15 Lingerie Styles For Different Body Types

Apple, pear, banana and an hourglass; there are three fruits and one inanimate object used to represent women’s body types. And in all honesty, it’s hard to nail down every lady’s body and place it into a category to represent a variety of arms, legs, tummies and more, especially when every single body is different. But when it comes to dressing one’s shape, finding the right cuts and silhouettes that fit and enhance is key to boosting confidence and complimenting a natural figure.

And when lingerie comes into play, it’s even more helpful and necessary to become more in tune with the construction and frame of one’s body. From broader shoulders to curvier thighs, there are particular pieces that compliment certain assets and camouflage others’ self-proclaimed problem areas. Scroll below to find three great looks for apples, pears, bananas and hourglasses too. With the addition of three separate pieces that are made with all bodies in mind that, essentially, any women can adorn herself with inside the bedroom.

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15 V-Cut Panties For Apples


When one has an apple shape, they carry more weight in their top half, rather than in their slender legs. Draw attention to the bottom half by wearing lacy, v-cut panties and averting the eyes upward. Pair this look with a beautiful, full-coverage bra for a balanced, minimizing look. When women have a bigger chest, it’s important to have the right kind of support as well.

14 Ruffle Cups For Pears


Pear-shaped gals carry more weight in the hips and thighs, with smaller busts on top. To balance out their bottoms, add a ruffled bra cup or even a demi fit to enhance the volume on the chest. Then, with a fuller panty they’ll have a sexy, yet proportioned finish. Boy shorts are one way to go when finding a panty with the right type of coverage but also a more sensual style. This look is both functional and playful for in the bedroom.

13 Demi Cups For Bananas


Gals with banana bodies don’t have many curves, so instead they have to create the illusion of some. Smaller chests, barely any difference between the waist and the hips and a small tush too, are what these women are working with. Demi cup bras will push up the chest making a more voluminous look. Accent the top of the breast and create cleavage with this type of lingerie piece – which comes in a variety of frills and ruffle accents.

12 Bodysuits For An Hourglass


Full busts and bottoms with a smaller waist, be bold and show off every bit of those curves. Bodysuits are not only sexy but they enhance and compliment the natural silhouette of an hourglass shape. From silk to lace, these designs were made to accentuate a women’s body, especially if she’s working with an hourglass figure.

11 Silk Nighties For Every Body

Victoria's Secret

It seems as though every lady will have a day that she feels bloated or pudgy in the tummy, and when that happens, it’s time to get out a sexy chemise or cover-up. Silk keeps things sexy, while women get to feel a bit more comfortable in bed. And these nighties are for every woman, no matter what their silhouette says they should be labeled as. These pretty, feminine designs are for every body.

10 Corsets For Apples

Corsets will accentuate waistlines and busts, but they’ll also smooth out tummy troubles and thicker hips. With a pair of high-cut panties, eyes will be drawn to slender legs and the décolletage, making this a naughty but nice way to compliment an apple-shaped figure. The key here is to cinch the waist and create a womanly figure in the midsection.

9 Baby Dolls For Pears

With this swinging, A-line silhouette, pear-shaped gals can minimize their fuller hips and thighs while still feeling flirty. Chiffon and silk fabrics will give off a sexy vibe but make this a comfortable way to go if one wants to accent the bust and hideaway parts that spark any self-conscious tendencies.

8 High-Cut, Low Rise Panties For Bananas


When it comes to the banana-shapes and the right panty to help create the illusion of curves with a bit more hip action, go for a design with a high-cut on the leg but a low rise on the tummy. Highlight thin, toned legs giving them length but have the panty hit hip-side creating a grander focus on those womanly hips.

7 Garter Belts For An Hourglass

Although these sexy additions were once used to merely hold up a pair of stockings, they’re now seen as a naughty piece to one’s bedroom wardrobe. And for hourglass figures, they work wonders as they clasp right at the waist, accenting the classic figure and small midsection. Pair one of these “suspender” accents with a stunning bra and panty set to gain the ultimate effect.

6 Naughty Numbers For Every Body

Victoria's Secret

When it comes to extra naughty designs, the root is not in accentuating a certain shape but instead, the experience. So when there are fishnet panties or a flyaway babydoll up for grabs, turn away the insecurities and have fun with it. Embrace the silhouette, no matter if it’s a pear or an apple, and have fun adding to the naughtier than nice wardrobe.

5 Lace Underwire Bras For Apples

When women have bustier tops, it’s important to not only have the coverage and support for function but also the style for fun. Look for bras with complete coverage but those that have a sexier design as well – like those beautiful bras covered in illusion lace giving a peek of what’s inside but also keeping everything lifted and separated. Pair with some high-waisted-panties for tummy control and comfort.

4 Bandeaus For Pears

Bandeaus are quite underrated in the lingerie department and it seems like no one can figure out the right way to wear them. But when you have a smaller chest, use it as an advantage! The width of these designs will create a balanced look apart from one’s fuller bottom half. Again, this can easily be paired with high-waisted panties or boy shorts.

3 Minimal Thongs For Bananas


A slender, more muscular frame can play around with the smaller lingerie pieces includes minimal, “stringy” thongs – also known as the “g-string”. More skin, more curves and a more sexy appeal coincide with this simple yet satisfying style. And to create the illusion of a more curvy silhouette, go with something cut higher up on the thigh.

2 Tight Slips For An Hourglass


Another way to show off a classic, hourglass shape is with a tight, sensual slip. With or without a garter makes no difference, as these designs skim over every curve of the hip with ease and sex appeal. From lace to mesh, there are a variety of style to choose between. Whether it be of innocence or dominatrix.

1 Retro Inspirations For Every Body

Secrets in Lace

When it comes to “pin-up” styles there is truly something for every body. From high-waisted panties that balance a long torso and control a tummy to silky tap pants that hideaway thicker thighs, don’t be scared of trying out anything from an era gone by that makes you feel sexy and comfortable too. Everyone deserves a bit of vintage inspiration in the bedroom.

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