15 Mean Celeb We'd Still Want To Hang Out With

Stars often attract the admiration of people just for the characters that they play in the movies and on TV. But in real life, they can be the total opposite, and given the chance, will show their true colors.

In other words, they can be real jerks.

Stories that are negative come not just from fans that have been snubbed but also from colleagues that work behind-the-scenes, such as co-stars and assistants. It doesn’t take but one time being cussed out by a so-called celebrity for a personal assistant or stylist to spread the word to the media, as well as other people who may express admiration for a star, that their point of interest is a real piece of work.

All the same, given an opportunity to engage with a celebrity is something that most people won’t pass up, regardless of the stories circulating that paint them as less then cordial.

Maybe it seems cool just to be seen with them, or maybe you want to ask them about a certain incident. Perhaps you want to keep it friendly and inquire on their hairstyle or a skin care regimen. The key to keeping it friendly is probably to let the celebrity talk about herself and not pursue a line of questioning that riles her up.

No matter if you find yourself sitting next to your favorite female star on a plane or shopping also in a boutique, their response most likely depends on the approach that you take. But based on some of these reports, don’t expect much!

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15 Does Rachel Ray Reprimand Her Own Staff?

Rachel Ray, Food Network personality and celebrity chef, seems to have a really warm personality, but there have been reports over the years from industry insiders who work with her that say that she is not like that at all. Those that have worked on the set with her say she can be a bit of a meanie. There have been stories that she tells her assistants “…not to say stupid things to me,” and that she has a quick temper when things don’t go her way. Maybe her attitude comes from her rocky marriage – there were reports her man paid other women to do kinky things with him that she wouldn’t do. Ouch! Just the same, if you are a foodie, hanging with her may yield some yummy secrets.

14 The Grand World of Ariana Grande

A couple of years ago Ariana Grande got to perform in front of then President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at an event that was to be televised on PBS. She chose to sing “At Last,” one of the President’s favorite songs and a hit by Etta James, who had one hell of a big voice. It was an early example of the former Nickelodeon pop singer’s overzealous belief that she could sing with the greats. Recently, there have been rumors about Ariana’s increasingly diva like behavior. Photographers are only allowed to shoot her from certain angles, and she reportedly charges a lot of money for any gig she's asked to do. According to gossiper Perez Hilton, she supposedly entered an elevator after a meet-and-greet with her fans – and when the door closed, she said: “I wish they would f**kin’ die.” Oh snap! Grande used to date Big Sean, who is now with Jhene Aiko… wonder how she feels about that!

13 Naomi Campbell Still Fights If She Has To

The stories of Naomi Campbell, 47, haven’t seemed to have died down over time. Just two years ago, the British beauty reportedly got into it with another Brit model, 22-year-old Cara Delevingne, so much so the two got physical. The report from a Paris nightclub has Cara even pulling on Naomi’s weave. Campbell is allegedly rude and downright mean to her staff. She is said to even be rude to colleagues and is prone to make what is called “diva demands.” Through it all, though, she still has literally millions of fans (four million on Instagram alone) and she still gets work. It doesn’t matter much, however, as her net worth is estimated at about $60 million. Want to take her to lunch? Be prepared to foot the bill for a fancy feast fit for, well, a diva.

12 Katie Couric Said to Run Hot And Cold

Back in 2007, renowned newswoman Katie Couric admitted in an interview in the New Yorker that she once slapped a staff member. For some celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Couric is known to bring out claws during interviews. Kardashian went after her on social media after Couric made a comment during a live interview to the effect that she didn’t know why Kim and her sisters were famous. In addition, insiders say she comes off nice and warm on camera, but when the camera stops rolling, she can turn on folks in a heartbeat. She has been caught on tape making fun of fellow news people such as Dan Rather and one-time colleague Meredith Viera. Still, given her record of interviewing a variety of famous people, she might be fun to meet in a bar for a no holds barred conversation.

11 Lea Michelle Role Reduced on Episodes of ‘Glee’

In 2009, Lea Michele made it into the limelight for her role on the hit show Glee. In addition to pretty good acting chops, the girl could sing. She even won some awards, all while going through a tough period when a co-star on the show and romantic interest away from the cameras – Cory Monteith – died from an deadly combination of illegal substances. There were rumors about her, especially during the final two years of the show, acting like a diva and being disrespectful to the other actors on the show. She apparently didn’t get along especially with Naya Rivera. Reportedly, it got so bad, producers actually cut down on some of her scenes. All the same, the lady is fascinating. She has a pretty good voice and it looks like she also has a sharp tongue capable of handling rude onlookers.

10 Christina Aguilera's Mean Streak

The former Disney star came into the limelight with “Genie in a Bottle,” but the pop ditty was only a hint at her true vocal prowess. When she was opening for TLC back early in her career, she turned heads when she’d belt out soul classic “At Last,” and folks suddenly realized this girl could sing! But the sweet pop singer soon had a reputation for being a diva way before diva could rightfully be applied to her. She was said to be rude and downright disrespectful back stage, and folks such as Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough, and Avril Levigne have related stories of Aguilera bullying them and even calling Osbourne “fat.” That’s interesting enough in itself considering Aguilera went through a weight loss program herself not so long ago. Another tale has the singer place a Beverly Hills store on lockdown while she shopped, with some customers trapped inside the whole time. She might be cool to hang with though, and find out some The Voice secrets.

9 Mischa Barton As Rude As They Come

Since The O.C., actress Mischa Barton hasn’t blossomed into the star a lot of people thought she would. And that might be because she developed a reputation for being, as her TV dad Tate Donovan put it when interviewed by Andy Cohen, “nasty.” She’s been working, but nothing notable. Her sour reputation continued last year when she appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. RadarOnline reported that Barton was rude and “just not coming off as a nice person” to other contestants and “Dancing” staff. SheKnows.com said the young actress didn’t even want to engage with the dancers she had to work with, and that she was just there for the money. Makes you wanna ask her, “Why do you have to be that way?”

8 Nobody Does Diva Better Than Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had an instant hit with her first song, “Vision of Love,” and then at barely 20, she married the head of Sony at the time and almost triple her age, Tommy Mottola. Maybe all that fame and fortune tainted what seemed to be a sweet personality. But over the years her reputation has grown as a first class diva. Maybe she’s earned it… after all, she’s had 18 No. 1 hits. Carey is known to keep people waiting, whether it’s for a rehearsal or a press conference or an interview. Once she fed steaks to her dogs instead of the hard working PDAs on the set of a video shoot, and did so right in front of everyone. And here’s the kicker – she reportedly will only enter a restaurant if a song of hers is playing inside. Despite her diva-ish ways, she’s still one heck of a talent with quite a history with rich and handsome men.

7 Shocking Nickname Given To Julia Roberts

To a certain extent, actress Julia Roberts became America’s sweetheart after the lovable characters she played in films such as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, and Mystic Pizza. But behind-the-scenes, she reportedly was becoming increasingly difficult to work with and was quickly branded a diva. Once she threw a dress across the room at a stylist and word got around that she didn’t work well with other women either (Cameron Diaz, for example). According to WatchCulture.com, on the set of Hook with iconic producer Steven Spielberg, Roberts became such a diva, that he reduced her part, and to make matters worse, the cast and crew nicknamed her Tinkerhell. Ouch! Still, she’s probably fascinating to have a conversation with, especially since she’s worked with many of the sexiest men in Hollywood.

6 Jenny On The Block More Like Princess In A Castle

Gotta give Jennifer Lopez credit for working her way up from a dancer on Living Color to a sought-after singer and actress, and she still stuns on the stage with that incredible body and gravity-defying dance moves. And her romantic liaisons have been tabloid worthy as well, including Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Ben Affleck, and the on/off again Marc Anthony, with whom she had her kids. Industry insiders say J-Lo is a piece of work both on and off the set, and in fact, makes ridiculous demands in her contracts. Lopez also sends a two-page list ahead to the hotel she will be staying at for events or during filming of TV and movies projects, and that includes certain kinds of candy and cookies, certain kinds of flowers and candles, and you guessed it, certain kinds of beverages. Don’t forget the steamer, wardrobe rack, and white sheets. Then again, Lopez is timeless… she looks as good today as she did 20 years ago, and who wouldn’t want to access some of her secrets?

5 Nicki Minaj Takes Diva To New Levels

From the American Idol set, insiders say she was always late, and then when she did arrive, she’d have an entourage with her. She reportedly was rude to the contestants and their families, and then everyone knows how she had words with Mariah Carey, a diva in her own right (but then again, Carey had more years and more hits going for her at the time). Minaj also would not allow anyone to take photos with her. Mickey Boardman, editor of Paper Magazine, said that Minaj was “horrible” to work with, that she would only use her own stylists and then after spending hours behind closed doors, come out looking a mess. Minaj has had a lot of deal with in the public eye, though, including her brother being accused of physically assaulting a minor and a tumultuous relationship with rapper Meek Mill.

4 Kim Kardashian Comes At A Cost

She can’t sing and she doesn’t act… she doesn’t even dance, but Kim Kardashian-West commands big bucks just to show up, and if you want her to endorse your product, be prepared to write a seven-figure check. Insiders report that the Kardashian-West that started it all acts like a snob. For appearances away from Los Angeles, she demands five first class airline tickets and one coach, and her and her entourage have to be put up in a luxury hotel. Kardashian-West herself has admitted that she was mean as a girl growing up, and that hasn’t changed much. Now expecting her third child (she’s not pregnant – her and hubby Kanye West are using a surrogate this time), the mother of North and Saint claims she works hard at being the centrepiece of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

3 Sandra Bullock Admits To Being Difficult

Sandra Bullock has many faces, from the goofy FBI agent in Miss Congeniality to the tenacious mom in The Blind Side. And in real life, she is high maintenance, and she will be the first to admit it. In an interview with Parade magazine, she said she was “controlling, difficult on every level, and not easy to deal with.” She added, “I’m aware that I can be annoying.” But it seems deeper than her obsession with things being in order. She reportedly yelled at fan in a wheelchair who asked for an autograph, and she has been known to yell at reporters when she is on the red carpet and they ask what designer she is wearing… OK. That can be a pain. All the same, she still seems to have that girl-next-door persona that would be fun to be around.

2 Katherine Heigl’s Middle Name Is ‘Rude’

There are so many stories circulating about Katherine Heigl and how rude she is to everyone on the set of her projects. And beyond filming, she is know to publicly trash former directors and former co-stars. Here’s a funny one that was published by a gossip mag and then picked up by some other online celebrity columnists. Heigl was being her usual rude self on the set of a flick, and that meant not being the least bit courteous, making demands and barking orders. She apparently likes her coffee with nonfat cream and sugar substitute, but crew members were so annoyed with her, they were soaking her coffee with real cream and real sugar! Notice that Heigl has been getting more TV work than movie rolls lately, an indication movie producers don’t want to deal with her anymore. Moviefone reported recently, however, that the actress is determined to remedy her negative reputation.

1 Beyoncé Can Be A Hard-Azz

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be Beyoncé, aka Queen Bey. Despite successful careers in acting and singing, and sold-out concert tours, the mother of three has a difficult time going anywhere without a bevy of photogs and fans clamoring for her and documenting her every move. But there are also rumors that Jay Z’s bride can also be a diva, asking that people don’t look at her, that establishments roll out a red carpet for when she arrives, and don’t even think of speaking to her without her asking you first. However, Beyoncé has a heart of gold and frequently shares her good fortune and riches with major causes and smaller ones as well. At Christmas time, she's known to go to a Wal-Mart or Target to shop, and then pay for other people’s tabs at checkout. And don’t you want to have lunch with her and ask how she came to name the twins Sir and Rumi?

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