14 Male Celebs Whose Ego Is Bigger Than Their "Assets"

Its super safe to say that there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, but some celebs just don’t know (or care about) the difference between the two. There’s really no surprise that Hollywood is jam-packed with stars who have over-inflated egos. Think about it – some of the biggest celebrities in the business live in the lap of luxury while fans by the millions fawn over their every move. Of course these high-profile personalities have trouble staying grounded when their reality is what most people could only dream of. When you’re constantly being praised for your talents while simultaneously raking in millions of dollars, there’s really no limit to how far a star’s sense of self-worth could reach. While most stars might make a conscious effort to stay humble during their rise to fame, some take the term “egomaniac” to a whole new level. One thing is for sure, if you’re going to have a big head, you sure better be able to back it up! Here are 15 male celebs whose ego is bigger than their assets.

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14 Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel is a well-known NFL player whose shameless reputation for partying have far surpassed his accolades on the football field. At the start of his career, Manziel had tons of potential to be one of the greatest football stars of his generation. But an oversized ego and excessive run-ins with the law have proven to be synonymous with the former Cleveland Browns quarterback. Of course, it didn’t take long for Manziel’s quick rise to fame to go to his head and he was soon spotted hanging out at parties alongside celebrities such as Drake, Floyd Mayweather, and Justin Bieber. Over the course of his time spent in the NFL “Johnny Football,” as he so humbly calls himself, has been highly scrutinized for his lack of commitment to the sport and his inability to stay out of trouble. The star’s flagrant disregard for authority made him a difficult player to work with and in 2015 he was released from the Browns. The arrogant athlete has already lost a staggering $2 million after being cut from Cleveland, has since been unable to find another team willing to pick him up. Despite his impending financial woes, Manziel doesn't seem like he's slowing down his fast-paced lifestyle anytime soon which only proves one thing: his ego far too big for his own good.

13 Nick Cannon


Nick Cannon has been in the public eye since he was a kid starring on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy show All That but the outspoken star has come a long way since then. Aside from being best known for his former marriage to Mariah Carey, Cannon was rising in the ranks of celebrity entertainers with his sweet hosting gig on America’s Got Talent. Nick took on the role in 2009 and reportedly earned an impressive $70,000 per episode which equaled about $4.5 million per season. Not too shabby, right?! Although he was once married to one of the biggest and highest-paid divas of all time and had one of the best hosting jobs on TV, the only kind of check that Nick Cannon is getting these days is a major reality check. Maybe all of the fame and fortune went to his head because Cannon got a little too big for his britches earlier this year. The star publicly battled with NBC executives about a joke he made in a stand-up comedy special that referenced AGT in a poor light, and the network wasn’t having any of it. Instead of following the terms of his contract, Nick spoke out against the network and refused to be silenced. He said that they were threatening to fire him if he didn’t abide by their policies, so Cannon did the most rational thing: he quit and walked away from a seriously huge salary. There’s no doubt that Cannon’s overbearing persona and largely inflated ego caused friction for the star. But now we can definitely say that his sense of entitlement comes above all else, even a multi-million dollar contract!

12 Charlie Sheen

When you think about Hollywood’s most pompous and egocentric stars, Charlie Sheen definitely comes to mind. Ego trips, vicious insults launched at innocent bystanders, and long-winded rants that sound more like confusing riddles are all part and parcel of Sheen’s overconfident disposition. The star had a pretty successful career as an actor in movies and on TV, but that all came to a screeching halt in 2011 when he was booted from his lead role on Two And A Half Men due to his volatile behavior. The show went on without him, but Sheen refused to walk away without putting up a major fight. Soon enough, the star took very public jabs at pretty much everyone who disagreed with him – including his co-stars, the show’s producer, and even his baby mamas! At the pinnacle of his foul-mouthed, narcissistic tirades, Sheen even told the media that he had “tiger blood” and that he would always be “winning." Needless to say, Sheen shamelessly made an utter mockery of himself in front of the whole world, but the self-absorbed actor had no regrets about how he handled things. While Sheen was at one time a very highly paid public figure, he’s not exactly in high-demand to work with these days. With his finances taking a major hit due to his excessive partying ways and his exorbitant child support obligations, we’re confident that Sheen’s assets take second seat to his colossal ego.

11 Wesley Snipes


Wesley Snipes is a name that most people have heard by now... for good reason. The seasoned actor has starred in a number of blockbuster hit movies throughout his extensive career including the Blade trilogy. But aside from his success on the big screen, Snipes has also become known for his arrogant demeanor and self-righteous attitude. Snipes is notorious for being difficult to work with and former co-star Patton Oswalt recently spilled the tea about what it was like being on the set with the smug star. Oswalt revealed that Snipes basically thought he was too good to associate with the other actors and crew and would remain in his trailer all day, but things didn’t get much better when he finally made his presence known. Oswalt also recalled an instance where Snipes tried to get the film director to quit, alleging that he was “bad for the movie.” In turn, the director suggested that Snipes leave as they had already filmed most of his scenes and the rest could be done with a stand-in. From that point on, Snipes refused to speak to the director with the exception of notes written on post-its. It’s super obvious that Snipes thought he was above everything, including the law. Though the actor may have had a hefty bankroll at one time, he filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and was indicted for tax fraud later that year. Snipes was sentenced to prison for failing to pay over $12 million in taxes over a six year period. Yup, we’re pretty certain that Wesley Snipes’ ego is far larger than his assets at this point.

10 John Mayer


Aside from his swoonworthy collection of musical hits, John Mayer is probably best known for his womanizing ways and his self-righteous outlook on pretty much everything. The musician has developed a reputation for infamously dating and dumping some seriously A-list female celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Taylor Swift, just to name a few. The heart-breaker is notorious for being the “love em and leave em” type, and when he was interviewed by Rolling Stone and Playboy magazine in 2010 and 2012, it was very easy to see just how out-of-touch Mayer was with reality. The star divulged way too many details about his bedroom conquests and sounded super conceited and had a strong sense of entitlement that made us all want to face-palm. Because of the intense backlash he received for his incriminating comments, Mayer stepped out of the spotlight for a while, ultimately taking a pay-cut while during his time away from the recording studio. To his credit, Mayer is fully aware of his larger than life ego these days, recently admitting on The Today Show, “I’m a recovered ego addict. The only way that I can be sure that I don’t relapse is to admit that I constantly have this ego addiction – every day.”

9 50 Cent


Rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, has been in the business for what seems like forever, and his time in the spotlight has amped up his finances as well as his ego. In 2007, Jackson’s success in music earned him the title of the second wealthiest rapper right behind Jay-Z. The “Get Rich or Die Tryin” star expanded his career by branching out as an actor and producer, obviously increasing his maximum earning potential significantly. 50 Cent has never been a stranger to boasting about his bank roll, often referring to his wealthy lifestyle and exuberant amounts of money in his raps. Furthermore, the pompous star frequently engaged in social media brawls with people who rubbed him the wrong way including his ex-girlfriends, his son, and heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather. At one point after a highly-publicized domestic dispute, 50 took to Instagram to post pictures of his lavish mansion with the cocky caption “I’m not in jail, I’m in my casino.” Although 50 was riding the glorious wave of fame and fortune for a while, he filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Following his claim of financial ruin, the rapper was ordered to pay a staggering $23 million of the money that he owed. We’re pretty sure that in this case, 50 Cent’s ego outweighs his assets by a landslide.

8 Conrad Hilton


The "Hilton" name has been a big symbol of fame and fortune for decades. Of course, the Hilton family legacy all stemmed from their highly successful chain of hotels and let’s just say they are surely the definition of high-society and incomprehensible amounts of wealth. While many of us are most familiar with Paris Hilton, her younger brother Conrad has been stirring up some serious trouble for himself with the law lately. The 23 year old has a lengthy history of law-breaking behavior, but his totally vain attitude and downright elitist mentality has us all believing that no matter how much money he has, he still can’t afford to buy himself some class. The heir to the Hilton family fortune was recently arrested for stealing a car and violating a restraining order his ex-girlfriend has against him by breaking into her home. To make matters worse, the ego-maniac Hilton also was filmed spewing vile words of self-righteousness to police during his arrest, insisting, “I'm Conrad motherf***ing Hilton, don't you forget it!”. Let’s face it, Conrad Hilton might be worth a whole bunch of money, but his egocentric behavior is downright deplorable. We’re sure that this guy has been called a lot of things in his day, but no one ever accused him of being humble.

7 Frankie Grande


Some of you might know Frankie Grande for being the older brother of popstar Ariana Grande. And if you didn’t already know that, don’t worry: he will tell you himself over and over again. Frankie got his big-break in the world of television in 2014 when he was cast on season 16 of the long-running reality series Big Brother. Grande’s over-the-top antics and drama-inducing behavior was enough to make him a polarizing player to viewers, but what really caused backlash for Frankie was his own obsession with himself. Once Frankie finally told everyone his big secret – that he was not only Ariana’s brother but a self-proclaimed “social media mogul” things only went farther downhill. The pretentious cast member often name-dropped his sister every chance he got and continued to toot his own horn on a daily basis. Grande never missed an opportunity to brag about how many Instagram followers he had or how “famous” he was, stating, “I’m going to be a superstar. Superstars are hated." Of course, it was actually Frankie’s sister who was the megawatt celebrity of the family and he was just desperately riding her coattails. Needless to say, he didn’t win the show. Although in the years since his stint on Big Brother Frankie has managed to somehow stay in the limelight, it’s only a matter of time before his fame-hungry ego gets the best of him once again.

6 Bow Wow

The AV Club

Shad Moss, better known by his stage name "Bow Wow", has been an entertainer since he was just a kid. He skyrocketed to fame as a young talented rapper and parlayed his career as an actor and television host. Of course, being only thirteen years old and famous enough to brag about your money, cars and designer duds on an episode of MTV: Cribs is enough to put anyone’s ego on overdrive. Now in his 30’s, Bow Wow doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down his over-the-top lifestyle. While it has noticeably been a while since Bow Wow has had a hit album or movie, he tries really hard to make it seem like he’s still living large. The star recently posted a picture of a pristine private jet on his Instagram account, offering the illusion that he could afford such a pricey way to travel. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out the rapper’s show-boating ways by finding the exact same image online elsewhere. Come to find out, it was actually a stock photo. That same day, another fan recognized Bow Wow on her flight and Snapchatted a picture of him flying coach. It became abundantly clear that Bow Wow totally lied about how much of a baller is he and he was caught red-handed. The hilarious scandal took social media by storm and the #BowWowChallenge was born where people began taking their own spin on how some make their lives online look in comparison to reality. It’s super obvious that Bow Wow tried to portray a wealthy lifestyle to his 3 million followers, but we all know his ego is far too big to admit he was so wrong.

5 Dennis Rodman


Former NBA star turned reality star Dennis Rodman has long been known for his unpredictable antics and his over-the-top ego, but we all know that he’s long past his prime. While he was a prominent basketball player in the late 80’s and most of the 90’s, Rodman’s big head paired with his inability to take accountability for his faults has led him down a troubled path. The star has often made it clear that he thinks he’s above the law and above authority all together. Rodman has had numerous run-ins with the police due to his erratic nature and his addictive personality. While Rodman’s professional career has taken a nose-dive since he left the NBA, he has tried to find his footing in other realms such as on reality shows and by creating an odd alliance with an unlikely candidate – North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un. The bizarre pair is likely all for show, as both men have severely overgrown egos that need constant boosting from the public. On top of all that, Rodman’s own financial situation is in a state of disarray, with mounting unpaid child support payments equaling over $800,000. Court documents revealed that Rodman’s assets (or lack thereof) aren’t exactly what they used to be. In fact, Dennis Rodman is essentially broke for all intents and purposes, proving once and for all that he’s all talk and no action when it comes to his larger than life ego.

4 Spencer Pratt


We first met Spencer Pratt as the annoying antagonist/love interest of Heidi Montag on The Hills. Pratt instantly took on the role of the villain on the show and welcomed the opportunity with open arms. The entitled former reality star was always a spoiled rich kid who enjoyed pushing people’s buttons and getting paid for it. At the height of The Hills’ success, Spencer was on top of the world. He and his now-wife would rank in an estimated $2 million per year on paid appearances and staged pap shoots alone. Following the cancellation of the show, Pratt’s ego remained inflamed while his bank account drastically drained. His non-stop spending ultimately lead to financial ruin as the couple splurged on multi-million dollar luxury purchases that they simply couldn’t afford. At their lowest point, the couple had to move in with Pratt’s parents because they couldn’t afford to live independently with the amount of debt they had incurred. Though the show that made him famous had long been over, Pratt continued to embody his on-screen ego-centric persona long after the cameras stopped rolling. Both he and Heidi continued to make appearances on various other reality television programs in order to garner a paycheck, admitting that these gigs were still their main source of income. Pratt is best known for being all wrapped-up in himself while taking shots at other people’s expense, but these days who’s really laughing now, Spencer?

3 Bill O’Reilley


Just a few short weeks ago, Bill O’Reilley was sitting pretty as one of the most prominent and highly paid news anchors around. As the peak of his success, he was pulling in over $100 million per year! The host of The O’Reilley Factor had long developed a reputation for being self-serving, self-absorbed, and self-righteous but after a while his ego-centric behavior was something that was just expected of him. The high-power public figure had become a staple at Fox News but after years of harassing women without much consequence, karma finally caught up to the chauvinistic star once and for all. Although O’Reilley had been engulfed in similar scandals in the past, his ego was far too big for him to stop his elitist behavior. Towards the end of his tenure on Fox, O’Reilley was accused of harassing at least seven women who were guests on his show, resulting in the network having to pay out a staging $13 million in damages. Once the extent of the allegations against O’Reilley were made public, Fox infamously fired him on the spot – causing him to lose his $100 million payout. The network gave O’Reilley a fraction of that amount as severance and he’s been the laughing stock of the news world ever since. What can we say? Sometimes a huge ego can get in the way of receiving a really big paycheck.

2 Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey is sort of a "jack of all trades" when it comes to the entertainment industry. Harvey is a well-known comedian, actor, radio personality, producer, and author. And did we mention that he currently hosts three highly successful TV shows, including his very own talk show, The Steve Harvey Show. The man does it all, so it’s no surprise that his ego is out of this world. Harvey recently distributed an arrogant email to the staff of his daytime talk show that was full of egotistical diva-like demands. The star insisted that no one who works for him would be permitted to approach him and start up a conversation. Harvey also banned staff members from talking to him while he was in his dressing room, in the hallway or sitting in his makeup chair. The laundry list of new rules and regulations even included the threat of being hauled off by Steve’s security team if they failed to adhere to the terms laid out by the star. We get that Harvey is a busy man and his time is valuable, but his superstar mentality seems to have gotten way out of hand. To make matters worse, angry members of Harvey’s staff allegedly made the email public because they were all fired from their jobs when it was announced that Steve’s show would relocate from Chicago to LA. Instead of offering a position to any of his long-time staff, Harvey simply gave them all the boot without a second thought. Steve Harvey may be worth an estimated $100 million, but his astronomical-ego goes way beyond what he’s got in his bank account.

1 Kanye West


Seriously… is there really anyone who loves Kanye more than Kanye himself? We don’t think it could even be possible! The rapper’s over-inflated ego and downright arrogance date back as far as we can remember, but his holier-than-thou attitude has only been getting worse as time goes on. The egomaniac infamously interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech at the VMA’s and it has been all downhill ever since. West openly thinks himself as a genius, a trendsetter, a visionary, a natural-born leader, and of course, the ‘best rapper of all time.’ There are entirely too many ego-driven Kanye West moments to even point to, but the star has even compared himself to the likes of Apple Computers CEO Steve Jobs, famed artist Pablo Picasso, basketball legend Michael Jordan, beloved writer William Shakespeare…and the list goes on, and on, and on. There’s simply no denying that Kanye’s delusions of grandeur are riding the fine line between ego-induced and certifiably crazy. Though Kanye can’t seem to get enough of himself, he’s allegedly $53 million in debt. Remember when he took to Twitter to ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg to casually invest $1 BILLION into his "ideas" as if it were no big deal? Kanye’s ego is so big it could be its own planet, and it’s definitely bigger than all of his assets combined.

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