15 Memes That Perfectly Describe Your Hangover

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15 Memes That Perfectly Describe Your Hangover

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So you had the best Saturday night ever. You went out with your best friends in the whole entire world, you drank you fave cocktails or way too much red wine, and maybe you danced a bit too. Okay, you definitely danced (even though you’re kind of the worst dancer ever). Things are going pretty well… until you wake up on Sunday morning. Then you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck or just got the worst flu that ever existed. Of course, you’re not sick. You’re not just tired. You’re not injured. You’re just hungover. Back in your college days, a hangover was just a normal thing. Sure, you didn’t drink too much every single night (there was such a thing as studying and classes and all that). But when you did, aka every weekend, you didn’t even get hangovers. Or if you did, you didn’t even notice because you were too busy being young and fun.

Here are 15 memes that perfectly describe your hangover.

15. You Could Be Dying


When you open your eyes on the morning of a hangover, you totally feel this, right? You could have just drank too much wine last night. Or you could be dying. You’re not really sure. At this moment, when you’re lying in bed feeling like you just can’t move at all, you kind of have to do with the latter option. You really think that makes sense. When you finally realize that nothing is wrong with you except for the fact that you’ve got a monster of a hangover, you have to admit that this isn’t normal. This is really not like your every day hangover. You’re feeling too awful for this to be a regular old hangover. You swear this is a really epic one. So it’s time to take a shower (if you can even make it to the bathroom), get into your comfiest clothes, and start mainlining coffee stat. You need the caffeine more than ever.

14. You Have A Hangover Every Sunday


Let’s just be honest here: Sundays are a day for a hangover. It happens to you every single week so you might as well get used to it. You would love to wake up on a Sunday morning feeling absolutely awesome. You would love to leap out of bed, make yourself a sensible and healthy breakfast like a smoothie and avocado toast, and head to a yoga or barre class. Then you would have tons of energy for your grocery shopping (preferably at a fancy farmer’s market) and meal prepping since you would totally be able to cook and meal prep all day long. Seriously, just think about how perfect your work week would go since you would be able to prepare properly on Sundays. But honestly, your Sunday never works out like that. Instead, you can barely get out of bed, can barely cook anything at all, and all you want to do is drink water and coffee and try to make this day be over already.

13. You Know When To Expect A Hangover


Sure, this meme may be about the first hangover of the year, aka January 1st and New Year’s Day. But you can relate to it because the majority of the time, you can totally figure out when your hangover is going to be. When your best friend invites you to her epic birthday party or you’re heading to an event, you can already tell that the next day is going to be painful and pretty much the worst day ever. It’s almost like that first sip of a cocktail or glass of wine tastes horrible because you can totally anticipate the hangover. Then, of course, you get over that and decide to just drink anyway. You know that whole YOLO thing. You don’t want to not drink just so you can save yourself the hangover. That would be insane, right? But you do anticipate the hangover every single time that you drink. It’s just what happens.

12. You Regret Everything About Last Night


Maybe you really did dance like no one was watching last night — even though, of course, all your nearest and dearest friends were totally watching. And making fun of you. And taking videos of it for Snapchat and photos of it for Facebook and Instagram. Or maybe you just did something else that you totally regret. But whatever went down, you always wake up the morning after a night out and realize that you did something that you wish you didn’t. Maybe you drunk texted your ex-boyfriend… or even your current boyfriend who’s on a family vacation or work trip and couldn’t be with you. Ooops. You always wish that you would think before you talk or act or text and you swear that you will be more careful on your next big, epic night out. Of course, you can already tell that’s not going to go very well for you.

11. Your Hangover Lasts 24 Hours


Yup. Here you are again with an epic hangover that seems to last for 24 straight hours. You keep telling yourself that you will never drink again because all that alcohol and all that fun isn’t worth how terrible you feel right now. Of course, you know that’s a lie and you’re already laughing at how sincere you seemed just a moment ago. You can relate to this meme from your beloved Sex and the City and you love that Charlotte says that her hair hurts when she’s hungover. You can totally and completely relate. It’s like your entire body hurts from head to toe and like you can’t even handle life right now. Maybe you hate having an all-day hangover because you’re a person who loves to work out and this is seriously cramping your healthy style. Or maybe you hate it because you wanted to have a lazy day without having to feel like crap. Either way, this is the worst thing ever and you hate your hangover every single time.

10. You Can’t Help But Drink Again


You know how you tell yourself that you will never drink again when you have a terrible hangover? When you stop laughing at yourself, you realize that, oops, you are totally going to drink again sooner than you think. Because you have plans tonight. And those plans definitely involve some alcohol. You have a party invitation, you are heading over to your best friend’s apartment for a girls night in, you have an important event that you just can’t miss. Or sometimes you have brunch plans and those often involve mimosas. You can’t go to brunch without some drinks, after all. It is just not something that you can do. The funny thing is that once you drink again, whether it is at a party the next evening or at a brunch the next morning, you do feel better. And you feel better pretty much ASAP which you do love.

9. You Feel Super Old


You feel pretty great most of the time. Sure, maybe you’re approaching your mid to late 20s or you’re in your 30s. But you still feel pretty young and you wouldn’t change a thing. Well, until you realize that you have a terrible hangover and realize that you feel your age. In fact, you feel older than your actual age. Nothing makes you feel old like a hangover, that’s for sure, and it’s something that gets you every single time. Seriously, just try to get out of bed when you have a hangover. Just try. You can barely move, right? Your legs hurt, your arms hurt, your entire body hurts. All you can do is sit on the couch for the entire day and watch TV. Oh, who are you lying to? All you can do is lie on the couch for the entire day and watch TV. There, that’s better. That’s closer to the truth. You keep hoping to feel better but it never happens.

8. You Celebrate The Small Wins


When you manage to get through a night out without losing your money or wallet or keys or anything else, you totally celebrate the next day. Having a hangover after a night out is all about being glad about the small wins. It may sound silly but it’s honestly true. You’re happy when you get home in one piece, that’s for sure. Everyone has one really bad memory of drinking too much and losing something important, right? It only takes one night like that to make you realize that you have to be more careful. Okay, maybe two nights, but that’s usually a total accident. It’s all about being aware of your surroundings and being as careful as possible (while still having fun, of course). Or maybe you’re super responsible and nothing bad ever happens to you… but you have a memory of a friend or your college roomie getting drunk and losing her wallet and cell phone and whatever else. Now you know you would never let that happen and you celebrate every time.

7. You Always Have The Worst Hangover Of Your Life


It’s funny how you always think that the hangover that you’re currently suffering from is The Worst Hangover Of Your Life. But it totally is. You can barely remember any other hangovers you had (even if the last one was only last weekend). That’s how bad this one is. You feel like you’re dying like that other meme suggested, and like you will never, ever feel better. The thought of going outside for a walk makes you want to be sick. The idea of eating anything other than pizza makes you feel terrible. And you’re wondering why you have to leave your comfy, cozy bed. You can barely move and walk around your apartment, that’s how bad this hangover is. You probably wake up and immediately go back to sleep since your head is pounding and you can’t even handle with how bad you feel. It’s that horrible. You can’t even text your best friends to find out if they are suffering as much as you because you’ve got a killer headache to match your hangover.

6. You Can’t Recover


You would think that by now, you would have hangover recovery down to an exact science. You would know the tips and tricks and secrets to make yourself feel better as soon as humanly possible, and it would be a total breeze. But nope, that’s not what’s happening. You love this meme because you definitely can drink like a rock star but you definitely can’t recover properly. It’s like you have no idea how to deal with a hangover at all. Every time that you deal with this, it’s honestly like this is the first time that you have ever had a hangover. You keep trying to make yourself shower and wear some normal clothes and eat healthy and drink as much water as you possibly can. But that is a whole lot easier said than done and before you know it, it’s 4 p.m. and you still haven’t left the bed and all you’ve eaten is pizza. Oops.

5. You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Alcohol


Oh alcohol. You love it. You hate it. You love and hate it at the exact same time. You can definitely relate to this meme since this is exactly how you feel about booze. It’s amazing how much fun you can have when drinking with your best friends at a party or just grabbing glasses of wine at happy hour. There’s something about a cocktail or glass of wine that makes any social occasion so much more fun. When you don’t drink for whatever reason, you don’t have as much fun, even if you’re with really amazing people that you adore. There’s just a huge difference between experiencing meeting people as a totally sober person and experiencing it as someone who is drinking. You wish that wasn’t the case but hey, you don’t make the rules. You wish they could do something about that whole hangover thing, though. That would be great.

4. Your Hangovers Get Worse


When you think back about your good old college days, you get pretty jealous and upset. That’s because you used to deal with hangovers like they were the easiest things in the world to get over. In fact, you didn’t even really get hangovers at all. You can’t even believe the number of gin and tonics that you used to drink… and you would wake up totally fine the next day. You really would. You’re not remembering this wrong. That’s what would happen. When you reach the age of 25 and beyond, it’s like alcohol starts to hate you and it really has it in for you. Suddenly you can’t drink more than one glass of wine without feeling terrible the next day. In fact, sometimes you meet a friend for dinner on an ordinary Tuesday night, have one glass of Chardonnay, and feel like you have the headache of the century the next day. You don’t get it. You really don’t.

3. You Don’t Want Monday To Happen


A Sunday with a hangover is like a wasted day off. When you realize that today is your day to get over your hangover/try not to die/try to be a normal human being again, you hate that tomorrow is Monday. You don’t feel like you’re going to be ready to enter the real world once again. After all, this is a really rough hangover. It’s your worst one ever, remember? Because every hangover is the worst one ever. That’s just the way that it goes and it’s pretty much the law of hangovers. All you can do is try not to feel too sorry for yourself and try your best to make the most of your day off. Think watching as much Netflix as you can possibly handle, eating some junk food to cheer yourself up, and trying to forget that tomorrow exists. Okay, so you won’t be able to forget that Monday is fast approaching, but you can try, and sometimes it’s the effort that counts the most of all.

2. You Wish You Had Cut Yourself Off


There’s always a point during any night out when you think that you should stop drinking. This is different for everyone since you have a different tolerance level from the next person. Maybe you can deal with two cocktails but beyond that, you’re a goner, but your BFF can drink as much beer as she wants and seems fine (well, at least until her hangover the next day). But sometimes, you decide to just have one or two drinks too many and you go beyond your usual limit. You’re not even sure why you do this. Sometimes you just feel like living in the moment and having more fun. You always regret it the next day, though, especially when you open your eyes and realize just how bad your hangover really is. Next time you’ll stick to a one to two drink limit. You really will. Okay, fine, you won’t. But you can pretend.

1. You Have To Stay Inside


You can’t even with the whole sunlight thing when you have a bad hangover. In fact, you can’t even go outside at all. This is especially true when it’s the dead of winter and it’s usually too cold to go out anyway. When you’re hungover, you’re definitely not going out there so you can be hit in the face with freezing cold air and so you can try to walk through the snow. Snow is the worst since it makes a short walk to your local Starbucks like wrecking through the country even though you live in the middle of a huge city. It’s pretty ridiculous. So naturally, you have to stay inside when you have a hangover. It’s not even your fault. It’s just what’s going down. But as long as you have a hangover survival kit, you’re all good. That means water, coffee, Netflix, and some junk food. Because you have to eat junk food. It’s just part of the whole hangover deal.

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