15 Lipstick Shades And What They Say About You

A good lipstick is one way to stand out in a crowd. Studies show that a woman's lipstick affects how she is perceived – attractiveness, personality, and skills. Wearing lipstick also increases confidence, especially if you don it at least four times per week. Lipstick wearers are more likely to hold top executive positions and are also usually in the know with pop culture.

But as much as we all enjoy experimenting, we all have our favorite fallback color. As it turns out, your favorite shade can say a lot about your personality and preferences. Read up on your preferred palette and decide if it fits you. If it doesn't you may want to make a trip to your makeup counter to find a new color for a new year.

15 Bright Pink


You are a real go-getter who lights up the room with your infectious personality. You don't only achieve whatever you set your mind to do, but you also know how to have a good time. Everybody loves to hear your laugh and see your smile. People see you as sociable and fun-loving, as well as sweet and pretty. When you aren't the life of the party, you are perfectly content curling up with a good movie and cup of hot cocoa.

14 Soft Pink


You are sentimental and have a gentle beauty. Although you may hold onto the past, you are more mature than many of your peers and impress with your intelligence and subtle style. You would rather play it safe than take any big risks. You are sensitive and soft-hearted, and your friends love your hugs.

13 Bright Red


Like your bright pink sisters, you are a go-getter but a little more extreme. You've got goals  – watch out world! You also know how to take a good risk and get the attention you want. According to statistics, you own more heels and post more selfies than those favoring other shades. You are also dedicated to exercise and are the most likely to be found at the bar or going on a date with someone you met online.

12 Classic Red


You look like you came straight out of a classic movie. You are vintage and give off vibes from a better decade whether that is the 20s, the 50s or any other time period that makes your heart turn. You have a unique personal style and know how to make a thrift store trip worthwhile. You also have a big heart and go the extra mile for your friends or a cause that captures your sympathy.

11 Berry


You are a trusted companion of your friends. When any of them needs a listening ear, you are the first one they call on. You may be sweet, but you don't sugarcoat the truth. Your friends appreciate your honesty though your candor and risk-taking can sometimes get you in trouble.

10 Plum


Plum is the shade of independence. It is not a color that everyone is comfortable wearing, so it really makes you stand out as an individual who knows what she wants and how to get it. You march to the beat of your own drum, and you are proud of it. Your taste in music is impeccable, and you are cultured and sophisticated, making you more likely to host a wine-tasting party than have a night out on the town.

9 Violet


A friend in need is a friend indeed, and your friends know it. You are calm and cool-headed in crisis with just the right amount of empathy. On the outside it may seem like not much rattles you, but if your friends or family are threatened, you rise to the ocassion and fight fiercely. Your calm demeanor with a bit of fight also makes you a successful career woman.

8 Blue


You've heard all of the blue lipstick jokes in the book. You haven't kissed a smurf, and you don't have frost bite. Rather you are a trendsetter, who is not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion and bring the runway to real life. You might look like you come from another planet, but you know exactly what you are doing and why.

7 Black


You may or may not be a goth girl. If you reject the label, it is because you are embracing your inner hipster and avoid labels at all costs. Nobody quite knows what to make of you, and you like it that way. You prefer to live your life shrouded in mystery while you achieve your ambitions behind the scenes.

6 Taupe


Much like the earth tone of your lip color of choice, you are a down-to-earth individual, who doesn't mince words. Although you can be brutally honest, you are a perpetual optimist, who can make the best of any situation. You are a caring person, and although you are on the shy side, you speak your mind when it is necessary.

5 Bright Orange


With orange lips, you are not likely to blend in. Orange is a color of vitality, and you are a standout individual who is full of life. Wherever you are, you add energy and flair to the ambiance. Don't get on your bad side though, you are not someone to mess with when you have fire in your belly.

4 Coral


You are a bit of a tree-hugger, but you don't mind. If world peace were a ship, you would be the first to jump on board. When you are not riding your bike to work or sipping on fair-trade coffee, you like to spend time in nature – whether that is hiking your favorite peak or taking a stroll on the beach.

3 Nude


Far from being overly simplistic, you are a confident woman. You may come off as shy at first, but you rarely meet a person that you don't like. While you may not hold a top executive position, you still know how to get the job done and are seen by others as beautiful, warm and caring. This is to your advantage in the world of romance. You are open-minded and often go on dates with guys you meet online.

2 Lip Gloss


A lady with lip gloss has red carpet ambitions. You have natural beauty and don't mind the spotlight. You know how to glam it up and demand attention with your savvy sense of style. You are a true dancing queen, and you keep up on all the latest trends and pop culture.

1 Lip Balm


If you are one of those girls, who always has their chapstick in their purse, you are a woman of integrity. You are a genuine person with a strong practical side. You may not take as much time on your appearance as some other shades, but the time you save, you devote to your ambitions and hobby. You are a jill-of-all-trades who draws the admiration of many.


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