15 Makeup Looks Men Are Actually Attracted To (& 10 They Just Don't Get)

When it comes to makeup, most men just do not get it; they certainly all need a lesson from makeup magicians at Sephora. Most women wear makeup on a day-to-day basis, whether it be for work or a night out, but we know little of what men actually think of makeup. Besides the fact that many state a woman is beautiful naturally, we are a little timid to ask men, straight up, what they loathe and what they actually adore about what is in our makeup bag.

On date night especially, women like to get a little bit fancier and prep themselves up with a little bit more makeup, but do men even actually notice it? Do they even like it? However, though men do not know much about makeup itself, they certainly know what they find hot and what they would prefer off. Thankfully, there are more makeup dos they approve of, and less makeup don'ts than we think. And let us be honest, we have all had some makeup mishaps while out on a date or with our man; like a fake eyelash falling off probably? And so, here are the looks that are turning them on, and the ones that are turning them off.

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25 Don’t Be Shy To Make It Smokey

via Huda Beauty

Yes ladies, makeup can actually break or make the way a guy looks at you, especially on a first date, so let us delve into the pros of cosmetics. One look men rave about, is the sultry and classic smokey eye. Want to make your man go gaga? Then dash on a subtle, and not too black smoky eye, to get the right look that could hypnotize men. The look is classy, but edgy at the same time, making the eyes really look like the window to a woman's soul. It's a hit with the men, so go for it.

24 Be Just A Little Innocent Looking

via Pinterest

If ever you wanted to look like that dreamy girl next door that men drool over, we have just the right advice for you; go light. At the other end of the spectrum, completely opposite to the sultry smokey eye, men love a look that is very light. With light eyeshadow and light lips, men feel that they could approach women more as it is a softer and subtler look. It also gives that innocent look, and which man does not go nuts for that? Opt for a light pink lipstick with beige eyeshadow and your dreamy feminine look is complete.

23 The More Gloss, The Better

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As older women, our go-to when it comes to our lips is lipstick, however, as children and teenagers, we felt like such grown women when we'd slap on some clear lip gloss. Well, guess what? It is time to be a little girl again and go out to the store to stock up on some gloss. And if you already use gloss, then continue applying it because the men adore it. Like the precedent look, lip gloss gives off that innocent and cute look without the use of heavy makeup. And it also makes the lips look extra appealing with the shiny and wet look. Need we say more?

22 Ever Wondered What Men Thought About Contouring?

via People

So we are not here to discuss whether men like the Kardashian-Jenner clan or not, but one thing they do dig about what this family brought to the world and made famous among women is makeup contouring. Surprisingly, men seem to know all about the contouring fad that women are obsessed over. Contouring is there to bring out the structure in our faces, and with the right palette and brush, it could to wonders to a face. If we don't hate it, then men most certainly don't mind it either.

21 A Man Could Always Make A Woman Blush

via Wallpaperscraft

We know your man or another man could easily make you blush if he calls you beautiful, but how about always having that nice flush added to the face? Yes, we are giving you the go to go ahead and apply that rose, peach, or red blush. Slightly red or pink cheeks looks good on a woman, as long as it is the right shade and right amount of blush. The reason men sway over to women with blush? It looks mature, lively, and foxy.

20 Wing It

via Allure

Women around the world know the struggle of trying to wing this look; we are talking about the cat eye. It takes patience and time to do, unless you get it first shot, then you are a champ. The cat-eye style liner has been a look that has come and gone for years, but the one thing about it that hasn't changed is the appeal. This look shows a woman is playful and flirty and confident enough to rock this look.

19 Who Can Say No To A Tan?

via Glamour

We all want to attain that gorgeous and healthy-looking sun-kissed tan, and with minimal effort, it is possible on the face with a good bronzer. And do not be shy to apply some on the cheeks, nose and forehead with an otherwise untouched face as the glow is enough to make a man fall weak to his knees. A natural and summery glow year-round is something men are always down for, as are we. Seriously, it is all that is needed.

18 Keep Applying Those Coats

via Glam BeautyReview

If ever you are in a rush and need to just dash on a tiny bit of makeup before leaving the house, opt for the mascara. Or if you have fake lashes, then use those too. When it comes to lashes, because with mascara they are long, thick and full, men associate the lengthy lashes look with femininity. The eyes could easily be the most alluring feature of the face, and with the help of full lashes, they make your eyes pop. Men love it but stay away from the tacky fake lashes.

17 Go Soft And Spicy

via W Magazine

Seems like men go gaga for the eyes, but we don't blame them. If ever you're feeling creative and want to splurge a little more on the eye makeup before a night out, give a shot at the look we like to call the "punk rock eyes." This look is soft but edgy at the same time because of the palette that is used to create the smoldering look that men are drawn to. This look makes a man wander off and think multiple things, so get on it!

16 Lady In Red

via Instagram

We are not ashamed to admit that we have probably had a makeup disaster happen to us before, like an eyelash blunder, or lipstick all over the teeth, but if there is one look you must get right and on-point, it is the bold and red lipstick. What screams confidence more than a woman who is rocking a fiery red lipstick with all her grace? It is obvious that men go gaga for a woman who works a red lipstick like she was born to.

15 Add A Pop Of Colour

via Karwai Tang

Most men will admit that all natural, and natural is beauty is a winner; they don't like heavy makeup or anything too cakey. However, there are those men that totally comprehend that makeup could bring out a woman's beauty, and so, thankfully these vibrant men actually like a woman who can dash on some colourful eyeshadow. Is it too much? Not one bit, especially when it is paired with long eyelashes. So if ever you doubted your purple or orange eyeshadow phase, don't fret it.

14 Boost Of Confidence

via Pinterest

We don't always have the delicacy of taking an hour or so to put on makeup, so if you want to prep up your look quickly, because makeup is still a priority for you, then instantly up your game with a regal lip colour. We do not have to say this, but in case you did not know, men love a woman's lips. And, men will certainly find you interesting if you're rocking a flashy-coloured lip.

13 Keeping It Minimal

via Teen Vogue

Every guy is going to automatically tell you he loves the “au naturel" look, though men, as we now know, have admitted that they love certain makeup looks, too. However, if you do not want to look like an Oompa Loompa or cakey, opt for a more minimal look that will up your complexion and make a man adore your look. They want to see what you actually look like rather than be shocked when they finally do.

12 Do Those Brows, Girls

via Celebz

Recently, the phase of all phases has been eyebrows ― very thick eyebrows at that. Nowadays, no makeup look is complete without well-defined eyebrows. And guess what? Men are digging the thicker and natural-looking brows, as it also lends to a more youthful appearance. By using an eyebrow pencil or a dark brown shadow, you can give your brows any shape you'd like, and you could be playful to by always changing it up. Any man will surely love it!

11 Highlight Your Face

via Pinterest

A simple and stunning look that is a winner among men, is another new fad in the makeup world; the ever-so-glamourous highlight. This look can be pulled off both in the day and in the night and the glow it adds to the face is ever-lasting, which is probably why guys adore the look. By gently stroking highlighter, in any shade, across the brow bone, you are adding emphasis to your facial structure and what is more appealing than that? It gives the dewy look guys love.

10 No Room For Sparkles

via Fabsta

All that glitter is gold, but when it comes to makeup, if you want your man or a guy to approach you, you may want to leave the glitter to gold. Yes, there are makeup trends that men dislike, and glitter happens to be on of them. If you want to sparkle and shine, then maybe stick to a shiny gloss and lay off the glitter eyeliner and eyeshadow. Maybe men will excuse it for the holidays, but if not, they don't want sparkles all over them.

9 Men Don’t Like Drawing, Clearly…

via Star Unfold

Our opinions in comparison to men's when it comes to makeup will always vary as we find different things attractive. And so, we said above that men are loving the thick and full eyebrows, but one look they are not on the boat with is the too-thin eyebrows or the drawn-on thin eyebrows. Eyebrows are noticeable, and if you are approaching him with eyebrows that are evidently drawn, he'll notice, and that is what they don't like as they are in favour for what looks natural.

8 And We Thought They Liked Full Lips

via Vogue Australia

Just because guys don't like them, it does not mean we'll stop it, but hey, we got to admit what trends they are not on board with. If you are not aware of the Kylie Jenner lips trend, it is the trend that is all the craze at the moment, for women to get the same plumper lips. Because of the self-made billionaire, wearing over-lined lipliner and lipstick is the hottest trend, and women are now embracing their lips. However, men find it looks over-the-top and unnatural.

7 Avoid The Layers

via Instagram

Every look the men do not seem to cheer for, are looks that to them, appear unnatural, hence the term "cake face." Now, most women, believe it or not, would be called cake face by men because of the numerous layers applied to the face. With makeup being more and more popular and accessible, women are now applying heavier foundation, with added powder on top, along with contouring. Well, men disapprove of that, saying that many girls look like they have a mask on ― that's harsh.

6 Keep The Black For Clothing

via Pinterest

Unless you're at a rock or metal show, the all dark makeup does not flow with men. We're not talking about the smokey eye here (which men love), we're talking about full-pin dark makeup from eyes to lips. Take a stroll in Sephora or Mac, and you will find black lipsticks and other various dark shades too that are just way too funky for men. Think of it realistically, a man does not want to get black on his face by the end of the night, nor will he get a cheerful vibe from you with a darker look.

5 Less Is More With Eyeliner

via Cosmopolitan

Ladies, if you are going to use eyeliner, just wing it (literally), go for the cat eye, or draw a very thin line. Clearly, what we are trying to say here, is that the eyeliner goes on top of the eye and nowhere else. Women though, tend to have fun with their makeup, and apply some under the eyes or on the inside, but you see, that does not go well with men. Too much eyeliner, as said, is "too much."

4 We Guess Men Aren't That Into Metallics

via Brit + Co

This does not mean you have to stop doing what you love; we are just simply stating what men tend to not rejoice over. With the holidays around the corner, the metallics are going to come out again, so before you head out to your holiday work party, we suggest, (though we encourage you to do whatever you'd like) that you do not apply the metallic coloured lipsticks that are oh-so-trendy. The men are just not feeling them because it is way too much for their eyes.

3 This Look Is Too Confusing

via Makeup.com

A statement eye and a bold lip ― woah woah, hold your horses there, that is just way too much going on for a man to handle. If you're following all the latest trends, you'd know that extravagant purple eyeshadow with an orange lip is all over the runways, but do the men agree with it? No way hosay. Men want what is natural, and with an over-the-top look like this one, they will probably get confused and walk away.

2 “Stop The Face Art,” They Say

via Showpo

Nowadays, with Pinterest and Instagram, women get all sorts of ideas on how to create the ideal look they want when it comes to their makeup on a certain event. Well, with raves and outdoor festivals being all the craze, women are going all out when it comes to these festivals, and that includes art on their faces. We are not just talking about glitter, but rather a very eccentric look with stuff being stuck on the face, and there is nothing that men find classy, feminine or attractive about that.

1 Neon Is A Bit Much For Them

via Harvey Nichols

When it comes to neon, women who are playful, flirty and that have an infinite love for makeup, will easily try on the new trend and rock it like it is nobody's business. No, men do not know much about makeup (try leaving them alone in Sephora for an hour), but they are certain that our lips should no be a bright yellow or highlighter green. And since it is all about natural beauty to them, you don't want them thinking about when they'd highlight things in school while looking at you.

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