15 Memes About Work That Are Everything

It’s super possible that going to work is the worst part of your life. For many people, your daily commute is an hour of torture, your boss is an evil villain and breakfast on Monday morning is pretty much the same as the last meal for an inmate on Death Row. A few lucky individuals may work in passion-filled jobs that they can’t wait to get to in the morning... but that probably isn’t the majority. Whether it’s because you’re starting at the bottom to get where you want to be or simply don’t know what job you would actually want to have, you're most likely not in your dream job. It's inevitable that for most of us, we're going to have a job that really sucks and that we really hate at one point or another. The only thing that makes work even remotely bearable? That would be laughing at our miserable work lives. Here are 15 memes about work that we can totally relate to.

15 Friends Leaving Early

If the friends you’ve made through work are good enough, you might actually find yourself excited to go to the office because that means that you get to see them, catch up on everything and suffer together. The problem, though, is that when you’re working together, everything is good. But as soon as you aren’t working the same shift or one of you leaves early, your heart breaks a little bit. It sounds silly, but you actually rely on your buddies to help you stay calm and mildly enjoy the shift, so as soon as that source of support is removed, it’s like a huge slap in the face. There might be nothing worse than getting to work and learning that your best work friend called in sick. Some bosses, particularly in a retail environment, might even purposely roster you on separate days, just to suck out the last lingering sense of happiness you have at work!

14 Horrible Coworkers

The worst part about being friendless in the work environment is that it’s likely you’ll be surrounded with coworkers with whom you don’t see eye to eye. There’s bound to be differences of opinion from time to time with so many people in the one place, and well, this meme accurately depicts how we feel about some of the people we work with. Working with coworkers who are incompetent is totally frustrating, because who gets left cleaning up after their screw-ups? That’s right! You do. Sometimes coworkers can be really good at the job to the point where they’re better than you, which is equally as annoying. Working with people that drive you nuts is more aggravating than it looks, because the fact that you’ll have to see them every day for however long you both work there means that you often can’t get things off your chest without months of awkwardness.

13 Working On A Resume At Work

We’ve all done this, haven’t we? The boss wouldn’t be too impressed if they caught their employees literally getting paid to prepare their eventual escape from the job, but that probably doesn’t stop you! The good thing about office jobs (especially spaces where the computer screen faces away from the door so nobody can creep up on you!) is that access to the computer allows you to sneakily do shady stuff like this. It’s morally really bad, and yes, we’ve probably earned ourselves a lot of negative karma by doing it, but the temptation is sometimes too strong. Particularly when you’ve had a terrible day, your manager has screamed at you for something beyond your control, a client has belittled you for no reason and your coworkers are being annoying AF, nothing is more satisfying than working on your resume and solidifying your plans to get the heck out of there!

12 Time Passes Slowly

This one is so relevant for the boring jobs we just take to get ourselves through college. Time seems to slow right down at work, meanwhile the period from five o’clock to seven the next morning speeds by like it’s been powered by a rocket! This might not apply to everyone, and if you’ve got a busy, stressful job packed with deadlines and people tapping on your shoulder to get more things done, time might pass scarily fast for you at work. Even with the added stress though, we feel like we’d rather be busy and see the end of the day quicker, then have nothing to do in a slow retail environment and believe that time is actually moving backward. Some common tricks we’ve probably all tried to speed up time at work include taking lunch breaks as late as possible to shorten the afternoon and avoiding the clock.

11 Sick Days

Sick days themselves are everything. And look, as morbid as it sounds, sometimes work can make us feel as though we wish we could freaking call in dead! But then, of course, we reassess our priorities and get to work like good girls. Using up all your sick days is something that many of us grapple with. A part of you does want to save the sick days for when you’re really sick, but the other part of you can’t fathom attending a Sunday shift when you’re this hungover. It’s a situation that involves trading short-term pleasure for long-term pain, and many of us just can’t help ourselves! There is also nothing scarier than ringing your boss to call in sick (especially on a Sunday morning). Even if you are legitimately sick, you still feel guilty and put on a croaky voice which sounds fake. Just pray it goes to voicemail.

10 Work From Home

Those of us who work from home know this meme all too well! Business owners, freelancers, and anybody else who earns money from the comfort of their own houses are probably the object of jealousy from friends who have to travel to the other side of town, but like anything, it comes with its set of problems! Firstly, working hard all day and then being judged by friends and family who don’t believe you work as hard as them totally sucks. Even if you get up at six in the morning to fit in all your work before dinner time, people will still think you sleep in and stay in your PJs all day. There are tax benefits, but that isn’t exactly the motivating factor for working at home! Basically, pros and cons aside, working from home is just work, made more difficult by the baby you’re bouncing on your knee.

9 The Weekend

Sorry shop assistants, hospitality staff, nurses and anybody else who works on the weekend; this one isn’t for you! But for many people, the weekend is the high point of the week. After working for five days straight, getting up early for five mornings in a row and spending five days stuck in a routine that you’re dying to get some distance from, Saturday and Sunday are blessings from above! And even if you’re a hardworking, conscientious employee, chances are that between Friday night and Sunday night, you couldn’t care less about work problems! This is your golden time to worry about everything else in your life, including friends, family, romance, and fun and paperwork issues from the office just don’t make the cut when it comes to things you reserve thought space for. Don’t feel bad, because you need to be well-rested and rejuvenated before you can return on Monday morning.

8 Being An Intern

Ah, the joys of being an intern! Some interning positions are great, and you end up working with people who truly respect you. Sadly, most some interning positions aren’t nearly so great, and come with a plethora of issues including being totally taken advantage of and exploited. As this meme brilliantly illustrates for us, being an intern comes with a whole bunch of annoying preconceptions that everyone in your life will make. Your parents will be wildly proud of you, which is actually not the best thing when you secretly hate your job. It’s possible that your college professors and your boss will think you’re lazy and incapable if you can’t keep up with all the work, society might think that you’re a little too keen to get ahead, and even though you might feel like you’re finally getting somewhere and making a difference, you’ll probably only be getting coffee.

7 Late To Work

This one is spot on! Even though we set our alarms and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, sometimes the urge to sleep in is just too strong. That doesn’t mean that we miss out on going to work though, but rather the whole getting-ready scenario is rushed AF! Welcome to Stressville! It’s happened to all of us at some point. We’ve thought it was a fantastic idea to stay in bed an extra half hour, and then paid for it by having to shovel a boring breakfast into our mouths as we pull on an outfit that doesn’t match, and then try to brush our teeth and wash our faces at the same time before we throw our hair into a half-assed ponytail with zero volume and then nearly have an accident as we speed to work. Fun times, guys. The meme accurately depicts the end result, and while you might not laugh too much because it's so realistic, at least you can relate.

6 Relentless Bosses

Bosses like this are all too common! As we’ve mentioned, every now and then there is actually a good reason for why we can’t show up to work. According to many bosses, however, there is never a good enough reason. You know those conversations where you ring your boss to tell them that you have to rush someone to the hospital and they just say, “And?” Or when they ask if you can work a particular shift and you tell them no because you have your own wedding that day, and they tip their head at you in confusion. It seriously seems like some of them would have you work through sickness, special events, and even freaking snow storms! It’s always best to boldly state that because your car has been snowed in and you’re isolated, you won’t be able to work. It seems obvious to us, but it isn’t to them!

5 Customers Coming Late

Is this not the part of your job that you dread the most?! There is nothing more annoying than finally reaching the end of your shift (which feels like it took an entire decade to arrive) and then having to stay overtime because oblivious customers or clients stroll in at the last minute. It’s not really their fault, they’re probably just super hungry and they don't realize that the kitchen is supposed to be closing in seven minutes. But still, you hate them with a passion. In retail situations, the manager often won’t close the door if there are still late customers wandering around the shop. Then it’s like the chain reaction from hell because more oblivious shoppers see the open doors and amble in without a care in the world. Even if you tell them you’re closed, they say they need to look at one little thing that ends up extending your shift by half an hour.

4 Forgetting People’s Names

This is going to sound horrible, but the truth is that unless your job is totally important to you (which might not be true if you're just trying to pay off your student loans or pay your rent), it’s kind of difficult to act like you really care about it. Especially if you’re not good with names in the real world, it’s often so much harder to remember the names of people you meet at work. Again, this might be because the whole job isn’t that important to you. It could also be because you meet so many people at work that it seems impossible to remember all their names off the top of your head! Or because you’re so busy as it is, there’s no room in your brain to store minor details like names. At this point, you need assistants to remind you, like Miranda has in The Devil Wears Prada. But you don't really want that since it's kind of harsh.

3 Rude Customers

Ugh! Wherever you work, your superiors more than likely require you to treat customers and clients, and the general public, with the utmost respect at all times. This isn’t a problem when the customers and clients are genuinely nice people because hey, most of us would go out of our way for polite customers! Unfortunately, as we all know, customers and clients are not always nice people. Some of them know that you’re required to be cool with them no matter what, and are actually rude to you on purpose. It’s some kind of twisted power complex they have, trust us. They probably wouldn’t say half the crap they do if they knew you could answer them back without getting fired! Other customers are just jerks who don’t think of you as a person because you’re working and don’t feel they need to respond to you. What can we say? Some people are weird.

2 Employer Demands

Ha! This meme highlights just one of the common, insane and totally unfair demands employers put on their employees. As millennials, we know what it’s like to try and get our foot in the door of a new industry. It’s tough, especially when you’ve just finished school or college. Sometimes we have a look through the job requirements of junior roles and upon seeing that we need to have at least five years’ experience in a similar role, are actually tempted to ring up and ask if they’re being serious. As if there aren’t enough hurdles young job hunters have to face! Even after you get the job, it can feel like employers saddle you with so many unreasonable demands that you just have to suck it up and deliver if you want to keep the job. If it makes you feel any better, we believe you can do it, even though it's definitely hard sometimes!

1 Leaving Work On Friday

This meme says it all. Whatever issues you’re dealing with at work, this is universally true! When you walk out of work on a Friday, you feel totally on top of the world. If you do work on the weekends, this is still true for you, just not on a Friday. Whenever you walk out of work and don’t have to come back for a while, even if it’s just two days, you seriously may as well be flying! Even if you do love your job, it’s still nice to have no obligations for a few days. As you walk out, you’re leaving behind work stress, annoying coworkers and relentless, demanding bosses. The only thing that can possibly top it is quitting for good. Of course, as good as it feels to leave is, you're going to feel equally as bad to return on Monday morning. But hey, let's not dwell on the negatives... For now, it's Friday, and life is good.

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