13You Don't Know Why You're Single

You love this meme because you can totally and completely relate to it. You really don't know why you're still single. You really do think that you're a cool person. After all, it's not like you're some total loser who can't function in society. You have friends

that you love and always try to be there for. You have a great family who you love spending time with. You have a career that gives you tons of happiness and satisfaction, you have a real personality, you're funny, and you have a ton of quirks that make you who you are. So when people ask you why you don't have a boyfriend, you pretty much want to copy this young girl's pose and throw your hands up, shrugging. You really don't think there is anything wrong with you and that there is a real reason why you're still on your own. It's just a sad fact of your life that will hopefully change for the better as soon as possible. That's what you keep telling yourself, at least.

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