15 Memes About Being A Woman That Are Painfully True

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15 Memes About Being A Woman That Are Painfully True

Being a woman can be a complicated ordeal… especially when men always say we’re impossible to understand. Ugh. We’re honestly not but many guys tend to refuse to learn what we love and hate. We have a lot of unique experiences as females that a lot of guys might find kind of surprising, but we all know that they are painfully true. That could be double standards, the plight of trying to hold onto bobby pins or strange daily events that we endure. How many of these memes can you relate to? We would say pretty much all of them. If there’s one thing that us ladies have in common, it’s that we’re all seriously loving the joy that memes are bringing to our lives. But be warned: some of these might be surprisingly real. Here are 15 memes about being a woman that are painfully true, and we know all you women totally relate.

15. Our Moods


When we get emotional or our mood turns around super fast, it can be a struggle to get out of our funk. If you really know a woman, however, you might know exactly what we need to feel better. When somebody says “I love you” (especially when it’s our boyfriends), it can cheer us up almost instantly. Well, if they have good intentions and are being super sweet about it. If there is no boyfriend in sight, one of your friends better find you a sale because there’s nothing like some retail therapy to take your mind off anything. If you’re onto your last resort, there is something that can literally take your mind off anything and that’s wine. A bottle is what the doctor calls for (okay, not really but you’re going to pretend). All women know how painfully true it is that it’s hard to get us out of our moods, but there are a few things that will immediately do the trick.

14. Not Going To Let It Go


While there are a lot of situations where women might let something go whether someone wronged us or is being disrespectful there are a lot of situations where we don’t. Both are totally okay. Women are tired of hearing “Oh, just let it go”, especially when the situation is about men. This is a public service announcement to say that, hello, women shouldn’t have to let things go if they’re upset. How we want to handle our life and personal situations is totally up to us, and women understand the need to make decisions free of judgmental opinions. If a man is a jerk to us, we shouldn’t let it go. Tell him he’s being rude so he doesn’t do it to other girls. The same goes if we have a nasty friend or somebody stepping on our toes. We should always tell them they’re in the wrong, and then let it go. Or don’t. We should be us at the end of the day.

13. Bobby Pins


Oh, the eternal curse of bobby pins. Where the heck do they go? You can honestly say that you’ve literally owned at least a million. And no, that’s not an exaggeration. Every woman knows the struggle of always needing a bobby pin when none can be found, and it’s pretty difficult to understand how that’s even possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a cute, short bob with bangs, or luscious, long flowing hair that reaches your waist. You need bobby pins, but you can never find them and you never seem to have them on hand when you need them. They can appear in the most random places that you would never even think to look. Your life depends on those five bobby pins that have stayed loyal to you. But you can never take your eyes off them. How long does a new pack of bobby pins last you? Maybe a week. It’s a struggle that all women have that is painfully true.

12. Old Jeans


You’re always filled with intrigue when you find that old pair of jeans in your closet that you haven’t seen in what feels like a century. Do they still fit? There’s nothing like the feeling of trying them on and realizing they’re too big for you, especially when you wore them all the way back in high school. Even if they’re a little tight, it still feels like an accomplishment. If they don’t fit? They shrunk in the drawer. Yes. That’s what you’re going with. And who cares. You don’t need them when they’re not even fashionable anymore. Besides, even if you have put on a few pounds, that should be as equally celebrated as losing a few. This is definitely the true test of weight loss or weight gain, and every woman knows they’ve used their clothes as a scale. Who knows, maybe they’ll become your favorite pair of jeans again, just like they were all those years ago.

11. Brain Cells


It can really feel like you’re surrounded by idiots sometimes, and if you could say this to people’s face without being thought of as totally rude, you would. You might feel this way about some coworkers, or maybe even your beloved boyfriend sometimes, but it can be seriously frustrating when someone isn’t using their full brain capacity. You love your boyfriend too much to say this, but oh how you want to. If you’re at work, then, of course, the fear of being fired is holding you back. Maybe you even have a particularly annoying friend whose brain really needs a jump start. While women do tend to be more emotional and intuitive than men, this leads to the excruciating pain you feel when a man just simply isn’t thinking. Don’t you just want to scream sometimes? It’s painfully true that women really want to say this sometimes, and it can be hard to hold back.

10. Shopping Spree


You can never have enough of any of these. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, any kind of accessory. Who hasn’t had dreams of going on thousand dollar shopping sprees? It is difficult to suppress the urge to shop when you are broke, but when you spot an adorable new dress or a pair of shoes you must have…. well, let’s just say that your bank account knows the drill. It does not matter where your place of business is, whether it is Aritzia, H&M, or the thrift shop. You need some retail therapy after you’ve had a hard day. It can be impossible to tell the difference between needing to shop and only wanting to, but every woman knows the particular anxiety of not having shopped for a while. You need your regular binge to not go crazy. Every woman knows that you can never have enough clothes or any accessory for that matter.

9. High Expectations


Men are very talented at not thinking. Okay, maybe that’s kind of harsh. They aren’t intentionally thoughtless, and there are many times your partner goes out of his way to do something nice for you. However, it’s particularly annoying when you’ve had a long, tough day, and you find that your man has done absolutely nothing to help you around the house. You don’t have to be married or even live together to relate to this annoying AF situation. Being in a relationship with a man is enough to know the struggle of how their brain works. It may take a long-term relationship to notice it but trust in the power of their ability to be unobservant. It’s actually impressive. Every woman understands the struggle of ignoring that their man didn’t do what they asked and focusing on all their other nice things they do. It’s worth it in the end, even if it can be incredibly frustrating. The things women do for love are truly amazing.

8. Plucking Eyebrows


There are a lot of things that are painfully true about being a woman, but this is literally painful. Sure, you get used to grooming your brows over time, but that doesn’t make it any less awful. There’s always the one stubborn hair that won’t come off. If you have extremely thick eyebrows, you know how painful the little hairs are that are close to your eyelids. What’s more painful, plucking or waxing? It’s a matter of picking your poison when it comes to maintaining your female beauty, and we all know how irritating it is when your eyebrows have become bushy and it feels like you just plucked them yesterday. It’s totally worth it because you feel like your life is in order when your eyebrows are perfect, but it’s hard not to wish people were more appreciative of how they look when you go through so much pain for them. Every woman knows the agony of plucking eyebrows.

7. Low Self-Esteem


It can be ironic how self-deprecating woman can be when they’re so incredibly beautiful, but it’s more tragic than anything. Of course, it’s because of the pressure on us to achieve an unreachable standard of beauty, and maybe one day the burden will be gone forever, but it can be ridiculous how hurtful we are towards ourselves considering how stunning we are. Would you talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself? Every woman knows the daily struggle that began when you were a little girl to have self-confidence, and it’s time to look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive. Everybody is beautiful, so why wouldn’t you? It is truly distressing that women don’t love themselves as much as they should, and it definitely should not be such an intense struggle. It’s maybe the biggest thing all women have in common, which is all the more reason to treat each other with more love.

6. Food Love


Ah, the addictive nature of sweets. Or any kind of food for that matter. There is nothing like eating away your feelings, which is why you turn to that bucket of ice cream after a hard day. All women understands this, but eating food that you absolutely love can seriously improve your mood. Especially gummy bears and potato chips. While some women are much better at resisting the urge than others, even the stingiest dieters need their cheat day. Maybe your boyfriend is pushing your buttons, or maybe somebody at work really shoved you over the edge, but there is no issue a little comfort food will not solve. Go out and buy yourself a bag with one thousand gummy bears, because life is too short not to enjoy all the junk food that you possibly can. All women know the fight they endure with their sweet tooth. It’s just so hard.

5. Lost Cookies


How much food has your cleavage saved in your lifetime? Probably at least a whole cookie. The larger your bust is, the safer your food is from hitting the ground if it misses your mouth. There is always the uncomfortable alternative, however, which involves you finding a warm nugget of food that has been nestled between your girls for hours on end. It can be unpleasant sometimes, especially when boob sweat is involved (ugh), but generally it can be fairly exciting when you find an extra morsel of your lunch. It can be a bit embarrassing if somebody else points it out, or if it falls out when you are getting undressed later in the night, but all women are understanding of the struggle since it happens to literally all of us. Our bras do not only hold our melons after all. You could find our phones, wallets, and food in there.

4. Netflix (Enough Said)


There’s nothing like the joyful luxury of knowing you can binge-watch a television show all day. We love when we get to lay on the couch in pajamas with no make-up, it makes us feel totally and completely wonderful. The biggest struggle can be finding what TV show it is we want to watch, especially since we intend on watching one or two seasons in an entire day. Maybe we’ll re-watch Gossip Girl, or we’ll find a different show with a hot hunk, but it can take a couple of hours to really decide on what we want. Every woman looks forward to the days where we can be the epitome of lazy, as we eat one thousand gummy bears and live off of milkshakes. Cooking is out of the question as well on these days. It’s a take-out only day, obviously. It’s guaranteed we’re in the midst of our happy place on our laziest days.

3. Strong Attitude


If you treat a woman like a doormat one too many times, it’s bound to show in her attitude. We’re comfortable in our own skin and know how sweet our personalities are, but when you don’t show the same respect, expect a woman’s attitude to be radically different than it normally would be. If you’re a guy and you’re being met with scalding sarcasm, chances are it’s because you’ve rubbed us the wrong way. It’s a total mistake if you think our attitudes are the same as our personalities, but it’s your loss. Women can totally relate to this because it’s equally as annoying as it is hilarious when that coworker you don’t like actually thinks you have an attitude issue. No, you’re the one with the problem. In truth, all of a woman’s friends know how amazing she is, but they also know to treat her well if they want to avoid a tongue lashing. Attitude and personality are totally unrelated.

2. Phone Love


While it may seem like all women enjoy talking on the phone for hours on end, it’s really only because we really love that person. This is specifically true for men because let’s be real, they kind of suck at talking on the phone. Sorry guys. It needs to be said. If a woman really loves you, because they’re comfortable with you and the two of you totally click on a deeper level, the phone calls are bound to happen. It’s especially true that a woman loves you when they’re in a bad mood and want to talk on the phone. All in all, it’s a subtle declaration of love, whether it’s your boyfriend or your best friend, they should appreciate that you’re dedicating your time to a usually annoying form of communication. Seriously, it’s a huge compliment. If a woman is avoiding your phone calls and doesn’t want to talk, you know you’re in trouble, so enjoy the conversation while it lasts.

1. Real Beauty


This is a lesson that every woman learns at one point in her life or another. No matter how much money you spend on your hair, clothes, or makeup, it’s investing in your personality and identity as a whole that really lasts forever. Have you ever met a grandmother with the sweetest personality? She embodies pure beauty, no matter how old she is, and women should know that that’s what really counts. Nobody wants to be a crotchety old grump, that’s for sure. It’s a beautiful personality that leads to a happy life, and more and more women are realizing this fact as they get older and more mature. It’s the ultimate testament of authenticity, and while it’s fun to be young and beautiful, it’s important to discover what truly matters before it’s too late. This is a lesson that all women will learn, and while there are hundreds of memes women can relate to, this might be the most relevant one.

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