15 Major Show Scandals That Ruined TLC

No network has suffered more scandals than TLC. Their reality heavy content is just primed for disaster, and we are all ready to watch! The worst types of scandals too, from substance abuse to causing actual harm...TLC reality stars have been mixed up in it all. Keep reading to find out which family you love, or love to hate, has been naughty. Some of the scandals have taken us by surprise. Seemingly good, wholesome families getting caught up in a bunch of craziness is nothing we can easily forget.

One thing is for sure, these scandalous stars pull in the ratings. Audiences can't get enough. It's like watching a train wreck. We just can't look away. The Learning Channel has been busy compiling content that will help us learn what not to do, and the Discovery Channel is following closely in their foot steps. These spoiled stars have developed a knack for getting into trouble and staying on TV. Some of their scandals are a bit too shocking to be discussed on their shows!

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15 Major Bridal Meltdown

Bride, Ali Godino was filmed shopping at Klienfeld, the posh store featured on Say Yes To The Dress. Brides from all over would kill to get an appointment  at the store AND a feature on the hit show. What has this beauty in bridezilla mode? Ali is planning a lavish ceremony with 300 guests and does not want her 40,000 dollar gown revealed to the public before the big day. She began legal proceedings, but  Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Nancy Bannon, shut her down. Ali's lawyer says that she filled in last minute when the bride they expected was a no show. They sought her out because her fiancé is pro hockey player Jeff May. Ali agreed to film, but says producers told her that it would air after her wedding date.

14 Duggar Deceit

When fans found out that Josh Duggar had previously been inappropriate with his sisters and a babysitter, they were shocked! Dozens of advertisers immediately began pulling support for the show. Following the revelations, his parent's show 19 Kids And Counting was cancelled. Josh made his sisters victims all over again when the scandal negatively effected their new show Counting On. Just when things can't get worse, fans discovered that the "wholesome" Mr. Duggar had been unfaithful to his wife, using the Ashley Madison dating site to have encounters with female escorts. Despite the fact that Josh checked himself into a rehab center for adult vid addiction, viewers are still leery of the eldest Duggar son. In response to all of the Duggar drama, TLC aired a documentary entitled Breaking The Silence. It examined abuse in America.

13 Mama June refused to believe her daughter


Viewers know Mama June as the crass mother to beauty queen, Honey Boo Boo. The show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, features the entire family as they support Honey Boo Boo on her quest to win beauty pageants. The scandal arose when Mama June left her husband Sugar Bear and began dating an ex boyfriend. Her older daughter Anna filed a police report stating that the boyfriend abused her for 2 years. Anna, who is now 20 and married, was concerned about her younger sister being around the predator. Anna was just eight years old when the abuse happened. Anna "Chickadee" Shannon reportedly told her mother, Mama June , about the abuse. Her mom refused to believe her and allowed the abuse to continue. The boyfriend was convicted and TLC cancelled the show.

12 Gypsy Sisters

This scandal is just too much! After four seasons, "The Learning Channel" decided to cancel these wild and racy sisters. One of the craziest gypsies around, Mellie Stanley, was frequently engaging in domestic disputes with her husband at their home in Inwood, West Virginia. The straw that broke the camel's back was an allegation that her husband killed her puppy! Mellie told police that her husband Skott Vuncannon“slung her across the kitchen as hard as he could.” The puppy was found dead inside the house and Skott was charged with felony animal cruelty. Many sources claim that Mellie is actually the abusive one in the relationship. TLC seems to know their audience well. People like puppies more than they do the Gypsy Sisters.

11 Jon & Kate Plus 8

Photo Credit: Radarline.com

Ten years ago they were one of the most beloved couples on television. We all watched as Jon & Kate raised 6 newborn babies as well as 2 twin big sisters. We all sort of saw a split coming. Jon was a bit detached and Kate spent all day barking orders. The couple divorced in 2009 and began their public feud promptly. Since the divorce, Jon has been linked to multiple women. Many of them are a decade younger than the divorced father. Due to the epic mud slinging, the show was cancelled. They reappeared as Kate plus 8 but never quite gained the popularity they once had. In 2016 the infamous couple re-entered the limelight when fans discovered one of their sextuplets was living away from the family in a facility. Jon is claiming that he has no clue where his son Colin resides and that Kate is keeping all information a secret.

10 Cat-fishing Polygamist

Everybody knows what a Catfish is these days. Most of us would be way to suspicious to fall for something like that, but maybe not if you are a polygamous wife with 20+ kids sharing a husband with 3 other women. It seems Meri Brown fell long and hard for an online catfisher named Sam. It turns out Sam was actually a woman who proceeded to write a tell all book about her online affair with Meri. I wonder what her husband, Kody Brown, thinks about this? The Sister Wives star blames her lack of judgement on a stressful time in her marriage. She and Kody were struggling to have another child and sister wife, Robyn, had offered to be a surrogate. Kody was not on board with the idea and shot it down. He and Meri were in therapy working through their issues when Meri sought out the online relationship.

9 Roloff Runaway

Little People, Big World has had their fair share of super sized scandals. First, Matt was charged with a DUI in 2003. Then in 2014, the parents separated leaving the little family in turmoil. The greatest scandal by far was when the youngest son, Jacob, chose to leave his family at the age of 18. He moved out to live on his own and then began to speak out against his parents. Jacob claims he has never received money from the show and was forced to film against his will. He also dropped out of high school. Jacob accused his mother of squandering the family fortune. He has since reconciled with his mother but still calls for reform for children in reality shows."There needs to be some sort of system in place to protect the minors from being screwed over by whatever TV network, or their parents, out of money they are entitled to for appearing on TV,” he said on social media.

8 The Willis Family

The Willis Family was discovered on Season 9 of America's Got Talent. This lovable group quickly captured the hearts of America and was given their own show on TLC. The show featured Toby, his wife Brenda, and their twelve musically talented children. Somehow investigators discovered that the father, Toby, had engaged in a sexual relationship with a child between the ages of 3-13. The incident occurred 12 years ago in Nashville, but Toby was arrested immediately and sent to jail. TLC had already cancelled the show, perhaps they noticed something was off. Toby faces 25 years in prison. He has pleaded "not guilty" and the trial begins in July. His wife Brenda states that she is shocked and devastated by the events.

7 Not So Amish After All

We first met Sabrina High in the original TLC docudrama, Breaking Amish. Shortly after the season began, a scandal broke. It turns out that they all weren't so Amish in the first place. Sabrina's parents were mennonite and she was adopted. She left her family and faith to do the show. After filming she struggled with addiction and homelessness. Eventually she gave birth to a child and lost custody. With a new show, Return to Amish, on the horizon, fans were excited to catch back up with Sabrina. It turns out she hasn't been doing so well. She recently plead guilty to three drug charges. Sabrina is still in jail and will receive fines as well as mandatory community service. Details about the arrest are still emerging.

6 Long Island Accusations

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, has been forced to defend her talent. She has been investigated by a professional myth buster, Ron Tebo, for over a year. Mr. Tebo states that Theresa is running a hoax. He accuses Theresa of implementing a scam called "cold reading", a common tactic employed by psychics. This entails pre-interviewing the audience to glean info from them. Ms. Caputo's response...'Negative people need drama like it was oxygen. Stay positive… and take their breath away.' She has shrugged off the claims via various social media accounts.  A few audience members have complained to Ticketmaster saying 'She seemed off and almost every reading was like pulling teeth to match up info. One fan even posted, "She was really grasping at straws and did a lot of ‘fishing. For the most part, readings were forced and uninspired." Despite the accusation and poor reviews, her ratings are up and she is back for another season. 

5 More Drama For The Sister Wives


The many wives of Kody Brown have had a difficult time ever since Meri's catfishing scandal broke. Since then the family learned that they have been kicked out of their church. Maddie Brown Brush, one of the older daughters, got baptized into the church, on the show. She then learned that the church refused to honor her baptism, stating that her family was just too public. If she wanted to be a part of their church she must disown the family. Their church, The Apostolic United Brethren group, has turned it's back on the Brown's and their 18 children. Church leaders believe that the family has made polygamy into a joke. This excommunication has been brewing for a long time, but Meri's infidelity was the last straw.

4 No More Dancing For Kate


Fans love it when one reality show meets another. Everyone was super excited when it was announced that Kate Gosselin, of Kate Plus Eight, would be on Dancing With The Stars. The reality star mom was paired with pro dancer Tony Dovolani. Kate did not do well but her under performance was not the scandal. It was what Tony revealed about their partnership once the show ended. Mr. Dovolani gave a tell all interview to Anderson Cooper where he spilled the beans on more than Kate's talent."Wait, wait. Anderson, did you just call it a dance? We didn't dance," stated Tony. OUCH! He also shared that after dealing with Kate for 8 weeks he needed professional therapy. Tony walked out on multiple rehearsals with the mom, which were aired on TV. Kate claims Tony is misrepresenting her.

3 Toddlers Lighting Up

via: tumblr.com

Toddlers and Tiaras, the show about over the top beauty pageants, is no stranger to causing an uproar. After all, this is where Honey Boo Boo got her start! This episode was just too much for some fans who called it disgusting. Pageant mom Lisa Christian sent her daughter on stage with a cigarette. Sure, it was a fake cigarette, but still. The mom had chosen a Grease themed routine for her daughter and felt that the cigarette gave it authenticity."what in the world is she thinking? A cigarette — in a 4-year-old's mouth?!?" Please, get off your fainting couch, says Amanda Marcotte at Slate. Of course, many would argue that the cigarette is the least of the problems. These mini-divas are constantly coached by their mothers to do things that are not age-appropriate.

2 Toddlers With Fake Boobs

via today.com

Fake boobs have been a frequent feature on Toddlers and Tiaras. Toddler Madonnas and Dolly Partons are no stranger to the stage. One mom, Lindsay Jackson, was court ordered by a custody judge, to stop entering her daughter ,Madisyn, in the pageants. Her father was outraged when he saw footage of his 4 year old sporting a large breasted look. The court psychologist sided with the father. Some feel that the exploitation of the little girls has gone too far. The Parents Television Council even stepped in when TLC featured one little girl ,named Paisley, dressed as a hooker and re-enacting scenes from Pretty-Woman. The PLC claims that TLC and the parents are"robbing these small kids of their childhood." Paisley's mom does not agree and states that her daughters outfit was no more revealing than a gymnastics uniform.  

1 Cake Boss Falls From Grace

Everyone loves cake! but fans were outraged to learn that the cake decorator, Remy Gonzalez, had been charged with assaulting a 13 year old girl. Remy was the brother in law to Buddy, the show's star and business creator. Gonzalez, 39, was sentenced to 9 years in prison and must register as a sex offender. Witnesses came forward, telling police that Gonzalez had admitted to assaulting the teen. To make matters worse for the cake business, Bartolo Valastro Jr. (Buddy) plead guilty to DUI charges. He scored a plea deal but with a suspended license, he was unable to visit his newest bakeries in Times-Square and Las Vegas. He was also fined $300 and had to take a drunk driving course. Mr. Valastro seems to have learned his lesson, telling the crowd outside his court appearance,“One is too many and I will never get behind the wheel of a car again if I have a drink, even if I have a sip.”

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