15 Makeup Trends We Never Saw Coming

Thanks to social media, we are aware of new trends as soon as they begin, and with a constant influx of changing rules and fads regarding just about EVERYTHING in our lives, it isn't easy to keep up with, or predict, trends. One of the most consistently evolving aspects of our daily lives is our beauty regimens. Sure, some people have their tried and true products and routine that they never plan on changing, but for some, it's all about keeping up with the latest beauty trends. It seems every day there is a new eyebrow shape, a new way to contour, or a lipstick color you couldn't have even imagined until you saw, and you are instructed to buy, try, or do it right away!

If keeping up with beauty trends isn't enough for you, you may find yourself coming up with new makeup practices and becoming a trendsetter, rather than a follower! These trendsetters are responsible for some of the wildest things we see in makeup, but as wild as these trends seem when they first come about, some of them end up becoming a regular practice in our beauty routine.  Here are ten beauty trends no one saw coming, but many will be happy to see go!

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15 Contouring


Contouring - the art of using darker colors to minimize certain areas and lighter colors to emphasize others, technically isn't a new trend, as it's been used in the world of drag queens for years and years because of how well it makes your features stand out on stage. Over the last couple of years, as certain celebrities (namely, the Kardashians) shared their makeup tricks and contouring happened to be one of them, the trend skyrocketed. There are countless YouTube tutorials for achieving this look, and most brands came out with contouring products as well. If you're eager to try contouring for yourself, there are ways to quickly contour areas like your nose or cheekbones, but a full, stage-ready contour is quite time-consuming. For those who struggle with learning how to properly contour, the trend is so popular that most makeup artists have countless tutorial videos for their fans to learn. Sephora and other cosmetic stores are stocked with contouring kits from beginner level all the way to expert.


14 Strobing


Often referred to as "the new contouring," strobing is kind of the opposite of contouring. Rather than using dark colors to minimize certain areas, strobing is using an excessive amount of highlighter to emphasize the high points of the face like the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and the center of the forehead. You know the areas that everyone wants to accentuate as this can help slim down the look of the face and those features. It seems like as soon as we started to get used to the idea of contouring, strobing bumped it out of the top trend spot, but it seems like both looks are here to stay. Contouring and strobing are daily practices for a lot of people who want to go the extra mile with their makeup routine and when they're done right, it pays off! Areas of the face to highlight (strobe) are both sides of the nose, high parts of your cheeks, cupids bow, above the eyebrow lines and the chin.

13 Makeup Tattoos


A lot of people like the fact that you can experiment with makeup, and you can quickly erase a color or look if you don't like it, but others opt for the convenience of permanent makeup. There are so many products available today that you can literally change the look or find ways to make sure your look never changes, morning, noon or night.

One thing you should know about now is makeup tattooing. You can get your eye liner tattooed on (ouch!), your lip liner tattooed on, or your eyebrows tattooed on, and as scary as it sounds, the technology for doing so has come a long way. Now, makeup tattoos (when done by a professional) look much more natural than they used to. A lot of people can't imagine not being able to just wipe away their makeup at the end of the day, but if you have a particular look you go for day after day, this may not be a bad choice for people on the go!

12 Peel Off Makeup


Many beauty trends get their start in Korea, and peel off makeup is no exception. It's like applying a stain, but it leaves a peel-off layer that is meant to leave you color stained on even once you remove the layer. The most common forms of peel off makeup are peel off eyebrows and peel off lipstick, and the reviews for both are not good. People claim peel off makeup not only hurts to take off but often doesn't come off easily or entirely. Furthermore, it rarely looks natural, especially when it comes to the peel off brows that look far more intense than people expect. Some online tutorials show viewers the results of using these products and makeup artists are not impressed. The lip stains do have better reviews than the eyebrow tint. The eyebrow peel off tint tends to cause really dark staining that lasts much longer than preferred by those who use it. This is one trend that most people will happily wave goodbye to very soon!

11 Spray On Nail Polish


Spray on nail polish seems completely unnatural because as you're applying it, it's going all over your skin as well as your nails, which is something most people try to avoid when doing their nails. On the other hand doesn't it seem like the most convenient way to apply nail polish? No more sitting down as still as you can for countless minutes to ensure you don't mess it up.

Spray on nail polishes work by adhering only to the special base coat you apply, and you just need to rinse the rest of your skin quickly when you're done spraying, and the excess will come off of your skin. This is one of the quickest ways to get perfectly polished nails, and if these products do work as well as many reviewers claim they do, this will probably be a trend that has major significant power. We can't wait to see what other nail polish advances come from this product.

10 Glitter Part


When glittery parts started showing up on the runway, it didn't take long for non-models to try out the look as well. It's as simple as styling your hair, then applying glitter on your part, as the name suggests. Some people like to do this by applying it more precisely than others, while others go wild with adding glitter all over their heads. Miley Cyrus is one celeb who jumped on the glitter part bandwagon, and it seems to suit her just fine. This trend is definitely not as big as contouring, strobing or spray nail polish but it has been seen on various runways or sported by celebs. We're not sure how practical it is. Whether you're a fan of glittery parts or not, one thing is for sure: if you try this look you'll be finding glitter all over yourself and your home for days to come!

9 Faux Freckles


If you have freckles that you try to hide with makeup, it's time to let them shine because freckles are so in! So much so that people are drawing freckles on if they weren't born with them. A light dusting of freckles across the bridge of the nose, whether faux or not, has been seen all over the runway. A lot of people who grew up with freckles that they wish they didn't have are praising their existence now as it saves them from doing one extra step in their makeup routine! Many magazines and websites feature articles on how to get faux freckles, it seems as though the best way to do it is to be patient and invest in the right products. Eyebrow pencils are suggested to get the natural freckle look, by investing in a good brand pencil with a natural color depending on your skin type you can lightly dab pen to make natural looking freckles, helping you channel your inner Pippi Longstocking.

8 Bedazzled Brows


There's making a statement, then there is making a statement with your eyebrows, and what better way to do so than by bedazzling them to your heart's content? This is another trend that appears to have gotten its start on the runway, and for the most part, it stays there. Some people are brave enough to try this look out as they go about their daily lives, and major cosmetic companies like Benefit have even gone so far as to create brow bedazzling products. The Benefit eyebrow bedazzling kits include a variety of Swarovski crystals that you can stick to your eyebrows, the crystals range from small to super bling. Depending on how daring you care to be you can put these on to achieve your preferred look. These bold, bedazzled brows make a great conversation starter if nothing else.

7 Pink Eye on Purpose


The color pink is often reserved for cheeks and lips when it comes to makeup, but some daring makeup fans (and fashion show makeup artists) decided to line their entire eyes with a bright pink color. This look, best described as giving yourself pink eye on purpose, isn't overly popular so it probably won't have super staying power, but it's certainly a unique look that you can be almost positive no one else will show up to a party wearing! One of the reasons this look is hard to pull off is the color pink around the eyes doesn't tend to be flattering without a dark contrasting color (like a black eyeliner). With the eyes lined in pink with no other stand out colors, it ends up looking more like you had a crying fit than a stroke of cosmetic genius. Kudos to you if this color compliments your makeup look but for most people we suggest doing a trial run at home before thinking of this look for your next event.

6 Brow Bleaching


Brow bleaching: Kim Kardashian has done it, Miley has done it, Lady Gaga has done it, and the world (and our brows!) have never been the same. For so long, the focus was on making brows look perfectly defined and filled in; brow bleaching makes them look nearly nonexistent and quite honestly is a tough look to pull off. This look isn't for everyone, especially if you have naturally dark hair, and you can expect to hear a wide variety of opinions about your new look if you decide to try this out. Luckily, eyebrow color can be changed back if the bleached look doesn't work for you, and if all else fails, they'll grow out! Many people bleach their eyebrows to achieve a softer look, this is often for brunettes who go blonde or for those who want to change up their look. Always make sure to have this done by a professional, you don't want to have the wrong products that close to your eyes.

5 Ear Makeup


We've seen people apply makeup to their necks, to their scalp, and just about anywhere above the shoulders,  but ear makeup is a new trend that is getting a lot of attention. Seen in several recent runway shows, ear makeup tends to take on a glittery form. Often, makeup artists give ears the appearance of having been dipped in gold or silver, and other times they trace all the natural outlines of the ears with glitter or colored pencils. With or without ear piercings, this is a fun way to spice up a look, and it adds a definite element of drama to an otherwise simple look like having your hair in a low ponytail. Just make sure to use products that are safe for your skin, ask a beauty consultant to ensure you are getting the products that are right for you.

4 Full-Face Highlight


If you are into watching beauty videos on YouTube, you've definitely seen a lot of video titles along the lines of "full-face highlighter challenge." And this look is definitely different and not for everyone. In May 2016, beauty vlogger Mariya Lyubashevskaya was the first to do a full face using only highlighters, and before long, all the big names in YouTube were trying their hand at the trend. While this isn't a very wearable everyday look (imagine what a mess you'd make on your clothes!), it's a fun video idea for vloggers, and it might encourage you to add a little bit of shimmer to your regular makeup look. If a full face of highlighter is too much for you, perhaps just adding it to your eyelids is a good place to start in addition to the usual top-of-the-cheekbone highlight.

3 Fake Acne


Most of us use makeup to COVER UP acne, rather than emphasizing or adding it, but a recent runway trend is changing everything we thought we know about makeup and pimples. During the 2016 Milan Men's Fashion Week, Malaysian designer Moto Guo requested all of the models in his show be covered in fake acne, blemishes, and rashes, we wonder how they felt about it. The clothing for the collection was rather preppy, so most assume the motivation for adding acne to the look was to inspire memories of the awkward teen years, school uniforms included and I'm sure plenty of flash backs. While this look probably won't be "the next big thing," as it reminds us of times most of us would rather forget, it's good Halloween costume inspo at the very least!

2 Yaeba


If you or your parents shelled out thousands of dollars perfecting your smile with braces or other dental procedures, the following beauty trend will make you cringe and your parents cry. "Yaeba" is a Japanese term for "double tooth" and it involves paying a dentist to make your teeth look imperfect, either by adding veneers over top of the natural teeth, or others opt for more permanent work by actually adjusting the direction of the teeth making them look jagged and misshapen. This trend hasn't really made its way to North America yet (and we doubt it will), but the Japanese have an epic sense of style and are known for being trendsetters, so this look might become more common. We just hope these women and men know that they are going to be stuck with this look for a long time, possibly for life. Do you think anyone regrets having this procedure done?

1 Bubble Eyeliner


If you wear makeup, you're probably all too familiar with the struggle of trying to get a perfectly smooth, straight application of your eyeliner. There's nothing like spending a bunch of time perfecting your makeup, only to have to start all over because your eyeliner decided to betray you. Now, there's a beauty trend that has essentially solved this problem because not only does it allow for error, it basically requires it. Girls all over are now sighing in relief over this fad. The trend, known as bubble liner, calls for applying your eyeliner as several small "bumps," ultimately giving it a scalloped look. From afar, this look kind of just seems like you applied your eyeliner with a shaky hand, but up close it's a unique touch to a classic look. Would you be willing to try any of these makeup trends, or have you already been on board with some of them?

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