15 Lowest Kris Jenner Moments You Totally Missed

Kris Jenner is the infamous matriarch of the Kardashian clan. Having managed her children's careers for decades, she rose to unprecedented levels of fame with the release of reality TV Show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. As a TV Producer, mom-ager, reality starlet and Hollywood socialite, Kris has worn many hats over the years and is virtually a household name of the 21st Century. With a net worth estimated at $40 million USD, she is the third top-grossing Kardashian/Jenner (after daughter Kim, and ex-husband Bruce Jenner, who has since transitioned to Caitlyn Jenner).

Despite being a phenomenal money-maker and genius marketer, something about Kris just doesn't sit right. She has been critiqued for selling out her children and stopping at nothing to make a quick buck. Her morality has been questioned on numerous occasions; haters have said that she is a terrible mother for putting fame and fortune about nurture, love and protection. It seems that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Is she a mastermind for making almost all of her children millionaires? Is she is a villain who will stop at nothing to make tabloid headlines?

Kris Jenner certainly has an addiction to attention, the limelight and...quite possibly, plastic surgery too. Here we will review 15 times she was caught doing something a bit on the shady side. We'll leave it to you to decide whether she is just a great business-woman, or a heartless, money-hungry momma. Here are the 15 Lowest Kris Jenner Moments You Totally Missed.


15 When She Admitted To Having An Affair

Kris Jenner's first marriage to Robert Kardashian lasted for just over a decade. Although the pair remained close friends, she admitted to having an affair with soccer player Todd Waterman during their marriage. The confession came out in her 2012 autobiography, Kris Jenner... and All Things Kardashian. Although she used a fake name to protect his identity, it didn't take long for people to put two and two together. Waterman served as Kris' personal trainer back in the day, and they were allegedly caught together. It wouldn't be the first or last time that Kris got herself into love triangles. The famed mom-ager had several side projects during her marriage to Bruce Jenner, as well. Honestly is not her best quality, that's for sure!

14 She Openly Favours Kim


The Kardashian's are a family unlike any other, so we shouldn't be surprised when they engage is non-typical behaviour. Like Kris repeatedly telling her four daughters' that her favorite daughter is Kim. Way to give the rest of your girls a complex! Of course parents' are possibly naturally more inclined to favour one child- depending on the relationship- but it's not very motherly to let your other kids in on it.  Some speculate that Kris favours Kim because she has made her the most money and has brought the most attention to the Kardashian gang. Seeing how obsessive Kris can be about fame and fortune, this theory is not even that shocking or unbelievable, sadly. Competition always runs high with these sisters, and Kris might be at  least partially to blame for that.

13 She Takes Her Daughters Coffin Shopping

This is pretty strange; Kris Jenner allegedly brings her daughter's along with her to try out coffins for when their time comes. A bit morbid and bizarre, Kris has even gone so far as to get in and "test out" various coffin models. This strange family ritual has even brought the pack of girls to the cemetery to pick out plots of land for their future burials. Of course Kris is really into doing shocking and crazy things, so this is just another thing on the long list. Her obsession with all things morbid was shown on an episode of Keeping Up The Kardashians, in 2012. At the time, Kris' mother was in hospital, and it sparked a bit of a fixation of death. She then got the whole family on board with her after-death planning.

12 She Shows Her Family Too Much


It's no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner gang are pro plastic surgery. Almost all of them have admitted to having cosmetic procedures done, from bust enhancements to lip injections and facelifts. But matriarch Kris, who seems to be on a fountain of youth crusade, should really keep some of her assets to herself. She has exposed herself to her kids (and son in-law/bad boy Scott Disick) on more than one episode of KUWTK. Even though Kris is in great shape and doesn't look like your average 61 year-old, this exhibitionist behaviour is a little bit bizarre, to say the least. No wonder her daughters have historically had confusing ideas about body image. Promoting that much cosmetic surgery clearly gave her daughters an altered sense of what is and isn't beautiful!

11 She Tried To Capitalize on The Death of Her Friend

The Kardashian and Simpson families were close friends in the 1980's and 1990's, both having settled in the Brentwood, California community. Although Kris has talked fondly about her deceased friend, Nicole, some people have speculated that Kris wasn't such a great friend. Rumours have spread that Kris actually betrayed Nicole by having an affair with O.J. In 2014, Kris published a cookbook, titled In The Kitchen With Kris. People were shocked to see that she had included a recipe called "Nicole's Chicken Nachos". The inclusion of one of Nicole's recipes was seen as a heartless way to get attention and to capitalize on the death of her friend. Kris has often been categorized as an "O.J. Simpson groupie"; she used every opportunity to discuss her relationship with the pair to get media attention.

10 She Convinced Kim To Pose Almost Nude 


When Kim was offered a front page spread for Playboy magazine in 2007, she was reluctant. Not wanting to bare all, Kim was quite uncomfortable with the idea. Enter mom Kris, who didn't want to miss out on a fantastic opportunity to gain attention (a lot of it, at that!) and make a pretty penny. According to sources, Kris convinced Kim by telling her that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if she didn't strike while the iron was hot, she might not get the opportunity to do so again. A few years later, Kim would "break the Internet" with her cover image on Paper magazine. The 2014 photo quickly became an iconic image, with mixed reviews. Some people supported her baring her backside for the shoot, while others criticized that she was not modelling good habits for her daughters, and her young fans.

9 She Body-Shamed Her Son Rob

Kris' only son, Rob Kardashian, has had his share of challenges over the years. Relationships woes, growing up in the limelight and constantly having to reach unrealistic standards all took a toll on his emotional and psychological well-being. The result? Rob became clinically depressed, and used food as an escape. His weight gain over the years was a direct result of his unstable mental health (not unlike sister Khloe's experiences). Most mothers', upon noticing this, would jump in to help out and suggest proper and healthy ways of dealing with the problems. Kris Jenner, instead, demanded that her son lose weight before the next season of KUWTK was to start filming. Not only that, she took a very private and vulnerable subject and discussed it with the girls in several episodes of the show. Way to throw your son under the bus, Kris!


8 She Uses Her Grand-Children to Gain Attention


Kris Jenner might appear to be a doting and loving grandmother, but the truth is, she has often used her grand-children as marketing material. After Kim gave birth to her daughter, North, Kris jumped on the opportunity to reel in ratings and viewers. Her strategic release of the first official photo of the baby had people questioning what her true motives were. Was this just a super proud grandmother wanting to share a picture of her granddaughter, or was there more to it? She has had similar behaviour with Kim's son, Saint, as well as Kourtney's three children with on-again/off-again husband Scott Disick. Unfortunately, given Kris' track record, we can't help but be suspicious of her motives. It really seems that this woman will stop at nothing to make a splash in the media.

7 She Overshares Super Personal Details

For all of her marketing and business skills, Kris Jenner is definitely not the queen of discretion. She is synonymous with vulgarity, crassness and over-sharing. The woman loves attention, that we all know, and she'll literally stop at nothing to get it. Kris has famously over-shared details of her personal life, with her children, and on national TV. She told an interviewer about her most embarrassing moment being one which involved her and then hubby Bruce getting caught joining the Mile High club in an airplane. Can you imagine if you heard a story like that that involved your parents?! The poor children and grand-children have no choice but to hear every dirty little detail of (what should be) her private life.

6 She Wasn't That Supportive Of Caitlyn's Journey


Of course it came as a shock when Bruce Jenner came out to the world as a transgender female. Kris, at the time married to Bruce, obviously had a lot on her plate, but instead of trying to understand, she made the situation all about her. Despite allegations that she cried all the time in the aftermath of the news, Kris did issue a "politically correct" statement on her Twitter, in which she praised Caitlyn for her bravery (but still referred to her as "Bruce") Furthermore, she didn't waste any time before dissing Caitlyn's fashion sense. On an episode of Fashion Police, Kris coined Caitlyn the "worst dressed". To no one's surprise, her top dressed list included three of her four daughters. Biased much? Kris clearly used this opportunity to get a stab at her ex, which isn't very nice!

5 She Kept Kylie And Kendall Out of School

Another questionable mom decision? With the attention shifting from her older daughter's to her younger one's, Kris decided to milk their careers as best as she could. Instead of sending Kylie and Kendall to school where they could've had a shot at a normal teenage life, Kris decided that she would keep the girls home to be "home schooled" so that they could focus on their modelling/acting careers. Well, clearly the modelling and acting came as a higher priority than the schooling, and the girls didn't get the benefit of a proper education. Many people have criticized this decision as being selfishly led by Kris' desire to, once again, capitalize on her children. How many millions do you need to make before you calm down a bit and let your kids' be kids?

4 She Shames The Aging Process


Botox, cosmetic surgeries, serums, anti-aging creams. Kris Jenner is probably the anti-aging industry's top client. Although she is an adult and free to decide how to conduct herself, it's not the best example to set for her daughters. Kylie and Kendall are barely 20 and are already obsessed with avoiding wrinkles. She seems to place the hugest importance on beauty and youth, as if those are the only things that will bring happiness. Her skewed view of perfection gives her daughter's an unrealistic standard of beauty that they feel they must live up to. Ever notice how the Kardashian girls are rarely photographed without perfect makeup, fake lashes, hair and nails done? Does am imperfect Kardashian/Jenner exist? One day Kris will get older, she's going to have to face the music and realize that she won't look like she's 45 forever.

3 She is Super Competitive With Her Daughters

One of the most unflattering things about Kris Jenner is her insatiable appetite for competition. Instead of playing the role of supportive, doting mother, she has worked hard to develop a relationship with her daughters' that is more "friendly". She treats her girls more like threats to her image than anything else! It seems like she was so instrumental in shaping all of their looks, but in the end she gets so jealous that they are younger and more popular than her. In the end, there is no competing with the level of fame and attention that Kim gets. Even Khloe is climbing up the ladder, with her new look and TV Show Revenge Body.  Kris doesn't seem to understand that her role playing is really off-putting and not a very good representation of mothering for her kids.

2 She Uses Her Kids' Relationships' As Click Bait


Leave it to Kris to use her children's personal and intimate relationships to try and make headlines. She first cashed in on  the Kourtney and Scott Disick story. Although Scott was having major issues with alcohol and drug dependence, and not treating Kourtney respectfully, Kris always encouraged them to "work things out". Perhaps she wanted to keep Scott in the picture because it would cause just the right amount of drama that is sought by fans of KUWTK? She would pull similar moves with Kim's relationship with Kanye, and Khloe's brief marriage to Lamar Odom. Any of the dramatic and outrageous relationship issues were perfect opportunities for her to reel in ratings. What a nice mom!

1 Making Khloe Question Who Her Real Father Is

As if it's not enough that Kris competes with her daughters, exploits them and uses them as money-makers, this is by far the worst offense. Kris admittedly cheated on her first husband, Robert Kardashian, with a ton of different men, leaving Khloe to question if her father was actually the man she thought he was. Instead of reassuring her that she was indeed Robert's daughter, Kris actually encouraged her to get a test done to see what the results would be. Way to stir up the pot, Kris! Does she not realize that this could lead to major daddy issues for Khloe? Not knowing if your whole life has been a lie is not really something that you should joke around about on a TV show in order to get ratings.

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