, cigarette ash, and plastic.  These strange addictions are much more dangerous and require a professional to assist in the recovery process.

9 Stealing toys

via huffingtonpost.com

"I stole my grandmother's vibratory when I was 15. And yes..." - Instagram/tabootales

We’ve all done it, right? Taken something that wasn’t ours, no matter how big or small, no matter if we meant to be malicious or not. Taking something without asking or paying is considered stealing as withholding the truth is a white lie. The definition is the standard King James Bible version to which I do not ascribe, but many do. So you’ve stolen. Who hasn’t? We’re all sinners. But what have you stolen because stealing itself isn’t taboo if more people have done it than haven’t. Have you stolen an adult toy? Okay, then. Here’s the difference. Some people have gone to great lengths to steal adult toys, maybe from a friend, a family member, or an adult store. Don’t be surprise, though. Buying an adult toy can be embarrassing for some and costly for others. But stealing a used one is taking things a bit too far, but to each her own, I guess. Do you, boo-boo.

8 Favors in exchange for money, honey

via cbslocal.com

"I met a man at a party. He offered me 10,000 to go to bed with him - I did it." - Instagram/tabootales

This entry is not about sex work, although some of you will chime in and say that any goods exchanged for any intimate favor is bad work. And sure, you’re right. But keep in mind, that you’ve probably had nookie for free or for a dinner or movie, so which is worse? Let’s not go pointing fingers here, but let’s keep things neutral. This means no judging others and others will not judge you. Fair enough? Okay, let’s continue. While prostitution is one of the oldest jobs in history, there is still plenty of taboo surrounding it. Women are told to stay quiet about work as if doing it is dirty, naughty, or a sin. And that could be true depending on your belief system, there is no shame in a woman, or man, using their bodies to make money. In some cases, this might be the only resource available from which money can be made. Don’t start talking education and opportunities, don’t come from that privileged stand point. Intimate favors for monetary gains is not a crime; well, in some States it is, but it’s not a crime against nature and should not be treated as such.

7 A family affair

via fossch.com

"She rolled over, put her head and arm on my chest. Now I am staring wide-eyed at the ceiling! I am aroused but, she is my step-sister! After a while I whispered "Are you asleep?" she said no, then she looked at me and we (both of us reached!) slowly kissed. Well my hand started creeping and I kissed her neck and went down, I paused and asked her if she is ok with what is happening. She replied that nothing is wrong, sort of surprised that I am asking such a stupid question, so I undressed her slowly, I could feel that she is quite comfortable with what is happening..." - Love Shack Forum

When families are mixing or extra close, this can become dangerous. When families split, as in divorce, then add a new family there are step-family members who are not blood relatives, but should be treated as though they are. Many teenagers have lost their virginities to their step-brother or sister; and to be honest, depending on how long they have been sister/brother, it can’t be that outlandish. Some families are extra close, like as in kissing cousins and such. At least one person you know has kissed her cousin and that’s just a fact. It’s natural to want to practice kissing on a family member especially if they are available, within close proximity, and decent-looking. When teenagers and hormones mix, there’s no telling what can happen. But I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to state facts.

6 Pile on the pounds

via bodybuilding.com

"That's right, I am a chubby chaser and proud of it. [...] Now I don't think guys who don't share my values are wrong. We all have our preferences and they are as varied and different as we ourselves are. But I also do not think that my attraction for bigger girls is anything abnormal, nor is it something to be embarrassed about. - City-Data Forum

Tastes are as wide ranging as our body shapes and no two are alike. It’s almost like our proclivities are as individual as our fingerprints. But that might be taking it a bit far. Yet some wouldn’t mind if things were taken too far, especially when it comes to weight. There are chubby chasers, those who have a strong attraction for people of plumper sizes. You’ve heard the term, you might be one, but surely you know one. Then there are those who take gaining weight to a new scale, literally. Couples are now taking to nearly force feeding in order to pack on the pounds, we’re talking thousands of calories a day in order to achieve ultimate largeness. While during the Roman period, women with curves were considered more appealing, this excess is going too far, too fast. It’s dangerous if not supervised and it can cause a plethora of health issues later in life. Being a little chunky is cute, but pushing obesity for the sake of love is risky.

5 Vampire tendencies

via 2tout2rien.fr

"I like to drink blood when I'm reading, when I'm relaxing, when I'm watching TV, when I'm painting. There's never a bad time for me to drink blood." - TLC's My Strange Addiction

You pricked your finger on a needle and you suck the blood. Pretty normal, I’d say. But what if I told you that people will actually prick their own fingers to bring blood to the surface so they can quench their thirst. Then what if I told you that people will prick other people’s fingers to feed and what if I told you that it wasn’t an accident, but intentional and what if I told you this is a way of life for some. It’s true. There are people who call themselves vampires and go as far as drinking human, and even animal blood, to satisfy their desires. There are vampire fetish parties, blood-letting rituals, and feeding frenzies that happen all across the globe. While you might be certain that you know who these vampires are by the way people dress, don’t be so sure. A vampire wants you to think that and would want there to be distraction so that he can fly under your radar.

4 This little piggy went all the home

via dailydot.com

"I have a huge foot fetish; only a couple of girls and my aunt knows. The girls (old girlfriends) that know was ok with it for the most part. I got a mixture of reactions from footjobs to ewww don't touch me. Now that I'm single them chicks are long gone. My aunt knows because she is very cool and she happens to be the beginning of the fetish. I used to talk and rub her feet all the time since I was very young to now. Everything was cool until I told her that I'm not little no more and her feet turns me on. She confessed to knowing already and since them its been a mind game." - Raw Confessions

Liking feet is peculiar, no doubt, but as a matter of fact, our feet, from all the daily torture and weight and strain, deserve to be worshipped. So what’s wrong with a little foot pampering now and then? Absolutely nothing. However, there are some people who are so into feet that it’s become a full-fledged fetish. And it might not be the actual feet themselves, but the paraphernalia, like stilettos, stockings, socks, and toenail polish. Even stranger might be the use of feet in the bedroom. I’ll admit, I don’t know exactly what happens, but we’re all adults and can use our imaginations here. Foot fetishes have been around for ages and it’s no wonder –some feet are really splendid to behold. But for those of you who have a vision of sweaty, hairy, smelly feet, this might not be the image you want to conjure. Although, there’s got to be a fetish for that, too.

3 A woman’s cycle

via womenshealthmag.com

"I think I speak for a small but growing minority of men who are actually kinda into it [period sex]. Don't think it's weird, not grossed out by it at all...My take is that if the hypothetical girl in question doesn't mind or even enjoys getting it on during the Crimson Tide, then I don't mind either. One girl told me she loved getting it on during her time of the month because it alleviated her cramps, which gave the lovemaking a whole new dimension—it was like I was helping her out, massaging her muscles from the inside. That said, I draw the line at cunnilingus during menstruation." - Glamour

Being intimate during a woman’s time of the month is delicate. Some steer clear of it altogether while others are more adventurous or less squeamish about such issues. The fact of the matter is, a period is part of a woman, at least until she reaches a mature age, and taking away or ignoring her period is like ignoring a facet that makes a man a man. It’s not cool, actually. I’m not saying that everyone should engage in coitus during female menstruation, but I am saying that guys should grow up a little. And because guys act like this, there’s a taboo around women’s periods. I’m not talking about being intimate, but even talking or mentioning a woman’s cycle can be considered taboo in some parts of the world. Think about that for a second. But I digress. Couples who are not uptight frequently engage in this type of bedroom activity without any qualms. Talk about taboo in some cultures, even a culture as open, liberated, and advanced as ours considers this subject off-limits.

2 The more the merrier

via wsimag.com

"My wife and I really enjoy being watched... we've actually got it on in front of a crowd of people. yes, most couples would be apprehensive, but some would be really into it." - Reddit

This would not be the first time you hear about a threesome, I’m sure. But if it is, welcome to Sex Education 101 where I’ll be your guide for the duration of this article entry. Threesomes are almost as common as a standard act of intimacy and now the term polyamorous has brought about a whole new slew of enlightened sex thinkers and doers. There are groups of people who are into free love, heralding the 60s free love, hippie vibe of our (grand)parent’s generation. In some cases, it’s not about swinger’s parties or even open relationships, but rather about voyeurism. There are gatherings where people watch other couples in the act; and people who watch, elbow to elbow with strangers, they watch as if the scene were a movie. And I’m sure it feels like that a little bit. This is nothing new in Amsterdam, but in other circles, in other parts of the world, this would be considered taboo, shameful, and even illegal.

1 Finding love in a hopeless place

via oconnors.com

"I fell in love with a death row inmate via writing letters." - Instagram/tabootales

You never know when love will get you, but it often happens that love comes when you least expect it. Cupid is tricky like that. It just so happens that people have fallen in love across the world via the internet, but there’s an even more bizarre way in which to find your soulmate and it’s rather old school. We’re talking about pen pals and writing letters, but not just to anyone –this is a bit more sinister than that. We’re talking about writing letters to prison inmates, some of whom have life sentences. And guess what? People straight up fall in love, get married, and somehow make it work. Of course, at some point, marriage has to be a part of the equation in order for conjugal visits to work. Can people get married to people serving prison sentences? You better believe they can. So whether or not the person is guilty is not part of the issue here, the point is that love can be found anywhere, even in a hopeless place. So the next time you’re looking for love, maybe you’re just looking in the wrong place.

Sources: Instagram/tabootales, Reddit, Yahoo, The Telegraph, City-Data

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