15 Memes About First Dates That Are Accurate AF

First dates. Two small words. Such a big deal. Sometimes when you're in a serious relationship, you realize that you didn't even technically go on a first date. Maybe you met your awesome boyfriend in a college class or through friends or even at work. So that would mean that you guys just hung out a lot, go to know each other in a low-stress situation, and then decided to give that whole romance thing a try. That's literally the exact opposite of a typical, traditional first date. It's actually so different that it probably makes you laugh. From awkward silences to wondering if you can text your BFF in the bathroom without insulting the guy, you deal with so many creepy and confusing and fun and boring things on a first date, it pretty much blows your mind. First dates are definitely not the easiest things in the world to survive and if you're single and dating, you're basically a hero.

Here are 15 memes about first dates that are accurate AF.

15 You Never Go On Second Dates

It's a sad reality of modern life but second dates are super rare. In today's dating culture, you go on first dates. That means that you go on a lot of first dates. You go on so many that are awful or just plain old forgettable that you can't even deal with it. Sometimes you even have to force yourself to forget about them so you don't become completely miserable. This is why going on a good first date that makes you actually hopeful is really awesome and even kind of life-changing. It changes your whole perspective on dating and makes you wonder if going on a second date is even possible. Seriously, if you go on a second date, then congrats. You totally get a medal. Sometimes it takes way too long to even go on a second date, so this meme is definitely on point, and you can definitely relate to it (probably more than you want to).

14 You Are Careful About What You Eat

Maybe you're a super cool girl and you order whatever you want on a first date. A double bacon cheeseburger with fries? Sure. Messy and saucy chicken wings? Why not. An entire pizza just for yourself? Of course. But the truth is, you probably subscribe to the super old-school idea that on a first date, you don't eat anything. Or you eat salad. Maybe you just go for coffee or drinks so food isn't even a thing and doesn't even factor into the whole first date equation and then the decision is already made for you. But you and your friends probably don't think that first dates equal eating super messy food that is essentially junk food. Hey, you're still a feminist. You just aren't comfortable with possibly getting food all over yourself because you're kind of a klutz and this would definitely happen to you on a first date.

13 You Sometimes Get Ahead Of Yourself

You totally know that it's a really bad idea to think about marrying someone and having kids with them on the first date. That's basically the kiss of death, right? How many times does this actually work out? Basically never. But sometimes, you get ahead of yourself and you think that the guy sitting across from you would totally be a great dad. You can't help it. It's hard to meet someone that you connect with and think is really awesome, and if you finally do, then your brain is going to be working in overtime. That's just the way that it goes and your friends all do this too. It's not like you should never think about the future. It's just that the first date is a bit soon. But hey, who knows, maybe next time you think about this, you're going to be totally right and you're going to marry this guy and have his babies. Stranger things have happened, right?

12 You Need To Laugh

Finding a funny guy is like the holy grail in the world of dating. It's the best thing ever and if you find someone like this, you need to never, ever let them go. It's super awesome when you go on a first date realize that this guy can make you laugh. You want to scream and jump up and down and dance, you're so excited. Think about how many bad first dates you've gone on where you can't even laugh at all. Sometimes it's so awful you can barely even smile because this person is just so boring. He's like the very definition of boring. Or other times, the guys make such bad jokes, you can't even handle it and you feel like they're crazy if they think that they're funny because they are so unfunny it's ridiculous. Your BFFs totally go through this too and it's just the worst. But definitely hang onto your funny guy. He's worth keeping around.

11 You Wish You Were At Home

Oh man, the feeling that you should be at home watching TV because your first date sucks so much. Now that's something that you can relate to. You have felt this so many times, you can't even count. You're pretty torn on this. You don't want to be someone who hates dating and who thinks that there is absolutely no point. You do want to fall in love someday -- you're not a monster. So sometimes, you agree to go on dates and you just get yourself out there and you don't complain. You can watch TV the next night, after all, and it's just one evening out of your life. You don't have to see the person again if you don't like them or if they're awful. But then again, you have given up a lot of evenings for people that you end up hating and never wanting to see again, and that's just something that you have to deal with.

10 First Dates Are Super Awkward

First dates are known for being awkward. If they weren't, then you would love everyone that you went on a first date with and you would have had about a million boyfriends by now. Of course, that hasn't happened to you. Because it hasn't happened to anyone. And it's just not possible. This is why you hate going on dates. And this is also why when you have a good date, you are so excited you can't even deal with it and you just have to tell your friends ASAP. First dates can be the worst thing ever because you want to meet someone that you like and you want to have fun, but sometimes the other person makes that impossible. They barely talk, they don't laugh at your jokes (and you know that you're funny), and they just make the evening really awkward and awful. You just want to go home.

9 You're Confident

Hey, you don't know why you're single. You think that you would make the best girlfriend ever and you really believe that you're truly awesome. You don't think that you should really admit this because you're not supposed to seem conceited. But you're not actually conceited. You're just being totally honest about how confident and secure you are. Because you enjoy who you are and you're proud of the life that you're living, that bodes really well for your love life. You're not going to settle for a loser that makes you feel bad about yourself because you would never do that. You don't need to rely on a guy to cheer you up or make you feel great because you already do those things for yourself, which is a really healthy way to be. But if a guy could realize how great you are sometime soon, that would be much better.

8 You Try Not To Check Your Phone

You're not perfect. Sometimes, despite your best instincts, you check your phone on a first date. You have to text a friend about plans that you're in the middle of making or you mess up and check Instagram without meaning to. It's like a way of life for you now, so it's not your fault and you really can't even help it. But most of the time, you don't check your phone and you leave it safely in your purse where it belongs. You're always really proud of yourself and you know that the guy definitely appreciates having your full attention since you're trying to get to know him and you want to actually have a real conversation. But the thing is that this totally goes both ways. You hate when guys use phones on the first date and you feel like it's just super rude and disrespectful. Don't they have any manners at all?!

7 You Can't Get Serious With Just Anyone

When Lorelai Gilmore says that relationships are hard, you totally relate and you totally agree. You never want to settle. It's something that you promised a long time ago that you would never do. You've seen way too many people settle, whether they were best friends of yours or a relative or even just a friend of a friend. You don't even understand that because you're going to be miserable, so you might as well be happy and single. Seems pretty simple to figure out to you. When you go on a first date, you always walk into the bar or restaurant or coffee shop with the idea that life is hard and relationships are hard. So you can't get serious with just anyone. You have to feel something for the other person and you have to think that being in a relationship would be worth the tough times and the ups and downs.

6 You're Never In The Mood

You love this meme because a.) it's totally true and b.) it's North West. She is just the coolest. You want to be best friends with her and in your mind, you already are. You feel like she just gets things and she's just the most brilliant person ever. You love this meme since you don't always want to go on a first date. Okay, okay, so that's a lie. You pretty much never want to go on a  first date. It doesn't matter who you're going out with, how you met them, or how excited you are about meeting them or spending more time with them. You just hate first dates in general because you have had such a rough history with them. It can be hard to approach the situation as a brand new thing and not put all your crap on it. It can be tough to not think that this person is going to treat you as badly as others have in the past. That's not fair to them, of course, but hey, you've been hurt and you're vulnerable.

5 You Hate Talking About Crazy People


You can't even believe the number of people who have told you that it's great that you're obviously not crazy. You're like... um, what?! What are you supposed to say to that? First of all, you are kind of crazy because everyone is (and yes, that totally includes guys). Second of all, no one should call women crazy because that's rude, unfair, sexist, and just ridiculous. But you don't love being told that you're normal because it really just puts a lot of pressure on you to be, well, normal. You know that you're not even close to normal. You're a special person and you just can't handle being told that you're an ordinary kind of person. To you, being normal is the worst thing ever. It's boring and it's uncool and it's not something that you want to be. So to all the people out there that say you're cool because you're normal, you're going to argue with them.

4 You Go On A Date Just To Leave Your Apartment

Hey, you're not saying that this is a good idea. You're not saying that it's a bad idea, either. It's just something that you do. Sometimes, you want to get out of your apartment and get some food so you go on a first date. It's not like you pick random people that you would never in your right mind date. You are interested in them. You just really, really want some food and you think that going on a date is a good way to a.) get food and b.) meet someone new. It works for you and you think it's a brilliant idea. Some people think that you should never, ever go on a dinner date for a first date because it can last longer than just grabbing a quick coffee or a drink. If you hate the person, you're going to have to wait for your bill to arrive, then order it, then pay, and it's going to take a really long time. But you don't care. Because you get food. And it's all good.

3 You Don't Shave Your Legs

Look, you've done the whole taking three hours to get ready for a first date thing. Well, at least you did that when you were young and naive and innocent. Now you're older and you know better. You know that the majority of first dates totally suck. They make you question everything about yourself and life and they are not worth spending that much time on your hair, makeup, and clothes. It's not that you leave the house looking like a slob. You still put some work into your appearance. You want to look good. You just don't want to waste your time in case it's not worth it in the end. So you definitely don't shave your legs. Hey, as long as it's winter and you're wearing jeans or leggings, who's going to know? It's not like you're going back to his place after a first date. You want to be safer than that (in more ways than one). So you're just not going there.

2 First Dates Vs. Hang-Outs

There are those times when you know you are on an official first date. And then there are the times that Charlotte is talking about on SATC: when you don't think it's a date at all. When you just hang out with the person because, as she says, you don't really make as much of an effort appearance-wise as you normally would. After all, if you're being cool and casual, then it can't possibly be a date. But sometimes those non-dates actually are dates and sometimes they are even better than official dates. Yes, your brain is hurting just thinking about this and yes, it's pretty confusing and complicated. But that's the dating world for you. They don't call it a game for nothing. That's why you're not into dating: you don't even know what any situation is and you can never even figure out what's going on.

1 You're Tired AF

You totally agree with Charlotte on SATC. At this point, if you're still single, you've been dating for a while. And that means you've been on a lot of first dates at this point. You've dated every kind of guy, you've learned lessons, you've made mistakes, you've made up your mind, and you have honestly figured out who you want to be with. So come on, where is your dream guy? Or even your realistic guy? You don't think that meeting someone that you could potentially date should be as tricky and ridiculous as it is these days. It's like the universe is out to get you or something and doesn't believe that you should have a boyfriend. No, you don't think that's too dramatic. It's honestly the way that you feel. You can definitely relate to all these memes about first dates because let's be real here, dating sucks and first dates are even worse. But you keep going on them because you're a glutton for punishment. Or you want to find love. One of the two.

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