15 Little Things Guys Find Incredibly Sexy

There is not one thing that makes a person sexy, and sexy may not be the same for everyone. But every single person is sexy in their own unique way, and these suggestions are things that you should feel comfortable showing off. Contrary to popular belief, most men do not want an airhead in lingerie waiting at the door with a sandwich (though I doubt any would complain about the lingerie and sandwich part). So get comfortable with what makes you beautiful and dabble in the art of making his eyes pop out of his head in lust - physically, mentally, and with your soul.

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15 Femininity

It is a balance between innocence and confidence, shyness and forwardness, and is something natural, not assumed, forced, or exaggerated. It is what makes a woman a woman and it's that special spark inside of her. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or preference and is wholely and beautifully pure.  Men love the twinkle in your eye when you look at them, the cute smile when you are blushing, and the confidence you exude when you know you are all the amazing things he believes you to be.

14 A breadth of knowledge

Life can get pretty dull talking about the same pair of shoes or what shenanigans the Kardashians got up to in their most recent episode. Men find intelligence extremely sexy and the best way to show yours off is through effortless conversation with substance. Talk about science, math, current events, fun facts you've picked up along this journey we call life. When you have something exciting and educational to talk about, the conversation can last a lot longer, and in turn, keep his attention.

13 Independence

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You are a strong independent woman. You don't need a man, you just want one, and men love this. Men have their own lives, their own struggles, and their own jobs to focus on, and they want you to have that too. Having a doormat for a girlfriend who is needy of attention, money, and self-worth can be draining for a guy on top of everything else. There is something extremely sexy about a woman who can hold her own and still makes her man a priority, even when she doesn't need to.

12 Sense of humour

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Make him laugh! So many men say that a woman that can make him laugh is a woman who will win his heart. A relationship should be about smiling from ear to ear at as many moments as possible, and one great way to crack that smile is to be genuinely funny. You don't have to have good jokes or be naturally witty, but each and every person has their own brand of humour that men will fall in love with.

11 Active & full of energy

Make him keep up with you. Guys, by nature, are quite active and are often looking for someone full of energy who can keep them on their toes and amaze them with passion and activities. It also opens up a wide range of things that you can do together as a couple like hit the gym, bike, hike, stroll downtown, or bowl. Some nights are great for curling up on the couch, but some are in need of a little more.

10 Adventurous

As an extension to having energy, have a sense of adventure. There is never a dull moment when there is an adventure on the horizon, and if the energy levels won't keep him on his toes, this will. Something small like a spontaneous date, to larger adventures like "drop everything and fly to Brazil" will keep you excited and him amazed at the spectacular woman he managed to keep around.

9 Well-kept

Sweatpants and a messy bun are perfectly fine, but sometimes it is nice to get a little dressed up. Personal hygiene is a given. Brush your teeth, shower, shave, do whatever it is that keeps you fresh and clean and him wanting more. There is no need to wake up every morning and spend 3 hours doing your hair and makeup, but even a messy bun and sweat pant days require a little bit of self-care.

8 Boots vs. heels

You knew this was coming. There is just something about high heels that get men all tied up in a fantasy. A dress is beautiful with flats, but with heels it becomes a whole other venue for lust. The right footwear is sexy as heck for the right occasion, and that occasion might even be in bed. Keep him drooling with legs that go on forever and a sense of fashion that makes him proud to call you his.

7 Confidence

Know your worth and don't be afraid to hide it. Men do not want to spend their whole relationship needing to tell you you are beautiful. Sometimes women can get caught up in their flaws and turn to men to lift them up. This is not sexy for men and often feels more like work than anything else. If a man tells you that you are beautiful you want it to be because he wants to say it, not because he feels he needs to. When you know how hot you are he will see it even more clearly and it becomes the circle that keeps on giving.

6 Cultured

Expand your horizons. You don't need to fly to Thailand to know the world outside of your city, but you do need to be open to looking past your personal bubble. Learn something new about a different culture, try new food, travel if possible, expand your knowledge about the world and its broad and beautiful range of people. It will give you a deeper respect for everything around you and will give you more to talk about - which brings us back to the broad range of knowledge point above.

5 Playfulness

Have the ability to joke around and put him in his place every once in awhile, while maintaining your femininity. He wants to feel like you are "one of the guys" but not actually being one of the guys. Learn to laugh at yourself, know that it is ok to look silly, and most of all, never take anything too seriously. If you are smiling he will be smiling and the world as a whole will be a happier place.

4 Honesty

Just be honest. Tell the truth, communicate both your grievances and your excitements. Be loyal and make sure that everything you say is your own personal truth. Deception is the rotting core in a relationship, and lies and secrets will only tear you apart. He will know when something is up and when he finds out there won't be much to keep him around. If you are falling out of love talk about it (especially before you stray), if he does something that hurts you, tell him. Open communication is the foundation of any successful relationship and marriage.

3 Passion

Express yourself as openly as you can. Be in love. Show love. Jump his bones if it tickles your fancy. Be head over heals in love with the idea of being in love. And also be in love with other things. Grab onto a hobby, a job, a charitable cause, anything that serves as an outlet for your passion. He will find it sexy that you are passionate as a whole and knows that it can translate into a beautiful love.

2 Natural beauty

You were born beautiful. Society has put on its limitations, but sometimes those are exaggerated in our heads. Men actually don't want women who wear a TON of makeup. Barbie does not light their fire. Men want to see you in the best possible light. Sure, some enhancements of your best features can really tip him over the edge like a nice red lipstick, some contouring, and lushes lashes, but in the end he knows that it is you that is beautiful. Plus, if he can't love you for your natural beauty he doesn't deserve you with anything more.

1 Modesty

And when you know that you are all of the things above, be modest about it. There is a difference between knowing you are amazing and announcing it to the world, and it comes back to confidence. It is the modest who are confident and feminine, and it is what he finds most sexy. In the end, who cares what anyone thinks anyway. You and he both know how amazing you, are so keep it as your little secret with only the slightest of hints to keep the outside world a little jealous. Be an inspiration without being in anyone's face. You be you and know that is all you need to be to anyone.

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