15 Little People Who Dated Big People

We all want to find love. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you look like. Every single one of us (minus sociopaths and psychopaths, but even then...) harbours a deep seeded want to love and be loved. For some of us, it is easier than others to find someone to love. Some people just have a rougher go of it, and people born with physical handicaps or defects or are just plain different usually find it harder to find someone that will accept them. It does not mean that they don't find anyone, just that their path to love is a little more different than ours. Little people have been getting married and having families since they have been recorded in history. They have a higher than ever profile these days thanks to increased education and awareness about dwarfism.

Education about little people has gotten so much better in the last couple of decades, and even though reality tv shows have been created around them and have given us a glimpse into their lives, people are still somewhat shocked when they see a pairing between a little person and a person with average height. There is somewhat of an expectation that a little person would just end up with another little person, but the 15 little people on this list will tell you that is just was not the case for them. Some of the couples on this list are long term and still happily married, whilst others have more carefree and open dating lives. What they all have in common though is they are a little person that at one point found love with someone of average height.


15 Elena & Preston Grant Are Married With Twins


Little Women: L.A. Elena Grant got her happy ending with husband Preston Grant. Elena and Preston got engaged after only dating for 3 months. Elena is from Russia, so some of her co-stars definitely questioned whether their marriage was happening so quickly because Elena needed a green card, but the fact of the matter is the two are still happily married and have twin boys together now. And if you have ever watched the show, it is obvious how into each other these two are. Elena stands at 4'4 ft which is tall for a little person. She has said she loves that her husband is over 6ft and so much taller than her because he can carry her with ease. When Elena is not busy filming for Little Women: L.A. or being a wife and mother, she performs as a Britney Spears lookalike.

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14 Zach Roloff Is All Grown Up With A Wife And Baby

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We watched Zach and his siblings grow up on Little People Big World.  Along with twin brother Jeremy, they are the oldest of their four siblings. Out of his four siblings Zach is the only one that inherited dwarfism from their parents, but it has not stopped him from doing anything he wants to in life. At only 27-years-old Zach has settled down with his wife Tori and their new baby boy, Jackson. Just a couple months later twin brother Jeremy also welcomed a baby with his wife Audrey, so you know the two little cousins will grow up super close! Zach primarily devotes his time to filming their family show which is still on the air, as well as coaching youth soccer leagues. Zach and wife Tori have stated that they approach to parenting has been 'chill' parenting.

13 'Mini-Me' Verne Troyer Appeared On Celebrity Wife Swap With His Girlfriend And Her Son

Possibly one of the most famous little people actors ever. And not only is he beloved as an actor, he also has a very entertaining online persona particularly on Reddit. Standing at only 2 ft 8 inches tall he definitely on the smaller end of the little person spectrum but this has not stopped Troyer's dating life. One of his ex-girlfriends stated that the little man is obsessed with knocking boots, who can blame him? It's fun and being a little person doesn't mean it feels any different then it does for the rest of us! Troyer was married for a short while in 2004 but that marriage was annulled not even lasting the year. Most recently he was dating Brittany Powell, shown above with her son. The couple went on Celebrity Wife Swap where Powell switched places Hines Ward wife.

12 Jasmine Sorge Recently Had Her Second Baby With Husband Chris

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Jasmine co-stars with Elena Grant on Little Women: L.A. and like Elena, she is happily married with two babies. Unlike Elena, they are not twins! But they are close in age and Jasmine has stated that she wants to totally dedicate her life to them. Jasmine joined the show in its third season providing a much needed new face to the cast. Little Women: L.A. and all the other franchise instalments of it are important in showing that little women do everything that average height people do. They fall in love and get married and have babies! Both Elena's and Jasmine's son are average height and did not inherit their mothers genes. Get ready to see Jasmine navigate being a mom of two next seasons along with being a wife and friend.

11 Eric The Actor And The Infamous Time With Kendra

Eric The Actor was a member of The Howard Stern Show's Wack Pack and he had a polarizing personality. He had called in one day to discuss American Idol and while at first Stern was not super interested in him, his unusual speaking voice led Stern to asking about him and Eric said he was 3ft tall. From then, he came a regular presence on the Howard Stern show. For a period of time Eric became somewhat obsessed with adult entertainer Kendra, and had people thinking they were dating, something that Howard Stern also propagated. It did end up turning out that the whole thing was just fake news and Eric was misleading the public, but we don't think he was lying about how into her he was. It is hard to tell exactly what happened between the two. Eric passed away the age of 39 a couple of years and perhaps we will never really know what exactly went down between him and Kendra.

10 NCIS Star Linda Hunt Married Her Wife In 2008


Many NCIS stars do not realize that Linda Hunts character Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange on NCIS: L.A. is technically a little person because she is not as short as most people think little people are, but technically she fits the legal definition of anyone under 4 ft 10 being a little person as she clocks in at 4 ft 9 in. On the show even though she is of small stature, she has a very big and respected presence. Her real life personality is no exception to this character trait. In 2008 she found love with wife Karen Klein who is a psychotherapist and they are still happily married today with their fur babies. Linda Hunt keeps a pretty low profile when she isn't filming so a lot of fans are probably surprised that she is A. married to a woman at all.

9 Briana Renee Married Serial Cheater Matt

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Another cast member from Little Women: L.A. but this one does not seem to have the happy relationship that her co-stars, Elena and Jasmine have with their husbands. For fans of the show, you are probably familiar with the saga of Brianna Matt. Their story includes him cheating and texting multiple women while she was pregnant with their child. Her friends and co-stars warned Brianna and told her how they felt about Matt, but she insisted on staying with him. He did promise he would never cheat on her again, and everyone knows that cheaters never lie. Of course there were infidelity issues after this as well, and despite all the turmoil in her relationship Brianna still married him and is with him to this day. As of now the two are still together, so we guess something is working for her.


8 'Wee-Man' Jason Acuna And All The Ladies!


Wee-man became famous as part of the crew on Jack@ss doing all kinds of stunts with the rest of the wild pack. Wee-man has become very popular from the show, especially so with the ladies! He's a handsome guy who is obviously fun and full of life so we can hardly blame the ladies that are going after him. Known to be a partier, there are a number of women that Wee-man has dabbled with, so to speak. He has also dated a number of women. It seems he has settled down since his more wild days, as the actor is currently married to Naomi Nelson since 2010. Sorry ladies, the stuntman has been officially off the market for years now. Wee-man has kept a low profile the last couple years, last appearing in the movie Feed The Dog in 2013. Here is hoping that him and the Jack@ss gang give us a reunion show!

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7 Peter Dinklage And His Wife Erica Schmidt Have Been Together For Over A Decade


Peter Dinklage is one of the hottest and most popular actors in Hollywood now thanks to Game of Thrones and his outstanding performance as Tyrion Lannister. Thanks to this role, he is one of the highest paid actors currently on television. He has been happily married to wife theatre director Erica Schmidt since 2005. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter back in 2011 but they never released her name publicly. It became public knowledge that were were expecting their second child in March 2, 2017 but no word on if the baby arrived to the famously private couple. From what we can see, they look like a very happy family together. Here is hoping we get to have a look at their second little cutie soon!

6 Gary Coleman And Shannon Price Had A Very Dramatic Relationship

Gary Coleman is a beloved American actor that gained fame from his role as Arnold Jackson in the television show Diff'erent Strokes. Coleman lived a quiet life after the TV show, moving and living in a small town called Santaquin in Utah. In 2007 he began working gone the movie Church Ball where he met Shannon Price, who was working as an extra on the film. Only a short few months later, the couple got married and began a very tumultuous relationship that plagued the headlines. In May 2008, the couple made their marital issues even more public by going on the show Divorce Court and airing out all their dirty laundry. The couple did not have a happy ending, they got divorced by August 2008 and then Coleman got a restraining order against Price. Regardless of this, it was revealed that Price was still living in his home until his death in 2010.

5 WWE Star Dylan Postl Gets All The Ladies


The WWE has had a number of infamous little people wrestlers, one of the most popular being Dylan Postl. His character name on the WWE  was Hornswoggle, and fans loved him  for his moves and antics. He had a big storyline at one point in the WWE as the head honcho's Vince McMahon's secret, illegitimate son. With his popularity and good looks, it is no surprise that Dylan was popular with the ladies. It is not clear if he is dating anyone these days, but fans are still clamouring to get his Hornswoggle character back on the WWE. If he is single, you can bet it is because he chose to be rather than because he has no options.  Say what you will about the WWE, there is no doubt that they all have die-hard fans and admirers.

4 Actress Meredith Eaton Found Love With Second Husband Brian S. Gordon


Meredith Eaton is an American actress that stands at 4 ft tall. She is a little person, but she prefers to refer to herself as a 'short-stature actress.' You may be familiar with her from her work on the CBS show Family Law. Since that show, she has had a recurring role on popular TV drama Boston Legal. Fun fact about her role on the show, is that she is the first little person to fill a 'regular' role on a prime time TV show. This means that all other little actors before only acted as little people. She got married for the first time in 2001 to Michael Gilden but the marriage was dissolved in 2006. She found love again in 2008 with  second husband Brian. S. Gordon.

3 Deep Roy Has Been In Lots Of Movies & Women

Deep Roy may not look immediately familiar to you, but there is a very high chance you have seen a movie with him in it. He has had roles in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Doctor Who, Planet Of The Apes, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Never-ending Story, and even The X-Files. Infact, all those oompa-loompas in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were all played by Deep Roy. His most recent work was in 2016 on Star Trek Beyond. There is no doubt that Deep Roy has had a long and succesful career in Hollywood. His personal life has stayed pretty private, and while it is believed that he is married and has been for awhile, it is not clear to whom and he has never publicly talked about whether he has children or not.


2 Canadian Actor Jordan Prentice Has Dated Slew Of Beautiful Women


You may not be familiar with Jordan Prentice right away, but you will be. The Canadian actor has had work that includes roles in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and In Bruges. While the actor has kept his private pretty underwraps, one only has to look him up online to see that he has enjoyed the company of a number of beautiful women.  While it is obvious that regardless of being a little person Jordan has found work and love, he has opened up about something that he really dislikes as a little person. And that is people touching the top of his head! Which is totally understandable, kids don't like it when people do it to them so why would a grown adult.

1 Bushwhick Bill And Cindy Angelle

If you are not familiar with Bushwhick Bill let us educate you. He is a rapper that was a part of the hip-hop group Geto Boys. The last time that the group went on tour was in 2010, but their heyday was definitely in the 90's. Bill is missing an eye from an incident that made him somewhat infamous. Apparently while he was high on PCP, Bill got into a fight with his girlfriend way back in the beginning of the 90's. The fight got so heated that his girlfriend ended up shooting him in the eye. When he was wheeled out on a gurney and into am ambulance, he lifted up the patch over his eye showing the wound and someone snapped a photo. This would become the album cover for Geto Boys. Bushwick Bill ended up getting married to his assistance Cindy Angelle. She is not the woman that shot him in the eye!


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