15 LGBTQ+ YouTubers Killing The Game

Grab a laptop and cancel your plans for the night. You need to watch these YouTubers or else you're seriously missing out on new levels of joy.

However you identify, these are 15 of the best YouTubers in the game. Some of them make enough money from their videos that they are pro YouTubers. Some (well, most) are hysterically funny. Others are educational. All are inspiring, one-of-a-kind, and worth your while.

Though there are so many amazing LGBTQ+ people all around the world and the internet doing amazing things, I've chosen YouTubers whose orientation and/or gender has been specifically addressed in their videos. For example, you'll find most of these folks have coming out videos, advice videos or perhaps even videos with their significant others.

Though there is always learning to be done and discrimination such as transphobia, misogyny, and racism to erase from the world, including within the LGBTQ+ community, hopefully, these folks can bring you a smile, a laugh or a piece of wisdom from their own lives. They by no means represent the whole community, but they all speak from the heart and make an effort to educate themselves about the world around them. I hope you will find their videos educational, entertaining, and all-around enjoyableI know I do!

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15 Ben J. Pierce


Ben is a super funny guy with a lot of positive energy. His videos are energetic, goofy, and totally random (in a good way). He's been on YouTube since he was 11, and at only 18, he already has 218K subscribers.

A month ago, Ben posted a video called "✰ sincerely, an internet gay boy ✰ | (coming out)" where he thanked his fans for their acceptance of his orientation, which he hadn't officially addressed before.

Even though Ben just officially came out online, he has been crushing gender stereotypes for years. Get a laugh from his killer videos "Why Boys CAN'T Wear Makeup" and "Makeup For BROS!" Ben brings some serious truth in a hilarious way. You'll be sure to laugh when watching his videos. He's the kind of person who makes your day better in an instant, as I'm sure you've already seen!

14 Rose and Rosie (Rose Ellen Dix, TheRoxetera, Let's Play Games)


These two British YouTubers are officially the cutest couple channel of all time. They've been married for about two years, and they've been making videos together basically since they started dating about five years ago.

Their style is simplethey sit on the couch and talk about whatever is on their mind that day. They are unscripted and naturally hilarious. You'll never know what to expect, but you're always in for a good time. Sometimes, Rose even brings out the guitar for a song.

Their Exposed Tour is coming to the US in the Fall, and their videos come out every week or so on their main channel "Rose Ellen Dix." Their vlogs are on Rosie's Channel "TheRoxetera," and you can even catch them on PS4 by tuning into their "Let's Play Games" channel.

Though they do offer advice, especially in Rosie's "Bisexy Series" videos, most of their videos are about celebrating that their love is just as valid as anyone else's. There is no shortage of laughter or fun with these two.

13 Alexis G. Zall


Zall Good! Though she's only 19, Alexis is a YouTuber with spunk, sass, and a ton of wisdom. From her killer, genuine advice to a video where she cuts adult toys with a red-hot knife, Alexis is not one to disappoint. Each video of hers is dramatic, unique, and ridiculous.

Alexis came out as a lesbian in her "18 Tips for 18 Years" video, and since then, she has been out and proud. She's never afraid to be herself or offer advice to those going through a similar process. Alsoand I can't emphasize this enoughshe is so, SO wise and hilarious. It's a golden combination.

Even watching her try a bunch of Starbucks drinks is fun!

She has many lovely series, including "What We Learned," "Trendy Teen," and "Trying Things FOR THE FIRST TIME!" You're not going to get tired of her amazing charisma and unmatchable real talk.

12 Miles McKenna (MilesChronicles)


Miles is the meme champion of the universe. His goofy, eccentric brand of comedy combined with his relentlessly positive personality makes for videos that can be anywhere on the spectrum between slapstick and profound.

A trans guy who also identifies with gender fluidity, Miles has been out since January 2017. He is very vocal about his transition and gender, and his candidly hopeful perspective has inspired many young trans folks and gained him fans of all genders.

You'll get a kick out of his goofy videos, such as "COLOGNE FROM THE 99 CENT STORE SMELLS BETTER THAN YOU" and "just click the video and i'll explain" (hint: he runs around Target looking for a "Smiles For Miles shirt"). You can see his show "Hella Gay" on FullScreen TV. In the show, Miles explores LGBTQ+ issues with all kinds of people with varying perspectives. You'll learn something and definitely laugh!

11 Ari Fitz

Huffington Post

She's got a big smile, a big personality, and an even bigger heart!

Her sense of style shines through in both her fashion and in her art. Check out her "TOMBOYISH" channel for some hot looks. She also discusses her experience as an androgynous woman. She talks about gender roles in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as people's perceptions of her. The message is this: anyone can love anyone, and, trans or cis, people can express their gender (or lack thereof) however they feel most comfortable.

Another worthwhile series of Ari's to look into is "Note to Self." These video diaries demonstrate her beautiful way with words. You'll watch and rewatch these artistic, emotional videos.

She's nothing if not versatile, as you'll see in her "Lesbians React" series. Watch her cringe at (and secretly enjoy) awkward gay TV/movie scenes! These vids are hilarious and all-too-relatable for women who like women, and anyone who enjoys a good reaction video. Ari is a total queen!

10 Hannah Hart (MyHarto, yourharto)


If you like food, laughter, alcohol, lesbians, and puns related to all three of the aforementioned categories, you won't be able to get enough of Hannah's "My Drunk Kitchen" series. She's always sure to wake you up better than caffeine with her puns.

In addition to this series, Hannah has written two books, starred in two films (Camp Takota and Dirty 30), and, just this year, she signed a deal with Lionsgate to star in an LGBTQ+ romantic comedy film. This will be her first feature. Hannah struggled with her orientation, but now, she's as proud as ever and living proof that it does get better. Today, she's sharing her stories with the next generation.

Hannah's 2 million subscribers prove that she is ultra famous. She even signed a deal with Food Network for a show called I Hart Food, which will air August 2017. She's best friends with Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig and has done collabs with Miranda Sings, Superfruit, Jenna Marbles, and more. To see her "Coming Out" series, go to her side channel "yourharto." You'll be glad you did!

9 Jamie Raines (Jammidodger)


From Q&A's and advice to his most recent video, an original song, Jamie is full of variety! He has thoroughly documented his transition. He did a photo-a-day project after starting testosterone to show his physical changesthere's even a Buzzfeed article about him! Today, he continues to offer helpful, candid insight for other trans guys going through the same process of accepting themselves for who they are.

When you watch Jamie, you'll also get to see special cameos from his girlfriend Saaba and his cat Apollo. Could his life be any cuter?

You'll never get bored and you'll always learn something. It's awesome how open he is about his personal experiences. You won't want to miss his videos!

8 Stef Sanjati

Stef Sanjati

A professional makeup artist based in Toronto, Canada, Stef has only been out as a trans woman for around a year and is absolutely owning it. Her confidence and bubbly personality is contagious. Her videos include deep, heartfelt life stories about her transition, makeup and beauty tips, and videos as silly as "A Face Full of Popcorn."

You'll notice when watching Stef that she has a knack for drawing her viewers in. It feels like she's speaking directly to the viewer. She's a really fun, relatable person. Her vivacious flair in front of the camera draws in the audience. Her knowledge of trans issues is obviously encyclopedic. She's full of resources for trans women and anyone else hoping to learn more about the trans community. Stef has a beautiful and personal way of explaining topics that makes the minutes float away. She's never afraid to share her heart with her viewers. One great example of this is her coming out video. She shuts down the myth that trans people are "trapped" in the wrong body: "I'm not trapped. I am more free than I have been in my life."

Join the #breadsquad and start watching Stef! You won't be disappointed.

7 Tyler Oakley


Who doesn't love Tyler Oakley? His 7.9 million subscribers do and with good reason!

This guy does it all. His long list of videos encompasses everything you could hope for from a YouTuber. He's got challenges, high-profile celebrity collabs, travel videos, educational videos, and pretty much anything else you can think of. He's got 474 videos, so it'll take you a long time to run out. And even if you do, check out his collabs on other people's channels.

This Pride Month (June 2017), Tyler made a special series called "Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience" and even sold corresponding T-shirts to benefit nonprofit LGBTQ+ charities. It's really heartfelt and it covers important LGBTQ+ topics including Stonewall, LGBTQ+ refugees, and the Pulse shooting. It's nice to see him as a gay man talk about issues close to his heart.

Tyler is a warmhearted guy and a talented YouTuber, so give his channel a visit!

6 Ally Hills


Ally is that rare combination of cinnamon roll and powerhouse hardcore rockstar that you don't see every day. She's an incredibly talented musician with a bunch of self-written, self-sung hits on her channel, including some LGBTQ+-themed songs that encourage love and self-acceptance.

Check out her coming out song and enjoy the beauty of the music, the beach, and her:

It has over 5 million views, which is understandable because most people would like to watch it that many times individually.

Clearly, she's funny, bubbly, talented, and so sweet. Her videos range from real talk to random goofiness. She even has a musical Q&A! As her "About" page says, "new videos every time I feel like it." Thanks for keeping it real, Ally.

5 Riley J. Dennis


Riley's videos are super educational. She breaks them down into three categories: feminism, vlogs, and politics. Her channel is a one-stop shop!

Her identity as a transgender non-binary lesbian is something she is completely open about. A lot of her topics include insight from her own perspective through the lens of LGBTQ+ education. Though her videos are neatly and accurately categorized, they are all tied together through her personality.

Riley isn't shy about her own personal experiences, and she has a way of explaining things that is as accessible to people who know a lot about LGBTQ+ issues as it is to those who are hearing about them for the first time. She's a ray of sunshine and you should totally check her out if you enjoy learning and/or smiling.

4 Team2Moms


If you're LGBTQ+ and aren't used to seeing an example of an LGBTQ+-inclusive family, you'll love Denise, Ebony, and their three kids!

Team2Moms is a channel that is very different from those so farthese two are in a totally different stage of life than the other YouTubers.

Watch to see an awesome family and hear about Denise and Ebony's relationship, LGBTQ+ topics particularly in relation to parenting, footage of the kids, and, of course, all the typical excitement parents express over their kids. You'll get so much out of joining their YouTube family and learning about their lives. It's refreshing to see that no matter your gender or orientation, it's possible to have a happy family as long as you have love.

3 TrentAndLuke


These guys are an adorable married couple from the UK. Their videos, like their relationships, are playful, lighthearted, and genuine.

You'll never run out of options with their wide variety of videos, including vlogs, travel videos, "The Naked Truth" series, discussions of LGBTQ+ issues, skits, and more. It's awesome to see these windows into their awesome lives. Oh, and did I mention they have two dogs? #goals.

Their most recent video is a project, unlike their usual videos. It brings together a 13-year-old boy and an 88-year-old man who are both gay. They share their perspectives and a beautiful, sweet connection that will come through the laptop and steal your heart. It serves as a reminder of how far we've come as an LGBTQ+ community.

You're definitely not going to want to miss these awesome guys!

2 Kaitlyn Alexander (realisticallysaying, Couple-ish)


A self-described "gender-neutral awkward taco," Kaitlyn delivers on this promise in every video. They play LaFontaine on the amazing web series Carmilla, which is the LGBTQ+-centric vampire web series you didn't know you needed.

Kaitlyn is a fantastic YouTuber in their own right. Multitalented, you can find them covering pop songs, singing their original tunes, conducting "Gin-terviews," or doing slam poetry on their main channel.

They also launched their own web series called "Couple-ish," an LGBTQ+ show about "dates, mates, and faking out the Government." Check out the trailer. The show is now on its second season! Basically, Kaitlyn's character Dee gets a new roommate, Rachel, who needs to get married to stay in Canada. To keep up the ruse, Dee and Rachel make a fake couple channel.

Binge it now, and get your fix of artistic indulgence on Kaitlyn's main channel.

1 Shannon Beveridge (nowthisisliving)


Shannon's consistently candid, positive voice is a strong force in the LGBTQ+ YouTube community. Whether she is giving invaluable advice or eating 100 chicken nuggets, she always keeps it real.

In a recent video called "WHAT COMING OUT FEELS LIKE tag", Shannon described her coming out experience in five words: scary, free, vulnerable, shame, and living. Her YouTube name "nowthisisliving" is reflective of her perseverance and passion in her life, especially in terms of her orientation.

Shannon is a compelling storyteller who has a way of making her anecdotes relevant to just about anyone. Her videos fly by as she is very at home in front of the camera. It feels like she could be hanging out with you!

If there's one thing all of these YouTubers have in common, it's that they are a few whose vulnerability and willingness to share are giving a voice to those who need one the most. So now, you've got a ton of backlogs to catch up on and new videos from these folks coming out all the time. And hey...there are always more YouTubers coming out and joining the scene.

Thanks to all of these YouTubers for putting smiles on our faces and reminding us that love is love!

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