15 Mad Theories About Famous People

Fame and rumors are a packaged deal. Even if a celebrity innocently works on their craft and does nothing more than entertain, people are going to start whispering. It’s the way it goes! Most rumors are about secret affairs and trips to the doctor's office, but sometimes, the allegations are downright bizarre. Tragedies have been labelled as more than that and pregnancies have been accused of being fake. Those who are no longer with us have been suspected of living, and those who are alive have been assumed otherwise. Giant reptiles, aliens, vampires, time travel, and human cloning are just some of the ideas thrown around by the dark side of the internet; for the biggest stars in the world, nothing is off limits! Even when there’s solid evidence to prove otherwise, thousands of people still believe these rumors today. Check out these 15 insane theories about the rich and famous. Do you believe any of them?

15 Lorde Is in Her 40s

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It’s hard to avoid hearing about the singer Lorde. The Kiwi pop star is nothing short of a musical genius, writing works of art like “Royals” before she’s even legally allowed to enter a club. Such talent and skill is difficult to wrap your head around, which is why a rumor has emerged claiming Lorde is actually a woman in her mid-40s, trying to pass herself off as a teen pop star. In an interview with Rookie magazine in 2014, Lorde said that The Virgin Suicides really “resonated” with her as a teenager, leading some to believe that she was trying to say she was no longer one. But she followed the comment up with, “I mean, I am still a teenager.” So that’s that! She did tell Vanity Fair that she was 45, but this was after the rumors began circulating. Her birth certificate confirms that she was born in 1999—that’s about as much proof as anyone could ask for!

Daily Mail

14 Tupac Is Still Alive

Nearly every single celebrity death comes with a plethora of conspiracy theories, and the passing of Tupac Shakur in 1996 was no different. The rapper died in a hospital in Las Vegas after falling victim to a drive-by shooting, and there are a few elements to the incident that make some people think there actually was no incident at all. The shooters were never found or charged, and it has been reported that Tupac always wore a bulletproof vest. The worker who cremated the rapper conveniently retired immediately after, and considering all of this, some believe that Tupac never actually died. Rather, he orchestrated his own death so he could escape to Cuba and live an unbothered life. Over the past 21 years, he has been “spotted” alive numerous times. So what do you think? Could the photos be proof that the rapper is alive and well, a case of mistaken identity, or really good photoshopping?

13 Katy Perry Is Secretly JonBenet Ramsey

In what might be the most peculiar pop star theory we’ve ever heard, some people believe that Katy Perry is none other than the beloved beauty pageant queen, JonBenet Ramsey. There is very little evidence to support this claim, and YouTuber Dave Johnson claims that you can tell they’re the same person because of their similar eyebrows. He also makes other claims on his channel, accusing Michelle Obama of being a man and the moon of being a hologram. Yes, Katy Perry did look a little like JonBenet when she was a child. But we just don’t see why you would fake a child’s passing and then have her become a pop star? What a lot of unnecessary chaos! Though we know that JonBenet passed away in 1996, we still don’t know who is to blame for this. All we are certain of is that she isn’t Katy Perry, who is very much alive.

12 Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj Are Lizards

Yes, you read that correctly. According to some fans and theorists (who perhaps pay a little bit too much attention to YouTube videos), celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are actually lizard creatures from outer space. What do they base that on? Separate footage exists of both superstars in which their eyes appear to take a reptile-like form. Justin’s case is perhaps the more famous one, and his lizard-esque blink which was filmed while he was in court after his arrest has made the rounds on the internet. Nicki’s video was taken in the early days of her career, where her eyes seem to transform as she wipes away tears when discussing Lil Wayne. If you watch the videos, it does seem like there is something going on with the eyes of both stars. But our minds didn’t jump straight to giant Illuminati human-lizards; we were thinking more bad video quality?

11 Beyoncé Didn’t Give Birth to Blue Ivy

Queen B has recently been the talk of the internet after giving birth to twins Sir and Rumi, and during her pregnancy, she blessed us with plenty of snaps of her bare belly. Nobody can argue that she faked this pregnancy, but a lot of people believed she faked her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy Carter. There were a few incidents that fueled this rumor, including a notable interview the singer gave on an Australian talk show in 2011. During the interview, her belly seemed to collapse and deflate as she sat down, leading endless voices on the internet to claim that she was wearing a prosthetic bump and had really used a surrogate to carry Blue Ivy. The Carters also reportedly spent $1.3 million to ensure the security at their hospital was tight. Though B has addressed the rumors, they still persist today. We do know for a fact that her next pregnancy was the real deal!

10 Taylor Swift Is A Real Mean Girl

Taylor Swift has been accused of being a secret mean girl, but that’s a title she might gladly accept if it meant it would draw attention away from another accusation targeting the singer! Some are claiming that Taylor is in actual fact a woman called Zeena LaVey, who was a high priestess of the Church of Satan between 1985 and 1990. Taylor was born in 1989 as we all know, so we fail to see how anybody could seriously believe this. We will admit that the resemblance between Taylor and Zeena is pretty freaky, but angles, people. The rumors speculate that Taylor actually used Satanism and other forms of black magic to kick off her career in the pop music industry, instead of good old fashioned record label door-knocking in Nashville. FYI, Zeena is no longer a Satanist, and as far as we can tell, is a different person to Taylor Swift.

9 Some Actors Are Immortal


There are theories surrounding three prominent Hollywood actors that claim immortality is a thing and vampires are real. Keanu Reeves is perhaps the main target of the rumors, thanks to the fact that he looks suspiciously like historical figures such as Charlemagne and a French actor from the 1800s. It also doesn’t help that his face hasn’t changed in years despite the fact that he’s in his 50s. We’re going to put that one down to really good skin care and ancestral links. Nicholas Cage has also been accused of immortality, thanks to his resemblance to a photographer from the confederate era and his numerous movie roles as wizards and people who thought they were vampires. Then there’s John Travolta, who also resembles a few historical figures and who supposedly believes in reincarnation. We agree that the historical resemblances are a little strange, but you never really know who you’re the descendant of!

8 Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind


Everybody knows that Stevie Wonder is one of the most iconic singers of all time, and everybody knows that he is blind. Well, everybody except the theorists who claim that he actually isn’t! There are a couple of reasons why some people believe that Stevie can secretly see, including the fact that he often attends basketball games. He also once caught a microphone as it fell, which people thought was suspicious, and made the comment that he’d like to be a photographer. To be honest, none of that evidence is overly convincing. Hearing the basketball might not be as exciting as seeing it, but it’s obviously enough or else nobody would listen to it on the radio! Stevie clearly has super-impressive hearing, which could have helped him pick up the mic. And as for the photographer comment, who hasn’t wished they could do something that was out of their reach? Geez!

7 Avril Lavigne Is Not Herself

Unlike Tupac, apparently, Canadian punk singer Avril Lavigne is actually dead. Well, according to the theories she is! A Brazilian blog alleged that in 2003, Avril her own life after her parents divorced, and the singer we see today is actually an actress. The blog convinced people of their theory by pointing to the difference in Avril’s style and music between then and now—her original songs like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated” were easy-listening punk tunes, but by 2007, she was much more pop with songs like “Girlfriend”. Those who believe this theory also claim that Avril’s face has changed, and she now has different marks on her body that supposedly weren’t there before. To us, this just seems like an artist growing and maybe getting some work done. In reality, the blog which had been responsible for perpetuating the rumors admitted that it was a hoax intended to demonstrate how false rumors can seem believable.

6 The Taylor-Kanye Feud Is a Hoax

You remember the 2009 VMAs, right? As a whole, the night wasn’t very memorable, but there was one event that put it in the awkward moments hall of fame, and that was when Kanye West hijacked the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and implied that she didn’t deserve her award because Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video was so much better than hers. That moment is now cemented in Hollywood history and started what we now know as the Taylor-Kanye feud. However, one theory claims that the whole thing was staged. Firstly, the VMAs wouldn’t have been memorable if it weren’t for a scandal like that. Secondly, Taylor’s surprised face did seem kind of staged. Thirdly, how did Kanye even get up on the stage unless someone allowed him to? There’s also the fact that Taylor and Kanye conveniently share an agent. Whether it was all an act or not, it put both stars on the map!

5 Eminem Has Passed

One rumor claims that rap god Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, was killed after he refused to work for the Illuminati. In case you haven’t heard of the Illuminati, they are allegedly a group of elite people controlling the music industry and brainwashing the public with triangles. Now, after Eminem’s 2004 record, he took five years off before coming out with a new one. He explained that he had writer’s block in that time and took illegal substances, which led to the delay. But still, some maintain that the Illuminati needed those years to finish off Eminem and then create a new Eminem in his place. This is also said to be why Eminem’s voice sounds different now to how it did in the early days of his career. Anybody who’s anybody in the industry is rumored to be associated with the Illuminati, but Eminem is one of the few actually rumored to have rejected them!

4 And So Is Britney Spears

Poor Avril and Eminem aren’t the only artists claimed to not be with us anymore. There are a lot of theories surrounding Britney Spears, including that her various scandals and public breakdowns over the years have been government diversions to distract people. But one of the most unusual Britney rumors is that she and Justin Timberlake actually got into a tragic car accident in 1999. While Justin was supposed to have survived the wreck with serious burns, Britney lost her head. The theory claims that following her death, the record label had several Britney clones created for whenever it was time to replace the old ones. That means that 2007-meltdown Britney, X-Factor judge Britney, and Vegas Britney were all clones. And although Justin didn’t die in the car accident, he is still in a coma nearly 20 years later, so the JT you see today who’s married to Jessica Biel is also a clone. Yep, there are basically clones everywhere.

3 Marilyn Monroe Wasn't An Accident

The official story regarding Marilyn Monroe’s death is that the actress was found in her Los Angeles home in August of 1962, the victim of an overdose. Her death was ruled as accidental, but given that she was one of the biggest stars to ever grace the planet, people are still challenging the official story to this day. There are endless theories as to what really happened to Marilyn, and one of the most popular is that the CIA and FBI offed her. This was influenced by the actress’ relationship with the US President John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Robert Kennedy, with many claiming that she was taken care of by government agents because she knew too much about the brothers’ links to organized crime, as well as other government secrets. There were also rumors that the Mafia had something to do with her death, again going back to the Kennedys’ supposed links to the organization.

2 There's More To Princess Diana's Story

If you pass away as one of the most beloved figures on the planet, then the public is definitely going to call murder at some stage. Princess Diana’s 1997 death in a Paris car crash is one of the most famous and discussed incidents in history, and of course, endless theories have sprouted from that fateful night. Perhaps the most prominent theory is that Diana and her alleged fiancé Dodi Fayed were actually murdered and the crash was orchestrated. But murdered by who? Some claim that Britain’s national security service, M16, organized the act. Others say that the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul, was in on it, but was then betrayed and killed too. Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, claims that the Princess knew she was going to die, and that Prince Charles was the one behind it. We have a feeling this case won’t be put to rest anytime soon!

1 Elvis Is Still Here

The King of Rock didn’t actually pass away on his bathroom floor in Memphis in 1977, according to some conspiracy theorists. Elvis’s death shook the world, but apparently, everybody was getting worked up over absolutely nothing, because there really was no heart attack. The theory states that Elvis had had enough of being the biggest superstar in the world and wanted to get away and live the rest of his life in peace. When you see old footage of Elvis’s screaming fans (who could teach Directioners a thing or two about being fanatical), you can kind of see how he might have wanted that. There have been endless sightings of Elvis since his death 40 years ago, and if these rumors were true, he would be 82 today. The story of a fake death and escape into tranquility is perhaps kinder than Elvis’s real fate, which might be why fans have held onto this theory for so long.

Sources: www.businessinsider.com, www.telegraph.co.uk

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