12 Male Celebs Caught Cheating By The Paparazzi

Stepping out on your partner is never cool, regardless of your celebrity status.

So many celeb cheats have come up with inventive ways to avoid being caught.

The 'Restaurant FakeOut' involves them as they arrive for dinner at the same restaurant, but in separate cars and at different times. After their dinner in a private booth, they leave through separate exits. All in a bid to throw the public off.

In the 'Fancy Seeing you Here', they appear to 'accidentally' run into each other at public events, then spend the whole evening 'just hanging out.'

In the 'Hire Me Quick', the celeb hires an assistant to handle 'stuff', till we find out they are assisting in waaaay more ways than they let on. Countless nannies, drivers, bodyguards have reported enjoying a ton of 'extra' perks in this position in their bid to fool the public, but they always forget one thing; the ever-present eye of the paparazzi. Photojournalists a.k.a paparazzi will stop at NOTHING to get the scoop. Opinions vary about the lengths they go to, some call it dirt digging, others choose to term it dedication. Whether it's using powerful lenses to snap a nude photo of the Duchess of Cambridge from over a kilometre away or using camera-equipped drones, they have absolutely no chill.

It's no wonder, the paparazzi have been the bane of celebs forever; they'll stop at nothing to bring us the juicy details.

The following are twelve dudes who thought they could get away with it. But thanks to the paps, all of their cheating ways were exposed.

12 Reggie Bush

During his on-again-off-again relationship with Kim, Bush was reported to have spent the night with waitress and aspiring singer, January Gessert. After a night out in 2010, Gessert claims she only spent the night at Reggie's place.

She was papped leaving in the morning and Reggie's relationship with Kim went downhill from there. A few weeks later, Bush and Kim broke up. Gessert has been vocal about denying all accusations, claiming to have known the running back for years.

11 Jason Aldean

Following his debut in 2007, Aldean quickly became one of America's favorite country musicians. Married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica, everything seemed just fine. That's till he was snapped in 2012, with another woman. In his lap! At an LA bar!

The woman in question was former American Idol contestant and NBA cheerleader Brittany Kerr. Citing irreconcilable differences, he divorced his wife of 12 years in 2013. In March 2015, Aldean since tied the knot with Kerr.

10 John Edwards

For the former Senator from North Carolina, what started as a pitch ended up with a pregnancy. In the run up to the 2008 Presidential campaign, videographer Rielle Hunter approached Edwards to make a behind-the-scenes web series about life on the Presidential campaign. Edwards agreed to that and their relationship soon crossed into more than business. The two ended up having an affair that lasted a year, and it led to Hunter getting pregnant.

When faced with accusations of cheating on his wife, the Democratic Party hopeful denied all allegations for two years. In 2010, he admitted to being the father of Hunter's child. What made the news of his cheating more shocking was that his wife was battling breast cancer at the time. His wife filed for separation in January 2010 and and passed away later that year.

9 Tim Burton

The ace director was papped leaving a London movie theater with a mystery blonde in 2013. They were allegedly snapped ducking into an alley and shared a kiss, after which they walked to her car together.

Sources close the director say he was out with a large group which included friends and work colleagues. Burton's long time partner and mother of two of his kids, Helena Bonham Carter denied any foul play. But in December 2014, the couple announced their split after 13 years together.

8 Russel Crowe

While shooting the movie, Proof of Life in 2000, Crowe and his co-star Meg Ryan, reportedly fell for each other. But she was still married to Dennis Quaid, and Crowe himself was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Aussie singer, Danielle Spencer.

The lovebirds didn't seem to care though as they were snapped holding hands on and off set in Ecuador. The tabloid coverage from the affair was blamed for the final breakdown of her marriage to Quaid, and the two got divorced in 2001.

The love birds relationship also fizzled out after a few more weeks.

7 Rupert Sanders

In 2012, the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman, was papped making out with one of the actresses from the movie. No, not his wife, the model Liberty Ross, but with Kristen Stewart, who played Snow White.

They didn't seem to care that they got photographed in a passionate embrace by the side of a road in the Hollywood Hills. They soon left there and reportedly followed up with a make out session in Stewart’s car. When the news broke, Ross filed for divorce from Sanders. The cheating pair split up soon after.

6 Bam Margera

After marrying his childhood friend Missy in 2007, you'd think the Jackass 'wildman' would finally settle down. But reports and pictures of Margera with several women soon began to surface. First he was snapped out and about with Kat Von D in 2010, but those rumors were quashed.

In an interview with Stern, Margera admitted to having girlfriends on both coasts, due to his traveling. Divorcing Missy in 2012, he married a young Canadian, Nicole Boyd, one of his rumored girlfriends.

5 Mike Tindall

There's probably a joke about having balls and playing with balls somewhere in this story, but I just haven't found it yet. English rugby player Mike Tindall is married to Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of the Queen of England. With such a high profile spouse, one would expect prim and proper behavior at ALL times. But not Mike.

Tindall was caught on CCTV kissing a blonde at a New Zealand bar, just before the 2010 Rugby World Cup. The blonde turned out to be Jessica Palmer, an old flame of Tindall's. Defending her husband of 48 days, Zara insisted the incident was blown out of proportion and branded the entire furore ‘irrelevant’. The couple are still married, with a daughter.

4 Balthazar Getty

Married to a beautiful woman with four kids, oil heir turned actor, Getty seemed to have it all. That's till he met English actress, Sienna Miller in May 2008. What followed was a very public romance, with shopping trips, lunch in Malibu, weekends on a yacht off Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

The couple didn't care who saw or snapped them, Miller was even snapped topless and cozying up to Getty. This went on for two months, before the actor called it quits and went back to his long-suffering wife.

3 Mel Gibson

Fresh of his alcohol-fuelled tirade in 2006, Gibson soon found himself in even hotter water. He was snapped on a beach in Costa Rica, cavorting with bikini clad Oksana Grigorieva. He claimed they were working on a movie and an album together, but it soon turned out to be much more.

Oksana had a daughter with Gibson in 2009; soon after that, Robyn, his wife of 27 years filed for divorce. She reportedly received the highest divorce settlement in Hollywood history at $400 million. Oksana and Gibson were separated a year later.

2 Russell Brand


While his newly wed, Katie Perry was performing in Kansas City, the English funnyman was spotted doing some performing of his own. Paparazzi snapped him out and about with a pretty blonde woman. The Get Him to the Greek star had his arms around her and at one point, planted a kiss on her head.

Sources claim the pair have known each other for years, but his reputation as a lothario clouded the event. His marriage with Perry was dissolved a few months later.

1 Zayn Malik


As a member of the worlds hottest boyband, you have to deal with constant scrutiny in the public eye. Seems Zayn didn't get the memo. He has been caught in 'compromising situations' one too many times.

In 2013, Australian waitress Courtney Webb, took pictures of Zayn fast asleep in her bed after she claimed they had sex. The star denied all allegations to his then-girlfriend Perrie Edwards. In 2015, snaps surfaced of the engaged Malik cuddling Lauren Richardson. While he was quick to proclaim his innocence, fans already had their doubts. After all, it seemed to have become a regular thing.

Only a week later, he quit the boyband to spend time with his fiancée, Perrie. They seemed the perfect couple, going on holiday, buying a house together till he called off their engagement, in August.

What do you think about our rotten dozen? Do they deserve second chances or should be kicked to the curb?

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