15 Makeup Struggles All Girls Can Relate To

When a girl steps out wearing flawless makeup, guys don't know realize what she had to go through to get her makeup on fleek. It may seem easy to put on some foundation, powder, blush, lipstick and eyeliner, but what most guys don't know is that putting on makeup is an art. Over time, simple makeup applications become easier, but learning to perfect your preferred makeup look is a lifelong battle. Even after watching countless hours of YouTube makeup and beauty tutorials, a girl can still feel just as clueless on how to "beat her face."

It takes a skilled artist, steady hands, superior blending, and knowledge of every single application technique to really get your makeup routine down pat. For all the girls out there who are still learning everything about makeup as they go, this one's for you.

Here are 15 makeup struggles all girls can definitely relate to.

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15 Buying the Wrong Shade But Wingin' It Anyway


Once you finally find the perfect foundation shade, you probably just stick with the same brand forever because switching over to something new means you have to get your shade matched all over again...and ain't nobody got time for that. Sometimes, a shade can look completely different when you sample it in a department store from when you wear it out in the sunlight, and that's why wearing the wrong foundation shade is a problem that most girls are so used to. Instead of going through the hassle of returning the product for the right color, many girls will just give up and wing it instead. They may mix the foundation with another foundation color to attempt to create the perfect shade, but that usually ends in a big disaster, too. Her next course of action is just to wear the shade as is, and pray no one notices her face is a completely different color than her neck.

14 How Much Highlighter Is Too Much?


Highlighter is such a tricky product for makeup novices and pros alike. The powder can be applied sparingly, or you can go all out and dunk your entire face into it. How much highlighter is too much is a common question that most girls struggle with. A girl knows that she'll either not put enough highlighter on and her face will look dull and bland, or she'll put so much that she ends up looking like a disco ball...which isn't necessarily a bad thing depending on where she's going.

One of the main issues with highlighter application is that no one actually tells you the right amount to use. It's like trial and error when it comes to this product, and more times than not, a girl goes overboard and ends up blinding everyone she comes in contact with. They say "less is more," but that's not true when it comes to this shimmery product. Less highlighter means you might as well just skip out on this product entirely. If it's not blingin' then what's the point?

13 Mascara on Eyelids


There has got to be a way to bring this makeup struggle to an end. Seriously, how hard can it be for makeup brands to discover a formula that won't leave your eyelids all messy? Every girl knows the struggle of putting on a couple coats of mascara on her top lashes and ending up with mascara on her eyelids within two seconds. Then she has to attempt to wipe it off without smudging her eyeshadow, but that never works. When it's all said and done, she ends up having to do her eye makeup all over, and it's such a hassle.

Mascara looks great on your eyelashes, and it can really help your eyes stand out and make your lashes look bolder and longer. But getting mascara on your eyelids has to be the worst part about using mascara. It can really kill a makeup lover's mood in an instant.

12 Watching Tutorials for Hours & Still Failing


Thanks to YouTube, beginner makeup lovers can watch countless hours worth of video tutorials to help perfect their look. It seems like everyone and their mama has a makeup channel, and there's a ton of information on the web to help you in any area that you're struggling in. But no matter how many hours a girl spends watching makeup tutorials, her makeup looks always turn out looking like a complete fail! Even if you follow every step exactly, use all of the same products, and follow the techniques to a T, you're still bound to end up looking like a five-year-old who just went to town in her mom's makeup bag. If you can identify with this struggle, don't give up so easily. Who knows how many times it took those makeup gurus to become pros. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just keep trying until you get it right!

11 Completely Ruining a Good Contour


When contouring became the next best thing in the makeup world, countless girls attempted to recreate this look on their own. With some help from Kim Kardashian's makeup artists, girls began adding a darker powder to the hollows of their cheeks, their nose, their jawline and their forehead to give their face a more svelte appearance. But contouring is an old school makeup technique that should definitely be left in the hands of the pros. This technique was widely used for television and stage performances so the actors wouldn't look so washed out on screen. It helped to define and put their prominent features on display, but for everyday wear, contouring can be a little offputting, especially if it isn't blended well enough. So for the girls who are still struggling to get their contour on fleek, we all feel your pain. This is one beauty technique that we all consistently fail at.

10 Finding the Perfect Color Lipstick


Finding the perfect lipstick color can be a tiring task for most girls. It doesn't matter where you swatch the shade on your body, it's always going to look completely different when it's worn on your lips. Once a girl finds a shade that will work as her go-to color, she better hope it doesn't get discontinued. Makeup brands like MAC are notorious for getting rid of colors or renaming them, so you have to practically go on a treasure hunt to find the right color that works for you. And then there's always the possibility that once you wear your lipstick while out and about, you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and completely hate the way it makes you look. This is when the lipstick gets thrown into the back of your makeup drawer, never to be seen again. Then, the hunt for the perfect shade starts up all over again.

9 Trying to Master Liquid Eyeliner


Liquid eyeliner looks so glamorous and chic when it is applied correctly, but if you're like most girls, you know the struggle that goes along with trying to get your eyeliner on perfectly. Liquid eyeliner is so messy, the applicators are tough to get a grip on, and one misstep will leave a bunch of product all over your waterline, your eyelid, and underneath your eyes. The solution would be to toss the liquid liner and stick with eyeliner pencils instead, but what fun is that?

You have to have patience when it comes to applying eyeliner, and this is where most girls go wrong. When you're rushing to get ready in the morning, it can be easy to also rush through your makeup application. When you are in a time crunch, mistakes are bound to happen, and after applying liquid eyeliner with a shaky hand as the clock tick tocks, it's no wonder most girls end up with their eyeliner all over the place.

8 Lipstick on Your Teeth


Every single girl has experienced this: After applying your favorite lip color, you head outside to start your day. A few hours later, your friend comes up to you to let you know you have a glob of lipstick on your two front teeth. Ugh!

Getting lipstick on your teeth is something that is going to happen to us all more times than we'll ever be able to count. There's a simple trick that makeup artists swear by. You stick your finger in your mouth, and then slowly pull it past your lips. It's said to get rid of excess lipstick that may be hiding on the inside of your lips, but even this simple trick isn't always failproof. You can still run the risk of absolutely embarrassing yourself by showing up to a date or a job interview with your favorite NARS lipstick caked on your teeth. Until we're able to combat this struggle, the alternative is to wear lipsticks in lighter shades. This way, if it ends up on your teeth, no one will be able to notice.

7 Removing Makeup


After a long night out on the town, the last thing a girl wants to do is remove her makeup. But we've all heard the horror stories of what happens when you don't take your makeup off at the end of the day, right? It can age your skin, cause premature wrinkles, and it can even cause a nasty acne breakout. All girls know how important it is to wipe off all products before they go to bed, but that still doesn't stop many of us from jumping into our beds with a full face of makeup on anyway. It's just such a hassle to scrub and wipe away all the excess product, especially when you're half-asleep and just dying to get some shuteye. The beauty industry created makeup wipes which definitely come in handy, but when you're dead tired and your bed is calling your name, these easy-to-use wipes can't even tempt a tired and worn out girl to wash her face off.

6 Holding Back Tears in the Name of Beauty


There are a bunch of waterproof makeup products on the market, but no matter what their formula consists of, it seems like none of the waterproof products actually get the job done. A girl knows if she's going to an event that will make her cry, like a wedding or a funeral, her makeup is going to look like trash by the time the event is over. Instead of running the risk of looking like a raccoon once her mascara and eyeliner start running, some girls will do whatever they can to fight back the tears. They may let a tear or two drop from their eyes, but anything more than that is a major no-no. It's too bad girls feel like they can't show their emotions when they're wearing a full face of makeup all in the name of preserving their flawless makeup application. But you can't really fault them for that, can you?

5 Losing Your Fake Lashes & Totally Freaking Out


Fake lashes look awesome for practically any event. You can pick up a strip at your local drugstore, get a little bit of glue, and adhere those bad boys to your eyelids to go from bland to va-va-voom within seconds. But every girl knows the struggle of losing an eyelash because it happens so often. The glue is never strong enough to keep the lashes in place throughout the entire night, so while she's eating dinner, she may notice one of her lashes is hanging on by a thread.

If she does make it through the night without any lash casualties, she's not in the clear just yet. Many girls will sleep with their lashes on so they can wear them the next day, but this usually turns into a disaster. She'll wake up in the morning and notice one or both of her lashes is missing in action. She'll look all over the place for it. It'll finally pop up at the most awkward moment, like when she's in bed and getting it on with her boyfriend and notices one of her lashes is stuck to his back. How embarrassing.

4 Hitting Pan


Every girl can relate to the horror of "hitting pan." This is a term used by makeup and beauty aficionados to describe what happens when you use so much of your powder, the tin pan underneath starts to peek through. Every girl hates when this moment occurs because it means she doesn't have much product left, so she better use it sparingly.

Hitting pan isn't the worst thing that can happen to a girl who wears makeup, but it's pretty traumatizing, nonetheless. If the product is discontinued or the girl has a hard time locating it, hitting pan could cause her to shed a few tears. She knows her favorite powder is on its last legs, and there's absolutely nothing she can do about it. When a product gets down to that level, it seems like it disappears at the speed of light. One day, your pan is full, the next day, you're struggling with the last remnants of some translucent powder and trying your hardest to make it last.

3 Shattered in a Million Pieces


The moment when you drop your favorite powdered makeup on the floor can be absolutely horrifying. It looks like the compact is actually falling in slow motion, right? And no matter how quick your hands are, they're never fast enough to catch a compact that's on a collision course with the floor. When you go to pick it up off the ground, you have high hopes that just maybe it will still be intact, but you already know how this story ends.

Dropped compacts are the source of heartbreak for many girls across the world. No matter if you drop them on a cushioned surface, they always seem to shatter into a million pieces. Once a compact is cracked, it can still be used, but the fun is over. No one wants to dust a makeup brush over a trillion cracked pieces of powder. It's just not the same. Perhaps it's about time makeup companies create a shatter-proof compact to answer makeup lovers' prayers.

2 Trying to Get Eyebrows Just Right


Most people have eyebrows that are a little off, and makeup lovers try desperately to get both of their eyebrows even, but it's just something that never happens. No matter how hard you try to make your brows symmetrical, one is going to be higher, longer or thicker than the other. Most girls will spend forever and a day trying to get their brows to line up, but eventually, they just give up. They throw in the towel and go about their day with one eyebrow on fleek and the other brow looking like a scene straight out of a horror movie. Getting even brows is like a completely unattainable dream that most girls can definitely relate to. Even though we know no one is really noticing one brow is dropping down a little lower than the other, that doesn't stop us from aspiring to have the best brows on the block.

1 The Winged Disaster


A winged eyeliner that's applied precisely can really set off your entire makeup look. There's just something about the winged effect that makes any eye stand out and look more beautiful than ever. If you've watched a few winged liner makeup tutorials, you may have tried to give this look a shot by trying it out on your own...and we're pretty sure you failed. Getting perfectly winged eyes is a dream that may never come true for most of us. No matter how patient you are, you're bound to mess up the application at some point. Usually, one wing looks amazing, and the other wing looks like it was applied by a four-year-old. When a girl struggles and fails to apply here winged eyeliner, she usually doesn't even bother to correct it. She knows her second attempt will be just as bad as the first one, so she considers it a loss and goes about her day with her eyeliner looking a complete mess.

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