15 Little Things You Will Always Regret

You are always warned about not making huge mistakes when you are young, like staying in unhappy relationships and marrying for the wrong reasons and keeping a horrible job. While you should take care to keep from making huge errors like that, there is also a whole bunch of little things that most people do when they’re young, that they’ll end up regretting in the future. The result might not be as devastating as a painful divorce or midlife crisis, but making the following 15 mistakes will most likely leave you with a small but significant, empty feeling. The less regrets the better, so it might be time to rethink some of your current decisions! Sometimes it’s a matter of trading short-term pain for long-term pleasure, and other times, the simple act of letting go and actually allowing yourself to be happy in the moment will make all the difference.

15 Not Smiling In Pictures

Posing with a pout might be much cooler than naturally smiling in pictures right now, but we have a feeling that when you’re looking at photos of your younger years with your grandchildren, you’re going to regret doing it. Sure, not everybody has a million-dollar smile and keeping your face smooth and your lips puckered might make you seem more attractive. But the truth is all natural smiles are beautiful because they convey happy emotions and vibes shining with light. It’s actually very hard to resist getting drawn into a person with a huge, authentic smile, no matter how unattractive you think yours is. Resting b*tch face might be the thing everybody is doing right now, but life isn’t a Balmain runway. Looking back on all your memories, it’s going to make you feel much better to know that you were infectiously happy instead of trying so hard to look cool.

14 Declining The Date You Were Curious About

Let’s get this straight: nobody should feel pressured into dating someone that they don’t want to. But if you’re remotely curious about someone, you should really consider going on that date with them, even if you’re not fully interested. Some people need to have a spark when they first meet another person, but for others, that magic stuff comes later. If you’re not totally against it, then go on the date and see where it leads you. We agree that bad dates are the worst thing ever, but don’t let the fear of an awkward dinner and cringe-worthy goodbye hug keep you from potentially hitting it off with someone whom you truly click with. There are always other opportunities out there, and we don’t think you’ll regret not going because you missed out on true love. You’ll regret it because you’ll forever wonder what could have been, and there’s nothing more frustrating!

13 Caring More About Celebs Than Family

With our phones in our hands 24/7, most of us live and breathe pop culture. It’s totally common to be uninterested in a family member’s weekend story because you can’t stop worrying about Kim Kardashian being robbed. The thing is, though, as much as we love celebrities, none of them are worth taking our families (and friends) for granted over. A musician might indirectly save your life through their art, but they’re not going to be there for you when you need a hug after a breakup. In most cases, you’ll never be able to actually get to know them in order to form a healthy bond, so with some added perspective, doesn’t it seem silly to neglect the people in your life for the people on your television? Especially if it’s a phase and you get over your obsession, you’ll feel terrible for letting relationships fizzle for something so meaningless.

12 Taking Your Education For Granted

It’s probably too late for you to go back and appreciate high school more when you were there, but there’s always the opportunity for more education. If you’re going through college at the moment or any other sort of formal preparation or study, please take as much as you can from it! We often have no idea how valuable education is until we no longer have it, so always take full advantage. Having access to databases, books, teachers and other learning facilities will give you the upper hand, so just think how annoying it will be to look back at your time in college and know that you took all those amazing resources for granted in the name of partying hard. You can definitely have fun while you’re learning, but there will be a day in the future when this information or these skills will come in handy, so absorb them!

11 Stressing Out For No Reason

The mentality of most people is that it’s better to overestimate things than to underestimate them or it’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s fair enough, but you also don’t want to look back and realize that you spent way too much time worrying about things that didn’t require nearly as much stress in hindsight. In the present, it might seem like the only thing that matters is the outcome of the event or the destination, but your wellbeing on the journey is more important. One perfect wedding day is not worth a whole year of stress. Tension like that manifests in the body in lots of unpleasant ways, so you definitely don’t want to spend the majority of your life in that kind of state. It’s fine to prepare for things appropriately, but remember to give yourself a break, and for lack of a better phrase, don’t sweat the small stuff.

10 Running Away Because You Were Afraid

Managing to weasel out of something that terrifies you might make you feel good in the present, or even for a few years. Honestly, you might actually be better off having avoided it. The danger is, though, that like the hypothetical date you’re curious about, you’re throwing away the potential to discover an amazing new experience. Particularly if you’re running away from something that you actually want to be a part of but are too afraid, you’ll always regret it. Fear in itself is largely about perspective (except those things that everybody is scared of like murderers and huge black spiders), and it’s truly such a shame to lose something in your life because of the way your mind sees things. Especially if you later conquer your fear or just get over it, and then fail to understand how you could ever let it stop you, the regret will be unbearable!

9 Missing The Chance To See Your Fave Singer Live

You don’t have to place celebrities on a pedestal above everyone else in your life, but at the same time, it’s okay to have your favorites. And when you do have a favorite and you get the opportunity to go and see them, you need to go. The rush you’re going to feel from seeing your favorite band live is unrivaled. Those are the kinds of memories that you will look back and smile upon, so it’s worth it. If you don’t buy tickets because you’re busy that night or you’re trying to save money, you’ll regret it instantly because this is an opportunity that you’re not guaranteed to be able to emulate in the future. You’ll seriously be kicking yourself. Whatever obstacles are in your way, be they money or other responsibilities, put the effort in to rearrange them and make up for it, and get to that damn concert!

8 Letting A Diet Stop You From Mom/Grandma’s Cooking

You can pass on family recipes, but you can’t imitate somebody’s specialty to perfection. We can sit there with our moms and grandmas for days learning exactly how they make that sponge cake, but it won’t ever taste the same. So if you love something that is homemade, we think you’ll regret not eating it because you’re watching your waistline. Every situation is different, and if your mom cooks the same thing multiple times a week you don’t have to indulge every single time. But if it’s something only made on special occasions, stay overtime at the gym and let yourself eat it. It really sucks to think about, but these people we love won’t be able to cook forever. You’ll be hating on yourself when you’re craving grandma’s pie, and you threw away the last opportunity you had to eat it because you wanted to look skinny that Saturday night.

7 Drinking Too Much

Getting totally wasted every weekend is something that most people will regret once they are a little bit older. It’s true that your twenties are the perfect years for getting drunk because your body can handle it so much better than it will ever be able to again, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend every weekend like that! These are the years in which you have more freedom than you’re likely to ever have again, and this is when some of the best memories are made. You don’t want to ruin it by drinking so much that you can’t remember any of the weekends. Nobody’s saying that you shouldn’t go out and have a good night but vary up your party time so you’re doing things that you’ll actually remember. These years are all about exploration and discovery, so look for other ways to have fun too.

6 Not Seeing How Beautiful You Are

Every girl has insecurities, and you probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you how beautiful you are! While aging definitely doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting uglier or unattractive, there is a certain beauty that lies within youth. If you curse the way you look now and spend all your time upset over it and letting the insecurities win over the confidence inside you, you’re going to look back in twenty years and want to punch yourself in the face. Once you have a few wrinkles and grey hairs and every other wonderful side effect of aging, you’ll regret not appreciating your youth while you had it. Many people try and hold on to their youth as long as they can, and spend lots of money trying to restore it. It is a blessing and it is mortal, so try hard to see your beauty now, and be thankful for it.

5 Waking Up Super Late

On one hand, your twenties can be a time when you don’t have half the responsibilities that will be coming your way in the coming decades, as family and career pressures mount up. From that point of view, it seems like a good idea to sleep in past six in the morning while you still can! You should allow yourself to stay in bed a little longer sometimes, but you don’t want to waste these amazing years by slothing in bed for too long and losing the opportunity to have other kinds of experiences. You are likely to be in your physical prime, and as we’ve mentioned, this is the time to be getting out there and doing new things! It’s all about balance really, because if sleeping in every now and then makes you feel good, then you should do it. Just make sure it's not what you do every single weekend because you don't want to get into that bad habit.

4 Neglecting Your Skin And Teeth

The more you have to pay to reverse the damage done to your skin and teeth, the more you will regret not looking after them. When it comes to skin, it’s easy to forget to wash, moisturize, and exfoliate. It’s easy to sleep in your makeup because you got home so late. It seems like a good idea to lay in the sun all summer so your tan is better than anyone else’s in the squad. However, when things like freckles and age spots show up, you’ll see that those decisions weren’t that fantastic after all. Is tanned skin now worth leathery, wrinkly skin for the rest of your life? Probably not. We won’t get started on skin cancer either! As for teeth, flossing and watching the sugar and regular checkups at the dentist might all seem unnecessary. Annoyingly, they are necessary, and even more annoyingly, teeth don’t grow back.

3 Not Asking Questions

Many people avoid asking questions out of fear that they’ll look silly, but the opportunity to ask is fleeting. Sure, there will always be people to ask once you do work up the confidence, but there are certain answers that only certain people can give, and those people won’t be here forever. If there’s a particular question you’ve been wanting to ask a family member, you should definitely do it. Even Google can’t provide you with the information that they can. Take advantage of the present conditions in your life, and ask all the questions you want of people like your boss or your lecturers (though keep in mind that they have lives too!). You won’t always be in a situation where it is appropriate to ask them something, so you may as well do it while you can. There’s no worse feeling than looking back and wishing you’d asked.

2 Saying Things Without Thinking

Thinking before you speak is a little thing you can do that has the potential to change life dramatically. If you say something without really considering its impact first, you might get yourself in some serious trouble. Even if what you say isn’t a huge deal, you could still end up hurting somebody that you care about. Though they may forgive you, some comments can’t be unsaid or forgotten, despite an apology. Things might be all good within the relationship in the future, but you will still always have to cringe at the memory of saying something totally insensitive to somebody in your life. Speaking without thinking can get you into things you don’t want to be a part of, or ruin things that you were really excited about. No good can come of it really, so make sure you always have a working filter between your brain and your mouth.

1 Letting The Small Stuff Ruin The Big Stuff

One of the most frustrating regrets you’ll have in the future is allowing the little things in life to destroy the bigger things. You don’t want to let a small fight between you and a friend stop you from attending her wedding, or an argument between you and your mom stop you from having photos together on your graduation day. Life is all about perspective, and though it can be tempting to act on your current emotions, try and think about what impact your decisions are having on the long run. Admire things for what they are, and try not to place too much importance on the small stuff that seems like it has the power to end the world. Please don’t let an inexperienced makeup artist ruin your wedding day or a lost pair of sunglasses ruin an amazing holiday. Be grateful for the blessings and forget the rest!

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