15You Never Go On Second Dates

It's a sad reality of modern life but second dates are super rare. In today's dating culture, you go on first dates. That means that you go on a lot of first dates. You go on so many that are awful or just plain old forgettable that you can't

even deal with it. Sometimes you even have to force yourself to forget about them so you don't become completely miserable. This is why going on a good first date that makes you actually hopeful is really awesome and even kind of life-changing. It changes your whole perspective on dating and makes you wonder if going on a second date is even possible. Seriously, if you go on a second date, then congrats. You totally get a medal. Sometimes it takes way too long to even go on a second date, so this meme is definitely on point, and you can definitely relate to it (probably more than you want to).

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