15 Luxury Items We Need (But Can’t Afford)

We all know what we would buy if we were to win the lottery or come into a load of cash. Most of us have spent time imagining what it would be like to not have to worry about money or not stress about work. We enjoy fantasizing about our first purchase, you could buy a new car, a big house or a family vacation, the options seem endless.

This list includes items that are certainly not necessities but luxuries we sure would like to own. From private planes of the rich to machines that wash and dry your hair, it would be nice to experience these finer things in life, take a look below to see if you agree.

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15 At-Home Hair Washing Robot

Wouldn't it be nice to have a hairstylist come to your house every morning and prep your locks before you run out the door? Many of us would love a private beauty team to help us every morning. But one machine that would be extremely useful would be Panasonic's shampoo robot. This machine was introduced in 2010 in Japan, and features a comfortable reclyning chair and washbasin. The robot scans your head to ensure it has the most accuracy and precision when lathering and rinsing your locks and don't forget it also dries your hair. Only available in salons, imagine having one of these at home, now we know you want one too.

14 A Swim-Up Theatre


There would be no shortage of neighbours hanging around if a swim-up movie theatre was available. How relaxing it would be to float around while enjoying a great flick. Ideally, the floating seats would sit two and still have enough room left over for plenty of treats. This is the kind of luxury that would never get old. The only problem would be fitting everyone in the pool. This unique experience is one of a kind and could make for a night to remember. The best part; this is totally doable. Outdoor cinema packages are rentable and can be easily set up in your yard. The pool might be a little hard to come by but surely there is one somewhere in your neighbourhood.

13 A Tricked-Out Private Jet


Jet setting around the world is a little easier with a super rad private plane. With fine leather furniture and all the comforts of home, these luxury jets are for the very rich, indeed. Passengers can enjoy high end service with fine food and drinks as they fly off to their destination. It's quite a departure, pun intended, from the stale peanuts and cramped leg spaces that make up today's commercial flying. This is first-class flying at its best and very few might ever really experience it.

12 Frozen Haute Chocolate


It doesn't matter that this dessert costs more than a second hand car. What matters is that this dessert is the finest chocolate in the world and it must be consumed by someone. This decadent dessert runs right around $25,000 and is widely considered one of the best dishes in the world. It's actually just a fancy frozen hot chocolate but that garnish is real 24 karat gold. To indulge in this tasty treat one would have to head to Serendipity 3 in New York City.

11 2015 Mercedes-AMG G65


It's not even available yet but it's definitely making some top ten lists. The new Mercedes-AMG G65, with its 604 horsepower and twin turbo V12 is a top of the line SUV. Inside the cabin is beautiful quilted leather and enough room for the whole family. Sure, it's pricey at at $217,900 but with the first class engineering and design that went into this vehicle that seems like a steal. Don't go running to your nearest Mercedes dealer, though, because this car won't be available to the masses until November.

10 The Indoor/Outdoor Pool


This indoor/outdoor pool is kind of perfect. Regardless of the weather the pool is always open. Sun seekers can enjoy the great outdoors while those that prefer shade can swim safely under the roof. The more adventurous of us can do a little of both on the very same day. Having a pool is a luxury in and of itself but having the choice to swim under the sun or inside on a rainy day is a special treat, for sure. There is even a hot tub to soak in after a long day at work. Who wouldn't love this set up?

9 The Cutest Cat In The World


Just look at the little thing. Doesn't she just make all the bad stuff in the world disappear when you look into her tiny, impossibly cute blue eyes? It would be impossible to be angry when this little kitten was in the room. Unfortunately, she's not for sale. She lives in Japan with a loving family and her name is Daisy, of course. There is likely no amount of money that would convince her doting parents to part with her. Unless maybe you can offer them the afore mentioned pool.

8 A Floating Bed


It might not be the bed for everybody but those that are cool and trendy can appreciate the luxury of this floating bed. Seriously, this is no joke. The bed levitates through the power of opposing magnets and will only cost € 1,200,000. We aren't exactly sure where you shove the suitcases and will your nightstands look awkward next to this floating bed? But then again, this would be the coolest piece of furniture to show off to all of your friends.

7 A Floating Walkway


This magical floating walkway leads to the entertainment centre of your dreams (That's for another post, though). You'll likely be hard pressed to leave the walkway, even if they're playing House of Cards on the inside, because it's the furthest from reality you can get while still just hanging in your yard. It's fair to say that this dreamy walkway would be hard to beat.

6 A Fridge With A Wine Cellar Inside


Imagine a fridge that is able to process requests and even take down your grocery order. It's the wine cellar that got us, though. If we cannot (and trust us we cannot) afford the tap that spouts red wine than we're going to need a proper place to store all those fancy bottles of vino. Questions that we need to know are; Who can afford these things? Where do these people hang out? There must be some secret club where they all get together and laugh at us because our fridges don't talk or properly store wine.

5 A Crystal Grand Piano


It's actually made of acrylic but it's called The Crystal Grand Piano for a reason. The gorgeous work of art would make any home stand out. It's difficult to find a price for one of these translucent wonders and that's likely because "if you have to ask..." While this is a major conversation piece, the more traditional of us might pass on this pretty piano in favour of the wood variety but for those with a quirky sense of a style and the right spot for it, this piano could bring years of enjoyment.

4 Mansion Size Houseboat


Not just any house boat, but a house boat that looks like an architectural marvel. This houseboat, if one could call it that, has two floors for entertaining and a large deck for sunning. An inside tour would surely turn up a hot tub and a few other luxuries that come along with living on the water in something like this. While it might not be conducive to year round living, depending on your location, it would certainly make for one heck of a summer.

3 Floating Jungle Gym


This floating jungle gym wouldn't only be fun for kids but we can bet you would truly enjoy running around on this thing. Of course this would be perfect to lay out beside your floating home and your whole family would enjoy it. Truly one of the coolest water floats around and we're sure that the cost of this floating gym is quite pricey because just one of the separate climbing stations can cost a whopping $600. It sure is fun to imagine though.

2 This Shower


On the right property, this tropical shower would be perfection. It might be the best way to feel like you're living in the rainforest when you're really just steps away from the city. Showering off after a nice swim or a dip in the river should always be like this. The giant tropical plants are nice touch to keep this space cozy and the giant natural bamboo walls keep it private. Now we would just love to see the rest of the house.

1 A Villa In Cabo


This villa in Cabo is heavenly. Hey, we can dream. Yes, most everything on this list is well out of range for most people, but money isn't everything and it's always fun to dream. Finishing a day on the deck of this fabulous waterfront villa would be enough to take the stress out of anyone's day. Its infinity pool and wrap around decks are just two of the characteristics that make it phenomenal. It would great to get an invite to dinner so that we could check out the rest of this place.

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