15 Lies Your Man Told You At Least Once

We aren’t saying that your man is lying to you 24/7, but every single person in a relationship has lied to their partner at some point. Some lies are more serious, while others are little white lies that don’t really matter, even though they should never be thrown around. Just like we mentioned before, we’re not trying to make you feel like your boyfriend is always lying, but sometimes when you see too many of the options on this list, you might want to encourage more “real” communication between the two of you. When two people become too comfortable with each other it’s very easy to just let things go or to even tune out the other person. Things become a routine. If you’re sick of your boyfriend pulling these out every single time he doesn’t feel like having an actual conversation, it’s time that you step up and do something about it. You shouldn’t settle for someone just because they let themselves go and become comfortable with you. It’s up to you to make sure there is a difference.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most common little lies out there that men have told their partners. If you’ve noticed that your partner seems to shut off and pull one of these, call them out on it, make sure they really are taking you seriously, and help them feel encouraged to engage in a real conversation. Without further a do check out these 15 lies your man tells you.

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15 I Don’t Think Your Sister Is Hot

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Or even your best friend! This is a very common lie, especially if you feel like you’ve been catching your man checking out or even just looking a bit too long at your sister or friends. This can be a tricky situation, because this should never be allowed from any partner, but when he pulls this lie out of nowhere and begins to get all defensive, it might be time for you to show him the door. Any partner you end up with should never be interested in your family members in that way or best friends. Even if he does think they are attractive he should be man enough to know how to control himself. There should never be longing looks or any type of stares. That’s just not cool and it completely is disrespectful to you and your relationship. Honestly, just kick him to the curb if he pulls this stunt.

14 I Think About You All The Time

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LIES! While he might think about you often, this kind of little white lie seems harmless at first, but it really can boost expectations quite a bit in any kind of relationship. If you are constantly being told that you’re always on their mind, that can cause a ton of different things to happen. It can cause you to basically feel like you aren’t enough for your partner, because this isn’t the reality for you. This little white lie can also make you feel a bit worthless because it’s impossible to think about someone 24/7 so if he’s willing to stretch the truth when it comes to that comment, what else is he making little white lies about just because he thinks it will make you happy. As innocent as this comment seems it can spawn a ton of toxic feelings, more than you might expect since it is such a common little lie that is always said in relationships.

13 I’ve Been Hitting The Gym

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Yeah, sure you have. Many guys pull this white lie because they want to seem like they’ve been more productive than they really have. When in reality they’ve just been playing games in their boxers all day. While this might boost their ego for a little while the only thing this little white lie is really doing is making it feel okay to lie to each other about little things that will add up at the end of the day. If you two both felt like it was okay to lie about things you’re supposed to be doing to take care of yourself, you’ll just be pushing the idea that it’s okay to not ever really try. You both will end up just feeling like you can stay in this routine of daily lies and feel good about yourselves, all the while you’re growing apart because nothing is being accomplished over this period of time.

12 I Will Never Lie To You

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This in itself is a complete lie, so they already broke that little promise the moment they said this! This is one of the most common lies and seems to always pop up in relationships because people think that it’s something sweet to this day. Most men tell their girlfriend this at some point because they want their girlfriend to blindly trust them later on throughout their relationship. Sometimes this isn’t meant for any other reason besides love. But sometimes a guy can do this when he’s trying to be sneaky and gain the trust of his girl so he can go off and do things behind her back in the future. Misleading someone like this is probably one of the worst things you can actually do in a relationship, so keep your eyes open if you feel like your man is trying to pull this stuff on you at any point that you two have been together.

11 You’re So Funny

While this might be true, more often than not guys will give you a compliment like this just to make you feel good about yourself. While the intention is good, it isn’t very truthful which can lead to some toxic behaviors. From this point on you need to make it clear to your partner that these little lies are not okay. All these lies do is just make room for more and more to be brought into the relationship until it causes trouble between the both of you. When you keep piling on more and more negative lies that are fed to each other in the relationship you’ll notice that they become bigger and bigger as time goes on because your man is under the impression that he can get away with it. Whether he realizes it or not, you can’t let this kind of behavior become a habit because it will ruin the relationship.

10 I Love Your Friends

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Oh man, this is probably one of the biggest lies in any relationship. While it’s nice that he’s trying to be nice to you and respect your friends. Sometimes just being honest about things will be the best option. Because if you’re under the impression that everyone is having fun hanging out, you’ll most likely want to do that more which could in turn make your man resent you in some weird way even though it was his fault for lying in the first place. Don’t get yourself in a situation like this where you’ll be stuck hanging out with people you could have respectfully declined. Now if you speak out about her friends, all you will achieve is looking like a liar. Just be honest from now on and save yourself the trouble moving forward. It shouldn’t be a big deal to tell your partner how you really do feel about their friends and if it is a big deal, don’t be with that person.

9 You Don’t Look Fat

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This is a very common one, because many individuals ask their partner if they look fat in a new dress or shirt. While it does put the guy in a tough situation, overall it’s just not really a great situation for anyone. Let the compliments happen naturally and instead of pushing for arrogance in a situation like this, develop your relationship enough that you both will be honest with each other without the other even having to ask. You don’t have to lie and tell your girlfriend that she doesn’t look fat but that doesn’t mean you should tell her she looks fat, just be honest and help her come up with a different option or outfit. Give her some suggestions that will help her improve the overall outfit, instead of just lying because you don’t want to deal with being honest or putting thought into something. Just be honest for once!

8 I Don’t Care About Your Ex

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A total lie! Everyone probably in some way or another gets a little weird when it comes to ex’s. Without a doubt it’s completely normal to not like them or not trust them, it’s so common. But when you state that you don’t care about your partner’s ex, you’re basically setting yourself up later on. By allowing your partner to feel like it’s okay to be best friends with their ex, you’ll have to end up biting your own tongue when you have a problem with it and can’t stand it anymore and finally say something. There really is not point to even bring up this lie at any point. It usually goes without saying that you aren’t really a fan of your partner’s ex partner, so instead just leave it at that and be honest with your partner from the start instead of setting realistic expectations that just will make you feel like you’re alone in the relationship.

7 I Love Your Home Cooked Meals

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This is probably one of the most silliest lies on this whole list. If you’re lying about you loving your partner’s food that they cook, the only thing you’re doing is encouraging them to cook the same things for you. Instead try to encourage them in a loving way to try new things, to push themselves creatively when it comes to food. Maybe even pitch in and give some advice when it comes to cooking different things. Show your partner new recipes you want to create together. Don’t just lie and say you love something when you hate it. Be proactive by engaging in the meal prepping, be honest with your partner and give advice that can really help them grow in the kitchen as a team with you by their side. Don’t encourage bad habits when cooking, be helpful if it isn’t good at this point. Being honest with your partner in a way that is constructive will help them embrace their passion and grow from it.

6 You’re Not Like Other Girls

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Not only is this biased, it’s overall a patriarchal comment that shouldn’t even be brought up. It is a comment that is made to make girls feel like they need to compete, instead of how it should be where everyone gets along and helps each other out. Girls should be there for each other, by saying our partner is not like other girls, it’s in a sense separating her from her femininity. This comment can be downright hurtful and very dangerous to bring up because in the end this comment essentially will make your partner feel like they need to compete with other women when women should always be there for eachother, especially in today’s world. Women need to stick together and by saying this comment you’re going to make your partner think they need to stand out from other girls to get you to love them. Just don’t even bring up this comment because not only is it a lie but it’s just biased and unnecessary.

5 My Phone Died

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Always the perfect excuse. If your man’s phone died, you need to have a conversation with him about how he needs to be more responsible. But in most cases when this lie is used, it’s because he didn’t want to have to check in with you on a late night out with friends, or worst case scenario, with another girl. If your partner isn’t responsible enough to make sure their line of communication with you is secure and safe, they need to step back and really think whether or not they’re ready to have that commitment with an individual. If you two always communicate, we understand a phone dying happens sometimes, but when it’s a late night and they choose to ignore you because they don’t want to deal with it. It is just not cool to do that to someone ever no matter what they excuse happens to be.

4 I Don’t Know Who That Girl Is

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You’ll hear this lie a lot when your man runs into a hookup from his past, or even worse, a girl he’s hooking up with now. If you hear this lie, step up and start questioning, don’t let him just get away with that kind of behavior that is ruining the relationship between you two. You deserve better than someone who would lie to you about the people they know, causing you to stress out because of distrust. If your man starts getting random texts or calls throughout the day from someone you don’t recognize and they claim that they don’t know who it is. Ask if you can talk to them or answer the phone. We’re not trying to make you feel suspicious of everything your man does on their phone, but when this is a constant issue and it’s very common in many relationships, it’s important that you two are fully communicating with each other.

3 I’ve Never Been There

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While this one is a bit more specific, it’s actually very common. This could also be applied to many other things and places you’ve told him you aren’t comfortable with him going to without you or even at all. If you catch your man pulling out this lie, you need to step back from the relationship and establish or reestablish the lines of trust and openness between you two. While this little lie seems specific it’s common and is something that is said in many relationships. If you have agreed that you don’t want your man doing this kind of thing with or without you, it’s time that you put the relationship to rest. If you have a man that always lies to you about where they are, it’s time to end the relationship and let the have some time to grow up and understand what it means to have commitment in a dynamic such as the one you two had.

2 I Don’t Watch That

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This is a huge lie! Especially if you’ve both agreed to not do this alone. This is very common in relationships, that two individuals go behind the other’s back to watch something like this. While it might seem harmless this kind of lying that keeps going on and on could lead an individual to think that they can get away with anything in the relationship. Just don’t even go there! If you do this behind anyone’s back you need to face the facts and either bring it up to them in a serious conversation where you can be honest with each other and figure out a way to move past this. Or you need to be on your own for a while until you figure out what you really want out of life and in the relationship that you’re in. Instead of messing around with this not really fun subject, be honest with your partner always so you don’t end up feeling trapped and so you can work things out together.

1 I Think We Should Take It Slow

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If your man says this, it’s probably because he’s seeing other people still. This could mean he’s still on the dating apps or he wants to make sure that you’re the one before he closes off his “back up hookups”. If you’re not okay with this kind of behavior, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. It’s childish and irresponsible, because what all this is doing is starting off the relationship with mistrust and issues that could have been easily avoided if you man just acted like an adult from the start. Try talking to him about how you feel when it comes to this kind of thing and if he refuses to be honest with your or express his side of the story, then it’s probably a great time for you to move on with your life and find someone else that will respect you. Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

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