12You Hate Online Dating

There isn't a person out there who doesn't totally loathe online dating. If you love online dating, you're crazy or lying or both. Probably both. Sure, you might have times when you like the convenience and how easy it is, and how you have access to tons

of people around your age range who live in your city or town. If you never meet people in your normal life, then this is pretty much the best thing ever since you want to date and you don't want to sit at home alone all the time. This meme is amazing because it proves that once you start online dating, you wish you could meet someone in person. You know, the old-school way. The way that doesn't seem to happen anymore. You also know that online dating is only the first step and that you have to actually leave your house and meet people in person on a regular basis. Otherwise, you're not dating, you're basically just sitting at home and pretending.

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