15 Memes That Perfectly Describe What Living Alone Is Like

Living alone is one of the most exciting, important steps for a person to take in their life. It's a rite of passage, really. Half of the population is terrified of moving out because they know they are leaving the comfort of their parents home. The other half is expecting a paradise of parties, drinking, and dating. When you look up articles on "what it's like to live alone," you get back very few articles and they all paint a pretty nice picture.

Perhaps you have been considering living alone for some time now but are nervous about the reality of it. Well, there are some obvious things to consider like who is paying for you, when are bills due, am I working and/or going to school, etc. But, there are some non-obvious things to consider as well like who do you trust to know where you live, what if you need to fix something, or what if your car breaks down and you have no vehicle? Living alone is an extremely valuable experience for a person to have, and should not be overlooked because of a few potential mishaps. That being said, it is important to go into with the right mindset and expectations. Luckily, we have accumulated 15 of the best memes that accurately describe what it's like to live alone.

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15 You Become Paranoid

It is almost a guarantee that every person that lives alone has the neighborhood watch or apartment security's number taped to their fridge. Nobody ever accounts for how every noise, car, or a person walking makes you completely paranoid when you live alone. Suddenly you begin noticing how often people on your street leave their house, how your apartment creaks even when you are not moving, and memorize the exact noise of the furnace turning on and off just to ensure that nothing sketchy is going on. It is like all of a sudden you become hyper aware of all the things going on around you. Even if you are not someone who is normally afraid, there is something about when you move into your own place, you become a child who is afraid of everything. Don't even get us started on when you live alone and you have to take your very first shower. It's like a million things go through your mind about all the crazy things that could happen.

14 You Realize How Awful You Cook (And You Start To Starve)

One of the hardest thing about living alone has to be learning how to feed yourself. When you first move out you will scour for every family dinner, night out, or dinner party just so you can sustain your body. At some point, however, you will have to find other ways of obtaining food. You will start at the grocery store, pick up a few items, and head home ready to make a meal just like your childhood. Except, that never happens... The meals NEVER turn out as you hope, and certainly never as good as you remember. So, keep in mind that you may need to reach for a man that knows how to cook, or that you may need to learn what it is like to dine out alone (more on that later) just so you can put some food in your stomach. Or maybe run back to mom and dad?

13 You Realize You Have To Fix Everything Yourself

Things like hanging up high pictures have never been so hard. Having to fix things is probably not the first thing you think of when you think about moving out...So let us be the first to tell you that it is important to have at least some idea how to repair things around your home because nobody else is there to do it. And you can't just call someone who can fix it for you because if you keep spending your money on that you won't even have enough for rent. You may be one of the lucky few who has someone in their life that knows how to do handyman things, but for those of you who don't, make sure you turn google into your best do-it-yourself friend. It is also important to have a small tool box with the basic tools to fix...Even if you're pretty sure you have no idea how to use most of them.

12 You Can Look Ugly (And Love It)

There is nothing like coming home, ripping off your work clothes, and heading straight for the rattiest, most comfortable outfit in your closet... And not being self-conscious about it. We all have those favorite, ugly, would-never-admit-to-owning clothes that we absolutely ADORE wearing. Some, however, prefer their birthday suit-- which is totally okay in your own place! There is something so liberating about having something completely to yourself and being able to utilize however you want. In this case, you have your own place to look as good (or as bad) as you want in. You may want to be cautious in case of surprise visits (especially when you first move in), but 99% of the time you are safe to enjoy yourself in whatever you please. Whatever the preference, one thing remains true... Living alone, you no longer have to worry about someone snapping a picture of you in your worst hour.

11 Your Dating Life Gets A Lot Of Attention

Around the time you start living alone and getting on your feet, you will likely see everyone else your age moving in with their boyfriends and settling down. You may think that is crazy, but ask anyone in their twenties what everyone on their Facebook is doing. They will say, "Moving in, getting married, or having kids." And as much as you do not let it bother you... It totally gets in your head. When you are living alone you start to realize how alone you really are, and you decide you need more...Insert online dating. Now, most of us are familiar with crazy online dating stories, but nobody ever talks about why they keep trying it. Your dating life, or lack thereof, gets so much attention when you live alone that you can't help but keep trying-- especially when everyone else is settling down. Now not only do you have to worry about everything else, but dating is another thing.

10 Your Wallet Will Never Look The Same

We all start out with some idealistic expectation of what our will bills be versus what our income is and expect it to always be like that. Unfortunately, it hardly every happens that way. You can never really plan for everything in life, which is the toughest thing to realize. While you can plan your major bills, nobody tells you about unexpected bills like set-up costs, car mechanics, phone replacements, etc. Sometimes it pans out alright, but often companies like to stick extra little charges on you in hopes that you will not notice or will not bother appealing it. That is what makes this meme so funny. It always seems like billing companies gang up on you at the same time and you are left on the ground being trampled on... OK, that might be a little dramatic. But one thing stays true throughout adulthood. Bills will never, ever go away. If only they would, though, what a miracle that would be!

9 You Always Have To Have A Good Backup Plan

The thing about cars is that they break down. Cars don't care how much it inconveniences you. They get stuck in snow, their batteries die, they run out of gas and they leave you completely screwed. And the thing about living alone is that you need a car to get to-and-from places. So, unless you perfectly plan where you live, have two cars, or can afford a rental, you always have to have planned for when s*** hits the fan. We recommend that you take exceptional care of your vehicle so as to avoid as many breakdowns as possible, but we cannot guarantee that you will always be in the clear. Of course, AAA is great, but they are not known for their expedited services. Also, what are you going to while your car is getting fixed? How are you going to travel places? This is where those dramatic, never-going-to-need backup plans come in handy...Because you WILL need them one day.

8 You Do Public Things Alone (Including Eating)

This has to be one of the most accurate memes about living alone out there. The thing about living alone is that you have to learn how to do everything alone. You may be able to rope your friends into doing things with you from time to time, but in cases of emergencies, you will want to learn how to deal with facing certain things alone. Let us give you a huge tip to help deal with it at first... Bring your laptop everywhere. Just in case you haven't learned to cook yet and you have to go out alone, or you're waiting for a date to show up but don't want everyone to know you might be getting stood up, or whatever the scenario. Having a laptop with you never hurts. There are, of course, some scenarios that if you have to face alone, a laptop won't help. You may want to steer clear of the movies, bars, and shows if you have to go alone. A laptop will not help you in there.

7 Holidays Are Never The Same

Do you remember when you used to ask your mom what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "Don't get me anything, honey," or "I have everything I need"? While we all love gifts, the cold hard truth is that as you get older it becomes harder and harder to decide on things you actually want. When bills are in play and finances seem to run your life, your priorities undertake a huge change. The holidays are more about making things equal, buying food, budgeting for the perfect gifts. Not to say that you don't still love them because they are also about being with family, but you start to see the holidays in a different light. When the holidays are around and you're running around trying to buy gifts for everyone, you desperately just want to ask someone to take a bill off your hands... But obviously, you can't. Hence the sayings like "I don't need anything".

6 Your Dirty Little Habits Start To Thrive

It's true. We all have them... Those little habits that you would never want anyone else to know about. You spend most of your time trying to suppress them so as to not embarrass yourself or disturb other people. But suddenly, you live alone. And BAM. Your little habits come out, and often you pick up a few more just because you can. We all hope for useful habits like cleaning when we're stressed... Unfortunately, they usually come out to be dirty habits like binge eating, drinking, or picking at our split ends... Not good. Of course, this could be a good thing also. Living alone allows to spend more time with yourself and become aware of your habits. As you become more in tune with yourself you can start making the changes that you may need. This goes beyond just your daily habits, this could also include time to reflect on personal relationships and time to set goals for your future.

5 You Face Most Things Alone

OK, we know we've mentioned that living alone means doing things alone. But what about the fact that every problem that comes up is yours and yours alone? You have to deal with every problem on your own, there is no more "shared" workload... It all lands on you. Not to mention that there is no longer anyone else that can relate to your particular situation. Living with other people allows you to share workloads and rely on each other and makes it particularly for people to relate and empathize with you. The more often you see someone, the more likely it is that they will understand you and your situation. This type of connection can take a hit when you start living alone. This meme is particularly accurate because you also have to worry about things like safety and you have to account for yourself... It's always good to tell someone if you are going out on a first date alone, or doing something out of the ordinary, just to be cautious.

4 Netflix Becomes Your Best Friend

It starts out as relaxing time, then turns to dinner and a movie, and suddenly Netflix is always streaming in your house. Sometimes it is nice to turn on a show after a long day at work and relax. But you know that one episode of your favorite show can quickly turn to 5 episodes-- especially with the automatic playing. It is easy to get lost in a habit like Netflix even when you need to be studying or working because, of course, you are only accountable to yourself. Nobody else is going to make sure you are getting things done. At hoe your parents probably took note of your lazy habit, but now they can't see what it is you do. What's more? You become so accustomed to Netflix that you turn it on right with you enter the house, even when you are not watching it. Netflix starts to keep you company while you go about your daily life... It becomes your best friend.

3 You're Stuck Drinking Alone

You can't always rely on your friends to be available to come over every time you want to have a few beers. Needless to say, it is never as much fun drinking alone as it is with a bunch of your girlfriends and your favorite dance music. Not to mention the huge social taboo about drinking alone... It is a total no-n0. Under the wrong circumstances, drinking alone can be a slippery slope. Of course, you cannot be expected to give up wine altogether when you are living alone (after all, it's probably when you need it the most), but you may need to adopt a few precautions to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand. Plus, nobody will be there to make sure you don’t drunk dial your ex and ask him to come over “like old times”. So beware, drinking is just another thing to think about when living alone.

2 Hosting Parties Are Way More Work Than You Thought

Let us just take a moment and appreciate everything about this meme because there is nothing more true than this. Do you remember when you were younger one of the first things you thought of when you thought about living alone is not having any rules and being able to throw parties whenever you wanted? Well, I think anyone who has ever thrown a party would agree... It is sooo much work. Beforehand, you have to invite everyone, clean, put up decorations, and buy alcohol or party favors. During the festivities, you have to host, be the life of the party, and monitor everyone. And after you have to make sure people has a designated driver, kick everyone out, and clean up. The hardest part is getting people to leave after the party is over, which is why this sign would be so useful, it basically speaks for you.

1 You Talk To Yourself... A LOT

Almost everyone talks to themselves from time to time. Sometimes it is to walk yourself through a difficult task, sometimes you are doing self-affirmations, or maybe you are practicing a speech aloud. These are all relatively "normal" times to talk to yourself... What about when you are upset and have nobody else to talk to? Or when you are just talking to be talking for no apparent reason? Or when you are rehearsing how you imagine a conversation will go with someone? Are these times still "normal"? Well, brace yourself. When you live alone you will find yourself talking aloud to yourself about everything, for no reason, at all times. It is not helping you, you are not getting objective feedback, and you are certainly not communicating with the other half of your imaginary conversation. It is pointless. But somehow you still find yourself talking to yourself-- a lot...it just means you're really creative, right?

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