15 Little-Known Things About Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Family Life

For quite a while now, musicians Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been one of the most popular couples in the music industry. According to cheatsheet.com, the couple did not originally expect to be together as long as they have been.

However, they have proven to be quite a successful couple. They are almost always posting loving tributes to one another on their social media pages.

These two lovebirds have been together since 2015, and they still seem to be going pretty strong. But despite the fact that they are both very well-known celebrities, both of them still lead pretty private lives. There are plenty of interesting things to know about this awesome couple. Here are some fun facts about Blake and Gwen’s family life.

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15 Gwen Sets Boundaries


Stefani seems to love making music. But she does not let her talent or fame get in the way of how she raises her children.

According to moms.com, the star checks her fame at the door when it comes to her children. The musician does not discuss her job with her kids.

14 Blake Doesn’t Wish To Replace Gavin


Stefani and Shelton seem like a truly great couple. But there is no denying the fact that they moved rather fast when they first started seeing one another.

This could lead some people to think that Shelton is attempting to replace Rossdale as the children’s father. But according to thehollywoodgossip.com, that could not be further from the truth. Shelton wants to make it clear that he is in it for the long haul with Stefani and her children, but he does not want to take Gavin’s place.

13 Gwen Is Not A Fan Of Disciplining Her Kids


All children need discipline sometimes. But some parents have found that it is a bit difficult to discipline their children, and they don’t like doing it.

According to people.com, Stefani is actually one of those parents. Apparently, Stefani considers discipline to be one of the hard parts of raising children, but she knows there are times when it has to be done.

12 Blake Always Wanted Kids, And Now His Dream Has Come True


According to dailymail.co.uk, Shelton feels as though he missed out by not having any children of his own. This just goes to show how much of a perfect match he and Stefani are, since she has three sons. Shelton claimed that things were awkward between them at first, but now he and her sons get along wonderfully.

11 Gwen Puts A Lot Of Effort Into Co-Parenting With Her Ex


Raising children is not an easy task. However, parents who are divorced have a particularly hard time with it.

According to cheatsheet.com, Stefani co-parents with her ex-husband, musician Gavin Rossdale. That is not always an easy task since Rossdale spends a lot of time in other countries, but they do manage to do it nonetheless.

10 They Are Not In A Hurry To Marry One Another


Shelton and Stefani are a very happy couple. Nevertheless, things have not always been so easy for them.

Previously, both of the celebrities were married, and their marriages crumbled in the spotlight, which had to be pretty hard to handle. Fortunately, everything is going well for them both now. According to etonline.com, they don’t want to get married anytime soon because they don’t want to do anything that might change things.

9 'UglyDolls' Got Blake Cool Points With Gwen's Kids


It appears that Stefani’s children already approve of Shelton. But the country music star recently became even cooler in their eyes when he invited all of them to the premiere of the movie UglyDolls, which he stars in, according to people.com. Shelton also claimed that he and Stefani and her children hardly ever get to go out as a family, which made this experience even better.

8 Blake Wrote Songs About Gwen


Anybody who has spent a great deal of time listening to music knows that many songs are actually about love and relationships. Some of Shelton’s music does not appear to be any different. According to tasteofcountrymusic.com, Shelton has mentioned the pop music star in a number of songs since they began dating.

7 Blake's Family Loves Gwen


Meeting someone’s parents is a pretty big deal when it comes to relationships. That usually means that things are getting pretty serious, and that can either make the relationship better or harder.

According to hollywoodlife.com, it only made Shelton and Stefani’s relationship stronger. A few months after they began dating, he took Stefani to meet his parents, and they all got along very well.

6 Family Traditions Are A Big Deal


Family traditions are a very big deal to most people, and Stefani is not any different, especially when it comes to Christmas. According to instyle.com, Stefani covers the doorway that leads to the room that has the tree and presents with wrapping paper, and then the children break through it. Sometimes the kids try to look under it so that they can see the tree and gifts beforehand, but that rarely works since Stefani does a pretty good job at covering the doorway.

5 They All Go On Vacation Together


It seems that it did not take long for Shelton to bond with Stefani and her children, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma. In fact, they all just spent some time together while enjoying a family vacation in Oklahoma. According to usmagazine.com, the couple even posted some images from their vacation on their social media accounts.

4 Sometimes They Have A Family Day At Amusement Parks


Recently, the two lovebirds were seen enjoying some time at an amusement park with Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, according to eonline.com. In addition, some other family members accompanied them as well. Gwen’s brother, as well as his family, were also there. This happened just a few days before Kingston celebrated his 13th birthday.

3 Gwen Is Loving Blake's Country Lifestyle


While Stefani and Shelton are certainly in love with one another, they could not be any more different. So, it is a bit surprising to see that Stefani is actually really enjoying her boyfriend’s country lifestyle. According to inquisitr.com, the couple has taken several trips to Oklahoma, and Stefani is loving it.

2 Sometimes Gwen Feels Mom Guilt


Pretty much all parents try to raise their kids the best way they can, and celebrities are no different. In fact, even Stefani feels guilty for not being able to do more things for her children. Also, according to moms.com, the musician also works really hard to trying to make others happy as well.

1 Everyone Gets Along


Shelton’s family really likes Stefani, and it seems that her family approves of Shelton as well. In fact, according to eonline.com, there are times when they all get together and go hang out at his ranch in Oklahoma. They spend a lot of time having a blast at the lake that is located on his property.

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